Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp’s odd, giant faces on ‘The Tourist’ poster


When the trailer for The Tourist debuted, many wondered what the hell happened to Johnny Depp. He looked… kind of bloated. Granted, he still looked hot, as Bloated Depp is still better than everything else. But there is some kind of weirdness happening with Depp, appearance-wise, for the film. So I’m not sure what producers were trying to achieve when they put both Depp and Angelina Jolie’s big heads on the first poster for The Tourist. I know some of you hate when I talk about Photoshop – and let’s face it, we’ve seen worse, especially when some budget Photoshop gives Angelina an alien-face. Depp is the one I’m looking at – maybe he needs MORE ’Shopping? I don’t know. They made his beard noticeably less scruffy, and thus, his face looks “filled in”.

Oh, and what the f-ck did they do to Angelina’s neck? Even her worst haters can acknowledge that she’s isn’t some weird no-neck girl. Whatever. Here are some additional stills from the film, in addition to the trailer (again!).




Poster courtesy of Coming Soon. Additional pics courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Katie says:

    Yeah, the neck situation is not good. I can hear Tyra’s voice in my head.

  2. Team Bethenny says:

    “Fat” is not a good look for Depp.

  3. photo jojo says:

    They took away all of Johnny’s beautiful eye crinkles.

  4. Sarah says:

    @Katie, I can hear it too! lol

    They still look hot and I would love to be the meat in the middle of that sandwhich. (just saying)

  5. Eve says:

    Christ!, they have the two most beautiful people in the world and somehow they’ve been unable to make a better poster or trailer.

  6. jen says:

    Maybe Angelina had it written into her contract that Johnny couldn’t be prettier than her.

  7. womanfromthenorth says:

    yeesh Johnny wtf did they do to you?

  8. Novaraen says:

    These two just don’t look very good together….and although I adore Johnny, this look he had for the movie with the hair and the beard isn’t very flattering at all.

  9. Riley says:

    I don’t like his hair. He looks like Eddie Vedder, who granted, is a nice looking man, but Johnny looks like a botoxed eddie vedder. He should cut his hair short or at least something similiar to his 21 Jumpstreet Style. The long hair on him is getting a little boring. He looks like a bachelor professor.

  10. jessica says:

    I’m convinced Angelina cannot be in a movie unless someone is shooting at her.

  11. photo jojo says:

    LMAO @ Jessica.

  12. Bored says:

    I really don’t understand why Everything Angelina does is hated on before people even see it or read. I swear I read more hate for this chicks movies and interviews before theyre even released. Heck, people were hating on it before it even started filming. Some people are goin to hate this movie no matter what just because it stars Jolie. Even her directing is getting poop and we haven’t even seen a script…. Most movie sites are given her a chance tho lol oh and of course it’s jolies fault that Johnny aged naturally just like she ruined brad *rolling my eyes* but now brad is botoxed and looking refreshed I’m sure the breakup rumors will start again

  13. Lisa S. says:

    For two beautiful people, neither one of them look that well in this movie. He looks bloated and she, very gaunt.

  14. Jeannified says:

    I’m thinking that this film is gonna flop…if nothing else than the fact that Johnny isn’t looking hot in the clips. He IS funn y in them, though, so who knows. His real fans will save it, if it ends up doing well. We’ll see.

  15. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @ Jessica.. I agree!

    Johnny prolly gained weight so she wouldnt try to get her skank hands on him….

    I dont care tho, I love him.

  16. RHONYC says:

    mmmm, k…hear me out on this folks:

    is it me or has the ‘angelina-sultry-seductress-thing’ worn off?

    not for nothing…but the world is how it is…
    and i don’t care how f%cking hot you are, after it’s known that you are a mother of not 1, but SIX kids, how sexy can you remain?

    i’m not buying it, and i don’t think many will either. if she keeps this up, she will become a characature of her former self.

    i mean hell bells, tina turner got like 4 or 5 kids. no one really knows that…ergo, she has retained her ‘sexual-persona’ going into 60′s.

    jussayin :-(

  17. cee says:

    Oh poor haters. Angie looks Great!!!! Just admit it. Johnny looks different. But still it is Johnny Depp. So stop people. This movie is going to be hot hot hot…….

  18. original kate says:

    he looks like a volley ball and she looks like a foot. why?

  19. Shi-gatsu says:

    She’s beautiful – no doubt about it.

    But she seems kind of static in this movie whereas Johnny looks more comfortable.

