Kendra Wilkinson: “I will 100% have liposuction”

This week’s Star Magazine has a new interview with reality star Kendra Wilkinson, who is talking about her body after baby yet again. Kendra lets us know that she wants to have another baby within the next year with her husband, football player Hank Baskett, and after that she’s going to get liposuction to help her lose the post-baby flab. She must have the money now that she’s cashed in from that sex tape she claims she was humiliated by:

“It was fun to see my body transform during my first pregnancy… but I’m dieting all the time now and exercising more than ever, yet I can’t get my body to where it used to be.

“Being fit and sexy is definitely important to me, and it’s what makes me happy…

“Happy a 91/2-lb baby stretched me out so much, I have all this loose skin that just won’t go away.

“Initially my motivation to get back into shape was for the photo shoots I had agreed to do before gaining weight in my pregnancy. But then I had a C-section, which changed everything and put a bump in the road to my weight loss.

“I didn’t get liposuction after Hank [Jr], because I knew I wanted more babies… But I will 100 percent have lipo after my second baby, because until then, I know I will never be satisfied looking in the mirror…

“We’re not trying to get pregnant just yet, because we’re too busy loving the first one right now… But it will definitely be sooner rather than later, because I want to be pregnant within the next year.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, August 30, 2010]

I know that fat cells never go away and that even after you lose weight you still have the same number of cells, they just shrink in size. Only liposuction can reduce the number of fat cells, but it’s also very risky and in the time it takes to recover from surgery you could have made great gains in losing the weight and toning up at the gym, especially someone like Kendra who is just 25 and isn’t very far from their goal. In that interview she admitted that she has been so busy trying to sort out the house after a recent move to Philadelphia that she hasn’t been able to work out. That doesn’t really jibe with what she said about how she’s exercising more than ever.

It’s sad to hear Kendra say “Being fit and sexy is definitely important to me, and it’s what makes me happy.” Happiness comes from within, but I understand that you feel better when you’re healthy and at an ideal weight. It just sounds so naive and depressing to think that happiness is just a few pounds or inches away, and so many people, women especially, fall into that trap. I’ve been there and it sucks. There are other things dragging you down other than the number on the scale or in the back of your damn jeans. It’s not your weight and no amount of dieting, plastic surgery or exercise is going to bring you happiness. We’re always searching for that thing that going to make us fulfilled and happy and that only comes when we learn to slow down and enjoy life just as it is now, right where we are now. See what I did there? I got all philosophical over some dumb reality star saying she wanted lipo so she could be sexy. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, especially when we’re dealing with someone as shallow as Kendra. Maybe being fit and sexy really is all she needs to be happy.

Kendra is shown on 8/6/10. She looks great. Credit:



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  1. LindyLou says:

    CB – you’re right, that probably is all it would take to make her happy. That girl is about as deep as a paper cut.

  2. kelbear says:

    The only reason I miss the super skinny Kendra is because I loved all the sexy outfits she wore and it was fun to see what she was wearing. Looking at how she dresses now, yuck!

  3. California Surfer says:

    This chick already looks alot like Tara REid so I guess she wants her lumpy lipo tummy too?

  4. Katie says:

    It really doesn’t take that long to recover from liposuction in only one area. If you had multiple areas done at the same time that might be different. But it definitely takes less time than working out to lose the same amount.

    Kendra’s baby is super adorable. I think it’s great that she has been so honest about not being able to get her exact pre-baby body back.

  5. SallyJay says:

    Regarding the losing weight = inner happiness stuff – thank you for your considered comments on this subject Celebitchy, really well expressed and wise advice to all.

  6. meg says:

    this poor chick. i see her as a poster child for what can happen after sexual abuse. hyper-sexualizing yourself, not feeling worthy if you’re not getting the most attention in the room. she can lipo herself to death, but i don’t think it will make her genuinely happy.

  7. aenflex says:

    Great comments, CB, I like it when you ladies wax philosophical on us! I agree totally about happiness coming from the inside, from the contentment of just simply living. But I also don’t blame Kendra for wanting to get her body back to looking good after baby #2. I am not condoning lipo at all, specially for somoene who is already so thin and doesn’t need it. But the excersize part, the smart eating part, and the desire to be attractive part, I don’t hate her for that. There are lots of people who get pride from looking thier best, not all of them are bubble-heads like this girl.

