Jessica Alba’s flirty blue dress: perfectly adorable or ridiculously fug?


When I first saw Jessica Alba is this blue dress, the photo was cropped at her waist, and I was all “Alba wins, this is gorgeous.” Alas, the bottom half. I could maybe get passionate about the blue velvet shoes, which are rather spectacular, but the shirt of the dress is just killing this look for me. If it had just been a simple, straight hem, Alba would have won. But now she just looks like a little kid standing in a funhouse mirror, wearing some fancy little-girl frock her mom bought her. With velvet heels.

Anyway, those photos are from her appearance last night on The Late Show with David Letterman. This morning she’s in Venice for the film festival, and this is how she dressed for her first photocall:


Once again with the little-kid styling, right? What’s her deal?

Also, I just wanted to show these new photos of Salma Hayek – I was going to put them in their own post, but this kind of goes along with the theme of beautiful women not knowing how to dress. What is with this f-cking leather boob cincher? Let your girls breathe, Salma! And even beyond that, this outfit is a mess:



Alba in NYC on August 30, 2010, and in Venice on August 31, 2010. Credit: WENN. Salma in LA, credit: Fame.

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42 Responses to “Jessica Alba’s flirty blue dress: perfectly adorable or ridiculously fug?”

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  1. The shoes aren’t working for her. AT. ALL.

  2. anon says:

    Oh no Jessica! That dress w/those shoes is all wrong. Why not let us see your feet with the breezy, airy dress? FAIL. That leather jacket Salma has on is the business!

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Its hideous and I love frilly, girly things but this is to much. I literately cringed when I saw her velvet shoes. Jessica Alba you are a grown ass woman with a child and you shouldn’t be dressing like that. That dress should be an Easter outfit for her daughter.

    Selma looks ridiculous. Its an awful outfit. Such bad taste.

  4. gillie says:

    Re: Salma– that looks incredibly painful; like it took six servant girls an hour to pull the zipper up that high. OUCH.
    Re: MiserAlba– she just proved that she is a giant doofus.

  5. Hautie says:

    The dress is cute on Alba had she only had worn it with some cute sassy flats.

    Those big chunky clown shoes are awful. And not meant to be worn with a summer frock. Maybe in the Winter with leggings…

  6. rob redstone says:

    You focused on that dress INSTEAD OF THOSE SHOES!!

  7. Diane says:

    I think I have a shorty nightgown like that.

  8. Katie says:

    What is the deal with famous large-breasted women doing that to their boobs? I love Henricks, but at the Emmys, like every time she wears a gown, her boobs were smashed up into her face. Why? I’m a C cup, so I guess it’s possible that this really can’t be avoided and I just don’t have to live the horror myself?

  9. Moreaces says:

    Its def. Fug,, however, I want to have Salma over for “cough cough” dinner

  10. mamalama says:

    Like many other posters, the shoes have got to go. I could give the dress a pass if it were paired with shoes tha tactually work with it. These? Not so much.

  11. spooge says:

    ok…male point of view…

  12. Belle Epoch says:

    Is Miseralba unable to dress herself? This is the fugliest thing I’ve ever seen. On top she’s wearing a light and frilly nightgown for a midsummer’s evening; on the bottom she has dark velvet heels for a winter night at the theater!

    File this under “any publicity is good publicity, even if you look like an idiot.”

  13. Jackson says:

    The dress is too young for her and also a bit too short. I could take it, though, if not for the shoes. They are hideous and clunky and completely weigh down that outfit. Some light, cute, strappy sandals would have made it all work ok.

    ETA: I looked again – dress isn’t as short as I thought. Shoes are still terrible.

  14. maggiegrace says:

    Fug. Selma loves her t*ts.

  15. jen says:

    Very silly. It looks like a baby doll nightie. And Selma! Oy vey! Horrible!!

  16. k says:

    That dress is suitable for someone who is ten+ years younger than Alba.

    The shoes are a desperate attempt to keep up with the back-to-the’90s look. they would look much better with cleaner lines in the clothing.

  17. LindyLou says:

    Neither of these women have a clue how to dress. Oh well.

