Tyra Banks says she was ‘put on this earth to instill self-esteem in young girls’

I once read that most famous people – be they Hollywood celebrities, politicians, or other well-known public figures – become famous because they have a combination of drive and some type of delusional personality disorder (there’s a couple to chose from). Put those two things together and you have the winning recipe for a lifetime of fame and money.

A perfect example is Tyra Banks. Tyra seems to suffer from some form of severe narcissism combined with delusions of Oprah. She’s on the cover of the upcoming issue of the New York Times Magazine, and gives a great quote that perfectly illustrates just how highly she thinks of herself.

Talk about a major coup for Tyra!

Not only is this cover stunning, it officially puts Tyra in another league.

According to the New York Times, the article “goes inside the world of Tyra Banks – ex-cover girl, ex-Victoria’s Secret model and the reigning star of two popular TV shows, ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘The Tyra Banks Show’ – learn how the 34-year old entrepreneur turned herself into a brand.”

“I think I was put on this earth to instill self-esteem in young girls,” says Tyra.

[From Cover Awards via Gossip Rocks]

That’s a pretty interesting thing to say, considering Celebitchy wrote a story about how horribly Tyra treated an 11-year-old girl who was a guest on her show. Tyra embarrassed Linda and her mother Claudia on national television, refused to meet with them before or after the show, and wouldn’t pose for a picture or sign an autograph. Tyra makes a good deal of money from every show she hosts, and is profiting from humiliating this poor little girl. Linda has to go to school and likely be teased by classmates due to the experience. Tyra just gets to take a pile of cash home in exchange for exploiting Linda’s embarrassment.

What a fabulous way to instill self-esteem in young girls. Tyra no one can stand you – your abrasive personality is cringe-worthy. But there’s a fine line between your own high self-esteem and blatant narcissism, and you crossed it a long time ago. Don’t act like you’re doing anything good for anyone but yourself – let alone young girls.

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  1. Devilgirl says:

    If that is the case, her being put on earth…, then perhaps she wouldn’t be hosting a show called America’s Next Top Model . I think that is a clear example of NOT helping girls self esteem. How can a show where she and a panel of JUDGES tell girls weekly that they aren’t right to represent ANTM because their photos suck? How can anyone be helping girls self esteem when they force all of their contestants to under go make overs that they either don’t want or clearly don’t need? She promotes hair weaves, cosmetic dentistry, the need to constantly be looking like a model at all times and a host of other unhealthy mind sets that don’t seem to jive with being a champion of a young girl’s self esteem. Yes, I am aware that it is a modeling show, but haven’t rail thin models led this country and many others into the tailspin of teenage eating disorders and plastic surgeries? Yes, I am also aware that this years winner was a plus size model, but that only occured after the show began to get flack over having overlooked plus sized girls in the past. I am also aware that Tyra has railed against the paps and such for unflattering photos and criticisms of her weight, but it is all in an effort to boost her ratings and her popularity among those who watch her talk show. My point is how can she be promoting self esteem when she insists on changing the looks of all of the contestants on ANTM? Isn’t self esteem based on being happy and confident with who you are and how you look, as well as how you present yourself as YOURSELF? ❓

  2. Snowblood says:

    God she’s so disgusting, I loathe Tyra Banks. That dress is perfectly hideous, by the way, and so is her awful huge wig. She’s a stupid, selfish cow, I wish Naomi Campbell would corner her and beat her down, on one of her exploitave shows – wouldn’t that be awesome?? My money’s most definitely on Naomi to win, hands down, and bloodily.

  3. Cici says:

    i am so DONE with tyra. i hope her career crashes and burns one day.

  4. lulu says:

    whomever it was that did that story on Tyra for NY Times Mag needs to be fired immediately!!

  5. AC says:

    oh dear. although i think i’d rather tyra beat up Naomi Campbell… I do think Tyra is a bit out of control.

  6. neelyo says:

    I think she was put on this earth to make everyone else feel smart.

  7. Bored says:

    The only difference between Oprah and Oprah Jr is Oprah doesn’t wear her ego on her sleeve. Oprah at least pretends to be semi normal.

  8. Lisa says:

    Thank you, DevilGirl, for articulating what I was thinking! I am glad to see that other girls out there “get it”. Feminism WILL go on! 😀

  9. CB Rawks says:

    Damn well said, JayBird!

  10. Anna says:

    Oh I know I will get so much heat for this one, but: I really like Tyra.
    I don’t condone her behaviour with that 11 year-old and I’m sure she’s not handling many things as graciously as she should but… I love ANTM and I’m not even American or in America. I just find it endlessly fascinating and I do think she is one great super-model. I love youtubers for posting the show every season. I don’t get to watch her talk show but I’ve seen tidbits and it seems okay, if not entirely thrilling. She’s just got a beauty and an air of self-confidence that I like. And that cover picture of her is amazing.
    I don’t think that shows like ANTM are inherently bad. If you are influenced negatively by them, it’s your own fault or that of your parents for not teaching you how to tell the difference and putting things into perspective. These shows are purely for entertainment and as far as messages go, I think Tyra might be one of those who does the least bad. I mean, I remember one season where the focus was on green issues, then there was the anti-smoking shoot and this season, they had a beautiful, healthy-looking young woman win (although they call her plus-sized). I think Tyra definitely also sends positive images. And having lived in Germany and caught a few episodes of Heidi Klums version of ANTM, I can say that Tyra is a thousand times better and more interesting. Heidi’s version just constantly makes you cringe and think “life’s too short”.

