Real Housewives Michaele Salahi & Bettheny Frankel pose in bikinis, tout diets

White House party crasher, scam artist and all-around trouble maker, Michaele Salahi, may not have a hell of lot going for her character or personality-wise, but she’s thin. Salahi is starring in the upcoming Real Housewives of Washington, DC, much to the chagrin of the other “real housewives” who have found themselves overshadowed in the media by the multiple scandals Salahi and her grifter husband are involved in. Instead of bothering with any of that, she’s showing us how cute she is at 44 in a bikini. Like many other reality stars and Real Housewives in particular, she doesn’t seem to have much more to offer.

Salahi denied that she’s anorexic, as she claimed another housewife, Lynda Erkiletian, taunted her with at a cast party. (Which lead her husband, Tareq, to throw a glass of wine in Lynda’s face, which Linda countered with some Scotch.) Salahi claims she eats, but the daily diet she details wouldn’t get a lot of people through the afternoon, not to mention the entire day. She has a bowl of sugar cereal for breakfast, nothing for lunch, then a salad with chicken for dinner. That probably doesn’t exceed 850 calories even if she adds dressing. Michaele also says she’s pro-plastic surgery and injectables and wants to get her boobs done.

Other women on the show have scrutinized your weight.
I’m a skinny girl. I always was. I’ve never had an eating disorder in my life. And it hurts to be called anorexic.

How do you defend yourself?
Honestly, I can’t believe those women have so much time to devote to my weight. If they get out there and move, they will look like me and be thin, and it’ll all be good.

What’s your diet like?
I start the day with a hot chocolate and cereal — I love Lucky Charms or Kashi GoLean — then some fruit. I don’t really eat a lot in the middle of the day. I have an early dinner, which is always a salad, with plain chicken, grilled or broiled.

What about plastic surgery — would you ever do it?
Definitely. I would love to do a whole lot of Botox and maybe get collagen, too. I also think it would be great to have boobs. I’m a B [cup], so I’d get a C. I’m all for anything you can do to make yourself look and feel better.

When would you do it?
Hopefully, within the next six months. But my husband doesn’t want me to do my boobs!

[From In Touch via Huffington Post]

Salahi sounds like a real bitch, but it’s nothing new from her. She said “If [women criticizing me] get out there and move, they will look like me and be thin,” but it’s clear from her diet that she’s losing weight by not eating, not by exercising, which she probably does too. Dieticians recommend 1200 calories a day minimum for most people. I’m not going to get into all that, but it’s worth noting that Salahi is thin but not emaciated looking and she probably eats more than she admits. (I hope, but it’s not like I care. I just hate to see celebrities or anyone quoted in the press touting extremely low calorie diets.)

In related “Real Housewives in bikinis spouting diet advice” news, new mom Bettheny Frankel has some advice for those of us wanting to lose weight, “taste everything, eat nothing.” I’m sure outlets will take out that first part of her quote and make it sound like she’s advocating anorexia.

Life & Style has exclusively obtained the first photos of Bethenny Frankel in a teeny turquoise two-piece– the newlywed’s first time in a bikini since giving birth to daughter Bryn on May 8th! Bethenny looked amazing,” an onlooker, who spotted Bethenny (pictured above) on August 11th in Montauk, N.Y., tells Life & Style. “She looked like she’d lost all the baby weight, and she was toned too. Even her tush was remarkable.”
How has the best-selling author of Naturally Thin and Skinnygirl Dish bounced back so soon? “There’s been no real drastic any thing,” Bethenny, who weighs a healthy 118 lbs, tells Life & Style. “I’ve really been eating, just not like a crazy person.” The 5-foot-6 natu­ral-food chef has a new mantra, “Taste everything, eat nothing.”

Lately, she’s been combining out door activities with routines from her yoga DVD, Body by Bethenny. “Some times it’ll take me the whole day to get through it,” the busy mom tells Life & Style. “I do what I can when I can a cou ple of times a week.”

[From Life & Style via The Huffington Post]

These ladies are thin with Photoshopping that isn’t that obvious. You can only see some minor errors to the left of Frankel’s torso where they cut some flesh out and didn’t smooth her out properly. Life & Style claims this photo of Bethenny is “unretouched” though, which probably means “not rendered unrecognizable and alien-like.”

Bethenny’s advice is somewhat better than Michaele’s when taken as a whole, but the “eat nothing” part sticks out. It’s not consistent with the rest of her statement, which kind of balances it out with the claim that she does eat. Of course you have to diet to lose weight, but it doesn’t have to be extreme and you can actually eat stuff. It’s too bad that we’re bombarded with such bad advice from whichever minor celebrity wants to promote herself by starving and stripping down to a bikini.

Photos credit In Touch and Life & Style, on newsstands nationwide Friday.

Bethenny Frankel


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  1. gracie says:

    There is something really shady about Bethanny. She pretends to be normal but I think she is anything but.

