The Salahis are hoarders & live in filth, says former employee

White House crashers Tareq and Michelle Salahi arrive at the David Letterman show in NYC, NY on May 25, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc
The more we hear about the White House party crashers, The Salahis, the worse they sound. Michaele is starring on the new Real Housewives of DC and in the press tour she’s shown that she’s a real piece of work. She regularly hogs the spotlight, upsetting the other castmembers, and was recently in a feud with Whoopi Goldberg that she and her husband played up for maximum publicity.

The Salahis also have very shady business dealings, and have declared bankruptcy along with being sued over a dozen times. They also started a charity through which they’ve been accused of embezzling funds. They sound like scam artists, and husband Tareq is even feuding with his own mother over a family winery he allegedly ran into the ground.

Now Star has an interview with a former employee of the Salahis who worked with them in their home in Virginia. The conditions were disgusting, according to a woman who was willing to go on the record with her full name and photo. The home was filthy and papers and junk were stacked around. Of course the Salahis ended up owing this woman $800 in wages, just like all the other employees and vendors they’ve bilked over the years.

Alex was hired after answering a classified ad in April for a job as agreet and driver with the Salahis’ wine tour business. “Tareq interviewed me, and although I got the job, he seemed genuinely perturbed that I didn’t know who he or his wife was,” she tells Star. “He actually asked me, ‘Don’t you recognize us?'”

Shortly after, Alex became Michaele’s personal assistant. “Over the enxt three months, I scheduled their appointments, answered phone calls, worked as their event coordinator, and was their personal driver – all at $10 an hour.” Alex says the Salahi’s home was “an absolute mess when I started working there in April.” Though the house looks spotless on RHODC – which was filmed in 2009 – “it was almost like a hoarder’s house, with paper stacked up everywhere.” There were also dog hair and dead bugs that seemed to be all over the floor – and old food would be sitting on the stove for weeks!…

Part of Alex’s job was helping Michaele, 44, pick out her day-to-day wardrobe – a task that proved messier than she could have imagined! “Michaele constantly sprays herself with orange self-tanner, and it gets all over everything, especially her clothes. And since she borrows a lot of her outfits from boutiques and then returns them after she wears them, it creates friction with the store owners…

“My first impression of Michaele was that she was really frail – and I never saw her take a single bite of food the whole time I worked for her,” Alex claims, “She would only sip hot chocolate.”

“It was like pulling teeth to get my pay from them.

“Last June, I worked the entire day of their annual polo tournament, organizing the event, helping to set up the equipment, dealing with the media and driving people around. At the end of the day, Michaele and Tareq left me and three other girls in the dark to break everything down and clean everything up.

“At that moment, I was owed $800 in salary, so I texted Tareq and told him if he didn’t come back and pay me, I was just going to leave. He kept ignoring me – so I left. And a few days later, I got an e-mail from him saying I was not to contact them again. I feel totally used!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, August 30, 2010]

Yesterday we reported on a story from In Touch where Michaele claimed she ate just one bowl of cereal and a salad with chicken for the entire day. If this former employee’s story is accurate, she might not even eat that much.

This is frankly kind of fascinating, and reminds me of this very well-to-do woman I saw on Oprah years ago who was so well put together but lived in the most disgusting conditions. I also enjoy watching Clean House, after which I end up throwing out crap and straightening up. (The latest Messiest Home in America was particularly disturbing.) On Clean House, Niecy Nash explains that clutter is an outward manifestation of an inward condition. I guess in the Salahi’s case they’re dirty, disgusting people with no sense of personal responsibility. (Not that I would say that about everyone that keeps a messy home, but in this case it seems accurate given all we know about them.)

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 04: (L-R) Tareq Salahi and Michaele Salahi pose at a press conference with the USA Polo Team on February 4, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia. Tareq Salahi is the captain of the USA Polo Team who will play against the Victorian representative team. Michaele and Tareq Salahi are the infamous couple who gatecrashed a White House state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2009. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Tareq and Michaele Salahi the House Homeland Security Committee's hearing on the United States secret Service and presidential Protection: An Examination of a System Failure , on Capitol Hill, January 20, 2010, in Washington,D.C. The Salahis gatecrashed the White House's State Dinner for India last year, and were photographed with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. The couple invoked the Fifth Amendment and did not answer questions. UPI/Mike Theiler

Tareq (R) and Michaele Salahi listen to their attorney's remarks after the House Homeland Security Committee's hearing on the United States Secret Service and Presidential Protection: An Examination of a System Failure , on Capitol Hill, January 20, 2010, in Washington,D.C. The Salahis, in a breach of security, gatecrashed the White House's State Dinner for India last year, and were photographed with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, among other notables. The couple pleaded the 5th amendment and did not answer any questions. UPI/Mike Theiler

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  1. dre says:

    I watch all the housewives shows but I will not watch this one. I wont watch it til this couple is gone, cant stand them!

