Perez Hilton gets a fashion line with Hot Topic

The world’s most obnoxious gossip blogger/celeb wannabe, Perez Hilton, doesn’t need anymore encouragement, what with his website, his own VH1 show and numerous red carpet commentaries, but he’s getting it anyway. This time, it’s in the form of his own fashion line at that Emo mall staple, Hot Topic.

Notorious blogger and “Queen of All Media,” Perez Hilton, can now also call himself a “designer.”

On Tuesday, Perez announced plans to introduce a clothing and accessories line, to be sold exclusively at and in all Hot Topic stores nationwide.

Perez Hilton for Hot Topic will feature women’s t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and footwear. Hilton, who’s real name is Mario Lavandeira, said the decision to put his name behind a line of clothing and accessories seemed like a natural next step.

“2008 is all about expanding the Perez Brand,” the blogger explained. “I talk about clothes all the time on my website. I have a good eye for what’s hot and what’s not.”

Hilton says the success of his website encouraged him to look beyond the boundaries of cyberspace.

“It seems natural to make products that my readers will love and hopefully some guys will rock it too,” he said. “Some people might even call me a perfectionist, well that person would be me! I’m very passionate about my brand. I have extremely high standards and I like to get my hands dirty!”

The line, which debuts on June 6, will range in price from $1.75 to $46, and will include products like Gossip Gangster Flip Flops, Perezcious Pink and Purple Lip Gloss and P-Nasty Shades–just to name a few.

The celebrity blogger also plans to sell tote bags, socks and earrings, and says fans will even be able to buy their own Perez Hilton journal, so they can be as nasty as P-Nasty himself.

“I’m most excited to finally see on the shelves products that are good and affordable for my readers,” Hilton said. “I actively sought out Hot Topic for that reason.”

[From OK! Magazine]

I really don’t understand this. Stop encouraging him, people! And furthermore, who the hell thinks this man knows anything about fashion- he can’t even dress himself! While he has a point about the ghastly clothing lines by B- and C-list celebs that are crawling out of the woodwork, this is a man who dressed like an ice cream man for his big birthday bash, and on his best day is a poster boy for the unwashed hipster slob movement. Well, now that I think about it, I guess that’s why Hot Topic wanted him so bad.

Perez Hilton is shown on 4/25/08 with Jordan and Peter Andre, thanks to Splash.

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  1. candykay says:

    Here’s the thing: when I buy celebrity-endorsed fashion products, they are products endorsed by celebrities I WANT TO LOOK LIKE. Who wants to look like Perez Hilton?

  2. geronimo says:

    Oh my God! As if Perez himself is not enough to make any sane person gag at the idea of wearing something endorsed by him, he triples the gag-factor by bringing Jordan and Peter Andre into the equation. 😯

  3. Tammy says:

    He looks like a birth defect.

  4. MO says:

    This guy gets all the breaks. What ever happened to Karma? Hopefully it will hit him in the future.

  5. Ceenitall says:

    I really hate this guys website. Way before I found Celebitchy, I used to read his blog sometimes. What a load of crap. And why does he feel like he has to “out” all gays in the world?

    I do not like him and I will never watch any show with him on it, and I would never ever buy any of his clothes.


  6. J9 says:

    Perez not only looks like hell and dresses atrociously, he actually looks like he has really bad B.O. half the time.
    Would YOU want anyone to know you were wearing something from Perez’ clothing line??

    Shameless – it has to be a prank or something

  7. Kasey says:

    I love Perez!

  8. anon says:

    ur just mad cause perez is a blogger just like you…he just happens to be ALOT better at it! hahahahahahaha

  9. Kait says:

    I actually kind of like Perez for all his snark.

    And come on, you have to give the guy some credit. He went from being an unknown gay guy in Miami to being fairly well known and incredibly wealthy. He’s obnoxious and self serving, but he’s doing something right.

  10. headache says:

    If you mean better at childish, asinine commentary and celeb asskissing, then you, you are right. Perez is better.

    I still despise frankenberry.

  11. Scott F. says:

    Headline on tomorrow’s New York Times – Perez Hilton Stuns Physics Community.

    Physics departments from Cal Tech to MIT are scrambling today, in an attempt to rewrite the books to explain the previously unfathomable event which unfolded itself to cries of horror and outrage yesterday.

    Astounded observers the world over witnessed the breaking of a seemingly immutable law as Perez Hilton smashed trough the so-called ‘John Mayer Plateau of Douchiness’, catapulting himself into a whole new category of Douchedom.

    A harried and clearly disconcerted Professor Wilkins of MIT released the following statement to the AP wire service just moments ago.

    “This truly has been an extraordinary occurrence – just… absolutely astounding. We’re not sure exactly how it happened yet, but the current hypothesis is that the Mayer Plateau was not in fact surpassed, so much as it was bypassed.

    You see – the gravity of Perez Hilton’s douchey personality has become so great, that it’s actually pulling other, lesser douches, into his orbit. We’re calling this the ‘Jordan-Andre effect’, and it’s forcing us to rethink just about everything we thought we knew about the movement of douche-based celestial bodies.

    This coalescence of uselessness has resulted in a sort of Douche Black Hole, which appears to be capable of using other douche matter to increase it’s own gravitational pull. It really is an exciting time for all of us here, and indeed, everyone the world over.”

    The ramifications of this incident for the United States, and indeed the entire world, have yet to be entirely understood. However, I think it’s safe to say, nothing good can come from a congregation of this much human excrement.

  12. chamalla says:

    “Frankenberry” – *snarf*


    Celebitchy is the anti-Perez. And that’s a very good thing.

