Ben Harper files for divorce from Laura Dern after five years of marriage


Singer Ben Harper has dumped his wife, Laura Dern. That seems to be the consensus over at TMZ, where they report “Ben Harper Blindsides Laura Dern With Divorce Papers”. Ben and Laura have been together for the better part of a decade, and they were about to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in December. Apparently, it seems quite scandalous, like Ben is trying to make sure everyone knows that he’s dumping Laura, and that he doesn’t want to pay her one penny:

Laura Dern, 43, and Ben Harper, 40, are heading for divorce after nearly five years of marriage.

The Oscar-nominated actress and the Grammy-winning musician have two children together, a 9-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter.

The divorce papers filed in court Friday afternoon by Harper cite irreconcilable differences, according to TMZ. Harper also asks that Dern be denied spousal support, and indicates in the document that he and his wife have been separated since January; sources tell TMZ, however, that the couple have lived and traveled together throughout 2010 “and were even intimate as recently as last week.”

The couple have remained largely out of the spotlight. Before her 2005 marriage to Harper (who has two children from a previous marriage), Dern was in high-profile romances with a series of famous actors, including Nicolas Cage, Jeff Goldblum and Billy Bob Thornton.

She won a Golden Globe for portraying Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris in the 2008 HBO film ‘Recount.’

[From PopEater]

That’s so… sad. But also rather juicy? I have a little theory about why Ben is coming across like such a douche – does anyone else think Laura might have cheated? That would explain this big, public about-face, especially if they really were together for most of this year (which seems to be Laura‘s view). Now, if they really had been sort-of separated for the better part of the year (which seems to be Ben’s view), then anything could have happened. Maybe he cheated. Maybe they just grew apart. Maybe she’s still into Billy Bob. Who knows?



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. mslewis says:

    No need to feel sorry for Miss Laura. She broke up Ben’s marriage when his wife was pregnant. She’ll bounce back. They probably both have someone else.

    If you lie down with a douche, does that make you a douche also? It takes two.

  2. mln says:

    Kaiser you failed to mention the very juicy way they got together how Ben was married with a baby on the way when Laura snagged him and got pregnant herself. I think both of them are very capable of cheating. I feel bad for the kids.

  3. Leek says:

    @mln — Whoa! I never heard how their relationship started. That’s pretty crazy. I feel bad for the kids, too. They’re so cute!

  4. Rita says:

    Orrrrrr, Ben and Billy Bob are hooking up. What catchy logo…Billy Bob Ben.

  5. carrie says:

    it’s a surprise for me!
    Usually she follows him even in a musical tour .
    I also guess there is juicy story behind it

  6. Kaboom says:

    Maybe that ridiculous hat of his pushed her over the edge.

  7. lisa says:

    She is a liar..

    lied years ago to blame someone else for her relationship ending.

    Blindsided my as*

  8. marge says:

    @mln really???
    man… and she looks so nice and quiet…

    “mosquita muerta” as we say back home
    (translates as “dead fly”, meaning someone who looks quiet and harmless and is deceiveing and untrustworthy)

  9. mln says:

    @marge I love that phrase.

  10. Just a Poster says:

    oooh I never knew that little tidbit about her. I always thought she was the wounded soul that Angelina came in and swooped Billy Bob from. hhm.

  11. Sigh. says:

    Dern on her “sudden death” split from Thorton:

    “I left home to work on a movie, and while I was away, my boyfriend got married [to Angelina Jolie], and I’ve never heard from him again.”

    Pathetic. The lot of ‘em…

  12. Maritza says:

    That Ben seems to be a really serious guy, 3 photos and he didn’t smile in any of them.

  13. jc126 says:

    The series of events as I recall was: Dern engaged to BBT, BBT dumps her for AJ. Dern hooks up with married BH who has a wife (didn’t recall the pregnant part), do remember 2 kids. She gets pregnant, they marry like 5 years later.
    As a side note, Ben Harper is black or half black; those kids are the whitest biracial black and white kids I’ve ever seen. Although Soledad O’Brien’s kids are also very white looking, I suppose. Usually the darker skin genes are more visible.
    I always thought Laura Dern chose strange men before this guy – Billy Bob and Jeff Goldblum?

