Paris Hilton “highly unlikely” to get a plea offer, will hopefully go to jail


The Las Vegas district attorney is trying to ensure that all of us have a really great week. Yesterday, Paris Hilton was formally charged with felony possession of cocaine. And now Radar’s sources are saying that the DA is hell-bent on locking Paris away. HURRAY!!! Finally, a legal system with a sense of real celebrity justice. Granted, all of this happy-talk from Radar’s sources could be total crap, and I think that the Hilton money will be employed to pay off a number of people to ensure that Paris’s stupidity haunts the world forever. The DA, David Roger, is some kind of notorious legal badass, though, so I am allowing myself to dream of a world with Paris Hilton locked away in a dank hole. Coughcoughspeakingofdankholescough.

Paris Hilton is about to discover what O.J. Simpson already knows: when it comes to justice, Las Vegas can be a lot tougher than Los Angeles. District Attorney David Roger is highly unlikely to offer Paris a plea bargain deal on her cocaine possession charge, a source close to the case told exclusively.

The veteran Clark County, Nevada prosecutor put Simpson behind bars on robbery charges after the former football great beat murder charges in Los Angeles.

“Roger won’t tolerate celebrities coming to Las Vegas and thinking they can get away with illegal behavior,” the source close to the case told

“It’s going to be extremely difficult for Paris to get out of these charges, even with the brilliant legal skills of her lawyer, David Chesnoff.”

Hilton is facing a felony drug possession charge that carries a prison sentence of one to four years. She claimed the purse she was carrying, where the cocaine was found, did not belong to her. Roger is running for reelection and has a record of high-profile victories in the legal arena.

“This is a high profile case, right before a very important election, and it’s very likely that there will be no plea bargaining down of these charges,” said the source.

According to an arrest report obtained by, Hilton, 29, told cops she didn’t own the purse in which 0.8 grams of cocaine was found, but admitted she owned other items that were in the purse.

She reportedly told a Las Vegas police lieutenant that she had borrowed the purse from a friend, but acknowledged owning money, credit cards and a broken tablet of the prescription drug Albuterol that was also found in the bag.

The man who arrested Hilton, Lt. Dennis Flynn, said a small plastic “bindle” of the drug fell out of her purse when she reached for a tube of lip balm. Hilton is taking the charges “very seriously,” said a source close to the socialite.

“Paris has been advised to lay low,” said the friend. “Paris is 100 per cent adamant that the cocaine found in the purse, wasn’t hers. She says she borrowed the handbag from a girlfriend because the handbag she was going to use for the night didn’t match her outfit.”

Hilton’s boyfriend, 34-year-old Las Vegas nightclub mogul Cy Waits, was also arrested.

Police say Waits failed field sobriety tests after he was stopped while driving the black Cadillac Escalade from which a police motorcycle officer reported smelling marijuana smoke. The Vegas bust was the third encounter in three months with law enforcement for Hilton.

[From Radar]

Well, here’s hoping. This reminds me a little of the Charlie Sheen case, where the Boulder DA seemed to think he had a pretty awesome case against Charlie and then the whole thing fell apart in a matter of weeks, because Charlie’s team is so skilled at crisis management. Does Paris have a great team of PR people and lawyers and handlers? Eh. I think the Hilton team seems more like a coven of sycophants, but we’ll see.

Paris Hilton looking adorable in turquoise this afternoon, as she arrives to get a massage in Los Angeles, Ca on August 24, 2010. To Paris's surprise she was changeless for her parking meter and had to quickly go ask a local store owner for help in in breaking a dollar for quarters for the meter.  Fame Pictures, Inc

44100, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - August 24, 2010. Booking photo of Paris Hilton, who was arrested late Friday night in Las Vegas on possession of cocaine. According to police, Paris was the passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over by police just outside the Wynn Hotel. The driver was arrested for DUI (drug-related, not alcohol) and after conducting a search of the car and Hilton, they found her in possession of a controlled substance. According to Police, tests revealed the substance to be cocaine. The hotel heiress was arrested and released on her own recognizance. Paris' boyfriend, Cy Waits, was also arrested and booked on a charge of DUI.   Disclaimer: BWP Media Inc and their brand Pacific Coast News does not claim any Copyright or License in the attached material. Any downloading fees charged by BWP Media Inc and their brand Pacific Coast News are for its services only, and do not, nor are they intended to convey to the user any Copyright or License in the material. By publishing this material , the user expressly agrees to indemnify and to hold BWP Media Inc and their brand Pacific Coast News harmless from any claims, demands, or causes of action arising out of or connected in any way with user's publication of the material.

Header: Paris on August 18, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Obvious says:

    mmmmm…she doesn’t get into as many scrapes as charlie so we’ll see. however the fact she has been arrested twice in the last month in foreign countries makes me suspicious. yes they released her, but after 2 arrests don’t you think she’d check her “friend’s purse”? or wait….was it her purse and a friend borrowed it? i can’t keep her versions of the story straight…

  2. Me says:

    Nice lip injection bumps in the second photo. At least “I borrowed my friend’s purse” is better than “It was the black kid,” a la Blowhan.