    All in all, I like Tyra. She’s not perfect but no one is. And it time, maybe she’ll learn how to handle her guests better and smoothe over some other flaws. After all, she’s only 34, not in her sixties like Martha (is that right?) or fifties like Oprah, who have both had more life experience. And let’s not forget Martha’s time in jail.

  11. vdantev says:

    It must be opposite day for Tyra.

  12. Mairead says:

    Hmmm – funnily enough that photo could do with a dose of TyTy’s squinty Blue Steel – that half-smile sits oddly with the architectural silhouette.

    Anna, you like her? Great. But she is getting as pompous as hell on ANTM – “models HAVE to be able to straddle the fine divide of glamour and neurosurgery” blah blah blah… I’ve not watched her talk show that much, but it seems like a cut-price Oprah. And Oprah is irritating enough to me. But that’s totally subjective I know.

  13. RO'C says:

    ah come on she’s done well 4 herself and is setting good examples! shes not a cocaine head or anything like dat and yet u get silly people dissin her because basicly there prob just jelous of her or just shallow biased peeps!!

  14. Jezthewitch says:

    Devilgirl, you need a standing applause! Well said, wish someone would force Tyra to listen has someone read that to her. She constantly preaches “humility”. Guess she doesn’t practice what she preaches. Fame has definetly gone to her head.

  15. Larissa says:

    I just can´t really stand looking at ther face…it makes me sick! 😯

  16. confident says:

    It’s amazing to see so much negative about Tyra. When a person exudes confidence, others who normally don’t have the highest self images have a problem with it. I don’t think it’s appropriate to treat an 11 yr child bad but she’s never professed to be perfect. If there is anyone who hasn’t screwed up or made a mistake let them throw the first stone.Maybe her calling is to help girls build self esteem. At least she’s making an effort, she’s helped make a positive impact in so many womens lives. Let’s talk about the positive.

  17. BinFL says:

    Not sure what Tyra’s background is, but it appears she has forgotten/never knew how it is to be struggling to make a life. She might have done some great things to “instill self-esteem in young girls.” However, when she does something to make amends to little Linda and her mother, I will find it much easier to believe her.

  18. fgh says:

    I liked her when she was just a model and I couldn’t hear her talk.

  19. None says:

    Going blonde in front of millions of people does not signal demonstrating self-esteem….it signals the ultimate “sell out” and an effort to separate young black women from their Black African American heritage…I would strongly disagree with Tyra as a role model or example for young women/girls….everyone should be proud to be who/whom they are and not try to be something they are not as in the case of Tyra….not sure why Tyra and Beyonnce need to be blond or demonstrate a departure from their African American heritage… it is quite disturbing and insulting…

    I know that the producers are scare to just let Tyra and Beyonce be the beautiful black women that they are…in fact you see what they tried to do to Syesha Mercado…I say stay strong “Syesha” do your music but don’t sell out for the money…..what would it look like if all our black male singers/entertainors turned blonde……..oh God help us!!!….We are a nation of different races/cultures and should not have to morph in to someone else…..I love all races/cultures…this is mankind….please respect that.

  20. Ursula says:

    Her EGO is even bigger than that hair!!!

  21. Chantelle says:

    How is she installing self esteem in young girls if on america’s next top model she calls girls that are 120-130lbs overweight models or heavier models are u kidding me reality check please…No wonder why girls have eating disorders..I mean seriously

  22. Kolby says:

    I wish NASA would build a rocket to transport Tyra, Fergie, Heidi Montag, and the entire Hilton Family to the moon. What a wonderful world it would be if that were to happen.

  23. Jezthewitch says:

    Hey Confident
    There is a world of difference between being confident and being pompous. Maybe in the beginning she was confident and believed she could make a difference. However, at present time, her pompous holier than thou attitude over rides anything positive about her. Everything has to be about her, example, when beyounce was on cover of SI, she had to try and steal the spotlight! That is not confidence, but pure envy and spoiled little girl behaviour because she wasn’t in the spotlight. Would love to have a positive attitude about Tyra that am sure most of us did at the beginning, however, recent behaviour limits that.

  24. Erin says:

    I think she actually has self-esteem/image problems and acts the way she does because she’s overcompensating for it. It’s all a big act…

  25. autumn says:

    tyra was not insulting the little girl, she was helping her by telling her that those photos are morally wrong for someone her age.yes tyra is a little conceited, but at least she loves herself and embaces her booty and her weave and most of her imperfections! of course it is natural for some of us to have self esteem problems, we tend to hate certain parts of our body. well tyra is a human being who maybe doesnt like having cankles and whants to at least be fit enough for both healthiness and to fit the worldley depiction of beauty….its a natural thing for us to want to be beautiful by other peoples standerds…..its what makes us and even tyra banks, normal. 😀

  26. DANA says:

    what a croc of bull! she was put here to confuse young women! on her talk show its all “girl power” but on ANTM it’s all ” you’re too fat, suck in that stomache, and change who you are to fit into this world” i do think her hearts in tha right place but she’s just an idiot!

  27. I choose me says:

    “Tyra seems to suffer from some form of severe narcissism combined with delusions of Oprah.”

    😆 True words Jaybird. True words. Oh and that line had me snorting water out of my nose.

  28. Predatory Cougar says:

    Yes, and I was put on this earth as God’s gift to men!

  29. Valka says:

    Well.. I think that if she was put on earth for that, she wouldnt be hosting a show that calls girls fat.

    She should show the youngies that there are beauty besides size 0 and blond hair and blue eyes.

    She makes me sick.

    I sooooo rather Mia Tyler than her!

  30. dan says:

    tyra does not exude confidence-she exudes hypocricy.