  14. Lady D says:

    @ marge…..I’m borrowing that phrase also. It’s a good one.

  15. Listerino says:

    this surprises me. I didn’t realise how they got together but I thought they were solid. I’m sure there will be more to come on this story in the future.

  16. Lukie says:

    @jc126: if either of the kids have children w/a brown or black person, believe me, it comes back. Look how white M.I.A. Fiancé looks and look how dark the kid is. He doesn’t even look anything but South Asian.

    I have had a major crush on Ben Harper since his whipping boy days. Him, Laura Dern and all the kids (including his from the 1st marriage) were there. They were super friendly, beautiful and happy and boho looking. I didn’t recognize her right away, but I knew who he was!

    Well, when you interfere in another’s relationship, how you get the significant other is often how you lose them, so who did what 1st is the question.

  17. K-MAC says:

    Bet Harper’s ex-wife is having the last laugh….is there any celebrity couple that Jolie is not attached to in some way, shape or form?

  18. Bronwyn says:

    She also hooked up with Billy Bob while he was still married.

    Karma – 2
    Laura – 0

    As for the kids, there are PLENTY of mixed-race children with that degree of fairness. Some even have a fully-black parent (which is often a mixture, anyway), wow!

  19. Persistent Cat says:

    Those are super cute kids.

  20. nnn says:

    Dern cheated for years with Billiy Bob when he was married with his 3rd wife and had a child from her. Thornton said once that she was really bullying him for him to dump his wife and to divorce her so that they could get married. He finally divorced after years of an affair with Dern who again insisted for him to get married.

    At some point BBT wasn’t to cool to do it and found that she was to obssessed with tying the knots and too jealous and clingy and dumped her. She still chased him and tried to get back to him. Then he met jolie married her quick and i always thought that he did it quick to send a message to Dern to move on. Dern went full of bitter blaming Jolie for succeeding where she failed saying she take him away while BBT said it was iver months before he met Jolie but Dern jealous wouldn’t let go.

    Then the lady met another married man with a child and another one on the way. Within a few months in the affair she made sure to get pregnant…I always thpought that she didn”‘t want to do teh same mistake she did with BBT, to spend years waiting for him to divorce and she got pregnant in the very few months into the affair to coercise the married man to dump his wife quick and finally get married…which Ben Harper did. His two new borns by both wifey and mistress are born with like 3 or 4 months apart when he was still married not officially sparated, not even in the process of a divorce !

  21. nnn says:

    @17 Michael Keaton who was married with a child had a two years affair with Courtney Cox while he was married inbthe late 80′s. He or his wife eventually entered the divorce paper one year after he moved in with Courtney Cox, his mistress.

    Jolie was 14 – 15 at the time and still living to her mum’s, so i beleive, there, you have a celebrity couple that is not in any way, shape or form attached to Jolie.

    But you know well that most are not.

  22. truthSF says:


    Soooo, are we going to do a 6 degree of separation…La Jolie’s edition?

    p.s. I don’t blame women if a man fall for and leaves his wife for said woman, I only blame her if she goes after the man first. And I feel Jolie falls in the former category, although most women want to believe she fits the latter, JMHO.

  23. Crash2GO2 says:

    “those kids are the whitest biracial black and white kids I’ve ever seen. Although Soledad O’Brien’s kids are also very white looking, I suppose. Usually the darker skin genes are more visible.”

    WTH?? First off, I can’t believe that this is even something that people feel the need to discuss. Can you feel my eyes rolling? Secondly, genes manifest themselves in many different ways. My only thought was how cute they are, and how sad and turbulent their lives are about to become.

    And I’m stealing the ‘mosquita muerta’ from marge too!

  24. lisa says:

    I think something is up too. Especially regarding the spousal support. And the quickness in the way he is acting. It is always the usual to blame the man..and yes most of them deserve it. But maybe Laura is not so squeaky clean. Those children are beautiful and no they don’t look bi-racial. But who knows. they could have used a surrogate’s eggs or a male donor. something. Because neither child looks like either parent to me. Irregardless.. Thing is these are their children and I feel sorry for them.

    But Laura is not innocent in any way, shape or form; Past behavior.

    I will not blame Ben just because some of her “friends” went to the press to lay the ground work for the Pity Laura Party that seems to be about to get underway. Maybe Ben knows something the outside world does not.

  25. nnn says:

    @Crash2GO2. ITA

    Ben Harper is already biracial so i guess this explain that. there is nothing wrong with them.

    They look like my cousins who are also what they call in Africa and Europe : quadroons.

    In any way, genes are genes and especially with mixed raced people it gives every palet of skintones you can find.

  26. cee says:

    Isn’t it funny that even though Dern was a cheater and Harper dumped her it always comes back to somehow dragging Angelina Jolie in to the news. Lara was a cheater before and after BBT but only Angie gets talked about. No wonder Angie’s karma is good.

  27. Liana says:

    Just saw Ben Harper the other night. He’s in a new band with my friend Joseph Arthur.

  28. Cheyenne says:

    Oh Jesus, why are we even having this dumb-ass discussion on what bi-racial people are “supposed” to look like? Black people in this country come in every shade from ebony to ivory. So what?

    As for Dern, I have zero sympathy for her. After whining to all and sundry that Angelina Jolie stole Billy Bob Thornton from her, she turns around and screws and gets pregnant by “Two-Gun Pete” Harper while he was still with his wife who was seven months pregnant herself. The guy’s a f*cking jerk. I’m still trying to understand what either Thornton or Harper saw in her. She looks like the north end of a southbound horse.

  29. HotPockets says:

    I remember her from Jurassic Park. It always appears that the seemingly quiet and nice ones are the most deceitful.

    I think it is safe to say that infidelity probably occurred. Also, why is it that all Hollywood divorces are filed under “irreconcilable differences..”?? Is that just standard for “I screwed around with someone who wasn’t my wife/ husband and liked it better”

  30. sassenach says:

    Well, Well Well. I wonder whose relationship or marriage she has come in between now. Broke up Billy Bob’s and then acted “shocked” when he left her for Jolie and then she moved in on Ben’s marriage when he had a small child and one on the way. I am sure he is divorcing her because she has she has been involved with someone else.

  31. Budda DeCat says:

    Those two kids are adorable and I feel sad for them. However there are two other children Ben has who are probably just as adorable whose mother he left to get together with Laura Dern, so neither of the adults here get my sympathy. As far as Laura being blindsided well she’s just stupid. When a man leaves his wife and 2 kids for you, you should count on him turning around and doing the same to you. They are both a–hats who deserve each other. Unfortunately, 4 children have been hurt by their selfish decisions.

  32. Honey says:

    Laura Dern is full of sh*t.She hooked up with 2 married men who has small children at home.Laura also got pregnant by Ben Harper WHILE he was married (and his wife was pregnant as well)Laura’s first child and Ben’s youngest child by his ex wife are MONTHS apart.Ben’s divorce wasn’t even final when Laura gave birth to her first child.So spare me the “poor Laura ” crap. I feel sorry for her children because they don’t deserve this….but Laura,not so much.And to think so had the nerve to paint Angelina Jolie as a home wrecker.Laura wreaked 2 homes with children involved.BBT was married/w kids when Laura hooked up with him.

  33. lio says:

    Those kids are super-cute. I hope they don’t get hurt too much during the divorce process…Also, I’m curious to see how the posters on this blog will manage to bash “homewrecker” Laura Dern while sparing “saint” AJ. Very interesting to watch…

  34. jc126 says:

    @Crash2go2, what exactly was wrong with what I said? I dare anyone to find a single negative comment I made about those kids or any kids. Mentioning racial makeup isn’t by default negative.
    I always take note of kids and which parent they resemble, it’s interesting. For example Shiloh Jolie Pitt – sometimes to me she looks like Brad, other times like AJ, and at times she looks like Jon Voight.

  35. luce says:

    lio : stupid comment !

  36. Rita says:

    Zero sympathy or pity for Dern. Ben’s wife was pregnant with their 2nd kid when Dern got pregnant also, those kids are only 2 months or so apart in age. Billy Bob’s 4th wife Petra had been diagnosed with a serious case of Lupus when Dern got with BBT and Petra and BBT had 2 little boys. Dern lied about Jolie and BBT because she refused to admit she and her boyfriend BBT had broken up before she went off on location for like 2 months. Dern is reaping what she has sowed, her lies have caught up with her. Their kids will cope just like his other kids have had to cope.

  37. dj says:

    If we are doing a 6 degrees of separation. Let’s look at Dern’s friends: Courtney Cox & Jennifer Anniston (original pity party strategist). Hmmmm.

  38. Chris says:

    I’m surprised she’s only 43, it seems like she’s been around forever.

  39. Emma says:

    No one ever stays married, children or not. why bother is what I say. So Ben doesn’t want to pay spousal support. I always thought Laura Dern was the money maker in the family but she hasn’t really done anything lately. Maybe now she will. I like her as an actress and love Ben Harper’s music. The children are beautiful and another family bites the dust. I imagine Courtney Cox and David Arquette are next.

  40. Crash2GO2 says:

    @jc126: You weren’t looking to see which parent the child(ren) represented. You were specifically commenting on their appearance based on racially discriminating characteristics, such as their skin color, or ‘whiteness’.

    IMO it’s time to stop looking at people in regards to their skin or hair color, ‘blackness’ or ‘whiteness’, and start see them as people like anyone else. I said what I said because I was startled that this was even considered a notable topic of conversation by you.

  41. Cheyenne says:

    @emma: I guess my parents, who were happily married for 35 years before my dad passed away, or my aunt and uncle who were happily married for 64 years before he passed away, don’t fit your stereotype.

  42. WhoDat says:

    Dern is another pity party specialist who hasnt changed her hairstyle in the last 10-15 years. Ugh!

  43. Rita says:

    Emma, well CCox said in recently in interviews that for years now Dern and Harper and she (Courtney Cox) and David Arquette go to couples therapy together. And CCox has been very open about saying that she and David are very different in every way. Make of that what you will.

  44. Twez says:

    I get skeeved out when people start to try to figure out proportions of blackness. It’s way too close to the ‘one-drop rule’ for my comfort. The kids are multiracial, leave it at that.

  45. texasmom says:

    Re: what color kid comes out of what color parent, everyone should just relax! It’s all just part of life’s rich pageant. My mom (brunette) likes to point out that her “loins” (her word) have produced every hair color available on earth: my air is auburn, my sister is a red-head, my husband is Nigerian and my kids’ hair is black and very dark brown, my sister married a swede and had a blonde and a brunette. Things change very fast in just a few generations or one spouse or another.

  46. Strawberry says:

    This relationship was always doomed, jus a matter of time.

  47. Cheyenne says:

    @jc126: Ben Harper is bi-racial. Laura Dern is white. The kids have three white grandparents and one black grandparent. They have a better chance of looking more white than black — especially if their black grandparent was light-skinned like Harper.

  48. Crash2GO2 says:

    “….it’s all just part of life’s rich pageant!”

    Very nicely said.

    @Twez: Yes. That is what I was struggling to convey.

  49. jc126 says:

    My comment on their fair skin IS a comment on which parent’s genes came through more obviously, not a “racially discriminating” choice of words. Again, mentioning skin color is not by default being racist or judging what color is better than another. I have commented on the past about how Madonna’s daughter looks like her, except darker skinned, and now she’s looking more like Carlos Leon with her facial features. No one took issue with that.
    I could give a damn what shade of skin they have, and I DO see people as people, tyvm.
    Texasmom, I agree, it’s part of life’s rich pageant. I love seeing how the different kids in my family express the assorted genetics: it’s so neat to see like a little mini-me of my brother. But there will be slight differences, like my brother’s kids are all blondes, not brunettes, and they’re taller. Genetics is fascinating.

  50. Mel says:

    Sad for the kids.

    Shame about the Brangeloonies trying to use this story to justify cheating behaviour. All the talk about pity parties, the facts getting completely lost over the years. And the end of the day the facts are all that matter…cheating is cheating. I never could understand people who approve of cheating….nasty.

  51. mia says:

    The kids look a little insecure.
    Also it looks like the nanny purchased the clothing for the children.
    I’d say the kids are nanny raised so it frees up the parental figures to ‘follow other lines of interest’.
    To us regular people its Hollywood as usual.

  52. Kate says:

    jc126, I understand what you are saying and I think people are certainly responding to your comment of “usually the darker skin genes are more visible.”

    I don’t take offense to what you have said, and I understand it is not coming from a place of discrimination. I find genetics to be a fascinating topic as well.

    In modern times it is never safe to make assumptions; one can never be certain of any persons’ background. Rashida Jones, Wentworth Miller, and Jessica Szohr are just a few celebrities that many people do not realize are biracial/multi-racial.

    As for the Dern/Harper marriage, it is a classic example of the adage “When you marry your mistress, you create a job vacancy.”

  53. Budda DeCat says:

    @lio — not the same thing At ALL Brad and Jen had NO children; that makes a huge difference IMO. Also despite the Jen fangirls’ claims she and Brad were barely together for the year before they divorced — they were only in the same city at the same time for a total of 3 nonconsecutive weeks in the 365 days prior to their public separation (and those were all for PR/award show events). Finally instead of boo hooing about a marriage that lasted less time then Brad and Angie have been together and which produced no children it would be nice if Jen just admitted that she doesn’t want kids. Brad obviously does. They are both valid desires but when one person wants kids and the other doesn’t that is a valid reason to divorce.

  54. Confuzzle says:

    She always seemed to be old enough to be his mommy. This was never going to last.

  55. Chris says:

    “As for the Dern/Harper marriage, it is a classic example of the adage “When you marry your mistress, you create a job vacancy.”

    True. There have been some good quotes on this thread. I liked the “mosquita muerta” one as well.

  56. RHONYC says:

    me=dark afr. amer. i.e. gabrielle union
    ex hubby=afr. amer. lighter than ben harper i.e. prince
    daughter=beyonce’s skin tone
    you narrow minded f%cks who think the skintone of people with afr. ancestry should be a certain shade=as%holes

  57. frank franken says:

    interesting. never would have guessed that a relationship started by cheating would end.

  58. hellen says:

    Those children are beautiful. End of discussion.

  59. OtherChris says:

    My husband is 100% Chinese-American and I’m white. 2 out of our 3 are very white. One of the kids is practically a blonde. You just never know.

  60. jzhz says:

    Yeah, I think it was the “darker genes come through stronger” comment that got to me, too. Genes are far more complicated than friggin’ Hershey’s syrup. Also – very, very few black Americans are 100% black. It’s called history. That’s one of many reasons that blacks come in all different shades of brown to begin with…

  61. Crash2GO2 says:

    @jc126: You weren’t just talking skin color, you specifically said so and so is part Black (taken in context with the rest of your post). I’ll take your word for it that you meant not one ounce of harm, but please understand that such speculation is chillingly reminiscent of darker times.

  62. Kevin says:

    Ben Harper is an awesome musician. Have always loved his guitar playing. He is an excellent slide player as well. His music isn’t same ol same ol copy cat crap. jc126, you said nothing wrong. Don’t let the resident P.C police get to you.

  63. Cheyenne says:

    @RHO: It always cracks me up when people who know next to nothing about black people or biracial people start making pronouncements about how bi-racial people are supposed to look. My mother was a black woman who looked like a white woman. My dad was an olive-skinned black man who looked Latino. I’m sort of cinnamon-colored and darker than both of them. How did that happen? I’m a throwback. I look like my grandmother.