  3. annaloo says:

    “It’s going to be extremely difficult for Paris to get out of these charges, even with the brilliant legal skills of her lawyer, David Chesnoff.”

    I call BS now on this..”Brilliant legal skills”???! High profile case before an election? Who says crap like that except a PR team? This sounds like the lead in for a Hollywood movie and no one voting in Nevada cares about a vapid, VD-ed heiress with vial of coke, they care about jobs and the economy — she matters to no one and she knows it. This stupid skank is drumming up headlines with high drama, and we –ONCE AGAIN– fell for it.

    My money is on she’ll get off, scot-free, she’s not going to jail.

    She’s a party girl approaching 30 who’s been out of the headlines, overshadowed by the Lindsays, Kardashians & Montags in Hollywood and trying to get back in. IT seems to be working.

    Just look at her (s)mug shot, it says it all. What a cheap trick.

  4. lucy2 says:

    As much as I’d like it, I’d be shocked if she actually did jail time.
    I love how people think the “it’s not mine” excuse is going to work.
    annaloo, I agree she’s probably loving the publicity. I’d really love it if not one news source reported on it and she had to do the whole thing with no attention!

  5. Hautie says:

    Paris looks so much better when she skips all the makeup. She looks great in her new mugshot without all the pancake makeup.

    Now I bet Paris is sh*tting her pants on these new charges. She is going to have to spend a fortune to stay out of jail in Vegas. And there is a real chance that won’t help her avoid a little lock up time.

    Especially considering this is her third public bust for drugs this summer alone.

    And you just know she cackled at Lohan having to do a little time in LA county lock up. Now Paris will get the opportunity to do some time in Vegas.

    I bet Lindsay is doing the cackling now. 🙂

  6. duke says:

    i got my fingers crossed that they send her straight to jail.

  7. Morpheus says:

    She’s a sorry excuse for a human being. She’s pushing 30 and it’s time for her to grow up and become a productive member of society. With her money and connections she could do so much good in the world instead of just drifting around with losers and frittering away her life.

  8. meme says:

    She’s not going to jail. Not for a minute.

  9. TG says:

    Maybe she has a friend waiting in the wing who can be paid off handsomely who will take the fall. Isn’t that what she did in South Africa?

  10. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Paris should go to jail anybody else busted with coke would go to jail right? I want her to go jail because she broke the law, its not fair if she gets off with a warning or a plea deal.

  11. Sarah says:

    1) I highly doubt she’ll see anytime behind bars. I hope she does but I doubt it.

    2)Getting busted for less than a gram? That just sucks for her. If she’d not been stupid, the cops never would’ve seen/found that.

  12. Jen says:

    Seriously, no one who does coke would forget it’s in their purse and give said purse out for loan to someone else. But she won’t see any jail time.

  13. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Her plan may backfire if she does do time…

    Tho at least she is taking headlines away from Lohan…

    wonder what Lohan will do to get them back???

  14. GatsbyGal says:

    LOL @ “highly” unlikely.

  15. Can she possibly get life in prison? Please?

  16. Amy says:

    Hee hee. I love how she still combs her hair over that wonky eye in hopes that we won’t *notice*.

  17. California Surfer says:

    If it was a poor African American dude who got busted for the same thing, bud would likely be in the slammer asap.

  18. original kate says:

    dumb twat.

  19. Diane says:

    Actually telling the cop you need lip balm, and the coke falls out, she’s past stupid.

  20. whatever says:

    I wonder how long it will take her to check into rehab.

    Isn’t that the number one step all these celebs do, to try to stay out of jail?

  21. QQ says:

    Homegirl Needs an MTV show about Finding a New Drug Carrier-frenemy

  22. Crash2GO2 says:

    I don’t know, I think she’s going to do some more jail time.

  23. tbg says:

    I don’t really care what she does, whether she works a real job or just slaps her name on cheap perfume, but seriously, how can an almost 30 year old woman think an excuse like this will fly?

    She really has a child’s mind in that head of hers. The pot worsened matters because she had to be completely stoned to open her purse for Chapstick with that crap in there.

  24. Jover says:

    Agree california surfer but this is more about money and class (it’s awful to use that term in anything involving Wonky Eye waste product paris), than race; would a poor or working class stiff white, asian, hispanic, etc. fare as well as Paris with the criminal justice system – most likely not. cleaning out latrines in prison isn’t good enough for her; they should make her lick them clean with her tongue – yes, that’s crude, but for someone totally useless why be kind?

  25. TG says:

    @annaloo – I too thought she was just doing this to get attention, but wouldn’t she have gotten caught with pot rather than cocaine? Or did she do her legal research already and they decided that amount .8 grams would not be very serious and after running to rehab, community service, and appearing sorry before a judge and therefore all charges would be eventually dropped? I don’t know the legal stuff but I can’t believe an attorney would actually give her advice on how much and what she can get away with.

