Emmys Fashion: The Best Looks of the evening


At last night’s Emmys, I have to admit that no one really blew me away with a look that was so fabulous, so right-on, so immaculate that I was seething with fashion envy/jealousy. But there were some good, even great looks. I actually thought Jane Lynch was one of the best-dressed of the night (above). She chose a very girly, princess-y gown in a deep amythyst color which looked great on her. She seemed to be the harbinger of two trends: jewel tones and one-shoulder gowns, both of which I wholly endorse. Plus, Lynch won last night, which was spectacular for her. WHOOP!

Claire Danes was one of my best-dressed of the evening. This is Armani Prive, and it could easily have washed her out. But something about the right tone and her hair – I don’t know, it really worked. It worked everywhere – on the red carpet, on stage, and in photos. It’s a fabulous dress, and Claire kept everything else simple in service of the dress, which was smart.

Claire Danes arrives at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on August 29, 2010.  UPI/Lori Shepler Photo via Newscom

I thought Lea Michele looked adorable, and I’m not even a fan. This dress moved beautifully, and the fit was gorgeous. It’s Oscar de la Renta.

Lea Michele arrives at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on August 29, 2010.  UPI/Lori Shepler Photo via Newscom

Here’s a controversial decision – I’m putting Kyra Sedgwick on the best dressed list. I know, I know: her hair. But the dress, the makeup and the first-ever Emmy win (WHOOP!) make up for the bedhead. The color was absolutely fantastic too. Plus, I just love her.

Kyra Sedgwick arrives at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on August 29, 2010.  UPI/Lori Shepler Photo via Newscom

Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta = WIN. This looked great on her, she looked smart and pretty and age-appropriate and sexy. Plus, the detailing on this dress is gorgeous.

Primetime Emmy Awards Arrivals held at The Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California on August 29th, 2010. Tina Fey                                            Fame Pictures, Inc

Christina Hendricks in Zac Posen. At first I was like, “Jesus, Chrissy, put down the damn feathers.” This dress is all about boobs and feathers and STATEMENT. But you know what? This is actually not hideous. The color is nice on her and the dress compliments her figure, and it’s one of her better red carpet looks.

Primetime Emmy Awards Arrivals held at The Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California on August 29th, 2010. Christina Hendricks                                            Fame Pictures, Inc

Julie Benz in bridal styles. I can’t hate it though, she’s kind of pulling it off.

29 August 2010 - Los Angeles, California - Julie Benz. 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia

I’m only putting Jennifer Westfield (in Armani) on the best dressed list because I want to look at The Hamm (he was in Armani as well). Personally, I find her dress “meh”.

Primetime Emmy Awards Arrivals held at The Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California on August 28th, 2010. Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt                                            Fame Pictures, Inc

I liked Maura Tierney’s whole look. The short (post-cancer) pixie hair looks great on her, the color popped, and the dress moved well. It doesn’t look great in still photos, but whatever.

Primetime Emmy Awards Arrivals held at The Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California on August 28th, 2010. Maura Tierney                                            Fame Pictures, Inc

This dress on Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter made me think she’s like a prettier Gisele Bundchen. She looked gorgeous, I think. The hair was a little bedhead, but she looked glamorous and sexy.

Photo by: RE/Westcom/Starmaxinc.com 2010  8/29/10 Jennifer Carpenter, The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre in (Los Angeles, CA.) Photo via Newscom

Amy Poehler makes the best dressed list just for showing up three weeks after giving birth! She looks great. The color isn’t my favorite, but it doesn’t wash her out and she looks very pretty. Great nursing boobs too!

Primetime Emmy Awards Arrivals held at The Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California on August 28th, 2010. Amy Poehler                                            Fame Pictures, Inc

Julia Louis Dreyfus is another example of a woman who has found what works for her, and wears that style consistently. She usually wears Narciso Rodriguez, and she consistently looks good. Plus, her styling was great.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus arrives at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on August 29, 2010.  UPI/Lori Shepler Photo via Newscom

Yes, Edie Falco was a mess. The dress didn’t fit right and the hair was off. But I’m still putting her in the best dressed because suck it.

29 August 2010 - Los Angeles, California - Edie Falco. 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia

The Good Wife’s Archie Panjabi unexpectedly won Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. She looked great! She’s so, so pretty. Love her now.

Archie Panjabi poses with her award for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series for The Good Wife backstage at the 62nd annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California August 29, 2010.  REUTERS/Danny Moloshok  (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT) (EMMYS/BACKSTAGE)

I feel like we’ve seen Susan Sarandon in this dress a million times before, but at her age, I’m glad she’s found a consistent style that works for her (insert side-eye to Rita Wilson, who you will see on the worst dressed list). And Susan does look great, albeit kind of boring. Her daughter Eva Amurri looks like a bombshell though – so, so pretty.

29 August 2010 - Los Angeles, California - Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri. 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia

Ryan Murphy was my Best Dressed dude of the evening. Love that he thanked Tom Ford in his speech!

Winners of a Primetime Emmy Award pose in the press room at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, CA at L.A. Live on August 29, 2010.  Pictured: Ryan Murphy Fame Pictures, Inc

Header: Jane Lynch at the Emmys, credit: WENN.

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  1. a says:

    i also loved emily deschanel’s dress!

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I think Claire Danes was stunning. I love her dress and I loved the simplicity of her style that night. Alot of good picks up there.

    I am just gonna call out the ones I really don’t like. I know people loved Tina Fey’s dress because she didn’t go short and cute. However I hated the pattern. I don’t like that color very much on her or the detail. The cut is lovely. I hate Christina Hendricks dress. Hated it. Zac Posen had the nerve to be on Twitter all proud about his fugly dress. It was awful and I hate those little things hanging off the dress. I didn’t like the color on her either. I think she should have a dress with a little more support for her boobs. They are just hanging there in that awful dress, and I don’t like the detail work underneath the boob area. Ugh. Hated it. Those were the 2 who really disappointed me.

    In terms of styling, I really loved Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer wore Alexander McQueen and I loved her dress. It was sexy and it was chic to me. I loved Rutina Wesley’s look. She was glowing. I hated that dress why is black and white a trend this year? Its not working. I thought Alexander Skarsgard looked a little weepy and sad last night in some pics I saw.

  3. ViktoryGin says:


    Agree about the parade of lackluster getups. Although, I really like Jennifer Carpenter’s and Archie Panjabi’s dresses. I tend to go for dark gowns.

    Okay, though Lea Michele looks really good, methinks it’s a tad overkill for the Emmy’s. That dress seems more appropriate for the Oscars, but then she IS a TV actress. No offense.

    I have to disagree with you about Christina Hendricks. Lavender and ginger. Not the business. Moreover, when you have her kind of shape, there really is fine line between voluptous and matronly, and she looks like she’s dressed to attend an AARP function.

  4. Jess says:

    I love Archie. She is such a bad ass investigator on the Good Wife. I want to be like her!

  5. Jessi says:

    Jane Lynch? Ugh, no, it’s like she bought it off the rack and didn’t even try to have it fit to her. Archie and Claire-standing ovation.

  6. Lady D says:

    I’m bummed that Dexter didn’t win last night.

  7. NO!! says:

    I can see Julia Benz nip. Has she not heard of a bra?

  8. Katalina76 says:

    My fave part of these pics is that The Hamm is starting to look disinterested in clingy Jen Westfeldt. I find myself wishing that they would break up so he could be single (like that’s all that’s keeping us apart; I’m nuts).

  9. DetRiotgirl says:

    I do not understand what the big deal is about Christina Hendricks. Btw, no one make a joke about the big deal sitting directly on top of her chest. I see them. I get it. They are large. But, other than that, what is there? I think she’s usually pretty boring to look at.

    I admit, I don’t watch madmen. So, maybe she’s a fantastic actress and that’s what I’m missing out on. But, from just seeing her on gossip sites? I do not get it. Men seem to love her (for obvious reasons) and women seem to think she’s somehow celebrating normalcy or changing the world by not being a size 0. Last time I checked, her figure wasn’t exactly the norm for most women either though. So, I am at a loss to explain her popularity. Also, best dressed list or not, I think that dress is hideous.

  10. Katie says:

    That is the best that Jennifer Carpenter has EVER looked. I already loved Archie…so glad she won, and how sexy and beautiful is her accent (on the show she uses an American accent)?

  11. Spunky says:

    Sorry, gonna have to disagree with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Edie Falco and especially Christina Hendricks. They don’t deserve to be on best dressed. No way.

  12. JulieM says:

    I always enjoy reading these sartorial post mortums (or is it post morta) because of the differing opinions on the same dress. It all really is in the eye of the beholder. Jane Lynch looked OK-great color but I don’t care for the way the dress changes direction below the drop waist. Does not flatter. I thought JWest looked pretty good, as long as one does not dwell on her waxy, immovable face. Why does she do that? Not a big fan of Claire Danes, but, boy howdy she looked great. I just added Temple Grandin to my Netflix queue because of all its success last night.

  13. Mini says:

    Nina Dobrev looked fantastic and she was a part of the opening number.

  14. aenflex says:

    Kaiser you toed the line in comparing Jennifer Carpenter to Gisele. I love Jennifer, think she’s a great and slightly underrated actress, and she is lovely in physique as well. But she stops short of looking like Gisele – she has a picasso quality, something asymetrical about her face, the lines are too hard. Gisele flows like water. I don’t even like her at all but can admit she is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.
    Everything else was spot on though, specially Kyra Sedgewick – she looks amazing!

  15. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Sorry, but a majority of these dresses belonged on the fug list as well.

  16. lucy2 says:

    Really loved Claire’s, Kyra’s (they tie for my faves) Jane’s, Archie’s, Jennifer’s and Tina’s. Tina’s was edgy and different without being too over the top, and it really fit her beautifully.
    I like everything else on your list, except Christina’s – I kind of love the lavender with her hair color, but don’t like the dress itself.
    I like Lea’s dress, but agree it’s a bit much for the Emmy’s.
    Amy Poehler – the dress is nice, but she looks amazing, she just had a baby a few weeks ago.

  17. Kbomb says:

    Eva Amurri’s dress looks so much like my grade 8 graduation dress minus the puffy sleeves – me LOVES!! (BTW gr.8 grad was in ’88). Now onto Christina Hendricks. I LOVE that she embraces her curves and doesn’t try to hide the fact that she is larger than 99% of hollyweird BUT….I am getting sick of her boobs. Ya. We get it. You have humongous girls. She is lovely looking and it’s a shame that she dresses deliberately to continue the “buzz” around her chest. It’s disappointing. Claire Danes – want to HATE her and find her a bit of an ice princess but LOVED her dress and have to admit I thought she was genius in Temple Grandin.

  18. Trillion says:

    Most of these women look so bulky in the middle. Can it be that they are all rectangle shaped or did they collectively forget to check that in the mirror?
    Eva Amuri looked stunning. Her body is amazing. Jane Lynch’s dress looked cheap and was horizontally seamed at the widest part of her hips. Bad bad bad! Lover her, though. Who doesn’t?

  19. Tess says:

    I clicked here first because I wanted to start with something upbeat and positive.

    But dang. I’m not in love with any of the looks, other than Lea Michelle’s.
    Some were lol funny considering the money and planning that goes into the whole red carpet business.

    Julia Louis Dreyfus, who I usually think looks fantastic, struck out last night. The dress, hair, makeup were too severe, architectural, and AGING. She needed just a bit of softness.

  20. Chicoulina says:

    I think Jewel was breath taking!Her dress was fabulous!!!Also Eva Longoria looked fab as always!!!Where is Sophia Vergara?Jane Krakowski?Heidi Klum?

  21. WelshBoy21 says:

    kyra sedgwick looks like Taylor swift in 30 years lol

  22. kelbear says:

    Lea should of had something done with her hair, it ruined the look.

  23. gg says:

    I wonder what it feels like on your ass to sit down in those tight beaded dresses. I would assume there is a lot of lining to prevent anything sticking.

  24. truthSF says:

    I would love to ask any man to describe Christina Hendrick’s facial features after talking to her with her boobs all out.

    I don’t even think gay men would be able to a better job then a straight man.

  25. Hautie says:

    I will always love Oscar de la Renta party dresses. Plus he is bitchy as hell about how great he is and I love it!

    And it is the first time in my memory that Tina Fey looked fabulous in her red carpet dress.

    I did love the Armani Prive dress on Claire. The best she has ever looked since she killed off her red hair.

    Archie is such a tiny girl and she wore a dress that did not over power her. Just a pretty girl in general. And happy that she won.

    Though I am confused by the Kyra dress. It is not a bad dress. Maybe it needed straps… it just looks off to me. But I liked the color of it on her.

    Kyra will get a pass on the hair simply cause she has naturally curly hair and she probably did not want to go with an extreme updo trying to keep it from frizzing.

    And I am thrilled that she finally won the Emmy!

  26. Fiona says:

    Aren´t you sure you didn´t mix the lists best and worst dressed?

  27. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


    Feeling is mutual, as some of my less felicitious posts have already stated. I like Mad Men, but it’s just not for everyone. I tried getting into Breaking Bad a few years and just couldn’t, what are you going to do?

    When I first starting watching the show, I thought that it was nice to see a character who had my type of figure (though I’m much, much shorter) and wasn’t being characterised as the dumpy best friend. That she was on a show I liked made it all the better.

    But now (and this is Celebitchy so I have to be somewhat caustic), well, I guess it reminds us all not to take celebrities TOO seriously, because none of the praise or derision that he heap on them is part the job description. This is the lady who had visible bra in a freaking trenchcoat. It’s getting kind of lame. I tred lightly her because it might be going too far, but sometimes I wonder if she even wants people to take her seriously. I know that it’s a fame game and you gotta hustle, but between her always going on about her body, and a complete compliance with engaging in that conversation when asked about it (PR exists, you can be taught diversionary tactics or not answer the question), I don’t want to hear her complain someday about all of this.

    The fringe is strange, like a weasel forced through a fan belt.

  28. JuiceinLA says:

    Is it wrong that I have no idea who won anything last night, but I care about the clothes?

    CIP: I don’t even know who Ryan Murphy is but that is a killer look!

  29. LolaBella says:

    Love the color of Jane’s dress and she wore it well.

    Claire Danes was perfection (and she was SMILING!)

    Loved Lea Michelle’s dress right up to about mid thigh…and then she starts pooping fabric. Look at other sites and you’ll see how unflattering the dress is from the side or the back.

    Tina Fey’s dress was one of the best of the night and she looked gorgeous.

    I do not like Christina Hendricks’ dress, the color clashes horribly with her skin tone and hair. Also, the neckline is not flattering; I mean the girl’s are practically out and it gives her a bobble-head effect.

    The Hamm’s GF’s dress looks like a negligee.

    Loved Maura’s dress. She was also one of the best styled and she looked beautiful.

    Loved Julia, Archie and Susan’s dresses as well and they all looked beautiful.

  30. L says:

    That’s a good angle of Christina H’s dress, but on live TV from the front it looked HORRIBLE. Her boobs look like water balloons and totally fake.

    Have to disagree about Tina Fey as well, thought that pattern looked like a iron fence. And I HATED Claire Danes’ look. I only caught her in the preshow on tv, but in HD that dress was way to close to her skin tone and just looked awful. And no one is going to say anything about her face? Google her from about 2 years back, her face has totally changed. She’s had some awful work done.

  31. original kate says:

    warning: i am home today nursing mr. original kate, who has walking pneumonia, so i am bored and bitchy.

    christina hendrix: ok, i like the color and if there weren’t weird dust kitty styled thingys attached i would love it. as for her boobs they look natural to me, and i’m not sure how she could hide them. i don’t get the hate for c-hen’s boobs.

    clare danes: lovely dress, but it appears someone stole her original face. perhaps it will appear on a milk carton, asking if we’ve seen it.

    julia: so severe. my god. like miss minchin from “a little princess.”

    jane lynch: love the color, love her hair & makeup, but the dress is a bit…lacking somehow.

    tina fey: if this dress didn’t have the swirly pattern, just the black border, i would have adored it. i agree it looks like the wrought iron gates i’ve seen in savannah. mmmm….shrimp and grits.

    kyra needs to stop dieting/detoxing/workingout/whatever… looks stringy.

    archie panjabi: hands down my favorite of the night. perfect – love the dress, the hair, the styling, all of it. THIS is how you go to an award show, people.

    i want to pull up the front of eva amurri’s dress.

    looks like someone worked overtime on jennifer carpenter’s dress with a bedazzler. just hideous. and i hate one-armed dresses. boo.

  32. heb says:

    Don’t like Eva Amurri’s hair color but the rest looks A+
    And she knows it, lol

  33. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I was wondering if Danes’ face had changed too, as I would never have guessed that it was here if not for the caption. Maybe she’s hiding from one of the exes on whom she’s cheated.

    No one know what do with their chests it seems. Put ’em in a bra, put ’em in a dress, adjust straps according if wearing them. Both must fit, I’m not looking for your life story here, people. The End.

  34. dots says:

    Kyra Sedgwick had bedhead?? Kaiser, you wound the hearts of us curly-haired girls 😉

    Really, though, I thought her hair was pretty…maybe because I know how difficult it is to control thick, curly hair.

  35. JustMe says:

    This was a horrible Emmy ceremony, very VERY few ladies looked good. Seriously, what’s the point of having all that money if you look like you got out of bed, either didn’t brush your hair or shellaced it, and just put on the dress and showed up. It was horrible!

    Christina Hendricks – I saw her in Firefly and liked her on that, don’t remember seeing her in anything else. I guess I like her because she looks different from the blond skinny fake boob look that dominates still. Usually if it’s not the blond tan look, it’s an ‘exotic’ type look, and again, usually quite slender. Christina is different from both of these.

    The purple is a wonderful color on her – purple does work on redheads – but the dress was horrific. I really think she needs to fire whoever dresses her. I’ve yet to see her look good on a red carpet. Even last year’s dress really needed to be ruffle free. If she chooses her dresses, she needs to hire someone to do it for her from now on.

