SWAT team called in to arrest DMX

DMX’s life is really going down the crapper. On Tuesday he was arrested in Arizona for speeding over 100 MPH and driving with a suspended license. In January, a judge ordered him to pay $1.5 million in a defamation suit brought against him by the mother of one of his children. DMX had said in an interview that he didn’t cheat on his wife, because the woman had raped him. He also said he didn’t remember sleeping with the woman, and he’d remember, because she was ugly. So she must have raped him. And last summer, sheriffs took away twelve of the rapper’s pit bulls due to neglect and abuse. So the easy way to sum up DMX’s life right now is that he is physically incapable of doing even one thing right.

But apparently that wasn’t enough for the guy. On Friday, police went to DMX’s home to finally arrest him on animal abuse charges. Did the guy surrender like a normal person? No, he holed up in his room, refusing to come out, and forcing the police to call in the SWAT team.

…the actor-rapper was arrested early Friday at his Phoenix-area home on suspicion of animal abuse and felony drug possession following a search of the house and, before that, a brief standoff with police when he attempted to shut himself up in his bedroom. According to the Maricopa County sheriff’s office, a SWAT team executed a search warrant on DMX’s Cave Creek, Ariz., residence at about 3 a.m. in connection with a seven-month-old investigation into reports that the Cradle 2 the Grave star had a number of malnourished pit bulls on his property.

“A guy like this DMX character with all his money and fame has no excuse for not providing proper care for his animals,” said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. “He has a long criminal history and obviously has no respect for the law.”

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, tried holing up in his room when the fuzz first arrived, but officers quickly talked him into cooperating, after which they discovered weapons, drugs and five pit bull puppies, which were taken to a nearby prison where female inmates will look after them (the pups, not the guns and drugs).

[From E! News]

DMX is due in court on the charges next week. He was also booked on four counts of drug possession. His lawyer gave some poorly worded speech about how the sheriff just had it in for DMX, because he was videotaped speeding and arrested. And apparently the lawyer thinks the sheriff somehow took that as a personal insult. Um… I’m guessing it definitely served to remind the guy to follow up on some legal issues with DMX, but I don’t think it’s exactly a personal affront.

“I think [that] Earl, when he was caught on video just this week speeding at 114 miles per hour, just rubbed it in [the sheriff’s] face, so the sheriff felt he had to do something. From what I hear, I would’ve been glad to bring Earl in if they ever requested it. I called the sheriff on numerous occasions and never, ever received a phone call.”

[From E! News]

All right then. Next time, it might be a better idea to advise your client not to keep breaking laws, instead of complaining when he gets arrested on new and old charges. Maybe feed your dogs, take care of them, treat them with dignity… and drive less than 114 mph. All those things are likely to keep a sheriff – even one with a personal vendetta – off your back.

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  1. lola lola says:

    There is NO excuse for animal abuse. I wish animal abusers were sentenced to the exact same treatment they gave to their animals. That’s just what they deserve.

    • albert says:

      No one is perfect we all make mistakes the only thing we can learn from this is don’t matter how rich you are money doesn’t make you happy ,he is a talented rapper n actor I hate when people talk but the don’t look at them self s

  2. Sasha says:

    Can’t any of these rappers have adult Earthling names? DMX- sounds like the bike I used to ride when I was 13.

  3. Ack! says:

    Yeah, I always find that “holing up” in my bedroom is a very effective method of keeping law enforcement at arm’s length. They really respect that “MY ROOM – KEEP OUT!” sign on the door.

    Will he be wearing the pink and living in the desert tent prison? Sweeeeeet.

  4. Anna says:

    Idiot rapper, idiot lawyer, it’s a perfect match.

    I laughed out loud when I read the thing about them giving the pitbull puppies to female prison inmates. And I don’t mean that in a demeaning way at all, really. I just find it very curious and very sweet at the same time. I didn’t know people were allowed to have dogs while they’re in prison, but I guess it must be therapeutic on some level or other.

    And I agree with Lola: there is no excuse for abusing animals, that’s just horrendous.

  5. Devilgirl says:

    I have 9 cats and a dog and I make no where near the money that a rapper like DMX makes, but I manage to keep all of my animals fed, up to date on shots and grooming, as well as happy and healthy. Makes no sense with all that money and help they can hire why they can’t take care of a damn thing !

  6. mollination says:

    @Ack!- HAHAHAHAHA!

    I’d be more pissed that I was paying for a lawyer who couldn’t articulate a single thought! Let alone, ARGUE one effectively!

    p.s.- those women’s prison dog cares are a really cool idea! It gives the lesser criminals (who maybe have children or pets on the outside) something to love and care for. They do a really good job! You can even drop your dog off if you’re going out of town and they care for them (a hell of a lot better than a kennel would, might I add) ’til you get home.

  7. journey says:

    lola lola:
    only they shouldn’t know they’re going to be meted out the exact same thing they did to their pet. because then they’d know exactly how long the punishment was going to last. make them live in the same fear as their pets did, not knowing if they were ever going to get fed again, or water, or shelter from the elements. and if they abuse 5 animals, no concurrent sentences, make them serve the time for each animal.

  8. well says:

    whats wrong w/ u guys? who gives a shit about animals? they are just mutts, in no way should they be valued as highly as human beings. you have 9 cats and ur judging him? FREAK.