    Anyone else notice her limited facial expressions?

    Maybe she is intimidated by him? It’s the impression I’m getting.

  20. YOYO99 says:

    He looks fat and old.

  21. Kim says:

    Looking forward to The Tourist. Salt is at $284 million worlwide so far. May reach $300M. Great particularly for a female lead, non sequel, not based on a popular book or TV show.Salt 2 is a Go. Angie is in Budapest right now directing a feature she wrote.Angie #18 on Guardian Power 100(only actress), Just made New Statesman list of 50 People Who Matter in 2010 and the only actress to make Vanity Fair’s 2010 Establishment List all accomplished at the age 0f 35.That coupled with being a UN ambassador, humanitarian, pilot and mother of 6. Proud to be a fan

  22. Ari says:

    I think he is supposed to be playing the “poor schlub” role and she the beautiful spy and I imagine it would be very hard to tone down Depp’s awesome sex appeal but they managed to accomplish it LOL you can see in the trailer though it shining through strongly (thx god!) Angie looks beautiful.

  23. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL I don’t know who styled the movie but I don’t like Johnny Depp’s styling either. I think the poster is perfectly fine and the focus is on the faces. Don’t know why the neck is even important but ok. I just wanna see the movie already, it looks sooo good.

  24. nnn says:

    I actually like the poster more than the trailer and though romantic anything (even thrillers) is not my ting, i think that movie will be a hit nonetheless because both are international stars with great pole of attraction to begin with.

    And i don’t beleive that Depp has more international fans than Jolie per see because apart from the Pirates franchise and the Burton cartoonish character, he doesn’t track as well as Jolie does in mainstream type of movies, indepedant ones tracking lesser for anyone.

    But the combination of the two will attrack many more people to the theater nonetheless, especially outside the US.

  25. Iggles says:

    He looks terrible. No interest in this movie.

  26. sharylmj says:

    I agree that they are trying to make Johnny look plain.. he’s supposed to be just some ordinary guy..dumpy and boring.. she is supposed to be a beautiful spy..

  27. phlyfiremama says:

    Good lord, Angelina is so beautiful. Hauntingly so-those eyes, those lips. More so for the wonderful charity/UN work she does; no matter what her ultimate motivations might be she STILl manages to bring attention to desperate situations most of the media sweeps under the rug. Johnny looks lovely, as always!! He just gets better with age.

  28. Kbomb says:

    Looks like a piece of shit – between his bloat and her brutal Brit-frencherican accent, I have zero interest.

  29. Cheyenne says:

    @RHO: Very few women look sultry when they have six kids to care for. But I get a feeling that looking sultry is not #1 on her list of priorities — if it ever was. Just sayin.

  30. craigc says:

    LMFAO!!! I love when celebs start to show their age/look old. Brings these egomaniacs back down to earth!!!

  31. Jello says:

    Johnny’s playing a role, some average gullible joe, hooked in by a sexy hot spy. I think it speaks tons that he’ll turn off his hotness to make his character more believable. And he looks fantastic in this movie…sweet and heartbreakable.

    Angie, on the other (and don’t all jump on me) looks meh. They went too far in making her the cold calculating vamp. Too much make up, the over done clothes, the horrible fake accent. She looks like a store mannequin, and I’m a fan. They didn’t have to accessorize the hell out her character to make her seem cool and calculating. Angie can play that role with no make-up, wearing an old t-shirt, a pair of grubby jeans, and still look stunning.

  32. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    The only good thing about that trailer is Paul Bettany.

    Maybe I just don’t like spy thrillers. I don’t know. Nothing about this movie is appealing to me. The plot seems rather silly and thin, the acting seems awful, the dialogue atrocious (they put the best parts in the trailers-those were the best parts???).

    Cheyenne: if looking sultry wasn’t pretty high up on her list of priorities why did she take a film role where, once again, she plays a sultry character? She still dresses in overly sexy clothes at premieres (vampy red dress). Her public persona is still very much the vampy vixen. It’s getting old and, in my opinion, inappropriate.