    I also think she starved herself during the pregnancy so she would not gain too much weight. I think first and foremost in her mind was her post-baby body. Not necessarily the well-being of her child. Just my opinion.

  2. manda says:

    I really don’t understand how people restrict their diets so much. Sometimes I wish I could, but everytime I try, I end up with a raging headache. Not eating makes me feel awful!

    to gracie–I don’t know about Bethanny, but I have read that that is the new thing, not gaining weight or only gaining like 5 to 10 pounds while pregnant. Remember Nicole Kidman?! I can’t believe anyone would be so selfish and put their unborn child at risk. And half these women look like aliens, with their giant heads and tiny bodies (hello, renee z and posh spice!), it just looks horrible

  3. Eve says:

    No way Bethany is 5’6″

  4. RHONYC says:

    i dunno gracie…she was as big as a house during her pregnancy, especially toward the end. if bryn would’ve gone to term…they would’ve had to fork-lift her ass to the hospital.

    bethanny’s my girl. she’s a survivor of childhood mess, so i dig her.

    but beth, just ‘tween us girls…concealer is ‘always’ you’re friend.

    jussayin 🙂

  5. Marjalane says:

    I’m sick of these lying bitches! They don’t eat, and it is beyond offensive that they think, (and the crappy mags as well) we all buy that they’re “normal”. Ha. That Bethany is a narcissistic nutjob and the other one is as close to 44, as I am to 21. I guess in their defense, I would have to admit that if I were on TV and in print, I probably would be afraid to eat too!

  6. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Both annoy me.

    @Gracie- ITA, she seems very shady, and not really nice.

  7. frenchie says:

    It’s easy to lose all the baby-weight when you haven’t finished your pregnancy !

  8. Kitten says:

    Gah. These women sound terrible. The second lady wrote a book called “Naturally Thin”? Ugh.
    1200 calories a day might be ok if you NEVER move but otherwise that’s not a healthy amount. I would collapse trying to sustain myself on so few calories.

  9. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    If you watched Betheny Getting Married on Bravo, Beth certainly did eat while pregnant. I do think Beth is just skinny. I like Michele being honest about the plastic surgery and I agree with her. However something is wrong with her and her husband. I think they are both nuts.

  10. louisa says:

    # 1- I agree. I do think bethany is a dynamic personality and great business woman, but I don’t think we have the whole story where her body is concerned. I truly beleive she is and always has been anorexic. She certainly alluded to it when talking about her upbringing. Also did anyone think michele was jenny mcarthy at first glance?

  11. petalfrog says:

    Seems a bit silly to put a 44 year old woman in a pink gingham bikini with such an “oh-shucks” expression. She looks like a child! I actually did think she was much younger than that in this pic just because of her bikini, her pose, and that Playboy-blonde hair. Either way she doesn’t look anorexic there or even unusually thin. I do think she looks like she doesn’t have much body tone though. What a boring life to have cereal and a salad with chicken as your only food. I LOVE food and could never eat the same (and boring) meal daily. Food is so enjoyable, and healthy, low-cal food can taste great!!!

  12. Tess says:

    I go back and forth on Bethenny. Glad she broke off friendship with the heiness Jill. Hope that’s permanent. And I think Bethenny’s very smart, understands her vulnerabilities, and wants very much for her own daughter not to endure a disfunctional childhood like her own.

    Hope her feelings for Jason are deep and real.

    But she’s got a side that’s so driven and like a moth, she’s very attracted to bright lights, big city. We’ll see if she can sacrifice the flimflam perks of celebrity for the downhome virtues of husband and family. That’s gonna be her defining issue.

    About the blond…ugh.

  13. California Surfer says:

    Well, if these dudettes like actually worked then they might have to eat, but since they don’t work, what does it matter.

  14. NancyMan says:

    Why won’t they just ‘GO AWAY”. What did we do to deserve this torture?

  15. Riley says:

    That Salahi chick looks like Heidi Montag. While I love RHNYC I can’t watch the DC crowd. Funny I know but the DC crowd seems really out of touch and superficial and BORING. However, the 2 seconds I did watch kind of made me lose a tiny bit of respect for Obama (who for the most part I support). How could he allow these idiots to dupe him?

  16. scorpiogal says:

    1200 calories/ day is what they feed coma patients. So yeah…more like 1500 MINIMUM for even very sedentary people.

  17. Amanda says:

    Two unattractive women in bikinis. Great idea for a photoshoot!!!!

  18. RobN says:

    Shouldn’t call people anorexic if it clearly isn’t the case. You’re saying somebody has a mental illness. From the pictures, both look thin but not in any way anorexic. Hair looks good, skin looks good, nobody has dental problems. They’re thin because they try to be and work at it; in a country packed with obese people, there are plenty of reasons to take shots at these people for their behavior without resorting to their weight.

  19. Cinderella says:

    Taste everything, eat nothing sounds like something a bulimic would say.

