Did Kate Bosworth dump Alexander Skarsgard because he wouldn’t marry her?

39609, INDIO, CALIFORNIA - Saturday April 17 2010. Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth cuddle up at the Coachella Festival. Despite some bands being grounded in Europe due to a ban on all flights out of many European countries following the eruption of and Icelandic volcano, the festival is enjoying sellout crowds. The Goldenvoice-promoted fesitval, now in it's 11th year, is drawing a record 75,000 people per day - up nearly 15,000 from last year's average. Photograph: Dome, Jones, PacificCoastNews.com

This comes hot off the Alexander Skarsgard fan (-atic) sites, where it appears the rumors in Sweden are coming pretty strongly that Kate Bosworth dumped him. Methinks this is all some fevered fan fiction from a Skars-loonie after an eight-hour masturbation marathon to True Blood, but whatever. It could happen:


The truth behind the break-up! The turns have been many, but after a, least to say, turbulent summer, it’s seems like our Swedish hunk Alexander Skarsgård, 33, and his Hollywood-lady Kate Bosworth, 27, has gone seperate ways. They haven’t been seen together in almost two months, and several papers reports about the break-up. Friends to the couple also confirms that the world famous relationship is over.

They have had a really hard time, and they aren’t likely to find their ways back to each other, says a source.

Alex himself, doesn’t want to comment the information in the magazine Klick!, and that usually only means one thing…

The last months, there have been several reports about cheating. Kate’s secret meetings with a handsome, unknown man, was spread in the papers. Secret sex-pics on Skarsgård, both homoerotic and heterosexual nude pictures are spread over the Internet. Kate is said to have hit the roof, over the gay-friendly movie of a stripping Alex, in a tiny apartment, that is now for public show in the net.

No one wants to see their boyfriend groaning after another man, and caressing his bottom, and kiss a mans back. Kate really doesn’t have that kind of humor. She’s more traditional, a close friend establishes.

According to close sources Kate has said that Alex is “sooo passé”.

Kate wants a ring on her finger, and wants to invest in a mature man, to start a family with. Maybe Alex isn’t ready for that kind of life. He’s new in Hollywood and wants to invest in his career, a source says and continues…“Then people have spread lies about cheating and sex scandals, and that’s something no relationship can benefit from,” the source says in conclusion.

[From Veckans (Swedish publication) via World of Skarsgard]

Honestly, I don’t think Kate would dump Alexander UNLESS she had another dude waiting in the wings. Someone who could help her career even more, who could get her in the press. That seems to be her M.O. – date (or f-ck) a famous dude, pretend you don’t want the attention while really lapping it up, then moving on to the next dude. Also, I’m guessing the “homoerotic” sex pics that the article is talking about are probably related to this video, which we saw earlier this summer. Alex was obviously drunk, and he obviously has no inhibitions about giving a dude a lap dance or gnawing at another dude’s ass. That makes him “fun” in my book, but whatever.

Oh, I guess people are thinking the breakup rumors are true because Alex has been away in Europe for months and he and Kate haven’t been seen together in a while, and because he came back to LA and didn’t bring her to the Emmys. Could be…

Aug 29, 2010 - Hollywood, California, USA - Actor ALEXANDER SKARSGARD arrives at the HBO Emmy Party at the Pacific Design Center. © Red Carpet Pictures

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 14: Actress Kate Bosworth attends the Burberry Beauty garden tea at a private residence on July 14, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Burberry)

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 17:  Actor Alexander Skarsgard accepts the Best Villain award from actress Kate Bosworth (L) onstage during Spike TV's Scream 2009 held at the Greek Theatre on October 17, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Infamously camera shy couple, Kate Bostworth and Alexander Skarsgard made a rare public outing together on Sunday, July 11, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. The duo made a stop by the grocery store Bristol Farms, where they picked up a few essentials before being on their way. It was obvious that Kate was ecstatic at the idea of being seen with her beau, as she couldn't seem to hide her smile. Alexander, on the other hand, looked significantly less amused. Fame Pictures, Inc

40563, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Friday May 14, 2010. Lovebirds Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth look less than pleased to be photographed together as the couple is spotted together in NYC. The True Blood actor is seen wearing a loose ripped gray t-shirt and faded jeans while Bosworth opts for tight jeans and a loose beige button up shirt with suede boots. Photograph: Castro, PacificCoastNews.com

Infamously camera shy couple, Kate Bostworth and Alexander Skarsgard made a rare public outing together on Sunday, July 11, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. The duo made a stop by the grocery store Bristol Farms, where they picked up a few essentials before being on their way. It was obvious that Kate was ecstatic at the idea of being seen with her beau, as she couldn't seem to hide her smile. Alexander, on the other hand, looked significantly less amused. Fame Pictures, Inc

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  1. YOYO99 says:

    She is gross bag of bones.

  2. Katie says:

    She seems like kind of an uptight bitch. He can do better.

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Damn he’s hawt. If they did break up I wouldn’t be sad about it. More of him for me and plus he can do better in my opinion.

  4. truthSF says:

    As much as I don’t find him attractive, He’s 100,000 times hotter then that skeleton he’s been dating. WTF was he thinking??!!!!!

  5. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I don’t get the hate for Kate B. She seems pretty harmless to me.

  6. Mia says:

    I don’t think they are together anymore, but that has nothing to do with that report. They were together a few weeks ago at some music festival in Sweden. Plenty of sightings & twitter updates/photos. Kate reportedly blew up at Alex and told him to “F*ck off!” and that was the last time anyone saw them in public together.

    ITA that Kate wouldn’t move on unless she had someone with a higher Q status in the wings. Alexander has never said they were dating, and that he’s very Swedish…ie open…about his sex habits. So it wouldn’t surprise me if they have broken up.

  7. Sara says:

    Has Bothsworth done anything lately besides that lame movie 21? If anything she’s passe, where as Alex is just becoming a big actor in America.

  8. LolaBella says:

    Damn he looks so hawt in that second pic in the tux.

    I hope they have broken up; perhaps he finally realized that she’s nothing but a fame-whore who constantly courts the papparrazzi by using their relationship.

    ITA, he can do so much better than that skeletal hag.

  9. Kolby says:

    Gross, indeed.

  10. Marjalane says:

    I do NOT get this guy’s appeal. AT ALL. I don’t know what the actor’s name is, but he totally reminds me of the creepy guy in Fargo that ended up in the woodchopper. He looks like he ought to be picking up roadkill off the highway.

  11. ViktoryGin says:


    “Methinks this is all some fevered fan fiction from a Skars-loonie after an eight-hour masturbation marathon to True Blood” LMAO!

    I’m not one to care to much about who celebrities date. Ironically. I’ll gossip but I truly couldn’t give a flying f*ck. But I am honestly waiting with bated breath for this situation to implode because this bitch is past her expiration date. (Yeah, the karma is collecting as I write.)

  12. Katalina76 says:

    Maybe he got sick of her famewhoring ways? Or her lack of appetite? All I know is I’ll be glad to never see her smug face in a picture with him again.

  13. lucy2 says:

    If anything, I’d bet he dumped her because a) he can do better, and b) someone clued him in on how she’s a fame-climber.
    I certainly don’t “hate” her, but I find her bland, unattractive, and annoying, and don’t care for the way she hangs all over guys when cameras are near.

  14. Jen Wind says:


    I think most of it is his character in True Blood. I love him as Erik, he is great as that character, and because of that I find him really, really sexy, but if he was walking down the street, and wasn;t on one of my favorite shows, as my all time favorite character I might not even look at him.

  15. JuiceinLA says:

    Know whats so funny?? Blue Crush was on the tube this weekend and I caught the end of it. I recall actually liking her in this movie because she did a decent amount of her own surfing work… there was a time when she didn’t seem so icky and hollywierd-manipulative.

  16. Strawberry says:

    I bet you it was bec. they were long-distance. Doesn’t he still live in Stockholm, while she’s based in LA? It’s hard to make those relationships work even when you’re not celebrities…

  17. Fae says:

    C’mere Alex, I’ll let you lick any bloke you want to.

  18. Praise St. Angie! says:

    does anybody else remember him from “Zoolander”?

    he was so young and cute in this!


  19. Sumodo1 says:

    Maybe Chris Martin is about to become available. We know she has the hots for him. Also, Skarsgard has that gay vibe…they BOTH could do better.

  20. original kate says:

    looks like she glued vienna sausages over her real lips.

  21. Bodhi says:

    HOORAY! I bet he dumped her, but she is running to the tabs saying its the other way around.

  22. LolaBella says:

    @Fae: Your comment made me LOL so hard! 🙂

  23. ! says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how people find him attractive. Also, what’s with all the jealous name calling? Kate might have gotten a bit too thin a time or two, but that’s not for us to judge. And she looks healthy in all the pictures above. She has muscle on her thighs. Ripping a person to shreds because you want to fuck their boyfriend has to be as transparent as you can get.

  24. Poopie says:


  25. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yea all the people who don’t know why Alexander Skarsgard is hawt as a stiff co8k clearly don’t watch True Blood.

  26. eireog says:

    who cares as long as it is true..hopefully AS caught on to her crap and got rid of her…..

  27. lo says:

    Yeah right. I’m just waiting for the pap photos of them out to lunch at Joan’s. No way would she dump him. She needs him to get any press.

  28. eja102 says:

    “Ripping a person to shreds because you want to fuck their boyfriend has to be as transparent as you can get.”

    then call me Mr Cellophane

  29. shorty40 says:

    Ugh, that for sure doesn’t make him “fun” in my book…that’s just nasty and disgusting and if I ever saw my boyfriend acting like that, he’d be out on his ass so fast he wouldn’t know what hit him. That’s just gross.

    And ITA w/ Fluffy Kitten Tail, I don’t get the hate against her either. Probably stems from jealousy, I would think.

  30. Ellie says:

    i went to the same horseback riding academy in ct with her and i can tell you, even back then, she was a tremendous bitch. i’m not going to pretend we were close, but i literally hated every moment spent in her company.

    i remember seeing her in the trailer for ‘horse whisperer’ and vowing to never see one of her movies.

    and yes, i hold grudges.

  31. @HUH? says:

    Except he didn’t bring to his Puss premiere or the afterparty. And he didn’t bring her to the Emmys and she wasn’t at the afterparty.

    So yes, it is possible after all the fighting at the music festival it’s dunzo

  32. Gwen says:

    I’ve only read (and seen photos) of them together in Sweden – Mia, where did you reports of them figthing? I hope they break up. He obviously hates the paps, she seems to live for the celeb-recognition.

  33. Bodhi says:

    Personally, I couldn’t be jealous of KBos if someone paid me to be. She hasn’t actually had an acting job in years, she dates guys who she thinks will get her notice & she is a coked-up bobble head. Not much to be jealous of in my book

  34. JM says:

    Thank the Gods in Valhalla if it’s true!

  35. buckley says:

    You know the “gay” video wouldn’t bother me at all if it weren’t for his very lame dance moves.
    Not sexy at all.

  36. Gwen says:

    @ @HUH?: Gustaf didn’t bring his girlfriend either so maybe they just went alone to have fun with each other.

  37. funnygirl says:

    Kate Bosworth is prob annoying but I think a lot of the hate she gets is because she dates such hot guys-Orlando Bloom, James Rosseau (the hot model guy), now Alexander Skarsgard.. Defo think theres a certain amount of jealousy goin on..

  38. KsGirl says:

    Sorry, I have nothing more than: THE SHOULDERS ON THAT MAN! THE SHOULDERS!!! Gaaaaaah!

  39. HUH? says:

    @31 – No, she wasn’t at the Puss premiere, but they were spotted out both before and after in Stockholm, with his father and brothers. FYI, that World of Skarsgard website is run by loonies.

    They also reportedly had one argument at that music festival then were back again the next day just fine and dandy.

  40. Sandra says:

    Unfortunately, it’s not true. Apparently they have been overseas in Sweden together while he is filming “Melancholia” with Kirsten Dunst (K must be keeping an eye on him) and he flew back to LA solo specifically for the Emmys. If anyone is going to dump anyone, I would hope it would be Alex dumping her. She seems like nothing but a famewh*re (not to mention she looks like a prepubescent 12 year old boy). I am so surprised that he would even find her attractive. I thought he would be more into someone with a “healthy” athletic womanly figure. He needs to lose her and quick.

  41. Kitten says:

    Meh. I think he’s hot as Eric on True Blood but nothing special in his “civvies”. I don’t get the hate towards her either. God forbid a girl be skinny, right?

  42. spinner says:

    I would think Kate is sick of being a professional beard. She’s missing out.

  43. Jeri says:

    oooh that’s right. Her ex Orlando is having a baby & engaged so I bet she’s feeling the pressure to prove she can do it too.

    I’m glad Alexander Skarsgard knew better.

  44. Mia says:

    Some posters on Justjared posted links to the Swedish gossip sites, and Google translated the stories. She supposedly flew to Sweden because there were too many sightings of Alex and Kirsten, kinda leaving out the fact that Kirsten’s boyfriend is there as well. Desperation is not pretty.

    I have no idea if they are still together because JustJared, Kate’s go-to gossip spreader, hasn’t posted a thing about her since the music festival. Take from that what you will. I’m just grateful that I don’t have to see him described as her boyfriend or have mentions of her in his posts. They are not one entity, regardless of her clinging skills.

  45. Bodhi says:

    It would be one thing if she were mearly skinny, but the poor lamb is skeletal! Remember these pictures?


    I dislike her a whole lot less if she hadn’t turned into a cokehead skank like the rest of Hwood. She was so cute & healthy in Blue Crush!

  46. Malin says:

    Haha I never thought I would see something from Klick! on here. But that article is false, I am from near Goteborg in Sweden and saw Alexander and Kate together at Way Out West music festival a few weeks back. I only saw them on the second day in the VIP section but they were very cute. I don’t know why people hate her, she seems very harmless. I am skinny like her too.:(

  47. Gwen says:

    @Malin: It’s not because she’s skinny. It’s because she’s a fake famewhore.

    Men no worries – jeg tror, Alex bedst kan lide slanke piger 😉

  48. finally says:

    I’m going to believe this cos i want to regardless of what you all say. all the rumors on those 2 appear to be true so I’d like to believe this! plus it was the first thing on my mind when they didn’t come to LA together and when they weren’t at the emmy’s together either.

  49. Rosanna says:

    Newsflash: Kate Bosworth is a beautiful lady, with a job, her own money and a lot of interests. She doesn’t “need” to get married to anybody in order to be, stay or become famous. And she doesn’t whine about having or not having a man either.

  50. Eileen says:

    Awwwww no worries, I will nurse his bruised ego.

  51. Chloe says:

    They’re very much together and make a great couple! Why would anyone buy into this story when we all know they were together in Sweden?! To those who are criticizing her weight, you can stop now – she’s looking very fit! Because the world is full of fat people, we’ve forgotten what a healthy weight is! I wish them happiness always!

  52. They were together in my hometown in Sweden looking all lovey-dovey just 2 weeks ago.

  53. neener says:

    like they were ever really dating! That girl has ‘BEARD’ written all over her. What hetero in his right mind would want to get with that? It’d be like sticking your d*ck in a rib cage!

  54. DrM says:

    I thought the video was funny…he was pissed and they were just kidding around acting like idiots which we all do at one time or another when we’ve had that one beer/one wine ‘over the line’. Cannot believe how uptight people get over this stuff…

  55. Betty says:

    I don`t know if they are broken up, noone seems to know for sure if they were ever together. The “homoerotic” video of Alex and another man is just two drunk guys having a little fun. They were in Antartica I believe, in a remote location, couldn`t go anywhere and probably had “cabin fever”. There were lots of other people present. I don`t believe Alex is gay. If it had been Jack Black and Ben Stiller cutting up like that, no one would have thought a thing about it. What about all the rumors about Kate and cheating?

  56. Bodhi says:

    She does not look fit, she looks emaciated. And what, pray tell, job does she have? She hasn’t had a job in eons.

    BTW, I’m not harshing on her because she is slim. I have no problem with slender people. I am harshing on her because of the way she got so thin. Cocaine & bulimia are not healthy habits.

  57. crazydaisy says:

    KATE NEEDS A JOB! Isn’t she an actress or something? I think I heard that once.

  58. dj says:

    She reminds me of Gwynnie. Not a compliment.

  59. Ashley says:

    There is no way she would dump him. Her career hit the skids a long time ago and dating him put her not only back in the spotlight but the envy of all the Askarsloonies. There is no way she would have dumped in. If they are in fact not together it was probably his doing.

    I don’t see the appeal. Wonky eye, big nose, weak chin, nonexistent jawline. The only hot about him is his height.

  60. Janeth says:

    @ Ashley, tell me how you really feel? lol To each his own. I personally think he is gorgeous and seems like a total doll to boot. As for her she does nothing for me but at the end of the day I’m not dating her so I could give a rats as*. Meh!

  61. Mistral says:

    I thought the video was pretty funny! I find him sexy because he seems like a lot of fun…And his 6’4” lithe, muscled frame… :p

  62. Camille says:

    I hope this is true.
    Also, I loved him at the Emmys last night. I sat through most of that mostly boring show just to see the True Blood presenters and they didn’t disappoint. LOVE him.

  63. Ruffian9 says:

    “To those who are criticizing her weight, you can stop now – she’s looking very fit! Because the world is full of fat people, we’ve forgotten what a healthy weight is!”

    I’m with Bidhi; nothing ‘fit’ or healthy anount being an emaciated cokehead.

  64. Toni says:

    this is so funny, they were just in Sweden at a music festival together and it was in the Swedish news/tabloids. Just because no one saw her at the Emmy’s doesnt mean anything.

  65. Dhavy says:

    Beggars can’t be choosers! WTH does she think she is? she’s even jobless and I bet she gets offers just because of who she dates. Most likely he dropped her like a hot potato just like Bloom did for nagging about getting hitched. She’s becoming a Jennifer Love Hewitt, desperate to get married but never been able to hold on to a man

  66. Shy says:

    Sorry but after THAT video i don’t believe that he is straight. She is his beard. If they broke up that means that contract expired.

  67. Az says:

    Oh my God, that man is sex on a stick. And tall!

  68. aussieGal says:

    Wow, really? This “article” or whatever about his “homoerotic video” came out forever ago in the Swedish gossip mags. You know, BEFORE they spent like two whole months together there while he filmed a movie. Totally not up on your Askars gossip.

  69. anon says:

    August 30th, 2010 at 11:34 am
    I do NOT get this guy’s appeal. AT ALL. I don’t know what the actor’s name is, but he totally reminds me of the creepy guy in Fargo that ended up in the woodchopper. He looks like he ought to be picking up roadkill off the highway.’

    That’s so funny as the actor from Fargo, Peter Stormore is godfather to one of Alex’ younger brothers.

  70. Jez says:

    She was with him in Sweden for a few weeks last month. There are photos. Mainly on Kate Bosworth forum. Yes there is in fact a forum dedicated to this chick.

  71. Moops says:

    I actually think Kate B has gained some weight since those old pictures, and looks better. Still skinny, but not sickly anymore. Her hair, however, is a different story. She is tied with Britney for the worst celebrity hair: over-bleached, straggly, baby-fine, limp and lifeless. At least she hasn’t started with the cheap extensions, but give her time.

  72. Betty says:

    He was in Sweden for 6 weeks filming a movie, and apparently she recently went there to visit him. I read a little on some web site that they were fighting at some music festival. I really love Alex because he is fantastic as Eric on True Blood and anything else he does. Also when I see him in interviews he seems really intelligent, funny, and nice. He is also very good to his fans. At the premiere for season 3 of True Blood, he went out to an area where fans were waiting to see him and took pictures and signed autographs before he would even talk to the media. He is very good looking in my opinion, and he has style and grace. He is from a large family and is close with them, and he seems to make friends wherever he goes.
    As for Kate, I know hardly anything about her. Her roles that I have seen were completely forgettable. It`s as though she is just one of a thousand twenty-something, bleached blond actresses in Hollywood. She seems to be a total Hollywood girl,too. It`s possible that He could have been the one doing the dumping.

  73. Mouse says:

    Kate has to be one of the plainest people I have ever seen. Even when she’s dressed up, she looks dressed down. That man’s eyes are mesmerizing.

  74. Jayde says:

    As much as I wish it were true, that article is so bullshit. They were together in Sweden. There are pictures all over the Askars obsessed blogs to prove it.

  75. m says:

    well kate is just an attention seeker!…she just dates famous guys to be in the spotlight then dump them as to blam it on the guy….alex can do so much better. he is an amazing actor and that’s why his fans love him. I LOVE YOU ALEX!!!!….best of luck muah!

  76. StreetKatze says:

    I saw them together in august, just a few weeksa go.

    It was in Sweden at the way out west festival. A friend saw them fighting at some point but all couples do that every now and then…

  77. Gwen says:

    I find it interesting that he talks more about wanting to go back and live in Stockholm. I just can’t see Kate settling to live there.

  78. Addie says:

    Mouse – Indeed he is a gorgeous man but to me his eyes look like those of a heroin or oxycontin addict. I have seen many of those eyes in my time.

  79. Maxie says:

    So many people are wondering why people hate KB and first thing they throw around is the jealousy card. Before making such comments maybe find out some information first. People don’t like KB because for one she has had affairs with married men, and she has no shame either since she was seen at a concert kissing Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband. She is known for chasing men down and causing problems in peoples relationships. She is also known for calling the papz so she can get in the papers. She is very hated in hollywood, and all she has done is give him bad press along with her.

    He should definitely find somebody better in Hollywood.

  80. Yelena says:

    Ughhh…he looks like Neil Patrick Harris.

  81. lisa says:

    I despise her.

  82. Mahalia Guy says:

    Alexander could do much better than Kate Bosworth,she is not all that,if she cant trust him she dont trust herself and in the long run Trust is the most important thing in any releationship.My advice to Alexander is to forget her and move on there are bigger fish in the horizon from him.

  83. momo chan says:

    Wow, that “video” was from a movie. He played a gay Norwegian athlete. ^///^ I never judged her until all these rumors that seem to be true came up. She…urgs me. He seems like the person who would go for a partially Hispanic brunette, like Jessica Alba or something. Just sayin’.

  84. Roxyru says:

    As for if this is true or not I can’t say. It does seem weird that I’ve never heard Alex confirm their relationship himself. Sure hearing it from his dad is close but still it makes it look like he’s either unsure about the relationship or wants to keep his options open. As for his taste in woman, I’ve read that he likes all kinds of woman. It’s the personality that he’s really attracted too, and that he’s looking for a deep connection. He’s also said he’s dated short woman. Apparently height or weight doesn’t matter to him, and that makes him cool in my book. I agree that she is a tad to too thin. If I was a dude she wouldn’t be my type. But who knows they may have a lot in common and he might truly adore her. But I’ll have to say her reputation makes her sound like she is completely the wrong girl for him. I’ve heard nothing but nice things about Alex and he seems genuine and not fake at all. I don’t know what their appeal is with kate but either way I hope he finds someone more suited to him. I’m betting he dumped her or soon will.

  85. m says:

    hmm…i have no care in the world about them being together…okay he’s awesome as eric on tb..but what’s all this hype?…he’s not that attractive looking…jared leto is 39 and way hotter..kate..no comment…

  86. Dasie says:

    Wow! I’m glad Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard broke up because my sister is in love with him and his character, Eric Northman. She kept asking me and my Mom, “Is he single yet? I wanna date him and fuck him!” and I just shook my head laughing at her.

  87. sabrina says:

    She seems like the type of person that if she cant have things all her way the man is gon alex is better off