  33. Sakyiwaa says:

    first, the poster is not that bad. sheesh, talk about always, always holding Joile up to a stratospheric standard. nevertheless, for those trashing their look in the Tourist, i think it was all about them trying to give viewers brand new sides of themselve. A little bird told me it’s called ACTING… where they are OTHER characters…you know, other than themselves. they shouldn’t be automatically recognizable as just DEPP and JOLIE in-a-movie-together. that said, i never really mind Photoshop…. even if it looks like some really MAD Photoshopping. what can i say: i like caricature looks. And i dont think Brad got botoxed. name your credible source, if he is. they are all just aging. and if i might add…i think they are doing so gracefully…

  34. Kim says:

    Wow I didn’t realize 3 of her last 6 roles Changeling, A Mighty Heart and Kung Fu Panda were sultry roles.GMAB AJ plays a variety of roles. She mixes it up Dramas, Action, Animated, Spy Thrillers. As for the comment about the “vampy dress”that’s funny since she gets criticized for dressing matronly- in Black loose fitting dresses on the red carpet and out in public(black maxi dresses)

  35. lio says:

    AJ looks photoshopped even when she’s not. Like she is not human anymore. Perfect skin, perfect hair but not one once of warmth. Sophie Marceau in the original movie was much more credible. Beautiful , but still real.

  36. Jeri says:

    In pictures of Johnny hanging during the Pirates shoot, he is not Bloated so I’m hoping it was just for The Tourist.

    Our Johnny is knee quibbling hot!

  37. AJ says:

    This movie looks like remake of North By Northwest. Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint.

  38. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    He looks fine to me, trust me. I’ll take him anyway he wants to bring it.

    I am watching this movie cause I love this side to him, funny and alluring.. I’m in!!

  39. Conando says:

    The more I see/hear about this movie, the more it looks like it’s gonna suck.

  40. LolaBella says:

    They don’t seem to have any chemistry whatsoever in this movie. None.At.All.

    Johnny isn’t fat here, but I guess the part called for him to represent a typical everyday ‘Joe – the Tourist’ as opposed to the usual lean Depp hotness we know and love?

    Whatever the role called for,looks like.

    LMFAO@ ‘You look ravenous’.

  41. luna says:

    The poster could have been better…it looks like it was put together in five minutes, and by an amateur no less. But man, does Angelina have a gorgeous profile.

  42. Sara says:

    Not sure if I’ll be watching this movie. Jolie seems to be playing the same character over and over. Would like to see her play something really out there so everyone can see her acting range.

  43. Maritza says:

    At least the bottom photo where they are dancing looks nice. The giant heads photo does not look good.

  44. BethL says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the poster although I don’t like it much. I never been a fan of headshot posters. I thought it was obvious that Johnny wasn’t supposed to be hot. Just look at him. Also in the trailer Angelina passes by several goodlooking guys and Depp seemed shocked that she would sit with him.

    I don’t get why people keep saying Angelina only plays one character/genre. She does a lot drama and even just going by her action roles they are different. I didn’t think Mrs. Smith when watching Salt. I think people just want to bash Angelina.

  45. RHONYC says:

    @ Cheyenne


    what @ Hamm said.

    don’t sign up for the ‘intriguing-sexpionage’ roles if maintaining your hotness is NOT # 1 on your list as a mom of 6.

    that sexy-kitten thing is not a good look on ang anymore…it’s becoming more of a joke.

    stay true to your fans and honest if your not quite hitting that note anymore.

    period. :-(

  46. dorothy says:

    I would take his big face any day.

  47. Mistral says:

    I think they look cute

  48. albeli says:

    He looks fat/bloated/exhausted, and her hair and costumes are ridiculous.

  49. albeli says:

    lolabella said:
    They don’t seem to have any chemistry whatsoever in this movie. None.At.All.


  50. Lynda says:

    Depp can be short and fat and round with gray hair looking like a nebbish andI wouldn’t care. He is SOOOOOO hawt.

    And I am equally tired of AJ. Tell her to stay home for a while with the kids, put her hair up, wear jeans and let the Votox dissapate a bit.

  51. crazydaisy says:

    i still don’t get what it is people see in johnny depp. ew.

  52. lucy2 says:

    Certainly not the worst movie poster ever (hello, Sex & the City 2!) but there is a lot of typical airbrushing, and the extreme closeups are just kind of awkward.

  53. mln says:

    I think this movie is going to be a hit. I know everyone underestimates her but her movies do 300 mill consistently add Depp who chubby or not is still Johnny F-ing Depp and the director of the Lives of Others and I am telling you now it is going to do well. By the way there should be more remakes of movies like Charade & North by Northwest then remakes of True Lies & Jerry Maguire.

