Enquirer: John Travolta has had six to fifty gay lovers, probably

MULDERSDRIFT, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 11: Harry Kewell of Australia talks with John Travolta, Qantas Goodwill Ambassador as the Socceroos prepare ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, at Kloofzicht Lodge on June 11, 2010 in Muldersdrift, South Africa. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

A few weeks ago, The National Enquirer ran an interesting cover story from an author who claimed that he witnessed John Travolta boning various dudes in various Los Angeles spas. It was totally epic. Wait, I mean it was totally not shocking. Travolta and his lace front have long been rumored to like the man-meat, but the Enquirer’s reporting did add an extra layer of “ew” to it. The story came from an author named Robert Randolph, who had written a book called You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again, all about the gay Hollywood spa culture. Anyway, this week’s Enquirer has a follow-up with Randolph, and he’s claiming that since the Enquirer excerpted his book, lots and lots of dudes have come forward claiming that they too boned Travolta, or know someone who boned him, or cruised a guy who saw Travolta being boned, et cetera.

John Travolta’s gay cheating scandal has sparked a new uproar – and pals fear it may send his pregnant wife Kelly Preston into premature labor! The author of a new books about gay culture in Hollywood has made new allegations – among them, that John Travolta has had affairs with SIX MORE MEN.

With Kelly due to give birth in November, the turmoil has turned her into a bundle of nerves, sources say: “This must be hell for Kelly, especially in her condition,” says a family friend. “She’s trying to carry on with grace and make it to her due date. All Kelly wants is a healthy baby. I think this whole sordid mess is emotionally devastating to her. The last think Kelly needs is to go into premature labor over John’s supposed flings with other men.”

Ever since author Robert Randolph revealed that he witnessed Travolta regularly engaging in gay sex in LA steam rooms, Randolph says he’s been inundated with emails from other men who claim to have been sexually intimate with Travolta.

“I have no doubt that John Travolta is a sex addict. I’ve heard from many men who have either had gay sex with John or saw him having gay sex in health spas, steam rooms, locker rooms, you name it,” says Randolph. “I’ve gotten so many emails that I’m writing a second book titles ‘Tracking Travolta’ and I’ve got plenty of material.”

He says he believes that eventually as many as 50 men may come forward.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

The Enquirer has this weird little image which I guess is supposed to be pieces of some of the emails Randolph has received about Travolta, but it just seems strange. Like… are you just supposed to take it on good faith that all of this emailed eye-witness testimony is 100% accurate? I’m not doubting Travolta’s (alleged!) gayness (or his bisexuality, if you want to call it that), but I do wonder if Travolta has really been getting busy with every young, nubile piece of hustling meat in LA. If he did that, wouldn’t we have heard about it? Really?

MULDERSDRIFT, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 11: John Travolta, Qantas Goodwill Ambassador poses with the Australian Socceroos as the Socceroos prepare ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, at Kloofzicht Lodge on June 11, 2010 in Muldersdrift, South Africa. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

MULDERSDRIFT, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 11: John Travolta, Qantas Goodwill Ambassador poses with Harry Kewell (L) of Australia as the Socceroos prepare ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, at Kloofzicht Lodge on June 11, 2010 in Muldersdrift, South Africa. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

U.S. actor John Travolta shakes hands with Australia's Lucas Neill during his visit to the team base camp at Kloofzicht Lodge in Muldersdrift June 11, 2010. Australia will play Germany in their opening World Cup 2010 soccer match on June 13. REUTERS/Daniel Munoz (SOUTH AFRICA - Tags: SPORT SOCCER WORLD CUP)

U.S. actor John Travolta embraces Australia's Harry Kewell at the team base camp at Kloofzicht Lodge in Muldersdrift June 11, 2010. Australia will play Germany in their opening World Cup 2010 soccer match on June 13. REUTERS/Daniel Munoz (SOUTH AFRICA - Tags: SPORT SOCCER WORLD CUP ENTERTAINMENT)

Mar. 28, 2010 - Melbourne, Australia - John Travolta (USA) Actor on the podium...Formula One World Championship, Rd 2, Australian Grand Prix, Race, in Albert Park.