  2. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Wow! Her face is busted for only being 44. The wrinkles around her mouth are those of a 75-80 yr old woman.

  3. maya says:

    These two are so flaky and weird. They so phony.

  4. Lauren says:

    I love all the Housewives shows but I can’t seem to get into this one. I watched one full episode and tried watching the second one but I couldn’t do it.

  5. mojoman says:

    this woman is ONLY 44 years old??!! dang, my 61 year old mom doesnt even have wrinkles like that!

  6. Snarf says:

    Hardly surprising but take with a big grain of salt. First it’s Star Magazine. Second, the line up of those seeking payback (even by selling embellished stories to bottom feeding rags)against the Salahis is probably a long one.

  7. LindyLou says:

    That former employee should sue them for the money they owe – on Judge Judy! I’d love to see Judy tear a strip off of these two. It would be hilarious!

  8. Feebee says:

    The condition of her face shows she is not a healthy woman.

  9. georgef says:

    This is one couple we can all really admire, I know I do! She is so beautiful and seems to be in command of the ship.

    I hope they do well after this unfortunate article. They deserve only the best.

  10. Cinderella says:

    Why these folks are even getting coverage is beyond me. I won’t watch that show either, namely because of their shady asses. Bravo scraped the bottom of the barrel this time.

  11. Kelly says:

    She might be a heavy smoker. Those wrinkles around the lips are a dead giveaway – it’s from pursing the lips constantly. That – and the dieting – would also explain her premature aging. The skin loses all elasticity and the texture becomes very papery.

  12. OhCamille! says:

    @georgef: Really???? What is admirable about them? Is it the Presidential stalking? Is it their dubious business dealings? Is it that housewives show?
    Please explain why this couple is worthy of anyones time.
    You are obviously one of them, or a “friend” of theirs. I hope you got paid up front, because according to the reports on this couple, they stiff everyone.

  13. LindaR says:

    I can’t wait to see all these skinny women that live on lettuce and sugar water because they equate gaunt with attractive. By the time they are in their sixties, brittle bone disease will have set in. Let’s see how attractive they feel with a hump on their back or lying in hospital with a broken hip because their bones fracture at the slightest touch. Not to mention, hair loss, thin, papery skin, deteriorating organs, shrunken brain tissue. That is just so pretty.

  14. Marjalane says:

    No way is this broad 44, and my biggest beef with trash like this is the casual, entitled attitude in which they hustle themselves through life declaring bankruptcy and screwing others out of money owed to them! These two ought to be poster children for America’s economic downfall. I’d love to totally boycott Bravo for showcasing them, but I’m a little too obsessed with Flipping Out and Top Chef to do so.

  15. aenflex says:

    No Effing Way!

  16. Alexa says:

    If the story is true – shame on them! And I hope they were never blessed with children (how tragic would that be).

  17. IceBunny says:

    All you have to do is watch them for literally 2 seconds on RHODC to believe this entire story, even though it came from the fiction that is Star Magazine. As a Bravo freak myself, (Bethenny.. Top Chef.. Flipping Out, etc.), I too am disgusted with the inclusion of them anywhere on that channel. They are SUCH a trainwreck that it’s cringeworthy and mind-numbing to watch. So I don’t. Same with the New Jersey housewife skankery. Some shows on Bravo you just can’t get enough of. Others you can’t stomach after just a glimpse, and are pure garbage because of delusional lunatics like this couple. There is not enough precious time in life to waste one second of it watching these losers.

  18. dre says:

    georgef: IS this you, Michaele or Tareq? Sure it is, cause you two are the only ones that would have anything to say good about each other. Dumbass.

