Eli Roth & Peaches Geldof celebrate their six month anniversary, shockingly


You know what? Even though I didn’t think Peaches Geldof and Eli Roth would last for two seconds, much less six months, I do understand why they work as a couple: Peaches has pretty much remade herself into a Hollywood girl and professional girlfriend, and she’s given over her life to be with Eli. Now, her life wasn’t all that awesome before – lots of Heroin, Xenu, lemons and strange hookups with dudes who would eventually tell their story on Reddit. So, this new Peaches is actually a step up. She seems together, personally and professionally. She’s lost some weight, her hair and style has improved, she got new teeth and a Mystic tan. All in all, she actually seems like a pretty good girlfriend – she travels with Eli a lot, she supports his career and he supports her career as “an accomplished journalist.” Ha. Of course, I still have questions about why they are with each other in the first place, but I guess I’ll never get an answer:

It was widely predicted that Peaches Geldof’s relationship with Eli Roth wouldn’t last. After all, she’s a party girl nearly half his age, best known for her famous parents, while he’s a prolific film director, who all but invented the genre dubbed torture porn. But it seems that the seemingly mismatched couple couldn’t be happier, putting on a show of togetherness as they celebrated their six month anniversary last night.

Roth, 38, kept a possessive arm around the back of his girlfriend as they arrived for the London opening of his new movie, The Last Exorcism. Peaches looked a picture of old school glamour with her smoky black eye make-up and clinging leopard print dress, accentuating her curves. The 21-year-old kept close to her lover, only breaking off to pose seductively for the cameras.

She had earlier tweeted: ‘Its Eli Roth and my six month anniversary tonight, and the night of The Last Exorcism London premiere – a lovely evening indeed.’

And she seemed equally delighted with her fashion choice, tweeting: ‘I’m in love with black velvet Dolce & Gabbana court shoes I’m wearing tonight.’

Roth appears equally besotted, describing Peaches as an ‘accomplished journalist’.

The couple set tongues wagging about their romance when they were photographed together at Vanity Fair’s prestigious post-Oscars party earlier this year. Just days later they were photographed kissing and hugging, enjoying a string of dates in Los Angeles. The pair have rarely been apart since.

[From The Daily Mail]

Do you see this going any further? I kind of do. I think they’re going to get married, honestly. I think Peaches wants it, and I think Eli will eventually propose – but probably only if Peaches converts, which she might. I think Peaches was the one to push the engagement rumor back in July, as a way to spurn Eli on, to give him the idea. I know, I’m giving her a lot of credit for being clever. But don’t you see it?



Peaches and Eli in London to promote The Last Exorcism on August 30, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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24 Responses to “Eli Roth & Peaches Geldof celebrate their six month anniversary, shockingly”

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  1. Katie says:

    Eli Roth has permanent crazy eyes. They scare me.

  2. e says:

    they are both so gross.

  3. GatsbyGal says:

    When she gets older and loses her “baby fat”, he’ll lose interest. He only likes her because she looks 15 and he loves him some jailbait.

  4. malachais says:

    @katie LOL. They both seems nuts. Maybe he just admires her in some weird insane way.

  5. Amy says:

    That’s the best I’ve ever seen either one of them look! Looks like they’ve had a good wash.

  6. danielle says:

    I agree Amy! Peaches is even looking half-way cute.

  7. YOYO99 says:

    She is kinda fat. He looks freaky!

  8. Mairead says:

    She’s an odd fish. Mind you so is he.

    Perhaps he was “protectively” holding her because her grandfather’s funeral was today? I don’t know how close she was to him, but she was there.

  9. meme says:

    6 months?!?!?! It must be true love. Eli Roth creeps me out.

  10. LindyLou says:

    The 2 d-bags deserve each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did get married one day.

  11. a says:

    ill fitting dress.

  12. Milan says:

    anniversary, doesn’t anni mean annual, as in a year…so what is up with the imbecilic nonsense of celebrating ‘our two week anniversary,’ or in this case the 6th month anniversary…c’mon, you’re almost there,no need to cheat. This is a pet peeve of mine…i’m off to celebrate my 1 minute anniversary after this post…sigh!

  13. BlackMamba says:

    I like them as a couple. Look how he’s looking at her in the last pic, it’s obvious that he adores her. Plus I have a dirty thing for Eli, I don’t know why. I think he could put it down quite roughly lol

  14. Delta Juliet says:

    That whole article made me want to barf.

    “Peaches looked a picture of old school glamour with her smoky black eye make-up and clinging leopard print dress, accentuating her curves. The 21-year-old kept close to her lover, only breaking off to pose seductively for the cameras.”


  15. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Somebody give the poor girl a chin, stat!

  16. Bodhi says:

    Damn Eli can wear a suit! What?! He looks like sex on a stick in the top photo. Peaches does look a lot better lately… Ugh, I can’t believe I complimented her…

  17. I’m starting to think they are an adorable couple. Rothdof all the way!

  18. Tiffany says:

    I kind of wish you had a picture of the shoes she was tweeting about.

  19. Taurus says:

    He is so fu@king hot!

  20. Jen D says:

    This is stupid, but I hate the way he does his hair in that weird spiky way. Not enough of it spikes up, and it ends of looking scraggly.

    I have a bit of a shame-crush on him. I don’t mind Peaches, but the way he reacted to those coke photos kind of turned me off.

    Also, she needs to fix her dress.

  21. javagirl1 says:

    She’s starting to look a little better…

  22. girl says:

    Her eye make up is horrid.

    I kind of got the impression that their fascination for each other was pretty fame-whorey. Like were people really taking pics of ER during the day, going about his day to day business? I kind of got the impression that one of them called the paps for those pics of him groping her ass and kissing (badly) on the street.

    Meh, maybe they are good for each other as well as two creepy people can be.

  23. Sandy says:

    Guy always looks like he’s sniffing sh@!t. Maybe its her.

  24. Jared Pozzo says:

    What is it about you people…