Elizabeth Hurley: I don’t eat breakfast, my boobs are real, and I grow my own food

Elizabeth Hurley is tweeting up a storm, and she’s actually getting some attention for once so she’s keeping at it. We heard her declare a couple of days ago that her boobs were real despite the fact that no one has seemed to care for quite a while. Then Tuesday she was telling us that she avoided gaining weight on holiday by skipping breakfast and drinking only hot water. What – she couldn’t add some calorie-free herbal tea for flavor? She said she “swears by almost nothing for breakfast for adults.” Almost all nutritionists would disagree with her and say that’s counter-productive for weight loss, but whatever. The 45 year-old mother of one and B-movie actress is hustling to sell her line of organic food and swimwear and she’s making some semi-controversial tweets. I guess I can’t blame her, as much she bugs. Here’s what she tweeted. Look she even threw Zac Efron in there in case she’s not getting enough attention for her boobs and terrible diet advice. These are in Twitter order – newest to oldest.

Super healthy lunch:salmon, grilled courgettes,green beans and salad-all veg picked by me ten minutes ago. Smug, moi?
about 3 hours ago via web

Watching one of the High School Musicals with my son. The cougar in me loves Zac Efron.
8:27 PM Aug 24th via web

Mugs of hot water first thing, maybe an espresso and a few oat cakes mid morning.
8:32 PM Aug 24th via web

Btw my diet survived the onslaught of phenomenal vacation food-doctors disagree, but I swear by almost nothing for breakfast for adults.
8:31 PM Aug 24th via web

I read that I’ve just had breast implants-happy to report still au naturel but I do wear exceptionally well cut bikinis….
6:06 PM Aug 23rd via web

[From Elizabeth Hurley's Twitter]

You can learn a lot about a celebrity by their tweets. I was praising Kellie Pickler earlier today for sounding so normal and nice on Twitter, and we know that LeAnn Rimes is a crazy rock-the-cradle nutjob. Elizabeth is a smug hungry bitch and she’ll tell you about it. Huffpo reminds us that she lost weight after having her one kid by holing up at Elton John’s house and eating those 50 calorie oat cakes and nothing else. I checked her website to see if her bikinis were cute, and they’re outrageously overpriced at 70 Euro and up for just a top, and an additional 70 Euro for bottoms. That’s around $177 USD for one bikini! They’re not even that unique with very simple styles. Some of her one pieces cost 170 Euro, which is $214 USD. No wonder she’s hustling for some press. Her 100 calorie oat bars are more reasonable at a little over $8 for 10. She should recommend that people eat those for breakfast instead of just for a snack.

Elizabeth Hurley is shown on 7/8/10, 6/21/10 and 5/4/10. Credit: Fame Pictures




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  1. jc126 says:

    I can’t stand her. Don’t forget, she once said that if she were as “fat” as Marilyn Monroe, she’d “kill herself”. Casual references to suicide are rather offensive, not to mention MM wasn’t fat.

  2. aenflex says:

    I never understood what it was about her that people find alluring/attractive, whatever. She just doesn’t do anything for me whatsoever.

  3. Snarf says:

    Liz forgot to mention that she’s clearly not running on full thrusters.

  4. Jean says:

    By “grows her own food”, she actually means to say that she has people employed to grow her food, I presume? Because I don’t for one second believe that she would be capable of growing anything other than her own vapidness and stupidity.

  5. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Awww your being to nice saying that she is B movie actress. Liz Hurley is firmly on the C list and she hasn’t filmed a movie in ages has she? I don’t blame her if I married a billionaire I wouldn’t even bother to do anything let along start selling bikinis and organic food.

    Her other tweets seem relatively harmless but she knows tons of people as well as doctors consider breakfast the most important meal of the day. She should be careful talking about what she tweets concerning diets.

  6. Lulu says:

    @aenflex She just doesn’t do anything for me whatsoever.

    Come on! She absolutely does! She wanders around her backyard in well cut bikini and thinks laud: ‘Oh my God! Mr cucumber you are a big one now! Should I tweet about you?’

