Lindsay Lohan was almost unable to get insurance for new film

Most insurance agencies refused to cover Lindsay Lohan’s new film, Labor Pains, due to the actress’ bad reputation and history of multiple DUI and rehab stays. It was only after the producer, Rick Schwartz, vehemently vouched for her that he was able to find a company that was willing to back him. Producers swear that Lohan has been nothing but professional during their meetings the past few months and that she’s always been early and is “rehearsing every day with energy and focus”:

“Labor Pains” producer Rick Schwartz kept getting turned down by insurers, an informed source tells us.

“[Schwartz] could only find one insurance company to cover her, and even then he really had to vouch for her.”

As Carrie Fisher wrote in “Postcards From the Edge,” actors with a history of drug and alcohol abuse, to which Lohan has admitted, have difficulty getting film insurance. Lohan is still on probation for two DUI arrests last year…

The movie will be made whether or not there’s an actors strike, since the union gave Schwartz a waiver, Variety reported.

“Lindsay is a tremendously talented actress,” said Plum Pictures’ Celine Rattray, who’s co-producing the film. “We have spent a lot of time with her over the last three months, and she has really impressed us with her work ethic.

“She comes to every meeting 15 minutes early, to the point where she has shown up a few times before we were ready for her. She is rehearsing every day with energy and focus. She is lovely to her co-stars and the crew.

“We got her insured in the film, and our insurance and bond reps have also been impressed with her good behavior.”

[From The NY Daily News]
Labor Pains stars Lohan as a woman who fakes a pregnancy in order to save her job. The NY Daily News says that the script “is hilarious,” and that it could be “just the sort of romantic comedy that could turn [Lindsay’s] career around.”

Lindsay may seem to have mellowed out for now, but the minute she has trouble in her relationship with Sam she’s going to hit the skids. Maybe she’ll prove everyone wrong and pull some big career comeback out of her skinny ass, but the odds are stacked against her. That’s why virtually every insurance company turned down her movie. The insurance company they ended up with is probably full of old dudes who don’t have wives, daughters or sons who pay attention to celebrity gossip who could inform them that they were making a massive mistake. Even if she completes this film without a lot of drama, it’s not like she has the star power to draw an audience. All her films last year were flops.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are shown waiting with a friend while Lindsay’s car is cleaned yesterday, thanks to WENN.

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  1. Dingles says:

    Why do people even hire her anymore? She’s more of a liability than as asset as all but like three of her movies have tanked. She peaked at “Mean Girls,” and that did so well thanks to Rachel McAdams and Tina Fey…Lindsay and her giant breasts were just lucky to be in it.

    Whatever, maybe when another few of her movies make $15 at the box office Hollywood will get the point.

  2. vdantev says:

    Not to mention her frequent ‘asthma attacks’. I must admit however she’s looking better in these pictures than she has in a while.

  3. Ron says:

    She’s has talent, unlike say excon Paris Hilton, and I think she will turn it around. Remember, she has been working since she was 8 and just did all of her stupid teen stuff in public. Hopefully she has it together now. 🙂

  4. Bodhi says:

    Huh, I seriously doubt her crowd-drawing abilites

  5. hmmm. According imdb, Mean Girls came out in 2004. That means Linds hasn’t done anything noteworthy in four years.

    Other than go to rehab 3 times, get multiple DUIs and all but publically come out of the closet, that is.

    No wonder she had trouble getting insured.

    I can’t imagine why anyone would hire her… it certainly can’t be for her acting ability.

  6. Syko says:

    It just amazes me that she keeps getting chance after chance after chance. All the celebutards do. Jessica Simpson keeps getting recording contracts. So does Lohan. Paris Hilton keeps getting TV series although she has countless times shown her inability to do anything but be Paris Hilton. Meanwhile, people with actual talent and work ethics are overlooked. No wonder I never watch TV or go to movies any more.

  7. geronimo says:

    I like CB’s idea that it was some old cobwebby insurance company full of old codgers who hadn’t seen a movie since the 80s and confused Lindsay Lohan with Lindsay Wagner, and thought ‘The Bionic Woman! Damn fine actress! No problem, sign here.’

  8. bewilderbeastie says:

    why do people keep saying “she’s an amazing actress”? i don’t think she’s worth all the hoopla

  9. rah says:

    I just love how you’re able to give other people “chances” and wish them well– including Nicole Ritchie, but have absolutely none for Lindsay. We need to also remember that people like your idol Angelina used to have wild pasts, but they made the effort to reform themselves. She looks like she is trying to get her life together, so let’s see how things go before we write her off forever. She’s still young.

  10. rah says:

    oh, and “skinny ass”? I’ve seen pics of you’re and you’re a toothpick who badly needs a face lift. 👿

  11. mel says:

    she sucks her movie will suck and her career will go down the drain….. there i spoke everybodies mind. and YES we all know she doesnt need to come out of the closet cause we all know she’s gay. :mrgreen:

  12. Syko says:

    Bitter much, rah?

  13. lulu says:

    it doesn’t even matter how well she behaves on the set of this new film. the problem is that she has tarnished her image so badly that many people will not see the movie simply because she is in it. i know that i can’t even bring myself to watch any movie she’s in, even though they are playing on HBO. i think tom cruise is having a similar problem — no one wants to see a movie with him in it anymore.

  14. Kaiser says:

    I do tend to separate Lohan and Spears from the crowded field of nobody celebutards – Paris, Nicole, Anyone with the name Kardashian or Jenner, Jess Simpson, Anyone on a “scripted” MTV reality show, and anyone described as an “oil heir” or “the son of a real estate magnate”.

    At some point Lohan and Spears actually had careers and had legions of hardcore fans. I hope both have gotten their lives together, but I’m not holding my breath.

    And insurance aside, a lot of people don’t want to work with La Lohan because she has a bad attitude/work ethic, not because of the drugs.

  15. Mary Ann says:

    Wow, rah, what brave, insightful critique! The emoticon really conveyed your passionate feelings.

  16. kate says:

    i, too, am still waiting for this “talent” to reveal itself. guess i’ll have to wait a bit longer. on second thought, maybe i’ll go have lunch instead.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I agree with “lulu”. I won’t watch a movie simply because I can’t stand the actor, whether they’re talented or not.

  18. blabbermouth says:

    In that banner pic her tits look as saggy as all get out. No wonder she’s hooked up with a lesbian.

  19. paris herpes says:

    Yeah she’s “tremendously talented” at getting wasted!

  20. paris herpes says:

    I HATE those ugly sandal thingies she’s wearing. Saw a girl wearing them today and wanted to beat her down with them!

  21. janica_21 says:

    no doubt that she’s a good actress…just give her a chance okay!! hu knows, it will turn out well… 😉

  22. janica_21 says:

    she’s nice.. whether she’s gay or bisexual she’s still a good actress, 8)

  23. Alli says:

    There is such a thing as overexposure, too, obvs. When you’ve seen the person for hours and hours online and on TMZ, why pay $10 to watch them act badly at the cineplex? (I’m sorry but girl needs an acting class… she’s still doing that Mickey Mouse Club method acting.)