  20. aenflex says:

    I also read in the USA Today that a recent study concluded that women who gained above the ‘recommended’ amount during gestation, (there were numbers I just don’t recall them now), tended to have children that were actually more overweight than the children of woman who gained less during pregnancy. This is a scary study with scary results, no matter what side of the fence you are on.

  21. kelbear says:

    Gracie, I also think she did not gain no where near enough weight during her pregnancy hence the early labor.

  22. Tootie says:

    I watched Bethenny’s show and she certainly doesn’t have an eating disorder. I saw her eat multiple, giant cheeseburgers and she seemed to really enjoy food. I think she just eats what she wants in moderation.

  23. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I like Bethenny for the most part. I think she secretly excersizes (cardio) like a demon to maintain her weight. The Salahi chick looks frail on tv so I can’t imagine how skrawny she is in person. As far as them looking “healthy”… Both have weaves, capped teeth, and Bethenny has implants.
    My mother was very skinny most of her life. 5’8” and 98lbs. People always complimented her on being so petit. Having me caused her to go up to 113lbs and she has been trying to get under 100lbs ever since. I think these women get attention for being tiny and they get addicted to it like drugs.

  24. gracie says:

    @LOVE ANGELINA: “If you watched Betheny Getting Married on Bravo, Beth certainly did eat while pregnant.”

    I do believe that for the cameras, she did eat and seemed all normal and cute about it. But we don’t know what she did behind closed doors later. Did she purge? Take some laxatives?

    I guess this is what I mean about her being shady. I could see her doing ALL of these kinds of things with no problem. I just think that Bethenney is in love with Bethenny.

    She wanted to get married…so she found a guy who would marry her. She wanted to have a baby, so she got pregnant and had a baby. But I never get the feeling or the impression that it’s deep to her…that it’s meaningful.

    I personally think she got married and had a baby for:

    1. The attention.
    2. A storyline to spin into her own show.
    3. The attention.

    I don’t want to be cynical but she pings my radar.

  25. Captaine says:

    some real ugly ass brauds right here. Especially that Betthany chick. lol good gawd what is wrong with her face?

  26. denise says:

    Holy crap, I thought the blonde was Heidi Montag. I was thinking her new face settled in nicely.

  27. Kiska says:

    Bethenny is a naturally skinny woman. If you saw her during her pregancy she hardly gained any weight and it was all in her belly. I’ve also read her “diet” book and she doesn’t eat much. She tastes. She’ll have two bites of steak and that is it. However, I found that she drinks a lot of alcohol and that is really just liquid calories. I don’t know. If I ate the way she did, I would probably be fatter (due to a slowed metabolism) and feel like crap most of the time. How these women can manage their lives on so little nutrition is beyond me. I often wonder if they also use Adderall to keep slim.

  28. Pix says:

    The Only thing I can respect about Salahi is the fact that she and her creepy husband never had children.

  29. mary jane says:

    Salahi has a few more pounds on her here. On the show she is anorexic looking. Bones sticking out, absolutely no muscle.

  30. original kate says:

    bethenny looked normal during her pregnancy – she did gain weight and looked healthy. and just how much weight is she (or any pregnant woman) suppose to gain – 50 lbs? 60 lbs? that isn’t healthy and a huge weight gain can cause physical problems during pregnancy.

    as for that blonde chick why is she pretending she hasn’t already gotten botox? bitch, please.

  31. SoulLovah says:

    The thing is…these ladies only focus on diet diet diet, when it is sooo much easier to lose weight (AND be strong and healthy, which is way more important than just being thin) by engaging in physical activity. That way, your body gets used to burning a lot more calories, and allows you to eat more without gaining as much since you’re burning more. Michaele looks too much like Kim from RHOA

  32. Kiska says:

    @ original Kate

    You could hardly tell Bethenny was preggers until the 6 or 7th month. In my opinion, She did not gain much weight at all!

  33. original kate says:

    @ kiska,

    you must have watched a different show, because she most definitely did gain weight, even her face was full. my sister only gained about 30 lbs in her pregnancies. like bethenny, you could barely even tell she was pregnant until her 3rd trimester – some women just carry weight differently. also, she ate a healthy diet and continued to swim and do yoga and she had 2 healthy babies. the mayo clinic recommends a normal sized woman (one not obese or underweight) only gain about 25 – 35 lbs. during pregnancy.

  34. RHONYC says:

    @ original kate

    pregnant with my only child i gained 30lbs.

    i gave birth at 42 wks. she weighed 8lbs 6oz.

    that was 17 yrs ago.

    i now weight the same amount now as i did then 9 mths preggers.

    *sad clown tears* 🙁

  35. LillyBetch says:

    I LOVE betch!!
    SHE MOST DEFF not starve her self she ate so much,watch her show she is so funny i love her,her bby is so beautiful,her bod looks so damn great fo a person who jus a had a bby like 3 months ago

  36. gorilla says:

    that main pic looks like heidi montag, or that gretchen girl from real housewives of orange county

  37. original kate says:

    @ RHONYC: LMAO at the “sad clown tears.” i may need to borrow that one.

  38. U2 says: