Jenny McCarthy split with Jim Carrey because “it wasn’t fun anymore”

Photo by: AJM/AAD/ 2010  8/14/10 Jenny McCarthy hosts the 4th Annual Midsumer Night''s Dream at the Palms Pool and Bungalows at the Palms Hotel and Casino. (Las Vegas, Nevada)  Photo via Newscom

I’m not a big fan of Jenny McCarthy, but I don’t have a rabid dislike for the woman. I know a lot of people feel strongly about her autism activism, but I’ve always kind of seen that as just Jenny being a mother and trying to be a strong, effective advocate for her kid, and the results are both good and bad. Anyway, Jenny is getting her on show on Oprah’s network, and Oprah interviewed Jenny for a show that will air tomorrow. If this is a preview of coming attractions, I want nothing to do with this junk – I really, really, really hate the way Jenny is coming across in this interview. Oprah asks Jenny about her split with Jim Carrey, and Jenny’s reaction is so… ugh. Here are the quotes:

They were all but inseparable starting in early 2007, but by this past April came the news that Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey were going their separate ways.

While others – including Hugh Hefner, a fan of the former couple – speculated on what went wrong, Oprah Winfrey is getting right to the heart of the matter by asking McCarthy herself, “Tell me, when did you know it was over? ”

In her response that airs on Tuesday’s The Oprah Winfrey Show, McCarthy, 37, says, “You know, the simple word I can give – and there’s a few, so let me say a few. The first thing is, when it’s not fun anymore, you need to start investigating and do an inquiry into the relationship.”

The actress and former Playboy model, who on the program also discusses her new book, Love, Lust and Faking It, also address her image while she was dating funnyman Carrey.

“I’ve learned that,” McCarthy says, “and this is why my identification wasn’t caught up [in] being a celebrity’s … girlfriend.”

“It wasn’t?” asks Winfrey.

“It wasn’t at all,” insists McCarthy, as Winfrey presses her further by asking, “You are sure?”

“Absolutely,” answers McCarthy. “I did check on that, by the way. I checked into myself. How does my ego feel? … My ego’s fine. I’m a warrior mom [to son Evan, 8]. I always got back on my feet, and I know especially this year who I am.”

Once Winfrey accepts McCarthy’s response, the host goes on to say to her guest, “Okay, I’m gonna ask this … Just because I have to … Any chance you’ll get back together, do you think?”

“God, another good question,” replies McCarthy.

“That’s sort of a simple one,” says Winfrey, to which McCarthy says back, “I know. I didn’t even think about that one, though.”

[From People]

“The first thing is, when it’s not fun anymore, you need to start investigating and do an inquiry into the relationship.” Oh, f-ck you. First of all, a relationship isn’t going to be fun all the time – some days are going to be bad, some days are going to take work. I cannot even express my disgust for a grown, 40-something woman, a mother who allowed and promoted her boyfriend’s relationship with her child, to sit there and whine about how she got out because it wasn’t “fun.” Grow up. And what’s worse is that I actually believed that Jenny had split from Jim for a really good reason – that he had stopped taking his medication, and she couldn’t be a mother to her son and be her boyfriend’s mental health caretaker. There is the possibility that Jenny’s “fun” complaint is a cover for the real reason – but it just feels like she’s really stupid and immature and she’s couldn’t handle the situation when Jim needed her in a way that wasn’t “fun.” Oh, but I guess Jenny got what she wanted in the end – Jim handed over $25 million in a trust for her and for her son, and now Jenny gets to have “fun” with young famewhores with weird stomachs.

01 October 2009 - Beverly Hills, CA - Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. 2009 Visionary Ball held at The Beverly Hills Wilshire Four Seasons. Photo Credit: Michael Jade/AdMedia

32601, MAUI, HAWAII - Friday July 17 2009. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy enjoy some family time on the beach in Hawaii with Jenny's son, Evan. Jim and Jenny helped build a fortress in the sand and Jenny's job was to collect water for the fort. The family enjoyed the sunset over the pacific ocean and showed how there love is very much alive by enjoying some quiet moments for a kiss and cuddle. Jim was sporting a new scruffy look while Jenny looked her usual glam self in a blue summer dress. Photograph: © Will Binns,

30986, CANNES, FRANCE - Monday May 18 2009. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy at the snowy photocall for A Christmas Carol in front of the Carlton Hotel during the 62nd in Cannes Film Festival. Photograph: ©Juan Soliz ,

Photo by: AJM/AAD/ 2010  8/14/10 Jenny McCarthy hosts the 4th Annual Midsumer Night''s Dream at the Palms Pool and Bungalows at the Palms Hotel and Casino. (Las Vegas, Nevada)  Photo via Newscom

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  1. Kim says:

    I think she is just being diplomatic when she says not fun Jim has suffered from depression and is possibly bipolar. Being in a relationship with someone who is bipolar can become exhausting and too much too handle over time for some people. I say don’t judge. Being with a bipolar person especially one not taking their mdication is just as bad as being with a drug addict . I’m not going to judge her decision.

  2. liz says:

    I agree with the above comment. Though I will say that breaking something off because it isn’t “fun anymore” all the time is extremely immature. But only the people actually involved in the relationship know what is happening within it. The rest of us have no real say/advice…

  3. nita says:

    Omg, I totally agree! GROW UP! It will not always be fun. Love is promise.

  4. womanfromthenorth says:

    must be nice to be able to “cut and Run” when it’s no longer “FUN” :(

  5. Kitten says:

    Woah..that seems like an extreme response to what she said, Kaiser. I don’t know for sure (or at all, really) but it seems like the “not fun” thing could be cover for “this dude has major depression”. If that’s the case then she’s doing him a favor by putting it so simply instead of going into details about his personal issues. I dated someone with depression for 5 years and it does take a toll on a relationship, ESPECIALLY if the person is not actively seeking treatment/medication to deal with the issue. It can cause a serious imbalance in the relationship where one person is relied upon to the point where they are more of therapist/mother/doctor and less of an equal partner in the relationship. And yeah, it is most definitely exhausting and well, NOT fun.

  6. gillie says:

    kim— you hit the nail on the head. i thought the same thing.

  7. Frankly says:

    There are miles between “Wheeee! Fun!” and Not Fun. It’s not just the absence of fun.

    I think she’s understating it:
    “I’m have an enormous abscess from a botched root canal. Not fun.”

    She’s saying “It started to really suck, but I don’t want to be a bitch about it.”

  8. Jeri says:

    The questions were stupid & repeating the same one over & over doesn’t make it any better.

    Maybe Jenny was expressing her contempt to the questions, although Oprah is her new boss.

    They both come across as idiots.

  9. Just a Poster says:

    Kim I agree with you 100%

  10. 4Real says:

    Wow Jenny I didn’t really know you before and now I really can’t stand you. What an ungreatful and disloyal hag.

    • Marie says:

      I heard through their personal assistants that she broke up with him because he would’nt do drugs with her. Thus the “not fun anymore”. What is she famous for??

    • Marie says:

      I heard through their personal assistants that she broke up with him because he would’nt do d$ugs with her. Thus the “not fun anymore”. What is she famous for??

  11. eja102 says:

    maybe he got tired of her trying to laugh through the botox.

  12. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yea I think she meant it in a whole another way like Kim says. I don’t think she literally means fun. I honestly thought they were a cute couple, but Jim can do better. I really like that guy and he makes me happy. I wish him all the best.

  13. jc126 says:

    I think she’s being diplomatic. I’ve heard people say similar things about it not being “fun” when it was really “total unrelenting misery/abuse”, etc.
    I make it a habit not to speculate on the worthiness or validity of other people’s reasons for splitting with their mates, because none of us knows what goes on behind closed doors. People I never would’ve dreamed were abusive, or substance abusers, or some other horror have turned out to be so.

  14. PsychicEyes says:

    Kaiser, amen to that. Your description of this asinine broad is right on the mark.

  15. Moreaces says:

    Maybe it was because he just was not funny anymore, he seems to take nothing serious,

  16. Ms_Fu says:

    ‘“The first thing is, when it’s not fun anymore, you need to start investigating and do an inquiry into the relationship.” Oh, f-ck you.’

    You’re hilarious, Kaiser! She did sound like a five year old when she said that.

  17. Kaiser says:

    Look, I had genuine sympathy for Jenny when she broke up with Jim – and I know that we’ll never really know what happened between them. But if you’re going to go on Oprah and talk about your allegedly mentally ill ex, is it so f-cking difficult to attempt to sound like a mature adult who struggled to deal with things in an adult way? She sounds like a vapid, immature a–hole.