  54. Cruisin Through says:

    She looks beautiful, but that accent is horrible. I’ve never heard her do a good accent. She should stick to American characters. She’s just not believable in anything else. Johnny looks hotter bloated and unkempt than most men ever do.

  55. Cheyenne says:

    @Hamm: She can look damn sultry when she wants to; e.g. in that red dress at a movie premiere. She doesn’t look or dress sultry when she is taking the kids around town, and there’s no reason why she should. That would definitely be inappropriate. Wrong attire at the wrong time, know what I’m saying? She dresses for the occasion.

  56. Lorenzo says:

    The poster is great.Compliments :)

  57. nnn says:

    She has a great french accent in a Mighty Heart, this coming from a francophone.

    And as for this accent, many englishmen don’t think it’s a good one and she speaks like some of the english upper middle class women i have met when i was at the European School…far from horroble per se.

    So i don’t know how anyone can talk about HORRIBLE accents when they actually don’t know themselves the different accents of the different country to begin with. she i perfectly beleivable for many people of the said country, which is the more credible way to measure it than the perception that her countrymen have about foreign accents to begin with.

  58. insidescoop says:

    The music and all the cut away shots make this movie look kind of douchey but i’ll still see anything with hottie mcstudmuffin in it

  59. noni says:

    I think Johnny put oo weight for “The Tourist” role, I saw him in Venica on april 2010, he’s a more fat (I think about 5/6 kg)than he usually is but he’s always the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen and he looks more young than his real age!

  60. gabie says:

    Nothing left from young and attractive Johny Depp, he looks old and fat. Jolie also not the best look…

  61. mln says:

    BTW there is nothing more sexist then saying a woman isn’t sexy anymore because she is a mom. Anyone, you can say she is too thing or lost her mojo, but mom’s can’t be hot that is really immature. Ever heard of a MILF?

  62. Kate says:

    He looks old and tired in this movie, and I don’t like it! Johnny is neither old nor tired!

    I am a fan of both actors, but I can’t help feeling like I have seen variations of this movie 100 times before… and 50 of those 100 variations starred Angelina.

  63. 2% says:

    just consider the sources who are promoting those sexist comments

    enough said- period

  64. DD says:

    I love it. Personally, I think their faces are facsinating.

  65. Liana says:

    I think Johnny Depp looks hot in the trailer (and I’m not even a really big Depp fan). Guess I’m in the minority. Angelina looks beautiful and it’s very hard to tell if there’s “chemistry” between two actors from a short trailer.

    As for the poster, I like how Depp’s eyes look a little sad and he looks a little careworn. Don’t care for Angelina’s profile, never have, but she’s so pretty.

  66. Isabella says:

    I have seen Johnny Depp in really life and trust me he is not good looking at all. If he was not famous and people did not regognise his face when walking down the street, no one would give him a second look.

  67. Isabella says:

    Oops, spelling error. I mean recognize.

  68. Solveig says:

    One of the worst posters ever, it looks like they’d tried to put Johnny and Angelina at the same level (no depth field), and as a result their faces seem flat and blank.
    Don’t want to express an opinion without having seen the movie yet, but the trailer, her bad tailored costumes and the poster make me think that this movie will suck.
    Oh, I saw Arizona Dream again few days ago and I can’t believe how beautiful and good Johnny is in it. Love that movie.
    As for her accent, I just found a video of 24 different English accents, brilliant.
    Unfortunaetly Count Chocula English, isn’t in the list of 24.

  69. Jello says:

    lio: Thanks for posting the link to the French trailer. I didn’t realize this film was yet ANOTHER adapt. of a European film. Agree Sophie looks much better and more believable. IMO this version of the film comes off more cartoonish, though I stand by my comment that Depp looks great.

  70. KatC says:

    I too think that Depp looks very attractive in the trailer, thought not the photo.

    I assume that they have tried their best to make him look as average as possible(especially given that scene on the train, I’m assume she chooses him because he’s the most unremarkable looking)but they still can’t completely cover up the fact that he is just gorgeous.

    I will admit, I was a little concerned because in all the photos of them shooting scenes he seemed to look, well, excessively bloated. But after seeing him in motion in the trailer, he looks much better.

  71. Shay says:

    This is a US remake of a French film.

  72. mina says:

    Isabelle,are you sure that you weren’t looking in the mirror to your own face?

  73. Alexa says:

    omg – I love the poster. I think they look good. (I’m a simpleton I suppose.) Johnny looks adorable . . . so innocent. And A.J. – she just looks better and better every time I see her (Annoying – but you can’t hate on her. The girl might save your life one day!)