  13. anonymous says:

    Perez’s site is SOOOOOOOOOOO much better than this one- and with a sense of humor to boot. Too bad celebitchy can’t come close!

  14. Melania says:

    I laughed so hard today at Perez talking live about this obnoxious guy at his gym next to him on the treadmill that I fogged up my glasses. He is incredibly funny and nothing else has made me laugh today. I detect a note of envy here about his clothing line. Why shouldn’t he take a shot at it? Everyone wants to succeed and he’s no different.

  15. Michelle says:

    I really like Celebitchy and think the writing is quite witty. I also really like perez. He has a lot more posts than most any other site. He occaisionally kisses ass, for instance Madonna, which I do not like, but I think he is a success. He is the first to say that he shamelessly self promotes. He is starting to look good though, so what will everyone who loves to criticize him say when he is thin? I do sense a hint of jealousy Celebitchy!

  16. SeVen says:

    I have only read perez once or twice and hes gross. Celebitchy , Dlisted and INO are FAR better blogs, funnier and probably more accurate. No way i am every buying anything this fagbag has to sell. Im not homophobic, i just dont like him 😀

  17. Bodhi says:

    Perez is the Palmetto Bug of celeb gossip. It soulds like it might not be *that* bad, but its worse than you think…

  18. Celewho? says:

    Wow hateration for days why do u feel the need to put down good old perez cuz hes actually making money…u sound as if u have a spikey pole up ur ass..why dont u get a sense of humor…als;dfjal;sdfjasdl;jfl;adjfl;asdf

  19. fgh says:

    Perez is hilarious…and goofy and a fan boy…and a fool sometimes, but I enjoy his snarky ways. It;s good fun. Celebitchy is aptly named and I like the crankiness here too. Why shouldn’t he strike while the iron is hot to make some bank on his brand? It’s just biz…

  20. eh says:

    Wow, the perezhags are out in force, no pun intended. His problem is he can dish it (poorly) but can’t take it. He’d cry like the pussy he is. As to having an eye for fashion? Apparently not when he looks in a mirror. Oops, usually it breaks when he gazes upon his sleazoid self…maybe that gazillion years of bad luck will start up anytime know. Karma, baby, you’re being paged!

  21. Salvador Deli says:

    Perez Hilton is a fucking hack! He copies his contents from all the other trend magazines and bloggers on the web and claim it his own and labels it “Breaking News.” I don’t know why the fuck people in the media give credence to this low life. He doesn’t have anything positive to say about the people he dislikes and only promotes the people he likes. Talking about kissing ass. He would kiss anyone’s ass for fame. He calls everyone ‘whores’ but he is the one who is whoring himself (herself). Stop paying attention to this low life copy cat.

  22. Ron says:

    Perez Hilton will always be a wannabe. He has no real talent or aptitude. As far as a clothing line goes, I can’t think of someone who has less style. He’s fat and terribly unattractive. No matter how much money he makes….he’ll always have that staring him in the face every morning when he wakes up. There’s some evil karma. Take heed trailer parker dewellers, there is a career out there for you somewhere in cyberspace. Ask Pigez how!

  23. cc says:

    sigh, I had a whole thing for this as a comment, but it went away. The only people who look at his site who would buy his clothes are teenagers. When have teens ever had good taste? Hopefully, his stuff will go the way of Victoria Beckham’s denim line…Ross, anyone?

  24. Julia says:

    I did read Perez’s blog for a while, but it was so nasty and spiteful in tone, and the comments made in response to the posts were so mean spirited in some cases that I felt polluted. I don’t read it anymore – it just upset me. With Celebitchy you get intelligently written articles that are witty and have a point, and the people who make comments are the same.

  25. Sasha says:

    The BabyBats and Glitterkids will be so happy, the rest of us not so much.

  26. plopculture says:

    i was involved in this deal..check out my blog for more info

  27. Who Cares? says:

    Most Celebrity blogs do not even mention his name . . . why start now? His clothes will suck, just like his TV show and any other thing he does besides blogs. Perez should stay behind the computer and do what he does best and doodle.

  28. Ron says:

    oh plopculture, you will suffer in the bowels of fashion hell for your involvement in the 7th sign of the apocalypse!

  29. babes says:

    Perez is a fat piece of trash who really over-values himself. An eye for what is hot? Yeah right! This guy wears plaid patterned pants. RIIIIIIGHT PEREZ… YEAH… YOU ARE SO STYLISH!!!

  30. lindz says:

    I used to read his blog too. Got over it very quickly. He has a bad attitude and just like the other comments say – he can dish it out but he certainly can’t take it. He has a hissy fit over the most trivial things (eg youtube!)
    he is a retarded loser who has made himself famous simply by being a bully. If he actually did know what was hot, he would realise that overweight a-holes (such as himself) are NOT hot!! please. the man is a joke.

  31. journey says:

    perez sure proves wrong that old stereotype of all gay guys having fabulous taste. maybe “gay eye for the straight guy” could do a make-over of him? shoot, they could do a whole season of shows on him. “four gay guys bring a fifth over from the dark side.” i’d watch it.

  32. I do not think I will buy anything that is endorsed by Perez. Personally, I only buy from stores endorsed by celebrities that I like and somehow wish that I could look a little like ’em. Who wants to like like Perez?

  33. Chris says:

    We will see Perez fashion style then I will decide if I would but it not. for the mean time let Perez explore the world of fashion and blogging if it makes him happy why not. Good luck. I like this post.

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  38. emo says:

    emo boys are the best! <3

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