Tom Cruise got Suri a $6000 princess costume for Halloween


Since this is In Touch Weekly, I’m really hoping this story isn’t true. But since it involves Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spending a ridiculous sum of money to dress up their favorite living doll Suri, I have to think it’s probably 100% accurate. According to ITW, Tom made special arrangements with his own personal princess-costume-maker (I’m joking – or am I?) to make Suri a one-of-a-kind princess dress that she can wear for one special night, Halloween. Not that Suri will just wear it for one night only – if it’s especially pink and frilly (and since Tom is buying, I’m thinking it will be), Suri might even wear that bad-boy for two whole days. Oh, and there are diamonds too.

For most kids, Halloween means a homemade costume or a trip to Target or WalMart. Suri Cruise, on the other hand, is going trick-or-treating as a princess – complete with a custom-made dress and real jewels!

According to a friend, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spared no expense to make this upcoming Halloween a memorable one for their 4-year-old.

“It’s more than a month away, but Suri already has her fairy-princess gown and will be wearing diamonds with her costume,” explains a friend. The insider says Tom spent more than $6,000 on the dress, which features a tulle skirt and pearl embroidery.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

So it’s not like the diamonds are built into the dress that she’ll only wear once. From what I gather, the diamonds are a separate styling choice that Suri has chosen to accentuate her princess costume. Can you imagine seeing that when she comes to your door wanting a mini-Snickers? Anyway… yeah, I also believe this because Suri, like lots of little girls, has a big thing for princesses. But, unlike all of those other little girls, Suri’s parents seem to be convinced that she actually needs to act, dress and be a little princess. There comes a point when “harmless kid stuff” just becomes “being a bad parent.” And that point comes when you’re arranging diamonds on your 4-year-old’s Halloween costume.



Tom and Suri and Katie in Prague on Sept. 22, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. rheba says:

    what idiots?

  2. logan says:

    Um, when my son was that age, we made a construction costume for next to nothing. He still remembers it and he is 23. The best thing about it was the memories we made making it. But I guess if you got the $$$$’s you can spend it however you want. Two words for the Cruises though–Paris Hilton!

  3. JohnnyDepp'sgirl says:

    What the hell? NO 4 YEAR OLD NEEDS TO WEAR DIAMONDS! These people are on crack for sure.

  4. geenie says:

    I think it’s fantastic that they are getting Suri an expensive princess outfit for Halloween. She is their only daughter and they want to spoil her cause they love her dearly. Nothing wrong with that. This is how rich millionaires get down on Halloween. Good for them. I’m sure Suri will make a beautiful princess.

  5. nycmom10024 says:

    I think my 10 year old would love them as parents. Especially since the evil mom that I am has a much smaller budget for Halloween costumes.

    That said, I love these two as parents; every other parent looks downright miserly next to them. They are completely nuts.

  6. Schnauzers!!! says:

    Wow, I thought the 20 bucks I spent on a fairy ballerina costume was excessive for one night. (But my daughter will dress up in it DAILY) Then again, maybe $6,000.00 is like my $20.00 to them. LOL

  7. Maritza says:

    Like Suri would know the difference between real diamonds and bedazzling? What a waste of money, when there are so many children going hungry! What is with Kate’s hair?

  8. Westcoaster says:

    So how many people live on way less than $6000 per month or would like to earn that much per month? I can understand wanting to spoil their daughter, but this is too much if the story is true.
    I wonder how Conner and Isabella feel about how their father is spoiling Suri?

  9. Dorothy says:

    They have more money than they know what to do with. Is this extravagant? Sure but if Suri is anything like my kids she will wear i everyday for months !

  10. Kitten says:

    Enough of these “filler” posts. It’s Hot Guy Friday. BRING IT.

  11. poiup says:

    You know I don’t all the ins and outs of parenting but I can comment on one thing, Suri knows she can trust her parents and feel secure with them. I mean she does look that way in the pictures. Compare her to Britney Spear’s kids who look absolutely miserable in pictures.

    Suri knows her parents have alot of money and if they push her into a budget dress she’ll lose trust I think. As far as not spoiling her, I don’t know.

  12. poopie says:

    xenu allows halloween? oh wait !!!! everyday is halloween at the CO$ !

  13. Pogogal says:

    I agree with geenie,and also nothing wrong with wanting to have the best dress for your kids.

  14. nycmom10024 says:

    Poiop! I think you many having the winning thought for this post.

    Not to mention, think how Suri would feel if she discovered her diamonds were just fakes.

  15. mln says:

    If this is true this is bad parenting,really damaging .But I guess the gender police think its all OK because Suri looks like a girl.

  16. Nanea says:

    In terms of celeb kids, I’d rather have Shiloh dressed as a boy, TYVM.

    If they’re really spending $ 6000 on a Halloween costume now, how many millions will they have to spend eventually on therapy, after the first inevitable “no” from either of them.

    Oh, sorry, those crazy cult members don’t believe in therapy… I forgot, my bad. They prefer dietary supplements instead. *rolls eyes*

  17. Jackson says:

    She’ll lose trust if she is in a budget dress????


    If little Suri is so astute as to know the difference between a $6000 costume and a $100 one, and real diamonds from fakes, then she surely is astute enough to be taken to homeless shelters and to inner city schools to see what that $6000 could do to help those people.

    Please, this is just absurd.

  18. Marie says:

    More money than brains. Which I think I have more money than Cruise has brains.

  19. M. says:

    With all that money Katie Holmes don’t have enough to hire a stylist?!

  20. dorothy says:

    Way to keep the kid grounded in reality. Apparently Scientology doesn’t address that. It’s all about “barley milk” and no interaction with non-cult members. Oh yeah..they have their priorities right.

  21. Stargazer says:

    Um…what Kitten said…bring it already!

    I am usually not a fan of Katie’s personal dress and styling but am sort of digging the sweater/rolled up jeans look she’s sporting in these pics…I would totally wear this (minus the camel toe, of course)

  22. Yasmine says:

    @dorothy: ‘Way to keep the kid grounded in reality.”
    It’s disturbing to think of what kind of environment Suri lives in. Part of good parenting is being consistent and teaching/enforcing limits. Poor kid’s got none. She dresses herself in kitten heels for eff’s sake! Honestly I just feel really sorry for her, she’s gonna be so messed up.

  23. poiup says:

    “she surely is astute enough to be taken to homeless shelters and to inner city schools to see what that $6000 could do to help those people.”

    What I said is probably correct, and what you said is correct as well. That is actually a good way as long as she doesn’t feel pressured, if she would donate things herself and be shown appreciation for that.

    Off the top of my head, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, messed up Cameron saying “He cares more about this f##king car than me.” So it’s very important to know that you are given alot of value by your parents, beyond whether your parents are rich or poor.

  24. Ivy says:

    Geenie – She is NOT their only daughter – they do have another daughter, Isabella, who has a good 13 years on that little brat. Although he had two kids, through adoption, from a previous marriage, they became Katie’s the day she and Tom got married as well – I’m sure Isabella would take exception to your comment…

  25. Stronzilla says:

    While Tommy’s gown is gold lame and features an Empire waistline with a laced bodice embroidered with real seed pearls, chiffon sleeves and a fully-flared gold velvet brocade skirt. Work it girls.

  26. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @Ivy.. That is right.. they have isabella too… Does she get to wear diamonds anytime she wants and 6000.00 outfits for one day? I bet not..

    @jackson, I agree totally. Let her see what 6000.00 can do for people who really need it.

  27. Missfit says:

    Daaang, that’s way too much money, even if they are trying to spoil her, that amount is just ridiculous. Everyone made good points, to where children are going hungry, they can donate some money to those kids or food. And I always thought 20 or 30 bucks was alot too for a costume,lol. But ya, like someone else said, you can even make your own costume and that’s what would be remembered the most. Myself included, I have put costumes together for my kids out of scratch and it came out better than a cheapy material that would be sold at the stores for too much money any damn way. It’s the creativity that makes it so much more fun. This year my boys will be a zombie and the other a mad scientist…even the Goodwill sales good stuff. And to Tom and Katie, if it’s FREAKIN COLD…put some tights or pants on that little girl, damn!

  28. xxodettexx says:

    on the one hand i want to gripe about no 4 year old needing that much money thrown at her… but it is their child and money and if they want to give her a fairytale life, then so be it… [though my bitchy, judgmental side is just irked thinking about the probably hundreds of kids they could have helped give a nice holiday to by donating the vast majority of what her costume costs to charities, oh well]

  29. Statler says:

    For some reason, this article makes me think of the children’s book by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

    That said, the Cruises are incredibly vulgar to publicize how much money they spent.

  30. OtherChris says:

    In a similar vein, there are crazy moms who buy these costumes for their kids, take them to Disney, and then dress them up for different rides. Insane.

    Okay, I kind of want the $500 Belle one.

  31. Lady D says:

    “that said, the Cruise’s are incredibly vulgar to publicize how much money they spent”…..add Paris Hilton and her pre-World Cup trip picture of the 70 pieces of luggage she took. Kardashian and her $100 grand on purses. Not only vulgar, but so out of touch with the reality the citizens of their country face. Not surprised that they are despised for their excess. My feet are dying. I can only walk for about 3-4 hours a day, tops. Until I finish my schooling and can go back to work, I live on $950 a month disability. Six grand for a costume.

  32. original kate says:

    “For some reason, this article makes me think of the children’s book by Frances Hodgson Burnett.”

    @ statler: i was thinking suri reminded me of vercua salt: “i WANT a golden ticket, daddy!!” but “a little princess” will work, too!

  33. Moreaces says:

    I agree with @Logan,, meet the next Paris Hilton

  34. Moreaces says:

    I think it’s fantastic that they are getting Suri an expensive princess outfit for Halloween. She is their only daughter and they want to spoil her cause they love her dearly. Nothing wrong with that. This is how rich millionaires get down on Halloween. Good for them. I’m sure Suri will make a beautiful princess
    Suri is not their only daughter, the have two more children, a boy and a girl

  35. filthycute says:

    @geenie: every day I see your comments and wonder what you’re drinking or smoking. Are you serious?

  36. susan says:

    I don’t know why – and this is so wrong to say about a kid – but Suri seems kind of creepy to me…

  37. cruiz2 says:

    Wow, Suri is getting big! She’ll be as big as Tom next year – he’ll look ridiculous caring someone the same size! Benefit is…they can share princess clothes. HAHA

  38. whitedaisy says:

    You know some of these posters are on the Scientology payroll.

  39. RHONYC says:

    oh-course-she-did darling.

  40. Wow says:

    Those SHOES on Katie Holmes’s feet are too big, see how the back goes past her ankle? But more to the point…they’re NUTZ ! wearing big skyscrapers like that on cobblestone European streets is dumb.

  41. NOT IMPRESSED says:

    WOW….and look again. Look at the evil-eye GLARE Suri is shooting at someone in the 3rd picture. CREEPY. And yeah, vulgar sums it up. NOT IMPRESSED.

    No amount of $$makes them look good.

  42. jemshoes says:

    @ 36. susan – co-sign! I think it’s her eyes, the way she stares, like she’s used to control, power and authority – or, at the very least, used to having it her own way A LOT. I think she freaks me out because she has her father’s look! 😉

  43. cruiz2 says:

    I wonder how much that outfit & the stroller cost? Katie looks dumb wearing those shoes: pigeon toes + camel toe = fug!

  44. Isa says:

    Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.
    Even if I was rich, my children would still learn the value of a dollar. While we would have nice stuff there is no way I would spoil them to that extent.

    I agree about Suri’s eyes. She looks very cunning. I hope she doesn’t grow up to be a spoiled, entitled brat like I assume she will be.

  45. cruiz2 says:

    Cunning at 4 yrs.? Scary! Perhaps, a learned thing.I just don’t really care to hear about their decadence anymore. It’s insulting to regular people.
    Keep it to yourselves!!!

  46. Michelle says:

    I wonder if they would have spent $6000 on a costume if Suri had decided she wanted to dress up as a zombie?
    One year I didn’t want to wear one of my sister’s hand-me-down costumes for Halloween. So I borrowed a pair of crutches, wrapped myself with whatever first-aid bandages we had in the bathroom and put ketchup on the gauze wrapped around my head. I went as an “accident victim” 🙂

  47. chloe says:

    It’s their money and their daughter so who cares how much they spoil her?

  48. Alicia says:

    I think for in their world 6000 is what 20 is to regular people, but then again 20 to somebody that lives in africa would be more than 6000 so lets not get all jealous and always look one way
    We also spend a lot of money on things we dont exactly need, the people from africa could also come and tell us how selfish we are and that we could also donate the money to them.
    I feel we all should cooperate donating money, not only the very rich.
    Tom and Katy spoil their kid according to their budget which happends to be HUGE, lets not get so bendt out of shape about it and be happy with what we have, we could also have much less

  49. Tracy says:

    Ah, hell if I had that type of money I would be doing the same thing for my 4 year old and not apologizing to anyone……but at least have the baby’s hair styled to where it looks brushed most of the time…..especially when you know she will be photographed on 99% of your outings.What good is lots of money if you cannot spoil your kids?

  50. Raven says:

    Don’t worry. She’ll only be trick-or-treating at the houses where they are handing out celeb goodie bags.

  51. Emily says:

    Did Isabella and Connor ever get jewel encrusted Halloween costumes? All this fuss over Suri constantly, but we hardly ever heard about Cruise’s first two kids, and I certainly can’t remember hering anything this ridiculous about them. Because that’s what a $6000 costume is. And there’s no way it could be more fun than going op-shopping and making your own costumes.

  52. rheba says:

    @ Emily I think it’s because their mother didn’t need them for publicity.

  53. PsychicEyes says:

    Personally, I had fond memories of the stuffed toy and cute dresses that my mom and sister made for me. Oh, how I loved that cute pink bunny…

    There is something that money cannot buy and that is the love of a parent sitting with the child and making a costume or a cute stuffed toy.

  54. gg says:

    3 adults are all carrying Suri’s crap. Great idea, guys. 🙄

  55. Kim says:

    Just to let you know this was a complete lie. A 100% lie. The Daily Mail actually has a report and lots of pictures of Katie going to some costume shop and bought something off the rack for less than $50. Conveniently the Daily Mail removed all of those articles from it’s website

  56. i am really surprised seeing this suri has chosen a diamond dress for her 4 years daughter. its his money and his own wish that how he spends it, i don’t want to say against him.

  57. Dressing up as a princess is fun, but your costume may be overshadowed by all of the other princess costumes out there. One sure way to have a unique princess costume is to go along with a themed princess costume.

  58. 6000 in any currency is a lot of money to spend on a costume that will be outgrown next Halloween. But as Mr Cruise has plenty of cash, it is his choice.

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