Camera repair guys who leaked Brangelina pics didn’t do anything illegal

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the Brangelina baby shower pics that were released to a few blogs and media outlets with the promise of 450 more. It turns out that Angelina’s kissing brother, James Haven, took his camera to BestBuy in LA but forgot to remove the memory card. BestBuy outsourced the job to Precision Camera in Enfield, Connecticut, where two guys thought they hit the jackpot. They might have, if they would have been smart enough to take basic precautions like using a proxy server and an anonymous e-mail address. Instead they used an easily traceable account and the feds raided their place of employment and one of their homes to recover the pictures. They probably would have been caught anyway, but it might have taken a couple of extra days.

They dodged a legal bullet since it was determined they didn’t do anything illegal:

“It’s something that happened at work. I don’t really have much to say,” Beckwith told the Herald last night.

“I work at Precision and hopefully I’ll still work there tomorrow,” said Beckwith, a stocky man in his early 20s with tribal tattoos on his shoulders and arms. “They questioned people at work.”

Pressed for more details, Beckwith said, “You’ll have to talk to Bill about that,” referring to Keyes. Westfield cops and Secret Service agents from Boston, working at the request of LAPD detectives and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, raided Keyes’ home Tuesday night and recovered the images, which have been returned to Pitt and Jolie, sources said.

“We were looking for the memory stick from the camera. We got it. We got the pictures. We got everything,” a law enforcement source said.

Westfield police said the men violated no Massachusetts laws but may be charged in California, which has anti-paparazzi measures on the books.

What I want to know is why the secret service got involved in a stupid celebrity photo leak case. How much taypayer money did that cost?

The two guyswho leaked the pictures, Bill Keyes, 36, and Adam Beckwith, 20 something, may not be arrested or charged, but Brangelina’s lawyers are out for blood and they’re going to get them to pay. Hopefully they’ll get some decent pro bono support and will be able to avoid being sued.

Here are the Brangelina baby shower pics.

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    Brangelina got their publicity. yawn