Is Elizabeth Moss & Fred Armisen’s split about Xenu or Abby Elliott?

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A few weeks ago, Fred Armisen and Elizabeth Moss announced their split after less than 10 months together – they allegedly split this past spring, so that means they probably enjoyed a full six months of marriage before calling it quits. When I first heard about the breakup, my first thoughts ran to the Xenu Theory: that Elizabeth’s Scientology beliefs might have ruined her marriage. Then, not even a week later, Life & Style broke the story that Armisen was “dating” his SNL costar, 23-year-old Abby Elliott. Most people assumed that Abby was little more than Fred’s jump-off, and felt sympathy for Elizabeth. Now Us Weekly is returning to the theory that their split had more to do with Xenu than anything else:

No joke: the short-lived union between Fred Armisen, 43, and Elizabeth Moss, 28 – who wed in October 2009 – was doomed from the start.

“They had issues,” says one source. Chief among them: Moss’s ties with the Church of Scientology.

“Her religion was as important to her as their marriade, if not more,” says another pal. “He could not get with it.”

Enter the bubbly Abby Ellitt, 23, his SNL castmate.

“Fred sought comfort in her after the split,” says a source.

And another source insists Moss is not looking back: “She is fine with Fred dating. They’re both moving on.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

Moss does seem to be doing okay – she was everywhere this past weekend, at Emmy parties and on the red carpet and everything. She looked very good – not stunning, but she’s definitely lost some weight and her hair is getting better, sort of. She still has style problems, but they’re getting better. Now I want her to find some nice guy who will be down with Xenu, if that’s not too crazy. I like her, despite the Scientology.

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30 Responses to “Is Elizabeth Moss & Fred Armisen’s split about Xenu or Abby Elliott?”

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  1. Kevin says:

    OMG! Buddy Holly!

  2. k says:

    I don’t understand how a scientologist would be “allowed” by Zenu to star in an Excedrin commercial.

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    They made such a cute nerdy couple. Thespians, in love with each other and their craft. Who knows why they broke up, if her beliefs were the case he should have broken up with her way before the vows. They have been dating for 2 years. What exactly happened? That really disturbs me. You date someone for so many years and then you marry them and then a few months later break up. Why can’t you break up before the wedding?

  4. scotchy says:

    what is with the first picture, has she been photoshopped, she looks so tiny


  5. Katie says:

    She looks the thinnest I’ve seen her in that gray bandage dress. Post break-up weight loss is the best because in my experience, you don’t even have to try…it just falls off. Of course, in my experience you’re also a wreck, but whatever.

  6. meme says:

    OH NO Peggy has succumbed to the I MUST BE SKINNY Hollyweird standard.

  7. Team Bethenny says:

    The Spanx is workin’ overtime underneath that grey dress.

  8. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Her body is bangin’ in the pic of her in the grey dress! Not too skinny, nice and curvy. 🙂 Now if only she would tame the helmet hair…

  9. a says:

    moss is looking for a new xenu mate. how could you date some in scientology and expect their attention to be divided?

  10. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    It was probably Xenu. She probably assumed he would come over to the crazy side if they got married and he was like, “hells to the no”. He probably thought she’d leave that crazy cult and come over to anything but that but she was like, “hells to the no”.

    I bet they both wouldn’t compromise. When you’re dating, anything seems possible and you keep your serious problems pretty much to yourself. It’s after the marriage and the “oh, god I’m really spending the rest of my life” realization that you start showing your REAL crazy.

  11. Twez says:

    It’s a shame Xenu can’t do anything about her fivehead and tragic hairstyling choices.

  12. aenflex says:

    Xemu the Family Crusher!!!

  13. Persistent Cat says:

    @K, I’m pretty sure Scientology is cool with whatever makes you money because it eventually ends up with them.

  14. aenflex says:

    Scientology makes concessions for their Celeb marks, trust me. The same concessions are not made for the hardworking staff.
    Plus, if she’s not high level scientologist (OT III), she doesn’t even know about Xenu yet. They don’t tell you about him until you have spent thousands and shared all of your dirty secrets…This way you are less likely to run.

    Oh and yes, Zenu is everywhere in the media lately. But scientologists don’t pay attention, it’s all entheta to them, they wouldn’t believe it. Scientology has a filtering program they like to give every scientologist, and you guessed it, it filters out what they consider to be entheta on the internet…

  15. Keen says:

    @k and @ persistent cat
    that commercial looks pretty old- I’m wondering if maybe she filmed it before she started booking regular jobs and making money (and as a result attracted Xenu)?

  16. Derek says:

    Lucy, I’m home…

  17. HotPockets says:

    Kaiser, I just cannot get behind any celebrity who is actively involved in the Church of Scientology.

    That place has seriously questionable morals and ethics, not to mention, it was created by a science fiction author who flat out admitted “the easiest way to make money would be to start a religion.”

    I really do like her character on the show, so it’s a shame if this story is true.

  18. pats says:

    Who knows why people break up. There are always two sides. I think a clue of how their relationship was going was found in her statement ” we don’t disagree on anything” – yeh liz that’s because you don’t talk to each other. You have to find something in common when the sex is over. You have to really like each other. If she’s getting on so well I guess there wasn’t much there to begin with.

  19. canadianchick says:

    He’s smart to get away from Xenu. Wish she would too.

  20. iriD says:

    Does it strike anyone else as kinda odd that her costar (January Jones)is now dating his costar (Jason Sudeikis)? Not *really* weird or anything, but a little on the coincidental side

  21. Jess says:

    I wonder if Abby Elliott will get more screen time on SNL now.
    I also wonder WHY he married Moss to begin with knowing that she was in a cult.

  22. Bea says:

    I figured that either the marriage wouldn’t last or Armisen would leave SNL. SNL skewers a lot of Scientologists who are pop culture figures (ie Tom Cruise, Will Smith) & I think that might have created some tense moments at the Church’s Celebrity Centre meet ups.

    I think Armisen is lucky to have gotten out of the cult with his career intact. Too bad he couldn’t extract Moss from their control, too.

  23. RaraAvis says:

    Wow, that is one huge forehead.

  24. Emily says:

    She should try a fringe, or even a side fringe, to hide her forehead. I have a giant forehead and they’re a pain in the butt, but they’re not THAT hard to disguise!

  25. notx says:

    seems much more likely scientology is what attracted fred to elizbeth than what broke them up. fred wants sensation. he wants attention and fame for any reason. he was all over page six for this stuff when he started snl who probably had to do major p/r contorl. as news of his quicky marriage to the scientologist star of tvs hottest show grew old and snl neared a close he needed to create a bigger and crazier story to get that rush: cheat on smart, mature, beloved wife with vapid, clueless, barely legal coworker. hes a textbook cheating sociopath who gets off by hurting everyone around him. he charms the pants off everyone- how he woos these women he doesnt actually care abiout- but he has no close friends- so hes able to convice women they are his whole world and keep them from leaving until he gets caught.

  26. crab says:

    28 my ass!! I look more 28 than she does and I’m 38!!

  27. Sandy says:

    Am really sorry to hear she is a Sci-FIentologist. Scary, truly diabolical organization. Go to it might even be .org.

  28. jemshoes says:

    Loved her as Zoe Bartlett in West Wing! Shame about Xenu, poor girl.

  29. pats says:

    I just read in People Magazine that Liz is now seeing Edin Gali. Well somebody tell this poor child Edin Gali is gay. What is it with Lizzie and gay men, and gay looking men? Maybe that was fred’s problem?

  30. Sally Smith says:

    @Sandy, the Clambake site is