Matt LeBlanc rages at douche reporter for calling him “Joey”


Matt LeBlanc is sad. No one pays attention to him anymore. No one really wants to talk to him, and on the rare occasion that someone does want to talk to him, they call him “Joey.” Repeatedly. I was fully prepared to call Matt a douche, a drunk and a has-been for this incident, but I kind of see where Matt was coming from. The guy talking to him was a major tool, and he was definitely trying to provoke Matt. Of course, Matt could have handled it better. The basic incident: Matt was hammered and trying his hand at deejaying at a London club. When he stumbled into this Daily Mirror reporter’s table, the reporter started heckling him and calling him “Joey.” Matt got pissed off, and started bitching.

As one of the stars of sitcom Friends, you’d think Matt LeBlanc was an affable sort of fella who was able to take a joke. Not so…When we bumped into the actor – famous as Joey in the long-running US series – and called him by his character’s name, he wasn’t laughing at all.

Saturdays star Mollie King was one of the celebs enjoying Hed Kandi’s London Fashion Week party at Maddox on Tuesday. She watched in horror as Matt, 43, kicked off at us.
Earlier he clumsily knocked into our table, sending glasses flying.

So, of course, we asked: “You all right, Joey? How YOU do-in?” But Matt raged back: “I’m not Joey. Don’t you dare call me Joey. The papers say I’m finished, so don’t call me f***ing Joey. I want to leave that all behind. I’m moving on.”

Mulling this over we replied: “OK, Joey, if that’s how you feel. But what are you doing? Let’s be honest, Joey, that’s who everyone knows you as.”

But Matt, who also tried his hand at DJing on the night to mark Hed Kandi’s new World Series album and fashion launch, wasn’t amused.

He yelled: “I’m not Joey. For the last time. I’m not f***ing Joey. It’s Matt. Matt LeBlanc. Joey’s in the past. I’m trying to do something new.”

Us: “Like what, Joey?” Joey: “I’m gonna do comedy. Working with the Friends producers to do comedy in England. And it’s got nothing to do with Joey before you ask.”

He then took a swig from his glass, on a table loaded with vodka, mixers and champagne. He didn’t offer us any, but hey, Joey doesn’t share food.. or drinks. At this point his aide dragged him away.

It’s not the first time Joey has got trashed in a London club. He was the talk of Mahiki last June. Our spy said: “Matt told everyone he was going to have a relatively quiet night. But when the first drink went down.. he changed his tune.”

Don’t worry, Joey. If you ever need Friends to party with, you know where we are…

[From The Daily Mirror UK]

It’s just kind of sad for everyone involved. The reporter is a douche, but so is Matt. And after the scandal that went down when he left his wife for his costar, he should be thankful that people only seem to remember him for playing a lovable dope on two f-cking television shows. It could be worse. They could remember him for smoking weed in a car in full view of photographers. Or for being hammered and bitching out a douche reporter. So… what the hell is going on with him? Downward spiral?


LeBlanc in London on Sept. 13, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. jen says:

    Wow-major alcohol bloat. Poor Joey.

  2. Sounds like Matt might be fun to go partying with. Lot’s of good drunken drama … !

  3. Eileen says:

    Dude that journalist is a First Class A-Hole! I want to punch him and I’m sober.
    And wow-Matt LeBlanc is not aging well. Yikes.

  4. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    WTF was his whack ass trying to DJ for? lol Not gonna lie I find that the heckling was funny. I also remember trying to watch Joey. What was NBC smoking with that one? Such an uber D-bag.

  5. Johnny'sGirl says:

    Bless his heart.. Journalist was a total douchebag…

  6. redlips says:

    Didn’t Matt LeBlanc have a huge wedding in Hawaii, all the “Friends” co-stars were there and then have a baby that was mentally challenged or very ill? Shortly after the child was born, he divorced?

    He looks as though he needs a friend and a hug!

  7. Stephie says:

    Aw man….didn’t know about the leaving the wife stuff. (douche!!!!!!) “How YOU doin'” is never going to be the same. 🙁

  8. Eileen says:

    @redlips: Yep! A few months later I ended up using the same caterer for my wedding in Kauai that they used and she had a signed photo on their office wall with some of the Friends in it.

  9. The Bobster says:

    I know someone who crossed paths with Joey. He said Matt was a real douche. Previously he had liked the guy….or his character.

  10. Maddie says:

    Yeah he divorced because he started sleeping with his new co-star from Joey his very short lived spin off from Friends.