  18. Kitten says:

    @ Kaiser- I’d have to see the interview because I didn’t watch any of it…Not to keep making excuses for her but maybe she’s just deflecting by acting like it wasn’t a big deal?
    Meh. Maybe I just want to give her the benefit of the doubt because I know how hard that shit is.

  19. PsychicEyes says:

    Kaiser, I could not have agreed with you more. She should have kept her mouth shut from the get-go because my opinion initially were one of sympathy after the break-up. Not anymore.

  20. teehee says:

    Well, I agree with all the above abotu “not fun” meanign something else. But yes, the way Jenny says it, “not fun anymore” — as in it WAS a matter of fun to start with— can make you interpret it as Kaiser did.
    Plus, how terribly unintelligent she sounds in her other answers. Misusing vocabulary, she sounds like a young kid throwing big words around trying to sound smarter and more mature than she is.
    That could be what TRIGGERED Jim to go in a downward spiral- when he saw how fleetingly attached she was to him and maybe she withdrew as it became more ‘boring’ to her, to his dismay. This guy invested a lot in her and obviously loved her.

    But yes I am only speculating :)

  21. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, she didn’t verbalize it very well because…well…she’s just not that smart.

    but I agree with the others here, I don’t think she meant that it has to be “fun” all the time. I think she meant that it wasn’t fun EVER. Or, the “not fun” times were outnumbering the “fun” times.

    Yes, a relationship is hard work and there are times that it WON’T be fun, but what’s the point if it’s NEVER fun?

    Kitten, my sympathies to you…I went through the same thing, and when someone doesn’t face their illness and take steps to treat their depression, it makes the other person in the relationship depressed, too. (as well as exhausted.) the other person is not keeping up their own mental well-being because he/she is too busy taking care of their partner.

  22. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    To me, the not fun anymore means “I wanna F##k someone else now, thank you”. I agree with you, Kaiser, wholeheartedly..

  23. TQB says:

    yeah, I’ve been waiting for the Kaiser coverage of this. I want to believe the “not fun” interpretation that Kim, etc. have argued for, but the rest of the conversation makes me concerned that she’s just being a vapid famewhore. Which is funny, because that’s what I thought of her UNTIL she got hooked up with Carrey and was rather quiet and nonchalant about it. Anyway, all I can say after reading this is I am no longer pulling for their reunion.

  24. Cam says:

    Kaiser, you said it. I don’t care what she meant or why their relationship stopped working, but don’t talk about it like a 5 y.o would, at least try to cover the deeper truth with something more… uhm, what’s the word? oh yeah, mature.

  25. Kbomb says:

    Saying that living with a depressive isn’t “fun” is a tad trivializing of the situation….but I think she may have been trying to just deflect a bit out of respect for Jim. I lived my life with a depressive mom and can tell you that there was nothing ‘fun’ about it. And frankly, it’s no ones business to know what I mean by that. And as juvenile as it sounds, I would prefer to be perceived as such than to expose someones personal and private demons that are not for public consumption.

  26. lynn says:

    she’s actually only 37 not forty-something but she should still grow up. but let’s be honest she became famous for her looks and she is just trying to drum up publicity for her new show.

  27. mln says:

    It wasn’t fun anymore its called 25$ mill in the bank because she knows where all the bodies are buried.

  28. malachais says:

    I dunno what to think about this one either. In a way she sounds like an egomaniac who got a little bored when people started to refer to her a Jim Carrey’s girlfriend. I don’t see why that would be a bad thing considering he is so well-respected. Jenny does alot of her own work and is well known for it, so that is what’s confusing about her remark.

    I don’t keep up with Jenny or Jim, has she ever brought up Jim’s depression or is it all speculation? Do we really know Jim left 25 mil to her son? Once we know the actual answers, then we’ll see.

    I agree though, if Jenny’s being interviewed by Oprah, be honest. Her response was just weird, but maybe she wanted it to leave it that way.

    I don’t really care for Jenny but I wish Jim all the best.

  29. Tess says:

    Guess he’ll just have to soldier on without her.

    He seemed to be devoted to her son. Maybe the self described “warrior mom” should think about how ending the relationship with Carrey (or any man she forms a marriage-like relationship with) will effect her child. It can be traumatic, not to mention creating a lifelong inability to trust, and a sense of insecurity.