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  1. MeMyself says:

    Why are so many people facinated about whether or not an actor is gay?

    Who cares? Certainly nobody’s biz but their own.

  2. geenie says:

    I can care less about Travolta’s gayness, it’s the being married part that is a bugger. I feel bad for his wife and I’m curious if she’s aware of all the infidelity and gay articles about John. Has she read them? How horrid. I say, ‘run girl run and never look back.’

  3. CandyKay says:

    50 or 60 lovers doesn’t sound like much for a man who probably has been cruising spas since 1975 or so. Try adding a “0″ to the end of those numbers – at the very least.

    I think we HAVE heard about Travolta’s escapades before now – just like everyone had heard about Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors long before they ever came out. As a middle-class adolescent in the Midwest in the 1970s, I knew Rock Hudson was gay. The various legal and moral hurdles in the way of outing an A-list star are only reason we haven’t heard more about Travolta until now.

    There’s a theory going around that Travolta himself is behind this sudden rash of stories, that he wants out of his marriage and out of Scientology, and has therefore given his blessing to media outlets to confirm the rumors that have been going around forever anyway.

    Perhaps after the tragic death of his son, he wants to live an honest and open life.

  4. Marjalane says:

    It is interesting that the Travoltas never fight these stories, and I don’t care about the gay part either, but what I do find endlessly insulting is the P.R. game of insisting these Hollywood couples are madly in love, totally all about marital monogomy, perfect parents, blah, blah, blah. Just do your acting or your singing and quit trying to appear so perfect.

  5. Tess says:

    What an odd life he leads.

    He has a summer house up in Dark Harbor Maine, an exclusive island enclave restricted to uber high-Wasp social register types like the late Sister Parish, who was the high-priestess of decorating for American aristocrats.

    She decorated the Kennedy White House, until she had a run-in with Jackie and was fired for allegedly bad mouthing (or kicking, according to some sources) Caroline.

  6. mln says:

    It is true(I have gay spa friends) , however I am sort of ambivilent about the way he is being outed. It would have been wonderful if he could announce this in say a year or two after the new baby in a dignified interview. But this is going to be ignored by mainstream media which has a strong policy of not outing anyone and will only serve to humiliate him more. I don’t exactly have sympathy for his wife because she either is along for the ride because of his noteriety or in serious denial but right now isn’t the time for this.

  7. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I feel for Kelly right now. They have to do this when she is getting ready to give birth. Their son died, I am sure they were both extremely traumatized over it. Now they are having another baby and this is all over the tabloids? Shame on everyone. I dont care if he’s gay, he apparently wants to raise another child with his wife. Good for him.

  8. pebbles says:

    I don’t believe the e-mails…but I do think Travolta is gay or bisexual or whatever. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest…….
    what does bother me is that he may be hesitant to “come out” due to the Scientology business….

    And don’t get me started as to whether or not I believe that Kelly Preston is actually carrying a child.

  9. Maritza says:

    Unless Kelly lives under a rock she must know by now that he is bi-sexual.

  10. Lady Jane says:

    I have gay guy friends who claim to have seen a certain celeb (not Travolta) in saunas etc. And although I believe them, these statement don’t gain a lot of mainstream credibility. It isn’t like the saunas are full of out-and-proud, sober gay men. Many, many men who go are not out and live straight lifestlyes, either as straight single men (for professional reasons etc) or as family men. There is also a big drug culture in the gay scene which doesn’t lend to anecdotal credibility. Lots of people who go to these saunas have things to hide – and that may be the reason that not that many celebs are outed this way.

    DISCLAIMER: I temper the above by stating that I am sure there are lots of out-and-proud, drug-free gay men who also enjoy spending time in gay Saunas.

  11. JM says:

    Although there is always some truth to gossip, I have a hard time believing this. Ladt I knew, the Travoltas reside in Florida. Is John running up frequent flyer miles just to get some in a gay LA sauna? Doesn’t make sense. Anyway, I just hope Kelly has a healthy baby.

  12. Kristin says:

    He’s been in a lot of good movies and a really good tv show. The Enquirer has been saying he is gay for at least 20 years. Even if it is true, it doesn’t mean that I would like his work any less.

  13. Mia says:

    I could be wrong but there seems like a bit of a double standard going on here. Ashton Kutcher is (allegedly)screwing around on Demi and is getting raked over the coals by the public for it. But people seem to feel more sympathetic towards John for some reason.
    Bottom line: It doesn’t matter if he is having extra-marital sex with men or with women – he is STILL (allegedly) screwing around on his wife. And his pregnant wife at that.

  14. Westcoaster says:

    A few weeks ago Kelly Preston was in Toronto for the Toronto Film Festival. If she is such a “bundle of nerves” why would she fly cross country ,seven months pregnant and have to deal with hoards of international reporters who might ask questions about the allegations involving John and his affairs?
    Kelly must know and does not care because she and John must have some “arrangement” or she has heard the stories for years and know they are false.
    I don’t know whether to believe if the stories about John Travolta being gay are true. But I have to wonder why there is no mention of John threatening to sue the author of this book?

  15. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Maybe these are $cieno-fed stories. Maybe he wants to leave & they’re harassing him. After all, aren’t the $cieno’s real big on sauna therapy?

  16. dorothy says:

    Don’t Care.

  17. Fiona says:

    Leave the Travoltas in peace!!!!Who cares about other people´s sex life?Only the one´s who haven´t a life at all!!!
    Besides, six to fifty lovers?Why not one to fifty?Are these lottery numbers?
    Travolta rocks!!!!

  18. Holly says:

    @LadyJane: Ooh! Who are YOU talking about?
    At the risk of sounding weird, I’d rather my husband cheat on me with dudes cuz he’s gay rather than have him cheat on me with a woman so I can wonder what she’s got that I don’t. Not that either situation is a good one, but at least with the former, I’d not take it as personally.

  19. Desert Cat says:

    One reason that I feel it’s relevant to discuss Travolta’s sexuality is because he has maintained a long and very loyal association with a group (Scientology) that is flagrantly anti-homosexual. John Travolta is no better than Sen. Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, or other self-hating, repressed gay men who hide behind the discrimination and repression of their own people. If Travolta weren’t such an ardent Scientologist, this would be a private matter between him and his wife. He has made a conscious and very public choice to promote Scientology, so as far as I’m concerned, he’s fair game.

  20. Stronzilla says:

    How different the comments on this situation than that of Tiger Woods or Jesse James/Sandra Bullock.

  21. Praise St. Angie! says:

    who is the hot piece with Travolta in the top pic (and a couple of others)?

  22. happymom says:

    Weren’t there rumors a few years back about Kelly openly canoodling with some guy on a commercial flight? I’m guessing they have an open marriage and she is WELL aware of his extra-curricular activities. I would be more concerned about how his “Church” will respond, since they’re anti-gay.

  23. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @Holly…. I totally agree with you!

  24. Shay says:

    Whatever! his private life is his and that is all. Apart from that, he is good actor and that’s all that matters.

  25. irishserra says:

    Geenie: You said “is a bugger”… Heh.

  26. Rex says:

    Kelly knows about all of this and has – she is a BEARD!

  27. bunny fluff and stuff says:

    if he is gay, whatever. the man’s son died! give him a break. this is an outrageous story to repeat and the enquirer isn’t exactly known for its journalism.

  28. tiki says:

    my skepticism arises from the lack of photographic evidence. in this age of cellphone cameras, how is it that no one has ever once captured an image of travolta in a compromising position? there was the picture a year or so ago of him kissing the male ‘nanny’ on the lips as he boarded an airplane, but that’s it. if he were as active as the claims say he is, there would be visual proof. it makes it hard to believe that the rumors are anything but gossip.

  29. maggiegrace says:

    Travolta’s gay; his wife is a beard; she’s in it for the $$ and notoriety; her pregnancy is a sham; in a couple months they’ll emerge with a perfect, non-autistic son that is the product of some anonymous egg and sperm; and I don’t care about any of it.

  30. smith says:

    who among us hasn’t?

  31. wunderkindt says:


  32. Moreaces says:

    If he is good for him, I could truly care less, however if he has concealed this info from his wife that is another story. Not that that is my business either, but it is very nasty and crule

  33. lucy2 says:

    I think the comments are different from other cheating stories because many people think John & Kelly have more of an arrangement than a “real” marriage.
    I’ve long thought he is gay or bi, and if he is, I feel bad for him that he feels he has to live a false life all the time, but I guess that’s what happens with Scientology.
    If he wants out, he should make a press statement and that anything bad that comes out about him or his family is CoS trying to smear him. Beat them at their own game.

  34. Dizzybenny says:

    even if he had 5000 male gay affairS….I DON’T GIVE A FLYING F*CK!!!!

  35. original kate says:

    i think they have an open marriage. if john really is in the closet i feel sad for him, having to live a lie. he seems like a nice guy and he’s had some bad luck.

  36. Kim says:

    A gay couple I know, years ago one of the guys told me he dated John Travolta for years. He said they would rendevous in Mexico and that John LOVED to have sex in steam rooms with random guys. Also he said Kelly is aware John is gay and its Hollywood sham marriage. John must be/have been paying off the tabloids to not out him because he hasnt been all that secretive with his tyrsts. Looks like someone isnt taking his payoff and truth will come out about his sexuality soon.

  37. Tazina says:

    Leave them alone. It’s a personal matter. They may have an open marriage although I certainly wouldn’t stick around if my husband was dallying with men…..but each to his own. I hope that the rumors are not true.

  38. JustBe says:

    For all of the people saying to leave them alone, why should the Travoltas be treated differently than any other celeb couple by the patrons of a gossip site? I can understand if it was shortly after (~3 months) losing a loved one, but both Kelly and John seem to be making an effort to resume their normal lives after grieving for their child. At what point would it be kosher (on a gossip blog) to gossip about them again? Ever?

    Just curious.

  39. elaine says:

    @ Pebbles – I don’t think so either. And don’t get me started about their deceased child, Jett, and what I believe happened there…

  40. anon says:

    @maggiegrace…I did read an article a while back, a blind item I guess you’d call it, which said Kelly Preston and Christina Applegate were 2 of 3 possible actresses seen wearing a pregnancy prosthetic at a posh party and adjusting it in the bathroom. I always wonder what happened to the (many) reports that Kelly miscarried a couple of months ago. Hmmm…

  41. whitedaisy says:

    a. Kelly isn’t pregnant.

    b. This arrangement they call a marriage means that she knows all about it.

  42. Crash2GO2 says:

    Good Lord. The comments on this thread make me want at throw coffee on my computer monitor.

  43. Ruffian9 says:

    “There’s a theory going around that Travolta himself is behind this sudden rash of stories, that he wants out of his marriage and out of Scientology, and has therefore given his blessing to media outlets to confirm the rumors that have been going around forever anyway.

    Perhaps after the tragic death of his son, he wants to live an honest and open life.”

    This is interesting… I’d kind of like to think it’s true. A new baby complicates things mightily for him. Good luck, John, you deserve to live the life you want.

  44. Amy says:

    Tabloid lies. I don’t believe a word of it.

  45. McMe says:

    @ Desert Cat…you said it perfectly. You articulated EXACTLY what I was thinking and I’m puzzled why more people aren’t also thinking the same..

  46. cruiz2 says:

    I like him either way. A nice guy!

  47. k.at says:

    there was a blind item a few weeks back about a married, famous woman faking her pregnancy, while having a surrogate carrying it because of her husband’s homosexuality. BINGO!!!!!

  48. Spacelamb says:

    @Praise St. Angie! The hottie is Harry Kewell, Australian soccer star.

