Save Perry!

Britney Spears’ gorgeous bodyguard and sometimes manny, 28 year-old Naval Academy graduate Perry Taylor, has been removed from his close position with the troubled pop star and is now working security detail on a daily as-needed basis. He was helpful, attractive, and friendly, and K-Fed is said to have asked Britney to fire him after he heard about how Perry was changing Sean Preston’s diapers and serving as Britney’s unofficial nanny:

Perry Taylor, who was originally hired to be one of Brit’s bodyguards, was relieved of his duties as Sean Preston’s nanny but will stay on in security detail. “Kevin didn’t think it was proper to use him as a nanny,” says a pal. “He wasn’t jealous. He just think it’s a job for a real trained nanny.”

(From In Touch print edition, 7/10/06)

Obviously K-Fed is still feeding his friends quotes to give to the rags, because the source was careful to say that he wasn’t jealous or anything. Oh of course not. We’ve never seen Kevin wearing a Baby Bjorn, but Perry donned the baby carrier with pride and a cute button smile.

People were unsure about Perry’s identity at first, initially confusing him with Britney’s record producer, J.R. Rotem, with whom he bears a resemblance. Perry’s identity soon came out, though, and he became an Internet and press phenomenon.

Perry was touted as the reason behind Britney’s cleaned-up appearance in the absence of K-Fed, and people speculated that she was having an affair. Perry’s mom put those rumors to rest by telling the press that her son had a hot live-in girlfriend.

Everyone from the NY Times to U.S. News and World report discussed the merits of male nannys, or the “manny.” We couldn’t get enough of Perry.

Then, last week, Britney was seen out alone and with new jet-black hair after her “Dateline” debacle. It seemed the rumors of Kevin’s dissatisfaction with being upstaged by the help were true, and that Britney had obeyed her do-nothing husband and got rid of the best thing that happened to her since the birth of her baby.

We haven’t seen the last of Perry Taylor, though. We hope that Angelina is watching this young guy’s rise to fame, and will hire him to soften up the image of her security force while lending an extra set of hands to care for Shiloh and Zahara.

Thanks to Kylie on MySpace for reminding me about Perry.

Here are pictures of helpful Perry during his employment with Britney. He’s been seen buying flowers for Britney, and he even holds the car door open for her.

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  1. mandi says:

    kevin’s just jealous because this guy has a job.

  2. xiaoecho says:

    If it is really true that Brit has a ‘Christian life coach’ now, perhaps they are advising her to obey her husband. The Spears’ are Baptists’ aren’t they? A pretty conservative bunch. It’s a shame because Perry was doing Britney’s image a world of good, no doubt because he was inevitably compared to Kevin.

  3. Kylie says:

    I’m thinking I may need to go find a baby just so I could hire him. Anything to keep this strapping young lad employed!

    Great article and thanks for the link 😉

  4. Me says:

    Leave the girl alone. She is trying her best, to be a good mom besides needing as a celebrity to have publicity, to do her best to be a good mom, while still being young and without the father to help her most of the time. Give her a break! She needs to keep people believing that it is ok while still keeping it all together. Poor girl, no matter how rich she is.

  5. Me says:

    I’m sorry. It wasn’t my purpose for people to think that the people of celebitchy were being mean to her in this post, which after reading, it makes it sound like (which it isn’t, because Perry is hot), but I just wanted to post this for anyone blogging/posting anything about her at all. Lay off! My daughter is three and I didn’t know everything to begin with, either.

  6. Mannies are hard to find. Trust me. I have two. One is a former porn actress with an IQ of 17 and the other is a Jamaican hothead with a work withic of 0. So if anyone knows any mannies who want to come and work for a high profile single mother in the NYC area, let me know!