    Oh well, I guess warrior mom’s fun is more important.

  30. Madison says:

    She sounds like an immature idiot with that comment but I also suspect she probably didn’t want to go public with the real reasons for the breakup, she probably didn’t want to make jim carrey look like the bad guy.

  31. Kitten says:

    @ Praise-”the other person is not keeping up their own mental well-being because he/she is too busy taking care of their partner.”
    EXACTLY. You put it perfectly. Just ends up being a really unhealthy dynamic all around.

  32. a says:

    thank you kaiser!

  33. april says:

    yeah, that did seem immature and selfish. dont know how she meant it, but that is how it sounded.

  34. bw says:

    I agree with Kim and Kitten. I dare not even talk to my immediately family in confidence without hearing made-up, incorrect and gossipy smack down the line from another one of them, so why should Jenny open up to the world (or Oprah) about the details of the downfall of their relationship, so everybody can snicker, gossip and put them down? “Not fun” in this case probably had nothing to do with “fun”. It was just a polite answer, and more diplomatic than going into details that are no one’s business but hers and Jim’s.

  35. Mistral says:

    I love Jim Carrey. The stereotypical Sad Clown…He’s awesome and I hope he’s OK.

  36. Rita says:

    Kaiser, that was great!!!!

  37. Keyanna says:

    Nice cheek implants!!! Why do people think that looks better than sagging skin. Do people think “Oh, those huge plastic orbs in my face look better than natural aging…”

  38. irishserra says:

    Maybe it just didn’t come out the way she meant it to, because she really doesn’t strike me as the cut-and-run-cuz-it’s-no-fun kind of girl. I like her. She’s so…down to earth.

    If I were a celebrity, I know I’d avoid interviews like the plague because I just don’t express myself very well.

  39. jeane says:

    Jeez everybody, judge much?

    They were together for almost 5 years. It’s not a lifetime, but it’s long enough not to have been “fun” all the time, not to mention Carey’s known mental problems. She also has a child with autism and she has always seemed really devoted to the cause, so I seriously doubt that she is all about “having fun” all the time.

    And Tess, I found your comment pretty offensive. Maybe I misunderstood your poorly phrased comment, because it sounds like a condemnation of all women with children who decide to leave their husbands. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your child is break up and NOT stay in an unhappy marriage/relationship as that may damage the child(ren) as well.

  40. danielle says:

    Lol, I think I absolutely agree with everyone on this one. Yes, she could have expressed herself better. No that might not have been what she really meant.

  41. cara says:

    Kaiser….spot f*&king on!!!!!

    (I think she was only into JC for his $$$$ and I also think that as a woman who made her $$ off her looks, she is having a sort of midlife crisis……aging can’t be great for ppl like her)

  42. AC says:

    she said when it’s not fun anymore it’s “time to take a look at the relationship.” not “it’s time to break up” which means they were probably struggling for a while and decided hmm okay lets take a look at what we’re doing and they decided as adults to end the relationship and I highly doubt that two people so involved as a family unit would just say “eh, it’s not fun anymore” and leave that as their only reason for splitting.

  43. kellogg says:

    My take on this would be Jenny’s trying to protect both images.

    “Fun, zany” are words associated with Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy–and yeah, uh–”people” are either reluctant or ravenous to promote any of their projects (how ever serious and altruistic)if words like, say, “mentally ill” crop up in public media.

    This is why they were a tidy media-friendly couple. If Jim Carrey struggles with depression or bipolar, like many other comedians, he deserves the same level of privacy as anyone else.

    I see Jenny’s comment as using “fun” as a catch-all; I’m assuming she was there through day-to-day with Jim and her son. Her kiddo has been navigating autism. That’s work enough for a devoted mom. And no matter what bitchitude we throw out here it’s not debatable that she is devoted to her kiddo.

    She’s always made no bones about the fact she takes roles in craptastic films or Vegas promo ops for pay. Some of them “might” be signed into that initial Playboy contract eons ago. “Might” be that contract’s a bit iron-clad?

    Thank you, Kaiser for covering this.

  44. Kate says:

    I know several people who have chosen to divorce because it wasn’t “fun” anymore, so this rationale certainly isn’t limited to the celebrity crowd. I just find it to be fairly symptomatic of what is generally a selfish, egotistical society.