  7. Bunny says:

    I never liked her. I was listening to a program on how eating disorders are on the rise. Maybe because these STUPID actresses are telling people “I skip meals” so I can stay thin.

    I’m thin but I NEVER skip meals or diet, I eat ALL the time…..why because I eat a mostly raw veggies, nuts and fruit and steamed veggies. I am tired of the actresses joking about hardly eating to fit in a dress. Or Julianne Moore when she said she eats granola and always feels hungary.

  8. Catherine says:

    She is lovely and looks fantastic compared to some other celebrities her ago who have taken the botox route.

  9. Janeth says:

    Total Tool! I don’t like breakfast either though, not because I want to stay skinny but because I just don’t like it. Weird I know!

    FYI she is beautiful.

  10. Annie says:

    I kinda agree with her about breakfast. I stopped eating it (against ALL evidence/advice to the contrary)about 6 months ago and I’ve lost 30 pounds. But Im 45 and I think something happens in mid-forties that makes breakfast make you want to graze all day.

  11. Julie says:

    I read in an interview once that she was only eating raisins at one point to lose weight. I think she struggles to maintain a lighter weight….probably not in her genetics. Such a sad existence. Can’t even imagine.

  12. original kate says:

    i saw a documentary about beauty and they were talking about the greek idea of a golden ratio, a way to measures people to find beauty. don’t ask me what the math part was about (i got up to make a martini during that part, which is how i always respond to math) but elizabeth hurley is supposed to have a mathematically perfect face, and is thus the ideal for beauty. it’s funny though, because even though i see how she might be “perfect” she isn’t all that pretty to me. i do believe her boobs are real though.

  13. Jo says:

    She’s just one of those people that had a famous boyfriend (if you consider Hugh famous), had that scandal, and most importantly, sheds her clothes at a moments notice.

    If you think about it, she’s like the predecessor to the kardashians and paris. Their main talent is extending their 15 minutes of fame into a full-time drama career.

  14. jc126 says:

    I think if she were not naturally inclined towards being thin, she wouldn’t be; it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to be really thin if your genes don’t incline to it. And one can be an extreme dieter and still lean towards being naturally thin; they might just not be interested in food or always think they’re fat. But people whose genetic tendency is towards being bigger will look bigger than Elizabeth Hurley, in my opinion.
    Regarding breakfast, I don’t think it’s as important for SOME people as is always claimed. Some people wake up and have no desire to eat; a friend of mine gets nauseous at the thought of food in the morning, so she eats later. She’s thin. I don’t think she should force food down her throat, and she does eat a healthy diet otherwise. I think the advice to eat breakfast everyday is well-meaning, but really is most appropriate for people who skip breakfast and then eat donuts at 10:00.

  15. nnn says:

    I think she is one of the most beautiful 40+ years old woman graced with a sexy voice.

    She was one of the best model for Estee Lauder bar Liya Kebede.

    I don’t dig her personality though but she is really a beautiful woman.

  16. meme says:

    Of course, Ms. Hurley, of course. And I am the Queen of England.

  17. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Ponder this: Hugh Grant.

  18. lambchops says:

    I have never seen a photo of her not showing her boobs and realize that it is because she has never had anything remotely interesting to say and has never done anything remotely interesting either. All she has are those boobs. She makes me yawn.

  19. whatever says:

    i absolutely do not believe these women who deny their tweeks

  20. Jaded says:

    She’s a beautiful woman but she should just never open her mouth. I find her “nudge-nudge-wink-wink” attention-grabbing obsession with being overtly sexual all the time really juvenile and annoying.

  21. annaloo says:

    Well…. her highlights look sort of cheap and home-grown, so it all balances out.

  22. Toe says:

    @ Annie: True, I’m 35 and eating breakfast does make you eat more during the day. When i was younger i never ate breakfast…and i only ate 2 times a day and felt super energetic. So i think it does work for some people.