  49. Alicia says:

    First of all Lady Jane (I think was the name) I am so curious George to know which celebrety was the one in that you heard goes to the sauna, please do tell
    And Holly, I totally agree with you on that one, I much rather my husbad was bisexual and would see men than go see other women, I dont want to compete with other girls

    As for the Jonh Travolta thing, I think she totally knows about it and either they do have a fake marriage or she is exepts that he is bisexual and lets him have his fun on the side.
    I also want to add that my dad met John at one of the toronto YMCA in the sauna (he did not hit on my dad, not because he is not gay but my dad is so hairy he had to be crazy to hit that hahahah) and he is the soooo nice, when he was trying to get into the Y one of the staff told him that he couldnt come in without a card or something like that (he is a member of the LA YMCA)the staff didnt recognize him and he, at no point, got all diva about it and was totally cool until they did recognize him and got in, some people were singing to him songs from Grease and he was singing along with them, very nice guy

  50. Anti-icon says:

    Who cares? I want Scientology to GO DOWN HARD. But I do not want individual people inside it, who have been brainwashed/traumatized/indoctrinated to become the sacrificial lamb for any other community, be it the gay community, the autistic community, or anything at all that would shatter John Travolta’s identity as a father. That is first and foremost and I believe he is an EXCELLENT father to both his children–Jett (RIP) and Bella.

  51. Tracy says:

    Don’t care, even if it did have a hint or example of truth….I still love him loyally and blindly since his Barbarino/Boy in the Plastic Bubble days… forever

  52. blondie says:

    Wtf? They lost a child! Maybe I feel for them a bit more because I have a son who is the same age their son was, but still. Losing a child is the worst pain I could ever imagine. I feel like I’d never recover. They may not have “recovered,” but they’re doing their thing and apparently learning to be happy again, so why can’t people just back up off them?

    It’s not like he’s Lindsay Lohan, out at the clubs, calling paps, being a media whore. Why would someone go out of their way to humiliate a family who is just trying to move on after experiencing a tragedy?

  53. Lee says:

    #50, His daughter’s name is Ella.

  54. PsychicEyes says:

    Who really cares if he’s straight, bi or a closet gay. Why is it any of our business?

    I really like John Travolta as an entertainer and in my opinion he’s very talented — act, sing, dance and is higly trained pilot. I always get drawn into the character that he plays. More importantly, I never once read about him being a jerk to anyone.

    This family has been through much grief and I for one would never throw stones at them.

  55. dairy says:

    word is he wants out of Scientology because of the hypocrisy with his sexuality, but the top people aren’t happy about it so are trying (allegedly) to blackmail him about his activities. Either they are releasing these “leads” or Travolta is doing it himself to weaken their hold over him… I wish him luck and hope he can get to a point in the future where he can be honest about who and what he really is…

  56. Robert says:

    One thing the article fails to mention is ‘when’ this happened. Maybe he was and isn’t now, maybe he still is, but you know, in the end who cares. I think he is one of the few genuine big hearted celebs and is entitled to his own life.

  57. robert callahan says:

    OK……… John Travolta’s gay, now what? Still unemployed, still trying to make it, still dealing with the craziness of the world, still trying to lose weight, still trying to be healthier, still waiting to fall in love, still waiting for my family to be sane, still concerned about all the horrific murders and lack of respect for humans, still confused why people are cruel to children, why they abuse animals, why they are uncivil towards on another, and the beat goes on……

  58. anne Bartee says:

    I guess old aquarian travolta wasn’t able to cover this story even with the scientology org behind him.. I wonder how many diseases he will bring to his wife.. I think Kelly is aware of his life and accepts it … hummm back to the anti gay classes at the celebrity center ..yo ho ho.. yeah it really works NOOOOT .. maybe more cleansing sweats at the center will save him..yo ho ho…NOOOOOT

  59. Tight Fit "Need Hung Jock" With A Cock! says:

    This dishardening why? John has right to his privacy. Fully aware of hateful,
    lot whom seeks. Tarnish his career, my
    concern. If Johan has been with men shall. Enhance the fans or resenters sex life? Hello, John lost his son there important. Things to discuss in the life. Prejudice John is “Gay” which is normal. Gay n Proud John ignore them still talented artist!

  60. love john dnt care if he is gay or not let him live his live to his according …like you live yours