  45. Sarah says:

    Listen, I love Jim. I don’t really like her.
    He seems exhausting. I’ve read pieces on him where people describe him that way.
    And he’s dealt with mental health problems. Unless you all have dealt with mental illness, do not pass judgement on her.
    But she could very well be being quite kind in covering for Jim.

  46. kellogg says:

    @kate: I think “fun” is part and parcel of our ever-egotistical society.

    Everything should be *FUN* and immediate.
    How do we effect change in an environment of entitlement?

  47. Confuzzle says:

    She always was a ginormous dumbass.

  48. Crash2GO2 says:

    Remember, we are talking about the woman who said about herself dressed in the belly dancer attire “I’d hit this!”.

    Yeah, I pretty much lost interest in anything she has to say about anything. So her being on Oprah is really perfect. Two women with absolutely nothing interesting to say. :D

  49. Raven says:

    I think you missed the boat on this one. Someone with an autistic son certainly understands that things aren’t fun all the time. But when you have a bipolar mate who won’t take his meds and then you are stuck with 2 disabled children, it is time to reassess. After trying to get things worked out and not being able to, she did what she had to do. She got out of the relationship.

  50. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Raven: Except wasn’t her boy recently cleared of autism?

    At any rate – certainly no picnic to care for the both of them.

  51. PsychicEyes says:



    I wasn’t going to comment on her pseudo-claims that autisim was caused due to vaccination. However, I believe that she’s back peddling because of new research that came to light about its genetic link.

    The way I view her is that she’s an asinine…the lights are off. Dating JC made her more popular — I did not know who she was until she started dating him.

    As for depression it’s not easy but I certainly would not have turned my back on my partner due to his illness. Nope, I certainly would not. There is always a solution to any problem and her claims of looking for solution for autisim and not giving up blah, blah….just contridicts what she told Oprah regarding why she broke up with JC.

    I don’t buy her B.S. and JC is probably better off without her. He needs to find someone who truly loves and accepts him and won’t bail when he’s not well.

  52. lucy2 says:

    I hope she was just trying to be diplomatic and not get into the heavy stuff about the relationship.

    But WTF is up with her face?

  53. lisa says:

    I am not a fan of hers at all or Jim for that matter.. he seems like a lot to handle. I think too that she meant things got a bit off.. “not fun”..but I also agree about her USING this relationship to promote her show. It seems to be the thing with her and her girlfriends do all the time.. Whine to the Mighty O. It is always the MAN that has the problems not her or her friends. LOOK at her friends and their breakups.. The same thing.. the same thing..

    but I guess there was enought Fun in the relationship because she walked away with MILLONS from him. and she reaped the rewards of being a “celebrity’s girlfriend”.. If she can stand on her own two feet..give back that money. All those millions.. well that part was a lot of FUN..

    Plus she was all loved up with some other guy a few weeks after the split. So Oprah’s question was STUPID. Jenny already had or has a new man.

    She looks really trashy to me in those pics.But I’m not a fan so I may be biased. And her show like all the Oprah shows I will not be watching..

  54. Sugar says:

    All I know is that when it isn’t “fun” anymore it means you’ve hit the part that means you love someone or you never did. Love is a commitment through the hard times. All the money he promised her should be LOADS of fun though.

  55. MrsLammy77 says:

    Fun to her is eating a hamburger half naked with her ass in the air… I seriously dont know what Jim saw in this lady…a few more years with her I bet Jim would have either ended up in the mental institute or would have commited suicide. Cant stand the BITCH!!

  56. Holly says:

    I haven’t really followed the story of Jim Carrey’s supposed mental illness, so I’m curious–where has this story been reported on, besides in relationship to him and Jenny McCarthy? Has he been hospitalized for mania or psychosis? For depression? In my book, this is what happens when you are really bipolar. Too many people (and psychiatrists) attach this label to anyone who behaves oddly and/or suffers from depression these days.

  57. goddessoflubbock says:

    I think she was irresponsible from the beginning. She has a special needs child, then gets involved with a man who has serious problems of his own.

    She put herself first, and so I believe she meant fun as in good times. I’ve seen/heard her in action over the years with GR and I don’t think her capable of a “cover-up”. Not after the insanely incongruous stuff I’ve heard her say.

    Poor Evan. What happens when she gets bored of autism activism?

