Britney back from Costa Rica and planning a Vegas show?

Britney Spears went out to celebrity favorite restaurant Il Sole last night. She was accompanied by George Maloof, Jr. the owner of the Palms hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Billionaire Maloof also owns basketball teams Sacramento Kings and Sacramento Monarchs. At some points last night Maloof held Britney’s hand, but it was probably to help her get through the paparazzi swarm. It was most likely a business dinner and not a date. Maloof has known Britney for years, and according to Wikipedia, he had dinner with her back in 2004 right before her short-lived marriage to Jason Alexander. He also dined with her earlier this month, sparking rumors that she was planning for a Vegas comeback.

This week’s National Enquirer reports that Britney is indeed planning a “multi million-dollar stage production she hopes will jump-start her career”:

“Britney is working very hard to get in shape and hopes to make a splashy comeback in Las Vegas,” revealed an insider.

“She wants the show to be full of high energy and flashy costume changes.”

Britney, 26, is negotiating to perform six shows with a payday that will be around $10 million, added the insider. If these shows sell out, she hopes the Palms will sign her to a longer stint.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, May 26, 2008]

Maybe that will work out better for her than her set of gigs at House of Blues locations around the states. I don’t know if she’s ready for it, but at least it will give her something to aim for, and you can see a well-produced show with Britney in Vegas selling out. There are still plenty of people who are interested in her.

Britney’s father Jamie just received an additional $10,000 in back pay for serving as the conservator of her estate. He receives $10,000 a month, according to court papers, and will receive the back pay as compensation for having to give up his job as a caterer and private chef. It’s doubtful he made $10k a month as a caterer.

Thanks to WENN for these photos and The Gossip Girls for identifying Britney’s date. In one photo it looks like Britney’s tan is peeling, but it may be an effect of the flash.

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  1. Syko says:

    I do not think she’s ready for this.

    And I’ll agree that being a chef probably doesn’t pay as much as taking care of Britney, but it probably is much less stressful. Given the choice, I’d be reaching for the spatula.

  2. Bodhi says:

    I think it might be good for her to sorta ease back into performing. A gig in Vegas migh be an ok way to do that. But she’d pretty much need monitering 24/7 & that’d get old real quick

  3. elisha says:

    I think Brit’s dad deserves his money, considering it’s probably the first he’s seen of some of her money while people like Dina Lohan and Papa Joe probably enjoy all the “benefits” of having famous kids. I would avoid drumming up too much over how much money he’s making just for the sake of keeping Britney sane. How much money in or perks Lufti get for keeping her crazy?

  4. CinPin says:

    I agree with elisha about her dad getting the $$. I’m sure his regular job did not consist of working 24 hrs a day/7days a week like watching Brit does.
    I think her best bet in doing new shows should be to not try and make them like they were 5 years ago. She has changed, so I don’t think doing overly sexy, half naked dances would benefit her. She should wear stuff that flatters her, and perform a show,not a strip tease.
    I doubt she will do this though.
    Wish her luck!

  5. dan says:

    10k is a drop in the bucket for Brit. Her dad deserves whatever she can give, seems like he’s trying to help her out. If Brit is smart she will lean on her family for support…

  6. mithcy says:

    I hope she takes it slowly. I don’t think she is ready for this either! Hopefully all goes well for her. Best of luck Britney 😀

  7. cutie says:

    i think she can do it and i have faith in her! good luck britney!
    we will always love u

  8. risa kirk says:

    Neuter her
    Dont let her babies be holding hands in a coffin 😕