  64. a says:

    it does seem as though she cheated and i bet it was in january, since he said that’s when they were “separated”.

    i listed something similar in my divorce papers because i felt once my husband started fooling around, he was no longer honoring our marriage and was acting “separate” of the marriage and in his own interest.

  65. lisa says:

    This story is still developing.. I’m sure there is a lot more to come. Especially if she contest the Spousal support issue.

    That is the part that intrigues me. MOST men don’t do that. I wonder why he made that such an upfront issue.

  66. Whatever says:

    She seems a little clueless saying basically the same thing she said when Billy Bob and her relationship ended. Maybe she was blindsided both times, but it seems like a stretch.

    As far as him being a douche so suddenly, maybe he cheated on her. Or not. Maybe he just wants to hold onto his cash, like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. He tried lying about when they broke up to avoid paying alimony.

  67. bubbles says:

    that one I never got. he is totally hot. she is not. never was. never will be. so not attractive. almost frightening looking. I used to see him around with his gorgeous ex-wife and first kid. what he ever saw in her I don’t know.

  68. Electric says:

    I always thought he was hot, but he looks like a douche in these pictures.

  69. Mom_of_gorgeous_kids says:

    I don’t want to beat a dead horse, so to speak, but as a mom of multiracial kids, I was quite taken aback that it appeared as though some comments were insinuating that the kids were not his, because they were “too light”. That’s BS. My kids look very similar. My son is more fair, actually. My newphew is blonde and blue eyed. They are all part black. They are all beautiful. End of story.

    PS, my husband gets blindsided by bigotry all the time, becuase he is half black but doesn’t “look” it (takes after his Mom). We have had many racial jokes told in front of us. I expect my kids are in for the same.

  70. CandyKay says:

    We’ll only be over racism when we can talk skin color with the same lack of hang-ups that we discuss hair color.

    Sometimes I go shopping with girlfriends of different ethnic backgrounds, and when we hit the cosmetics section, we go in different directions. Our skins are different colors, and we need different palettes to make ourselves beautiful. No big deal, no brand or set of colors better than the others. Just different. We meet again when it’s time for accessories.

    I think people who freak out about supposed subtle suggestions of racism have something in their own consciousness they’re battling. Relax, people. It’s just skin.

  71. K-MAC says:

    @ truthSF: good point….had not thought about it like that.

    @ nnn: you are so darn funny (Courtney Cox and Michael Keaton’s affair had no trace of Angelina Jolie). Also, I did not know that was the story of Laura Dern and Billy Bob Torton. Dern often came across as the woman dumped. While Jolie rarely says anything, BBT tried to plead his case, but for some reason I always believed Dern’s version. However, I did not know the rest of the story. This puts things into better perspective.

  72. anonomous says:

    laura dern is just getting her karma as a multiple homewrecker. is she now going to go the “pity party” route like her “friend” aniston???? i think the next “friend” to throw a “pity party” will be botox cox.

  73. Shay says:

    In every photo, it seems as though she is trying to look happy whereas he looks like a miserable douchebag.

  74. Daisy says:

    She has the coloring of my mom and he my dad, Desi and Lucy. Sorry to hear of the demise of their marriage. I was surprised when they got together and I’m surprised about the divorce. Good-looking couple. I hope they had fun while it lasted. As always I feel bad for the children.

  75. Candy says:

    WooHoo! Does this mean Ben Harper is up for grabs? He is some kinda man….want some a dat!

  76. nnn says:


    Of course Jolie didn’t say a thing, why would she ? Laura Dern was not even in the picture when she met BBT, She met BBT who was single for months, never saw traces of another woman and it was known that he dumped Dern months ago. He also lived as a single man. The only thing was Laura Dern was still chasing him trying to rekindle the old flame.

    Notice that now Harper say the same thing that BBT said : that they were separated months ago….and Dern uses the same rhetoric that she used to say : that she was blindsided…like she is all innocent and didn’t know that they were separated. Coinscidence ??? Don’t think so.