  8. RHONYC says:

    could they lipo her ditsy brain as well? wouldn’t make much difference to hank i’m sure.

  9. Relli says:

    I just read Bunny Tales and have a totally different view on all these girls who were Hef’s girlfriends. Very bizarre, especially Holly and Bridget, Kendra might be the most normal one.

  10. SarahS says:

    As sad as her comments are, they don’t surprise me. She has gotten rich and famous from her body, and been rewarded with attention and money solely for how it looks. For her to equate her physical appearance to her happiness makes sense to me. Its sad.

  11. Kitten says:

    So true. It seems like every chick I know wants to lose weight. If only we put our energy into finding what will REALLY make us happy but alas, that’s much more complicated than dieting.

  12. MymaJane says:

    I remember watching her show and being shocked at the way she eats. It won’t matter how much exercise you’re doing if you’re still eating marshmallows, chocolate, spray can cheese, and lord only knows what else. Spray can cheese *shudder*

  13. Nudgie says:

    “Being fit and sexy is definitely important to me, and it’s what makes me happy.” And silicone, tummy tucks, liposuction and botox make me REALLY happy!!! And Cheeez Whiz!!!!

  14. DreamyVelvet says:

    That girl needs to bone up on all the women that went under for a quick easy fix and see the nightmares their lives turned into. There is nothing sexy about lumps and depressions where the body has been mutilated. If she is going to have any more children she will gain weight and it will go straight for the ravaged areas of her body. Kendra, YOU! Out of the gene pool!

  15. nag says:

    She is not with the playboy mansion now.. her hubby seems pretty grounded about how she looks… why doesn’t she listen to some of what he says as well as her own sensible thoughts about herself.

  16. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    DON’T DO IT! I had lipo at 26. Now I have fat arms and a double chin. The fat finds another place to come back. I look at photos of myself and I was so pretty. It breaks my heart.

  17. clowncar says:

    Sorry but I agree with Kendra, being fit does help with one’s overall feeling of happiness and contentment. I don’t know any overweight people who are genuinely happy, they always have an underlying feeling of sadness and they tend to try to quell this sadness with the one thing that has brought them comfort throughout their life – food. on the other end of the spectrum are those obsessed with being thin, and they’re not really happy either, being that they are always hungry, always trying to be thinner, and feeling guilty when they do eat something. Loving the body you’re in is a huge component to total happiness with your self and your life. the majority of people will always struggle with loving their body to some extent at some point in their life. and no one should be looked down on because of it.

  18. snappyfish says:

    @Relli I read Bunny Tails too, wasn’t that the worst written book of all times. Who edited that piece of crap? But I do agree I have a very different view of those girls. All get free plastic surgery, a car down payment and all the payments made while they are living at the mansion and $52K a year “allowance” to be a girlfriend. The sex story with Hef was just gross. But it was an entertaining albeit hilarious read.

    I loved the part where the author thought the Taj Mahal was a world famous house….it’s a tomb. This from the girl who was considered the ‘smart one. As for Kendra and the lipo, you go girl. She had her breasts done when she was 18 what is a little lipo after a child?

  19. lanalove says:

    i think that kendra is just fine the way she is……i understand she likes to feel sexy n fit, butt u can still feel like that not always being pole skinny, being thicker is a wonderful thing, even after having a baby u can still always exercise…..having a baby is a wonderful thing,and how any reaction comes out of when a child is born is also a beautiful thing… is not always on the outside, beacause if it was like that, then why do people who loved kendra before, still love her the way she is now. i don’t think she needs any sergery after having any kids……not really like she’s going to pose nude anymore for playboy…lol =)

  20. Liposuction says:

    Wow! I love kendra. She is beautiful and long it will take to recover from liposuction?

  21. in what area did she have liposuction, it seems that she had chin liposuction!

    she looks good by the way! hope she could maintain till she reached prime age.