Is Teresa Giudice off Real Housewives of New Jersey? Danielle’s exit is confirmed

Slap happy bankrupt entitled RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice may be screwing herself out of the only reason we know her name. The NY Post is reporting that she’s so pissed off at producers for not letting her promote her cookbook on the show that she’s considering leaving. That sounds ridiculous and just like Teresa. Her cookbook is a bestseller for the sole reason that she so well known from Real Housewives. It’s not like they have to let her promote it on air, but because they cut scenes where she plugged it, she wants to leave. It supposedly comes down to the fact that she signed away 10% of the royalties to Bravo in exchange for promotional opportunities. Again, the only reason she’s selling that damn book is because she’s on the show so she should count her blessings. Here’s the story from the Post:

Don’t expect Teresa Giudice to return for Season 3 of “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” according to a friend of hers. Giudice struck a bad deal with Bravo over royalties from her best-selling cookbook, “Skinny Italian.” The bankrupt babe is the only housewife in the franchise to give the network 10 percent of royalties from her book sales. In exchange, Bravo said it would make up the difference by promoting her book on the show. She filmed several scenes with the book, cooking and testing recipes — but the footage never aired. The book was mentioned once during the reunion episode. Her friend told us Bravo is trying to hardball Giudice by moving to hire her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, whom she hates, as a possible replacement. Although Giudice is $11 million in debt, her friend said, “Teresa is done with Bravo, I don’t think any amount of money will make her come back.” A rep for Bravo didn’t get back to us.

[From The NY Post]

Is this Teresa’s way of playing hardball with producers in exchange for more money and on-air promotional opportunities? Maybe, but I hope it blows up in her face. Then again, if Teresa is off the show next season, and Danielle is also off, (which has just been confirmed by Bravo), what reason will people have to watch it? The up and coming baddies, Kim G and Kim D might be the new foils to Caroline and Jacqueline. Bravo knows that it’s the formula, not the ladies in particular, that keep us watching. They’ll find some new entitled whack jobs to bring the drama.

There might be yet another reason why Teresa doesn’t want to come back, though. Her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, has reportedly been asked to appear next season. Radar reports that Teresa can’t stand Melissa and has said she won’t be on Real Housewives if she has to share screentime with her. They quote an insider who says “When Teresa got word that her sister-in-law was asked to be part of the show she said, ‘If she’s going to be on the show, then I’m not going to do it.‘” I guess they found their new entitled whack job.

Also, have any of you seen part 2 of the reunion? I’m having a hard time finding it online. (I’m unable to view videos on Bravo’s website as I’m overseas.) I found a recap, though (spoilers in that link if you’re waiting) and there’s a surprising hug that I won’t give away. Damn, I’d really like to see this one.

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26 Responses to “Is Teresa Giudice off Real Housewives of New Jersey? Danielle’s exit is confirmed”

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  1. Tess says:

    Saw Reunion Part Two.

    “The Hug” went on too loooong for comfort. Became excruciating…as in I was expecting Jacqueline to signal wildly for help. But seemed sincere…though waaaaay too long.

    Caroline finally jumped the shark.

    No loss at all if that ignoramus Teresa leaves the show.

  2. annaloo says:

    Ugh, these “ladies” look like human lizards.

  3. Westcoaster says:

    I thought make-up was supposed to “enhance” a woman’s beauty. In the case of Teresa and Danielle it must be buried quite deep! Talk about scary looking women!

  4. ruru says:

    That woman’s face scares me

  5. Snarf says:

    Danielle’s nostrils look like she has a case of VCR (visable coke residue)

  6. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Teresa looks like a Louis Vuitton knock-off bag. So cheap and fake.

  7. wunderkindt says:

    Cant wait to see what happens when the sister-in-law Teresa cant stand shows up on RHONJ.

  8. gem says:

    Th@ 1st pic she actually looks like she is of the same species that we are! lolz but she should wear her hair flatironed more often suits her better

  9. aenflex says:

    Wanna know someting scary? My own flesh and blood aunt ‘liked’ Teresa Guidice on facebook. I knew there was a reason I don’t talk to that woman.
    It all ends with a mass apology, the reunion, I’ve heard…haven’t seen it yet.

  10. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Yeah, the second part started with the usual fighting and then Danielle and Jacqueline hugging (strangely) and apologizing to each other. You could tell Jacqueline was only doing it for show, as well as maybe helping with her daughters court case. She was making weird faces behind Danielle’s back while hugging. It was also so fake that Teresa and Danielle hugged.

    You could tell Caroline was pissed, but again, In think it was for show, to as drama to the reunion, and also to seem as if Jackie and Caroline were on the outs again.

    Kim G is such an old whore. I hate her almost as much as Giudice because she says she is so classy, yet acts like a trashy savage.