  26. buenavissta says:

    I can’t believe that with her extensive wardrobe she didn’t have her own purse to match her outfit. I know I’m being pedantic but please. She probably has a dog to match as well.

  27. Crash2GO2 says:

    I just read in the previous post about this that she only made it through the 10th grade!! This chick didn’t even graduate from High School! How tragic is that! With all her money and opportunity. That is truly disgusting.

  28. lady miss E says:

    Only morons get busted with coke… it’s the easiest thing to hide, and it’s not like she’s a stranger to hiding things in her snatch.

  29. Jeri says:

    That’s right, this is not L.A., my hopes are up for justice to prevail.

    How stupid of her to tweet like it’s no big deal, doesn’t bother her, etc. That’s like waving a red flag in front of the D.A.

    But then Kaiser, you reminded me of Charlie & Boulder, CO. My hopes plunged, but I will endeavor to still believe that justice will triumph.

  30. sapphire says:

    Well, this is the city that finally got O.J. in the slammer so maybe Paris might be less likely to skate.

  31. chris says:

    Dudes, I went to law school. Let me help you with this. She’s gonna fry!

    Okay I didn’t say I learned anything. I can dream, right?

  32. mtngirl says:

    Daddy Hilton will just have a nice Persian rug, swiffer sweeper and bottle of hand sanitizer delivered to the LVPD’s evidence department; no more problem for daddy’s lil girl!

  33. kim says:

    She wont go to jail. If this DA puts her in jail for the possession of a very minor amount of a drug he would be an idiot. There are way harsher criminals out there the jails need room for. Its a non violent crime and jail WOULD not be a fitting sentence at all and this judge would be doing the opposite of celebrity justice – he would be going after her simply because she is a celeb & that doesnt fare well for any DA claiming justice is his/her job. They are supposed to treat the crime the same REGARDLESS of who committed it. No way are they throwing non famous people in jail for possesion of the small amount she had(California Surfer).

    She should have to do community service & attend drug classes & pay a huge fine because the courts are all about $$$ these days.

  34. Camille says:

    Morpheus: Couldn’t agree with you more.

  35. Crash2GO2 says:

    “No way are they throwing non famous people in jail for possesion of the small amount she had(California Surfer).”

    0.8 grams is not that small of an amount. Is it? I weigh stuff out all the time in the lab and that’s a pretty good amount. At least by our standards. Granted, I’m no drug expert.

  36. yeahRight says:

    Not her purse?
    Someone lent her that accessory?
    No prob. Have the friend come out publicly stating it was her purse and her cocaine and that she should be the one to take the rap not Wonky McSocialite.

    I think this is the time her bullshit finally catches up with her. In the very least it will stink up her image. Maybe (I hope) make her unmarketable?

  37. Chris says:

    No one should go to jail for using drugs and possessing an amount for personal use. I think some of your anger towards Paris Hilton is misdirected, it should be directed at the futile and wasteful War on Drugs and the double standards in the justice system.

  38. oduroyal says:

    She’ll probably get off or she’ll just do a few days and get out sadly enough…

    Methinks this and the robbery attempt at her house are P.R. stunts

  39. logan says:

    She is just–in a word–stupid.
    Does anyone out there know how much education she or Lindsay have had? They don’t get much for street credit because they both suck at that.

  40. CB Rawks says:

    Possession is a felony. Most likely because it can lead to your death or the deaths of others. The law makers don’t believe in “thinning the herd”, they want to try to save idiots from themselves. If you want it to not be a criminal offence you might have to enter politics and try to get the law changed.

  41. yoplait says:


    The question is how far down the decriminalization line do you go?
    Pot? Crack? Coke? Meth? PCP? Heroine?

    Just decriminalizing pot will not make hard drug users switch to weed. You will still have a drug problem and its associated social impacts.

    One problem is that for every 20 responsible recreational drug users, you will get one idiot that doesn’t give a shit, drives (or worse) and winds up killing my loved ones or yours. Don’t forget her “boyfriend” was arrested driving under the influence.

    As for the argument that it will stop the drug trade come on. You really think that criminal organizations are just going to knuckle under and start working at Walmart? They will simply undercut government-manufactured drugs and make them more dangerous by cutting corners.

    In addition they will have the government to thank for an increase in users.

    I’ve been to Amsterdam. I’ve seen its underbelly. It’s not as utopian as the glossy brochures say it is. Still worth seeing though.

  42. Crash2GO2 says:

    “futile and wasteful War on Drugs ”

    I agree. Did we learn nothing from the Prohibition? Decriminalize drugs and you take their power away and the power of the drug lords. It’s ridiculous that the government tries to protect us from ourselves. F*ck that. They’ve got to be making money off this somehow…

  43. u2 says:

    If you decriminalize drugs, the drug problem won’t go away, it just make the drugs cheaper and easier to get. The drug users will increase, and most likely the crime rate. Some people looking to get high even try sniffing something free like glue.