  23. Zelda says:

    Am I the only one who appreciates when celebrities admit to dieting? I think it’s far more detrimental for them to lie about it.
    The more human celebs seem, the better. What is wrong with he truth? You want a good body, well then there’s a good chance you can’t pick up McDonalds for dinner.
    Okay, living off raisins is not sustainable. But in a culture more and more burdened by obesity, the lesson “you can lose weight by putting your fork down” seems perfectly appropriate.
    Everyone seems to worry about anorexia—but obesity is a far greater problem in the English-speaking world.

    Somehow we have started to equate the message “just be yourself” with “just eat whatever you want”

  24. Taurus says:

    Who cares if she doesnt eat breakfast!!! I barely eat it myself. Not to lose weight, I’m just not a morning person. She looks healthy either way. At least she’s keeping it real! The hot water thing is weird but to each his own. When these celebs get fat people talk shit, when they are skinny people talk shit, when they work out alot people talk shit. These celebs are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  25. Kitten says:

    Less concerned about the lack of breakfast, more concerned about the “mugs of hot water”. That’s just……weird.

  26. Leticia says:

    I appreciate it when slender celebrities are honest about dieting and don’t pretend that they have high metabolisms.

  27. Riley says:

    I want to know wtf is an oat cake? Is that like a rice cake or a pancake? Oh and if I were English I probably wouldn’t eat breakfast either. In fact when I did a semester abroad in England I skipped breakfast because breakfast there is gross. Yucky toast, beenie weenies, the most nasty sausages ever. Disgusting. A friend of mine though came up with the best breakfast replacement ever: reese’s pieces sandwiches. Take one slice of bread and put nutella on it. Take another and put peanut butter. Bring bread slices together and place in a George Forman grill (or some similar sandwhich grill). Delish. Oh, I also smoked a lot of hash when I was in England and since I was under 21 then I drank a lot of beer. Needless to say I gained about 50 pound that took me 4 months to put on and about 10 years to take off. Fortunately, I have kept it off (not smoking hash/pot helps).

  28. lrm says:

    Actually hot water is a great start to the day…w/lemon or not.

    And, it’s recommended during illness-just drink warm water. Chinese medicine discusses the use of warm water as a remedy and health maintainer…it works!!! [for me, anyway]…ice and cold drinks are hard on the spleen function…whatever-our family just prefers room temp. water anyway….
    but warm/hot in the morning is good for the intestines-and we all now what a good BM can do for one’s day, first thing in the a.m.,right?!? (:

    Otherwise, oats are darn good for you, too. I love the oat culture in ireland, scotland and england…lol. it’s yummy.

    EH is gorgeous, and I do agree that she has to work harder now that she’s ‘older’-can’t just eat whatever she wants. I don’t know a thing about her personality, except what i’ve read from others…so i don’t dislike or hate her. She’s done well for herself, and did i mention? she’s gorgeous and doesnt look like a cat, an alien or plastic body! novel!

  29. bellaluna says:

    I don’t eat breakfast; never have. There is nothing more disgusting to me in the morning than food. When I eat breakfast food, it’s either for lunch or dinner.

    Mom and I used to fight it out over eating breakfast: she’s for; I’m against. My teenagers are the same way – they don’t like breakfast. Rather than argue, I let them not eat and take fruit or something to snack on at school.

  30. benny says:

    I remember when she got knocked up by her billionaire boyfriend (as a side not, has she ever done anything but be a professional girlfriend?). She said she didn’t want any money from him, because she has her own money, and just for him to admit paternity on principle. Then she turned around and sued him for support. What a liar. (Of course, the child shouldn’t lose support he/she is entitled to just because the mother is a bitch, but I didn’t like the way she lied about it publicly to get sympathy and public support, then turned right around and sued him anyway).

  31. Lardy Chops says:

    Love her or hate her, she has a great rack.

  32. Nia says:

    You might actually lose more weight if you DO eat breakfast, experts suggest.
    Especially if you eat something with some protein in it.
    Having warm water with or without lemon first thing in the morning is an amazing detoxifier.

  33. Bunny says:

    Its true Nia , a Huffington Post nutritionist said if you have a banana or apple for breakfast you should have nut butter (cashews or almond) with it because it is healthy fat with protein.

    I eat two bananas for breakfast with a handful of walnuts with green tea when I wake up to get digestion started.