  36. Cam says:

    Jennifer Carpenter’s dress is AMAZING. LOVE IT, LOVE IT.
    And Lea Michele looked wonderful.

    The rest… meh.

    And btw: I’m really happy that Jane Lynch won, she deserved it! 😀

  37. Cheyenne says:

    ^5 to Danes, Fey, Tierney, Carpenter and the Sarandon ladies. The rest were just blah except for Kyra Sedgwick, who looked worse than the Wicked Witch of the West with that godawful sloppy hairstyle. Somebody lend the woman a comb.

  38. Miss. Thang says:

    LOL @ Katalina76 I love that!

    I also have to disagree about Hendricks’ dress. I HATED IT!!
    I think it’s great that she is a working actress with an unconventional body, but I hate it when it becomes ABOUT her body. I could like her a lot more if she just said “Yeah, this is what I look like, so what? Now, back to acting.” She should shut up about her boobs and quit showing them everywhere and just focus on her work.
    (FYI I am shaped the same way)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVED Claire’s look!!
    I also really loved Jewel’s look. Those ladies had it right!

  39. Ron says:

    Claire Danes owned the night. Best dressed by a long shot. Ryan Murphy looked like a chic smurf, I loved it. I love some Christina Hendricks but that dress looked like something worn by Lusty Lil down at the saloon. And Rita Wilson you made the Baby Jesus cry in that. Jesus was softly sobbing in the green room after she walked past.

    Were the hairdressers on strike? Last night so many women had terrible hair . Kyra, Julia Ormond, Mindy Kaling, Padma, January, Christina, the list goes on and on. And it would be nice to see something other than the nude lips thing too.

  40. Camille says:

    I agree with you EXCEPT for:

    *Ryan Murphy- Hideous suit jacket, I don’t care if it was by Tom Ford.
    *Edie Falco – Her whole look was terrible.
    *Amy Poehler- Meh!
    *Maura Tierney- HATE that dress! Her hair is cute, but I wish she had worn more makeup or something.
    *Jennifer Westfield- That dress didn’t suit her, but on someone else it may have looked great. And what the hell is up with her cheeks? Did she get new implants or something? (Also John Hamm is so over rated! He’s just so average. Sorry, just my opinion).
    *Christina Hendricks- Hate her dress, I think it was the sleeves that annoyed me the most about it and the colour as well. Not good.

  41. Jeri says:

    Totally agree with you – Archie Panjabi – WOW! I tuned in late, didn’t know she won. Love the show, love her & Juliana too.

    Kyra, I love, Christina Hendricks looks great.

    Maura welcome back!

  42. LondonLady says:

    Maura Tierneys dress should really be on the other list. It is hideous and it doesn’t suit her at all. Eddie Falco- boring. Claire Danes goes for Barbie in Vegas- it works ok but I don’t think its very ‘fashion forward’ (ah, you’ve caught me speaking project runway lingo..) Archie Punjabi looks great, and her character would also approve 🙂

  43. Incognita says:

    *Archie Punjabi has my vote for the best dressed of the evening.

    *Lea Michelle’s dress and just about everything else (hair, make-up) was amazing.

    *Although I haven’t forgotten about Claire Dane’s man-stealing escapades, I sruggled to concede that she looked marvelous.

    *Kim Kardashian looked nice too!

    *Christina Hendricks’ get-up was AWFUL! The fit of her dress was absolutely dreadful and it reminded me of something Mrs. Roper would have worn. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!

    Everyone else’s fashions in my humble opinion were just, meh…

  44. canadianchick says:

    Loved Archie, British women also seem to thank others most eloquently at awards shows. She’s great in the Good Wife.

    My husband immediately noticed Clare Dane’s facial changes, liked her dress but omfg that thank you speech, immature, much? And what’s going on with Al Pacino’s hair-another bad thank you speech.

  45. CB Rawks says:

    Loved Tina Fey’s dress.

  46. Dannnii says:

    Jennifer Westfield’s (John Hamm’s girl) dress looks lovely on her. She is super cute in person and those eyes!!

  47. Sandy says:

    Susan Sarandon’s daughter. Are we going to get her shoved at us now too? Just curious. In ten years I wonder if anyone should even bother trying to get work in Hollywood. Instead we can just clone them from the master race breeding pool.

  48. Sue says:

    I thought the dress from Lea Michele looked like a million dollars. I remember seeing this dress live and bought a similar one a couple of weeks before:


    It only costs a fraction of the price but is pretty close. I wonder what happens to all the designer dresses? Charity maybe!

  49. hjsplit says:

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