    Again, it makes perfect sense that BBT married young Jolie quick so that Dern and her obssesive mind would finally accept that they were through.

    It also makes perfect sense that an obssessive stalker as Dern would have lached out unto Jolie, the scapegoat whose only fault was to be the next gilfriend who got what she fights for for years, who was younger (23), didn’t need to live a romance with a married Billy Bob at the back of his wife, didn’t need to beg him to dump his wifey Pietra (the 4th one and not 3rd one as i first assumed), to leave her and their two small children, didn’t need to put all those dirty tricks so that she will be the next Miss Thornton.

    Jolie met him as a free man and started a relationship between single consenting adults….all these because Dern did the dirty job beforehand. Of course she felt bitter and angry since someone else benefitted fom it.

    Next stop was the married musician with kids AGAIN and she learned her lesson well, applied a more aggressive merciless policy and got pregnant on purpose at the beginning of her affair, having a child months younger than her lover’s own one whose wife was pregnant too when he began that affair with Dern.

    Ben Harper basicly was having a double life with a double family going back and forth from one bed to the other one. Dern delivered that babyboy, while he was still a very much married, unseparated, no divorce underway whatsoever, still living under the same roof of his wifey…doing papa’s deeds between the two new borns borned months apart only.

  77. SammyHammy says:

    “No one ever stays married, children or not. why bother is what I say.”

    Man, that sucks. I guess I’ll tell my beloved hubby of 21 years that we should split, cause NO ONE ever stays married. I’ll get mom & dad a divorce lawyer, too. 50 years of happy marriage is just way too much, right?

  78. PrettyTarheel says:

    I just want to throw out how NORMAL those kids look. Grabbing daddy’s or mommy’s hand…those are not paparazzi trained children, but kids who have been allowed to be CHILDREN. I love it!

  79. samab says:

    dead fly mosquita morta is nice here we say gatta morta wich means exactly the same (dead female cat(may I say dead pussycat?))and yes she defintely is .Always found her quite ugly too.

  80. mel says:

    Why cant we get pased skin color???? Who cares, we live in a different world now and everybody is mixed with something!!! Leave the kids out of it!

  81. Relli says:

    I really hope this is not one of those stories where someone i deemed to be as awesome as Ben turns out to be a creep. That being said i never quite understood what he saw in her. And yes she is still rocking the Jurassic Park hair.

  82. Maddie says:

    October 10th, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    My comment on their fair skin IS a comment on which parent’s genes came through more obviously, not a “racially discriminating” choice of words. Again, mentioning skin color is not by default being racist or judging what color is better than another. I have commented on the past about how Madonna’s daughter looks like her, except darker skinned, and now she’s looking more like Carlos Leon with her facial features. No one took issue with that.
    I could give a damn what shade of skin they have, and I DO see people as people, tyvm.
    Texasmom, I agree, it’s part of life’s rich pageant. I love seeing how the different kids in my family express the assorted genetics: it’s so neat to see like a little mini-me of my brother. But there will be slight differences, like my brother’s kids are all blondes, not brunettes, and they’re taller. Genetics is fascinating.

    Pay them no mind with their comments I know what you were stating and as a black woman I took no offense in your statement, because I thought the same thing also that they could pass for white (something older African Americans say).

    I too look at kids that are bi-racial to see who they look like as some one pointed out Madonna’s daughter does in some pictures look like her mom and in others she looks so much like her father.

    Same with Shiloh, in the recent pictures of Brad Pitt you could see where her looks come from and in others you can also say she looks like Jon Voight.

    Does not mean what was posted as a racist comment and for me did not read that way.

  83. Jen says:

    How exactly does someone get pregnant “on purpose”? I’ve been trying to get pregnant “on purpose” for 10 years with no success, so I’d really like to know.

  84. Embee says:

    Those children are really pretty.

    I hope all the “adults” involved behave themselves and minimize the stress for the children. However, history does not indicate this will be so.