  34. f|zXgirl3114 says:

    What’s the point of drinking mugs of hot water?

  35. Tazina says:

    Her nose is not that great, but the rest of her is attractive. You can certainly tell the difference between real breasts and implants. Hers look totally natural, not like two half globes stuck on the front. If there is one meal I could give up during the day, it’s breakfast and I’m going to try it.

    Liz Hurley did not sue Bing at any time for child support. He wanted to put away money for the boy and after refusing and his insistence, she said well let him go ahead if he wanted to. She wouldn’t stop him.

  36. Rosanna says:

    In fact it works for me as well. Or better yet, what works is that if I skip breakfast I am less hungry during the day, so I can actually manage to eat less (when/if I want/need to).

  37. a says:

    I do not believe her breasts are real. And what kind of a tweet is that, I would like it if she does the Tyra and offers some kind of real proof…. since she is the one that tweeted about it …. she is opening the door to a real test for real — or not real..

  38. original kate says:

    lots of people don’t eat breaky, including me, and the warm water with lemon is pretty normal – it’s a good detox. my acupuncturist told me i should never drink cold drinks, always room temp or warmer because i have a cold liver. or something. but she’s right – iced drinks always give me a cramp.

  39. RHONYC says:

    holy smack!

    that grill of miz liz’s and DIPPLES ON HER ARM (lol) are by no means an endorsement of any kind of dietary lifestyle she’s leading.

    i mean, wtf?! i never saw cellulite on a slim chicks ‘arms’ b4. yikes!

    she might wanna reconsider breakfast, stat! :-)

  40. kim says:

    Please girl those boobs are so store bought it aint even funny!

  41. NO!! says:

    Her eye makeup is worse than Taylor Momsen’s!

  42. fizXgirl3114 says:

    At least she seems to punctuate properly and doesn’t abbreviate with 2′s and 4′s unlike some other supposedly grown women (cough Demi Moore cough) so that’s a big plus…

  43. Mingo says:

    …and I wipe my ass with my hands.

  44. Welldun says:

    The no breakfast thing could also be a weird blood sugar thing. I’m not hungry first thing so don’t normally eat breakfast, have been like that since high school at least (approx 100 years ago). If I eat first thing I’ll be hungry and/or grazing all day long. Turns out it’s an insulin thing. Might be worth looking into insulin resistance for those with the same kind of thing going on.

  45. Ruffian9 says:

    I second (third?…eighth..?) the no breakfast thing. I KNOW you’re supposed to, get your metabolism going, etc. I just can’t. I’ve tried. Many times. Oh, how I HATE forcing myself to eat. So, a few years ago I let it go for good. Different things work for different people. Breakfast (or anything other than maybe a glass of cold skim milk) before 10am or so just does not work for me.

  46. k says:

    Like a few others here, I can’t eat first thing in the morning, or I’ll be starving all day, never satisfied. If I wait a few hours, I’ll be satisfied once I eat. And hot water aids digestion. But honestly, I never understood her appeal. She is quite ordinary looking and obviously cannot act.

  47. Isobel says:

    Loathe this woman. . .I just (brrrr) loathe her. The utter smugness, the thinking that her diet is fascinating, the crap products she puts out, the same damn dress–cut low in front and up one leg–she’s been wearing for over a decade.

    But I have to admit: I don’t eat breakfast and I’m slender. And when I do eat breakfast I want to graze all damn day.

  48. laura says:

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned her highlights. She needs a new hairdresser because they’re too brassy and obvious.

  49. Aspie says:

    She may say some nut job stuff but gosh she is gorgeous.

  50. jill says:

    does anyone notice shes giving the middle finger in the picture with the blue dress..and she does sound like a smug b*tch.

  51. Dannnii says:

    I don’t get AT ALL what is so wrong/weird about what she is saying. She isn’t preaching, she’s just sharing her own habits. So what??

  52. trashaddict says:

    Someone out there enlighten me, what the heck are courgettes????