  19. xxodettexx says:

    my house is a wreck, but thats because i tend to work 50+ hours a week and my boyfriend goes to school parttime and works fulltime… i doubt the same could be said about these morons who apparently short-end the people that do do the heavy lifting and work for them… they are just gross and tacky

  20. connie says:

    i find this chick very unattractive and my friend thinks she’s beautiful. i dont see it and i cringe when either of them are on camera (because unlike others with self control i watch this mess)

  21. Cletus says:

    I’m PRETTY sure George was being facetious. It happens, you know… people say the opposite of what they really mean for humor’s sake.

  22. SolitaryAngel says:

    You know what? I just turned 44 and WOW I feel a lot better about myself!!

  23. Jeff says:

    Says Snarf: “the line up of those seeking payback (even by selling embellished stories to bottom feeding rags)against the Salahis is probably a long one”

    Yeah, there’s probably a reason for that. Nice people don’t have others lining up to slam them.

  24. Shannon says:

    She looks like Heidi Montag in 10 years, without the boobs.

  25. LBees says:

    …as they say… KARMA FACE

  26. LisaMarie says:

    There’s a mini interview with the Salahis in September’s Marie Claire magazine and both of them sound like the most vain, self-absorbed a-holes ever. If I remember correctly the last line from Michaele was something about how the other DC wives hate her because she’s thin. She also talked about how she eats “sensibly”. Yeah, right. I call BS on that one.

  27. TeeTee says:

    Its true, they love matrial possessions and I can’t imagine them giving anything up–that coupled w/running the next big scam, smdh.

    I read that his mother wants them removed from the property ASAP, she called the cops but he could not be removed because they have an apartment over the stable or some godforsaken place..his mom wants to sell the winery and pay off her debts.

    poor lady, smdh!

    she looks like a bag of brittle bones

  28. dragonlady sakura says:

    My mother is 71 and looks younger than this hagfish!

  29. Cakes says:

    She looks like a frigid bitch

  30. gen says:

    Horrible people. And that past employee should have sued them. I know I would have.

  31. guilty pleasures says:

    I absolutely refuse to watch anything with these two losers on it. Won’t even pause on the show for a moment lest it get a point on that TV survey thingy.
    Cannot stand them I think I prefer Gorilla Head to them!
    Yuck, and yes, she looks 25 years older than she is.

  32. gulfstreamgal says:

    Could hardly sit thru it..these two are FREAKIN CREEPY!!! She is an automaton and he reacts like Chester the Molester. What was Bravo thinking??? They need to dump these two ASAP. I thought this was about the women and yet that disgusting, shameless, warthog is at every “event” trying to take center stage….And the “attorney” contacting the venue for the allegedly “hosted” party for the stylist Paul telling them the “DC power couple” were not to be sent any bill for ANYTHING????…WHAT??? Cat has it right…her and Mary and Stacie need thier own shows…..That skinny broad is NOT….I REPEAT…..NOT 44. Again, another lie that they will be caught in and then blatantly lie thier way out of…If it weren’t for Cat I would’nt even bother to DVR it. It truly is somewhat of a waste of time but it is a really guilty pleasure. I hope they lock that sorry ass Tareq up soon …Does Bravo even try to vet these clowns????

  33. Sharon says:

    Believe it or not, she is 44. Some website/blog posted her senior yearbook photos from 1984. I’m the same age and I don’t have half of her lines and wrinkles.

  34. Sharon says:

    PS: Here’s the blog, she went by Missy Holt.

  35. gulfstreamgal says:

    WOW!!!! She has been “Rid hard and put away wet”…There isn’t enough Botox, or fillers or “cosmesueticals” to tighten that Haggis Baggis up. Lordy these two are aggravating…cons, grifters, they are the true reflection of self absorption and shallowness. Go to Youtube and look at their wedding video…HILARIOUS..I would link everyone right to it but it is the weekend and I don’t want to ruin anyones day…I must stop renting space in my head to these 2 non-entities but the sheer gall almost has EVERYONE speechless. GEEESH!!!

  36. gulfstreamgal says:

    Oops…BTW…Does anyone know why the mother is trying to have them removed from the premises????Is he (I refuse to even type his name) conning his own family??? Would love any info..but hey, I have to (listen up couple whose name I won’t mention) GO TO WORK!! What a novel concept!!!

  37. Ashley says:

    Stop giving these people the time of day because that is all they want.

  38. Ashley says:

    Let them live with the choices they make in silence. The more you give in to this the more circular reasoning becomes Salahi reasoning. There is something more interesting than them in life because they are not it. Live in silence to the Salahi’s and please stop speaking about your non existent fantasies.

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