  58. dovesgate says:

    I’ve used the words “not fun” to describe a bad situation in my own relationships without wanting to go into detail. I absolutely can’t fault her for saying that instead of dishing about her relationship on national television. We also dont know what went on behind closed doors so I’m not going to blame her for the demise of the relationship. Just because you love someone doesnt mean the relationship is healthy for everyone involved. Sometimes its simply in everyones best interest to get out.

    Being ditzy is a character for Jenny. She’s played it a long time, when she was a Playboy Bunny, as a TV host, on TV shows. I think the whole “warrior mom” aspect of her raised my respect for her at least a hundredfold because finally, she was more than that stupid, ditzy, “I’d so hit this” blonde bimbo schtick.

    If she’s promoting a new show, then I bet she’s going back to that character because thats what most people are familiar with her as. Hopefully, it will segue into a real show, about real issues and less of the crap.

  59. KatC says:

    I interpreted ‘Not fun’ as it had stopped being fun to be around him. It made me think of that scene in Mrs. Doutfire (I know, but bear with me) when Sally Feilds character says that after a few years, It just stopped being funny to her. I can imagine that when you’re with someone who is always so ‘ON’ like JC, as long as you’re keeping up and enjoying the show it’s fantastic, but after a while it would just get really, really old. A lot of times in long term relationships, the zany things people first thought were so charming and ‘fun’ become insanely annoying and hard to be around. If JC doesn’t have an ‘off’ switch, then I can imagine that it would get pretty tiresome. At any rate, I think she’s just being tactful, and doesn’t want to say anything bad about JC.

  60. OC lady says:

    I think you have to know someone with bipolar disorder to know what “not fun” means. How about waking up to someone throwing things at you because he was having a bad dream and was in a bad mood? How about having someone decide to burn your clothes because he whimsically decided they were too revealing (they weren’t)? How about someone blaming you for their every problem? Then, acting like you are abusing them when you try to reason with them? That’s what NOT FUN can mean when you deal with bipolar disorder . . . you really have to go through it to believe it.

    I don’t know what Carrey is like behind closed doors but I do remember that he defended Tiger Woods against Elin because she’s a gold-digger, according to him. Yes, that sounds like reasonable thinking to me.

  61. DiMi says:

    Why are people getting angry at her? She didn’t break up with you! Why are you more mad at her than Jim Carey is? It’s obvious that this is just a polite way for her to avoid the question.

    She is NOT being immature. It would have been immature to expose herself and Carey in her answer to the question. It was MATURE of her to refuse to discuss the details of her relationship in public. I agree that she was just being diplomatic and protecting her privacy and his. She was in a relationship with a man who suffers from very severe mental illnesses. She didn’t want to discuss his private health issues in public so she gave a superficial answer so she wouldn’t have to. I think what she did was very smart. She answered the question without revealing any personal information.

    I’m surprised she stayed as long as she did. Carey has serious mental health problems, even with meds. Dating him would be a serious job. I think the way they both handled the break-up has been very mature, private, and graceful.

  62. Jag says:

    What you said x2, Kaiser!

    She’s such an advocate about autism, so it seems that if she broke it off with Carrey because of mental issues, she could say something along the lines of “some people have to deal with their own issues that affect others,” and that she felt it was best to end it when she did. Not that it wasn’t fun. She comes across as highly unlikeable. As you said, relationships aren’t fun all the time and she should grow up.

    Maybe there was a non-disclosure agreement along with that $25 mil she got?

    Not a fan and this interview didn’t make me one.

  63. DiMi says:

    These attacks on McCarthy are irrational. People are just making up reasons to hate her that have nothing to do with what she actually said. Let’s be fair here. She never said, “Relationships should be fun all of the time” or anything like it. She was just saying the pain had begun to outweigh the happiness, and she was refusing to add any more details.

    If she expected relationships to be “fun” all of the time, she would not have entered into and sustained a relationship with a BIPOLAR man while simultaneously trying to raise an autistic son. A shallow, stupid person doesn’t even attempt that. She was PROTECTING Jim Carey and their relationship by concealing the details of their breakup, which is the opposite of belittling relationships in general.

    She doesn’t owe ANYBODY, including Oprah, a detailed explanation of why her relationship ended.

    That was her polite way of saying, ‘I’m not going to answer that question in depth because my reasons are private, but I will let you know that I was not happy.’

    Again, why are people so angry at her for leaving a very difficult man who never even bothered to marry her? I don’t understand.