    I read on another site that specializes in this reality stuff that Bravo wants no part of Kim G. I really wish the housewives would have called out Kim G’s two faced ways more. I also wish they would have had more interaction between Teresa and Kim G, as Kim G said she was buying all of Teresa’s stuff when it gets auctioned off and throwing it out or donating it to underprivileged folks. Kim G and Teresa are supposedly fighting more than she and Danielle did.

  11. Taya says:


    “Ugh, these “ladies” look like human lizards.”

    But with trashy looking designer clothes and no brains.

    Those hugs were more fake than Teresa’s marriage. These women act like 15 year old girls. Grow up already.

  12. geenie says:

    That’s stupid. She can’t afford to leave the show…she needs the money. I’m not sure if I believe this story.

  13. Obvious says:

    please tell me it’s true. and take Carolina with you. Danielle was totally right for calling her the puppet master and blasting her for the way she manipulates Jacqueline.

    Jacqueline is the only one I can stand-she has a spoiled mess of a daughter, but she’s the only one who seems even halfway human on the show.

    personally i would be willing to keep teresa if we can see her and her sis-in-law. it would make my life.

  14. Eileen says:

    I was cooking dinner and this sh!t came on tv and I was catching parts here and there. These women are WORSE than Jersey Shore! At least those kids are young and childless (ha -that we know of). I’ve never seen such a pathetic display of drama and classlessness on or off the tv. I actually let my husband change the channel to baseball in the middle of the first part of the reunion show because it was so stupid. Teresa and whatever the Muppet’s name is (the ex stripper and pron lady), no amount of big house and money could disguise their WT! Scary!

  15. suki says:

    I will keep my eyes open for an online version. i’ve noticed that reality shows usually take a few days before they appear online.

    Can you view it on Hulu from overseas?

  16. original kate says:

    i would say they are trashy, but that would be an insult to trashy people everywhere. these broads would have to climb up a few steps to get to trashy.

  17. Kiska says:

    Teresa has that vacant look of emptiness in her eyes and her head tilted to one side makes her look like a deranged doll with a broken neck.
    She is seriously creepy looking

  18. Eileen says:

    @Kiska-you hit the nail right on the head. I think this link clears up any doubts of who her creator is! Dam you Marie Osmond! lol

  19. mollination says:

    It’s really too bad Rhianna can’t help a sista’ out and share some of her forehead with this awful broad.

  20. alr says:

    Caroline is a bitch…she is insecure and hates letting others into the group…and she did get a copy of the book about Danielle and showed people at the hair salon and community. She is as bad as Danielle and Theresa, she is just better at how she does it…
    And if Jacqueline dares to be her own person, all hell will break lose again as it did in the prior season.. Once she buckled down to Caroline, everything was fine.
    Theresa is no class…
    Danielle is crazy and pathetic…

  21. Kiska says:

    @ Eileen. Ha Ha love the link. The likeness is uncanny.

    @ Tess. Indeed, Caroline did jump the shark. Her true colours came through. She was extremely patronizing and mean-spirited. Mafia queen.

  22. ERM says:

    Caroline is the only decent person on the show! She calls it as she says and yea sometimes that’s bitchy but so much better than the fake drama, hugs and games. I couldn’t believe Jacqueline’s attitude at the end. She spent the two shows sniping at Danielle and then in the last 10-minutes, was like oh I’m sorry, blah, blah. WTF, you can’t possibly switch that quickly with an ounce of sincerity.
    I’m glad Danielle is off the show, she was a nut!

  23. Thanks for the remarkable post. thumbs up!

  24. be real says:

    The events that transpired during the final moments of the 2nd part of the reunion showed what the real problem was all along – nasty old trouble-making Caroline.

    From day one, scary control-freak Caroline and her pretend-nice phony sister Dina were furious that namby-pamby sister-in-law Jackie was friends with trampy Danielle, and it bothered their gawdy menacing friend Teresa, too.

    The Manzo sisters dug up Danielle’s unsavory past and smeared Danielle’s reputation throughout their ugly nouveau riche town, and eventually, weak-willed two-faced Jackie turned on Danielle, too. The whole Manzo clan piled on and showed their ugly bully colors.

    Nutty Danielle gave these witches plenty of fodder to use against her, but they went overboard, and became obsessed with her and talked about her 24/7. When they weren’t talking about her, they were talking about not talking about her.

    Anyway, Danielle stood up to the bullies and showed them and wimpy host Andy Cohen up by being the only lady on the show.

    Rumor is that Danielle introduced her replacement, Teresa’s hated sister-n-law, to the show’s producers, and Teresa is walking. I guess Danielle has the last laugh.

  25. Chris says:

    OMG who cares about these people, really? I’m from Jersey and think they are just total skanks…embarrassing moment number (too high to count in this State)…

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