  74. Isabella says:

    WOW mina, no need for you to personally insult me just because I told the truth about a celebrity you seem to be obsessed with (seeing how you are willing to harshly insult a complete stranger over him). And sorry to break your delusional fantasy but Johnny Depp IS very unattractive in real life and no, he will never hook up with you no matter how defensive you are about him.

  75. javagirl1 says:

    Maybe she’s doing a Scottish accent? Or Welsh??? What is she doing?

  76. Shay says:

    To the others gushing about the looks: these two look good on a poster because all posters are enhanced via Photoshop. Isabella I agree, I also dare to critique Depp (terrible personal hygiene to boot) for his acting. I’m over Johnny Depp’s overacting of late. He made me want to hurl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Depp’s attempt to channel Michael Jackson was pathetic and unoriginal), I switched off my DVD player (back then) within ten minutes of Fear and Loathing because he sucked, I barely tolerated his OTT and crap English accent (and yet another pathetic attempt to ‘channel’ Keith Richards) in Pirates (only because of the remaining cast and thank God they put in Geoffrey Rush). In my mind, Depp has hammed it up because he knows he’ll get the fat pay check. There is no art to Depp, only mediocrity and I am beginning to think that Angelina is now just accepting roles for the money, not for the art of making films. A good actor is able to alter their outward personality and relay traits different from their own. He merely copies other famous people and can’t act unless he is doing so. I’ve stopped wasting my money watching his rubbish.

  77. jane says:

    He/she looks so and so……..blah, blah, blah……Can’t you folks talk about anything else but somebody’s outer looks?! It’s just to get SICK of it!!!
    Johnny seems to be somewhat “absent-minded” in this filmtrailer but maybe the internet rumours/gossips on HIS PRIVATE PROBLEMS (frictions in the relationship with Vanessa P.)have caused his “inveracious” acting…..who knows?
    Most pictures of the Pirates IV filming is showing his worried face-expressions again/still; let’s hope that project will have the expected success??? WHAT DO YOU FOLKS THINK OF IT? Instead of that stupid slip-slop about
    somebody’s “looks” only!!

  78. celeducat'em says:

    having lived 3 yrs in france, 2 yrs in the uk, a yr in switzerland, i have no idea where any of her accents derive from! ..”count chocula english” indeed!!
    i’ll pass.

  79. jsan says:

    Definitely won’t be seeing this, just the trailer put me off. She looks so hungry, thin and tense. She needs to eat some food, take a long hot bath and try something other than this sort of role all the time. It is getting stale and boring.

  80. lisa says:

    Her profile is just beautiful. I doubt all the negative is based on anything of substance. Just trying to trash this film before it even comes out. Well the Jolie and Depp fan bases will see this. I’m excited and think they both look good. This film is based loosely on the other. So no one really knows what it will be. And the first trailer is just that.. the first trailer.. others will come. Angie mixes it up more then most actresses. So as huge fan of her work I will be there on opening day. Along with many I suspect..

  81. Two-Dots says:

    Eurgh, this film looks horrible – kinda disappointed in Depp I have to say.
    Jolie clearly needs to spend less time getting botox and more time a) eating, and b) mastering a semi-convincing accent.

    Just embarrassing.

  82. jayem says:

    I think they both look gorgeous in the poster. You can Photoshop all you want, but they are both otherwordly good looking, so picking apart the editing or how “sick” of one or the other you are seems trivial at best. Looking forward to the movie.

  83. Sandra says:

    I too have seen Johnny Depp in person and he is beautiful. In this film, he’s not supposed to be attractive and he’s been made up to appear less than wonderful. He’s an ACTOR…not a poster boy. In recent pics of him filming the new Pirates, he looks back to normal…which is pretty wonderfu.

  84. anonymus says:

    If still talking about “looks”: is a CONSTANTLY WORRIED or MOODY expression “attractive/pretty wonderful” or “back to normal” again??!!……..I really don’t get some people’s ideas.

  85. Mota says:

    Johnny Depp is fat and 5 feet nine inches tall. He does not look good. He is talented, but the only really thing he did that I liked was his pirate in the Disney films.

    Angie is really gorgeous, but scary skinny. She doesn’t have a good body anymore. But, add fifteen pounds to her and she’ll be hot again. I hope she is not sick. I like her a lot for all her charitable work.