  9. journey says:

    nobody said they should be valued as highly as human beings. any more than i would value you as highly as i value my family and friends. but that doesn’t mean that if i saw someone whaling on you with a tire iron that i’d just shrug and walk away.

    and it’s an established fact that cruelty is a slippery slope. abuse a dog today, torture a child next month. lack of empathy is a scary thing.

  10. kate says:


  11. Mezzro says:

    State and federal statutes do distinguish between crimes against humans and animals and rightly so, but that doesn’t mean this sort of heinous crime will go unpunished. This guy is clearly a narcissistic loser with little concern for anyone but himself. Maricopa County law enforcement has the advantage of a light court docket and no nonsense judiciary. DMX is in for a spanking.

  12. Carenio says:

    Wow, this blog is racist, and so are all the ignorant comments here. When it’s some white celebrities with their stupid stories and arrogant actions (no example needed, with the constant stupidity of Britney, Amy Winehouse,… flooding the news), you were always there to justify their dumb ass! You were all like “give him/her a break”, “It’s hard enough as it is”,…. Now, it’s a black rapper, your judgmental bitches are like all over his ass.

  13. ? says:

    If Amy Winehouse had pitbulls and didn’t feed them, I would be bashing on her.

    There is NO excuse for him to let his dogs starve.

    way to play the race card. -thumbs up-

  14. Sasha says:

    A man walks into a crowd with a loaded shotgun and fires the weapon three times in no particular direction. When the cops arrest him, they discover more blacks got hit by shell fragments than anyone else- does that automatically make the shooter a racist, Carenio?

  15. Anna says:

    Obviously you don’t read our comments bashing white celebs Carenio. So quit the hissy fit and go read up on what’s really being said here before you go around accusing people of being racists.

  16. Carenio says:

    Wow, more racist comments! Are you saying pitbull’s life is more valuable then human? I’m sure for PETA fan, this is justify. Really! how does forgetting to feed your dog compare to driving drunk and walking around punching people in the face. So endangering people life is less serious than endangering your pet?
    About shooting in the crowd? Can you be more specific? Are you saying DMX did that or are you saying in any situation like that, it’s 100% guaranteed that it’s a black guy?
    What I am saying is be fair when you judge. If not, don’t share your 2 cents. It’s funny that when it’s white celebs, it’s always emotional break down, depression,…. etc. Seriously, every blog here about a white celeb, there’s almost at least one supporting comment. How can you tolerate someone who has everything from the beginning at still fuck up. While on the opposite side, a black rapper is someone usually start out from the bottom, with nothing. It’s a miracle if he/she’s still alive. Shouldn’t it be tougher for black rappers? When your life is expected to fuck up from start,shouldn’t you be the one who deserve a little more support, a little more understanding than a pet?

  17. Ack! says:

    Okay, let’s try again: this guy has already overcome whatever obstacles in order to achieve stardom. At that point, he could have chosen to recognize that he had achieved a goal and sought whatever type help he needed that would let his brain catch up to his achievements, much like Michael Vick coulda/shoulda done. But he didn’t. Neglecting/abusing pets is indicative of a sociopathic personality, according to DMD references. (Developmental Disorder stuff) Sociopaths lack empathy(the ability to care about others) and a conscious, but they try to protect themselves. Prisons are filled with sociopaths of all races. Other people, like Amy Winehouse, harm themselves but not others. They’re all unbalanced.

  18. Devilgirl says:

    To Well: Obviously you are a callous and hateful person. I live on a 125acre farm, I have a large house and I TAKE CARE OF MY ANIMALS, ALL OF WHICH WERE STRAYS. How dare you call me a freak and defend the likes of some drugged up rap artist who has never done anything remotely decent in his life for any one. At least I am humane enough to take in animals that have been dumped by people like you and give them a loving,happy and healthy home. If you think that it is alright to mistreat animals because they are “mutts”, that goes to show what type of a sick scumbag you are. F off loser and don’t comment on me being a freak, I don’t have the cops raiding my house for drugs or animal cruelty like that douchebag DMX. I hope you get shreadded to bits by some mutt in an alley some day a#$%^&$! 👿

  19. Anna says:

    I think that yes, there is a difference in the law between animals and humans (though we are animals too) and that has reasons. However, mistreating animals is in no way a lesser crime. Animals can’t defend themselves and that’s why they are entitled to somebody holding up the laws for them too. And it’s definitely true that animal abuse can lead to much worse later on.
    What I really don’t understand is where all this hate in these comments come from. I wouldn’t have put it quite so harshly as Devilgirl did, but in essence she is completely right Well.
    And Carenio? You are blowing up because in all the white celeb tragedies, there’s always at least one comment supporting them? Well I’ve got news for you: you have nothing to complain about, in this post, you are that person supporting the celeb. And might I add, you are supporting a criminal and a sociopath whereas people who might support Amy Winehouse or the like are supporting someone they see as ill and falling off the wagon. There is a difference.

  20. Sasha says:

    I’d explain the term ‘hypothetical situation’ to you Carenio, but you’d think it was racist too. 🙄

  21. okay... says:

    His lawyer sounds like a hack to me-you do your client no favors talking that kind of crap.

  22. Tramell says:

    First off get a life you fucking people on here who are so concerned about other peoples fucking shit worry about your own. I like DMX and I always will no matter what. Personally I think what people do is there own buisness they were his dogs so shut the fuck up about it. If he did something to one of your dogs then you would have a reason to open your mouth. And last you judgementall fucks you dont know the whole story so get the facts first its pretty dammn sad when you have to waste your life talking shit about other people!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