    Re: Irreconcilable Differences, that is usually the grounds for divorce because it prevents one party from having to proove fault (infidelity, for example). Most divorces are not actually tried in a court, but are settled between the lawyers anyway, so it doesn’t make much sense to create a public record of the provate details of a marriage’s decline.

  85. Ruffian9 says:

    “I’m sort of cinnamon-colored” – wow, Cheyenne, that sounds gorgeous – I’m jealous (I’m pale enough to see through)!!

  86. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    WOW what a conversation I stumbled late on…

    My son is half Native American half white.. I thought he would have black hair.

    NO,he gets my scottish genes, light colored brown, my green eyes and freckles. (I have auburn hair)
    He is dark like his dad and his body shape is his dad’s but he is mommy’s boy.

    I never knew that about Laura. I look at these pics and I see a very clingy woman and a not so happy man… Maybe he had had enough.

  87. nnn says:

    How exactly does someone get pregnant “on purpose”? I’ve been trying to get pregnant “on purpose” for 10 years with no success, so I’d really like to know.
    ————————————–If you go with a man who is married and about to get a new born baby with his wife without taking any contraception whatsoever within the very first weeks of your affair while you have mananged not to do so for years in your previous affair bullying your lover in order for him to dump his wife so that you’ll get married with him, then It is likely that indeed THIS TIME AROUND you did it on purpose TO TRAP the second one and coercise him into marrying you.

  88. SuperSleuth says:

    Interestingly enough, Wikipedia states that Billy Bob ended their relationship abruptly by marrying Angelina Jolie. True or not, I don’t know.

  89. esblondie says:

    @Liana – you’re friends with Joseph Arthur?! Tell him I love him and his music, will you? Thanks.

  90. texasmom says:

    Jen, sorry you haven’t had any luck in the “pregnant on purpose” department. I highly recommend the book “Managing Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler. Using her approach I was able to get pregnant in one try for each of my children, and a friend recently tried it and got pregnant right away (she is much younger than I am and had been trying for over a year before that). Good luck, fingers crossed, etc.!

  91. Crash2GO2 says:

    Oh, I can vouch for Toni Weschler’s book too! Got preggers on the second try @ 39.

  92. 4Real says:

    Emma: “I imagine Courtney Cox and David Arquette are next.”

    OMG check TMZ!!

  93. skibunny says:

    Statistics say 40% of marriages end in divorce. In Hollywood it is probably much higher….or so it seems.

  94. madylane says:

    I’m bi-racial, no one thinks I am. My sis is tri-racial, no one thinks she is. My niece is 5-racial (can’t think of the term) and she just looks India-indian – which is one thing she is not. My sis and I joke that if she turns out to be a transgendered bisexual we will have covered all the minorities we can think of in one kid :) All of us together equal just a regular family with different shades. It is what it is. Yes, sometimes no one thinks we are related and that is kind of annoying but all of us are beautiful and there is no race for that :)

    While I hate the Ben cheated stories cuz that makes him so lame I must admit my first thought (like I have a chance) was – Oh, so he is available again?! :)

  95. Julia Treehorn says:

    Perhaps old Ben has some trouble being a father since his left when he was young. Seems he can’t make it past the first handful of any of his kids lives. When you have kids you owe it to them to try and work things out but hey, he always struck me as a rather disturbed yet surprisingly mediocre “artist.” There isn’t a song in his entire career I could remember once it was finished, not even for 10 seconds. However Laura is a different story. She has a long history of amazing work and maybe it’s not the greatest thing in the world to sleep with someone else’s husband but it’s much worse to be the husband who sleeps with someone else. I mean who knows if Dern knew he was married? And even if she did – she’s not the one who broke her sacred marriage vows and betrayed her wife and children in that first scenario. And somehow I doubt it was her who had an affair if she had no idea he was going to serve her with divorce papers – sounds like it’s more of a pattern of his. He always struck me as a man who loved himself just a little too much. Or rather to put it bluntly a narcissist.