  18. spinner says:

    ok…where do I sign up to motorboat Salma!!

  19. Hollowdoll says:

    She looks like she’s wearing a dress from the Shirley Temple Collection! Where is her lolly pop?

  20. Solveig says:

    Guess she (Jessica) took this dress from the wrong closet.
    Salma (FYI: in italian her name means “corpse) is gorgeous, but she definitely doesn’t know how to dress.

  21. Mairead says:

    Alba’s dress is a bit nightie-ish, in fact I’m pretty sure my granny had an early-70s bedjacket in that pattern!

    But if there was a bit more to it, either a higher, plainer top or a bit longer and less frilly it would have been lovely, especially as the hair and makeup are flawless.
    Those clunky tragedies on her feet however. . .

  22. Felicia says:

    The dude in the background with the funny smirk pretty much sums it up for me!

  23. dj says:

    It’s Alba, meh!

    But Selma USED to wear classic, elegant gowns, etc. It SEEMS like since she began dating Pinault (owner or CEO or something of Gucci brands and many other companies) she has been wearing Gucci more often. I would venture to say perhaps there is some kind of deal but it is NOT working for Selma’s style. Maybe she just wants to promote her husband by wearing those clothes.

  24. meme says:

    You would never know by looking at her that Salma has unlimited access to Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Sergio Rossi, Boucheron, Bottega Veneta, Bédat & Co, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga. Go figure.

  25. Stephie says:

    Ms Alba looks like she forgot to change out of her nightie. (the blue thing). Salma, holy boobs! That actually looks painful.

  26. Lulu says:

    OMG! Alba’s shoes look like Stonehenge!

  27. Me says:

    Awful, just awful. Both of them.

  28. I Choose Me says:

    Jessica’s shoes are tacky and the dress is something my four year old niece wouldn’t be caught dead in. I like the colour of Salma’s jacket and the colour and design of her skirt but my boobs hurt just looking at how she’s got them smooshed in there.

  29. Tia C says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Jessica Alba is a very pretty girl who has NO CLUE how to dress! Evidently she doesn’t make use of the services of a stylist, or she desperately needs a new one. Mairead you are right – early ’70s sleepwear is exactly what that dress looks like! LOL!

  30. deja says:

    I like Jess’ dress…shoes are god awful though. Horrible.
    and that next outfit of hers w/ the brown shoes – wtf?????

  31. OhCamille! says:

    I agree with everyone about the dress and shoes – not a good match
    I like the shoes and they could be slammin with the right outfit. It would make a difference if these women chose seasonally appropriate items, so many of them wear too much clothing/accessories in the Summer.
    Salma, just. stop. it.

  32. chris says:

    She’s too old for it. She’s very young, but that is a under-25 dress.

  33. Camille says:

    Oh god that is some awful fashion. I wish I hadn’t seen these outfits. :-\

  34. Bella Mosley says:

    I had a nighty that looked extremely similar.

  35. TruTru says:

    Jessica, uh, no, actually the dress reminds me of a vintage nightie or something–and those clob hoppers, hell no.

    Salma, its too warm for tight leather on your boobs…leather riding boots. its all too much
    but every piece sure does look expensive as heck.

  36. Sassy says:

    Fail on the frilly baby-doll nightie with the big velvet clown shoes. Gah.

    And? We get it, Salma – you have big, fabulous, glorious tits but when you smash them up into your FACE, it looks painful and tacky.

    Do these celebs not have “people?” If so, where are their PEOPLE to help them with dressing for public appearances?

  37. crazydaisy says:

    guess i’m the odd man out. LOVE the shoes. WANT the shoes. the dress, not so much. it looks like a nightie. it’s ok for a nightie if you’re into the itty bitty girlie girl thing. the shoes, on the other hand, say “woman” – as in hottie.

  38. Mistral says:

    it’s all so 90’s. major “grunge” revival afoot?

  39. Toe says:

    Jessica: the dress is too young for her. for me she would pass with the dress if she wore sandals.
    Salma: Where else do you want her boobs to go? There is no more place in that jacket. She looks awesome!

  40. timmlehh says:

    please. alba, get a new fashion taste otherwise donate your body to someone who does.