  11. Zelda says:

    You know, Matt LeBlanc has always struck me as a bit of an *sshat.
    But in this case I’m on his side.

    D*mn you douchey reporter…

  12. MARKYMARK says:

    “I can’t” with Matt…as I understand it the “FRIENDS” cast earned enough during their run & through syndication to keep their great grandkids rich. He is sniping because no one knows his name anymore. Roll around in your cash and get over yourself…..

  13. lucy2 says:

    They seem pretty equal in their douchery. Antagonizing someone like that is childish. And Matt – it must suck, but dude should be a little more gracious about being called Joey – that role has given him bazillions of dollars. He has a new show coming on Showtime at some point though, so maybe that will help.

  14. serena says:

    I loved him on Friends 🙁 I’m so sad to read all of this.

  15. devilgirl says:

    He looks bad

  16. TQB says:

    Generally I firmly believe actors who are lucky enough to be associated with a beloved character should learn to deal. The money should help. In this case, however, continuing to CALL him joey, not just suggesting he has no career? That’s crappy. I’ve got no qualms with LeBlanc’s reaction to that kind of thing. Just rude. He’s still a human. Save the outrage for the stars who are douchey to fans who just want to adore them.

    oh, and, for reals – Joey was on for TWO seasons? Really? I thought it was 1 and done. Shocking.

  17. Whatever says:

    In this case, I can’t blame Matt for freaking out. The reporter is a douche and kept saying it over and over again.

  18. WhoDat says:

    Im really disappointed in you Kaiser. Somehow or other i got the distinct impression that you were a sophisticated woman, who knows that in this age of cellphone cameras and whatnot, that SOMEONE would have captured allthis on video. But to date, we have no such “juicy” footage, just the usual, supposed, VERBATIM accounts from TRASHRAG WRITERS (hint hint hint). What, kaiser, you too dim to see a hint? About the veracity of this? Pssshaawww

  19. JJ says:

    I read mathew perry going off about the FRIENDS stuff, I’m with Matt on this one.

    Mathew said it’s difficult not to get angry after 10 years of hearing the same “So when is the FRIENDS reunion gonna happen” thing, and people calling them by their character names at least 5 times (though I imagine it to be way more than that) EVERYDAY


    The same questions
    The same jokes about what your name is


    I can’t blame any of them

    I’m sure they’re greateful, but I’d be going mental after a week.

  20. Rio says:

    @WhoDat- dude, if we had to have cell footage for every story posted to not only Celebitchy but every other gossip site and magazine…they’d all be out of business within 6 months.
    I’ve only seen LeBlanc in ‘Lost in Space’ (which I only saw cos of Gary Oldman- I had odd childhood crushes) but he has a new show coming out where he plays a H’Wood douche version of himself. Wish I could remember the name, the LATimes had an article on it, it’s an adaptation of a British show.

  21. I Choose Me says:

    Don’t know or care if Matt LeBlanc is a douche in general but I’m on his side in this case. Good God that reporter made me feel stabby. Yeah celebrities should be grateful for a role or character that got them famous and made them wealthy but as JJ points out – can you imagine having to deal with this shit day in and day out?

    Tell me anyone of you wouldn’t snap at least ONCE.

    It’s like when Regis got sick of people asking – Is that your final answer? Like gawd you’re sooo clever. Bet he hasn’t heard that one a million or more times today.

  22. notprfect says:

    I’m on Matt’s side, on this one. I agree that the reporter was extremely rude, and then was offended when Matt didn’t share the booze from his table? Wow. Really?

    Also, considering Matt was drunk, I think he handled it pretty well. He didn’t say anything offensive to the reporter, which the reporter would have deserved, IMO, he just says he doesn’t want to be called Joey.

  23. geenie says:

    I look at Matt and the word ‘douche’ is the first thing that comes to mind.

  24. wunderkindt says:

    Whatta downer to see ‘Joey’ like this and hear about the divorce story mess.

  25. Yasmine says:

    Who gives a crap about the stand off with the reporter, the real tragedy is HIS SHOES. WTF??! They’re like street walking hummers.

  26. Liana says:

    He then took a swig from his glass, on a table loaded with vodka, mixers and champagne. He didn’t offer us any, but hey, Joey doesn’t share food.. or drinks. At this point his aide dragged him away.

    Oh man, just shut up and stop acting like a hero over picking on some drunk hasbeen in a club.

  27. PrimeO says:

    Team Matt.

    That reporter was an *a*sshole.

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