  64. Stronzilla says:

    Actually, Oprah’s question was ‘when did you know it was over’ and not, ‘what happened to casue the breakup’. That said, her answer was a bit flippant and lightweight for someone who will be hosting their own talkshow soon.

  65. Po says:

    I’m with Kaiser on this one. She came on the Oprah Winfrey show to have an intelligent conversation and it was up to her to decide what she wanted to talk about. Now if Oprah is telling you that you have to talk about everything and she is your new employer than at least talk about it in an adult way. It just wasn’t fun anymore doesn’t cut it unless that’s what you meant and I’m sorry but I think that’s exactly what she meant.

  66. Paul E. Stanley says:

    I can’t figure out why anybody cares what Jenny says. She writes a book because she’s an authority on what? Nothing that’s what. People put to much praise on these celebrities.

  67. Westcoaster says:

    I can not recall if Jim Carrey’s two ex-wives ever commented on why they divorced Jim. So it does make me wonder why Jenny McCarthy would make such a comment. It does come across as a rather immature statement

  68. embertine says:

    While I loathe her for her pseudo-science autism shtick, and the trail of little caskets that she has left behind her (619 dead babies and counting! Go Jenny!), I do think this was a diplomatic response to the question.

    It would have been disrespectful of her to go into great detail about their life together, and she deflected the question. Fair play to her.

  69. misshemmingway says:

    OK, so, many people have made Jenny/Jim splitup a personal one.
    I was in a relationship that was ‘not fun anymore’ and let me say, that is really just being polite. Nobody should assume they know where the blame belongs as to why the split-up occurred or to badmouth one party and build up the other.
    I’m sure there was much soul-searching (investigating the relationship) going on before this decision was reached. That Jenny has picked herself up and is moving on does not mean she is heartless, she has an autistic child to care for and that was not mentioned very much. One more thing, I am not a Jenny fan, I am simply sensitive to the situation. If you’ve walked in her shoes……….

  70. Lindy says:

    I can’t even begin to be diplomatic or forgiving about *anything* this insane woman says. I just hate everything that comes out of her mouth.

    Her disgusting, selfish anti-vaccine nonsense has always been a source of anger for me. It has now moved into the realm of total, pure loathing, because I have a friend with a 3-month-old daughter who is in the hospital with whooping cough, thanks to some stupid anti-vaccine parents.

    So, am I shocked that she’s on Oprah making unkind and trivializing comments about a former boyfriend who may have a mental illness? Nope. Par for the course with this b!tch.

  71. Dude says:

    This is what happens when you try to date beautiful white women. STAY AWAY. Go average white women or beautiful anything else. Leave the skinny blondes alone.

  72. roxi says:

    I have to agree with Kaiser. While it may have been a diplomatic way to avoid talking about their personal issues, I don’t think that’s the case here. This is an INTERVIEW, not some unexpected meeting on the street. Even if Oprah didn’t tell Jenny that she would be asking about their split, Jenny should have seen it coming. She had time to think of a mature way to avoid getting into personal details and she comes up with “it stopped being fun”!! There are so many other pat answers she could have said, “we grew apart” or “our lives are going in different directions”. Instead “not fun” is what she came up with.

  73. redlips says:

    After reading this, Kaiser, I officially loathe Jenny poo! Gawd, can we rinse the self-loathing off?

  74. Laurie says:

    Saying the relationship was “not fun” is just mean-spirited. Jim Carrey set her & her son up for life, the least she could do was come up with a dignified response. Did we all forget what Jenny McCarthy was like before Jim Carrey? She was kind of nasty & easy.

  75. Marie says:

    I think she doesn’t want to discuss his mental health, its a private issue. I have been in a relationship with someone who suffered from depression and bipolar. It is not fun to say the least and can be extremely exhausting and too much to
    handle. Being with a bipolar person especially hard.

  76. Jessica says:

    Wow, why such venom? It’s not Jenny’s place to explain any psychological issues Jim may (or may not) be suffering from. She was probably just trying to be diplomatic in her answer & speak her own truth without going into too much detail. Obviously a 37 year old woman doesn’t quit a relationship after nearly 4 years JUST because it stops being “fun.” This was clearly an oversimplified answer, and could be one reason of MANY.

    I know this is a celeb gossip site, and I like that stuff as much as the next person, but you seem overly judgmental over something so minor.

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