  53. theresa says:

    I do eat a healthy breakfast, I don’t have time to grow my own food, my boobs are my own and the cougar in me thinks that Zac Efron looks like a teen-age girl. Sadly, most of the world doesn’t care. If it had not been for Hugh Grant,in his prime, and that one famous dress, few would know, or care, about Hurley either.

  54. cruiz2 says:

    Market the boobs, they are real!!! Coffee for me, same as hot water but need the caffeine kick. I’m not a morning person & food has to come later. She does look good & natural, but don’t forget she’s rich as hell. Still better than botox. Personality? – don’t know.

  55. Kittypants says:

    @trashaddict – Same thing as Zucchini.

  56. nnn says:

    She actually was the most famous one in the UK at first. She began dating fellow co star Hugh Grant while they were both acting in the same show.

    They both began getting bigger projects in european movies. She was the most famous one at that time, Hugh being that actor who was dating Lyz.

    Ironically and also she is the first one to appear in an american movie, trying to launch her Hollywood career in 1992.

    Then Hugh got his international breakthrough with the international success in ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral” and became the new hunk in town in Hollywood in 1994, two years after Elizabeth get her first movie role in ‘Passenger 57′ with Wesley Snipe.

    After his big break in 1994, Hollywood became more interested in him, while Hurley began to interest big cosmetic brands and balanced modelling with acting in less meaty roles than her boyfriend. She also later produced her own projects.

    It’s always weird the perception people have because she is actually the one who was the first at acting in the UK, as well as in the US, and i remembered Hugh saying that she was the most intelligent of the too…her beauty just overshadows that.

    But her modelling career became bigger than her acting career (especially after she became Estée Lauder spokesperson) while Hugh’s took of.

    She wanted to get married to him and have his childrehn long before he became big and he always promised that to her.

    After the famous incident and their reconciliation, she thought they will make it but after 13 years, she stop beleiving that he will give her that family she so desperatly wanted with him. I beleive that is one of the reason she get her child with the next boyfriend at 37.

    I remembered Hugh saying one day that the biggest mistake he did in life was to let her go and belitteling her desire to have a child/family since they met when she was barely 20.

    They remain close friends as he always said that she was always forgiving, best friend who knew all about his faults and a good confident.

    He is the godfather of her son and remains very protective of her.

    As for Elizabeth, she once said that her biggest regret was to noth being able to give other brothres and sisters to her only child.

    She has slowed down her professional career since she became a mum and enjoy a pretty life between her husband and her son.

  57. gg says:

    After hitting menopause I’ve had to totally flip my bad eating habits back to good habits. People, you need your lion’s share of protein in the Morning! If you’re skipping meals to lose weight, eat a light dinner instead of skipping meals or your body will simply go into starvation mode and will sap your bones of nutrients.

    And as for YOU, Liz – NOBODY thinks your boobs are fake because they are obviously flabby and TAPED out the wazoo, making them look very weird.

    Her tits always look weird as hell. Ditto her bad makeup and hair.

  58. Sns02215 says:

    Dumb talentless twat. MM was ‘fat’? No, she had a NORMAL body and was extremely talented. This cunt has always been D-list (Sorry, Kathy G!) and a horrible actress to boot.

  59. canadianchick says:

    I’ve always thought she was fug, glad she’s laid off the plastics though. I hate breakast but try to not to snack at night so I can something in the morning.

  60. Laura says:

    Love her.

  61. BC says:

    Elizbeth is hot! Sorry, but Marilyn was fat, Just rewatch “Some like it Hot.’

  62. roni says:

    Hurley is completely gorgeous. Great figure for many years.I agree with no breakfast. Forget what “experts” say. They are mostly sheep following the current herd. I was thin through my teens, 20′s and 30′s. When I gained weight in my 40′s when I was still watching my weight and reguarly exercising,I said to myself ,what are you doing different then you did in your teens,20s and 30s? The difference was,I NEVER ate before noon. Even then it was just fruit from noon until dinner. I basically had one full meal a day,at dinner. Back to slim and trim at 49. Forget what the so called experts say. Listen to your own body.

  63. Filange says:

    You all say who cares about Liz and her diet, then you give fascinating details about yours, now and in high school! Rock throwing glass house tenants.