Jennifer Love Hewitt’s first official outing with her Mayer-esque boyfriend


Well, I’ve been prepared for this. Jennifer Love Hewitt really is an old-fashioned kind of celebrity. She still “rolls out” a new boyfriend in the oh-so-standard way. First is the “rumor” that she’s dating someone. Then, the coy confirmation. Then some candid photos of the two of them running errands (“Oh, the paparazzi caught us walking the dog! How cute!”). And then the interviews and more formal red carpet photos. That’s where we are now – Jennifer Love has been dating Alex Beh for several months, and they just did their first red carpet photo op, on the heels of their joint interview talking about how “in love” they are. Next up: they get engaged, Love gushes in interview after interview for a year, and then the engagement is called off. Rinse and repeat. By the way, I still can’t get over how much this Beh guy looks like John Mayer. Beh and Mayer could be brothers. Love really has a type. Ugh.

But it’s not all repeating the worst dumb patterns! Variety reports that Love is slated to produce several new comedies in the coming year:

Now that she’s no longer whispering to ghosts, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been busy behind the camera developing several TV projects. Through her Fedora Films shingle, Hewitt and production partner A.J. Rinella have set up comedies at ABC and Fox, as well as a series adaptation of her TV film “The Client List” at Lifetime.

At ABC, Hewitt is behind “Bad Taste in Men,” from scribe Austin Weinberg. The single-camera half-hour comedy centers on a Chicago woman who’s been unable to find the right guy and settle down.

Hewitt is exec producing with Rinella, Brillstein Entertainment’s Peter Traugott and Untitled Entertainment’s Dannielle Thomas. ABC Studios, where Fedora has a first-look deal, would produce.

In the case of “The Client List,” Lifetime is looking to develop a fresh take on the TV movie, which starred Hewitt as a Texas housewife who becomes a prostitute. “The Client List” posted Lifetime’s second-highest audience for an original TV movie this year. Jordan Budde (“90210”) will write the series project, which will offer a new take on the idea — originally based on a Texas Monthly magazine article. Hewitt, Rinella, Thomas and Howard Braunstein (whose Jaffe-Braunstein shingle produced the movie) are all exec producers.

Then there’s the untitled comedy project at Fox, which is being written by Tiffany Paulson. Single-camera laffer is a romantic comedy told from the p.o.v. of a career-driven woman. Walt Becker is exec producing with Rinella, Dana Dubois and Walt Becker.

Hewitt will be seen in the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie “The Lost Valentine” opposite Betty White. Telepic will air on CBS in early 2011. Hyperion recently published Hewitt’s book, “The Day I Shot Cupid.”

[From Variety]

Wow – it sounds like Love could actually become a pretty successful television producer, and a producer who employs many up-and-coming women behind-the-scenes. Good for her – that’s the kind of feminism I can get behind, even though it sounds like most of the projects are about finding a man and/or being a hooker. Oh, well.

Peace Over Violence 39th Annual Humanitarian Awards, Held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California in October 29th, 2010 Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alex Beh Fame Pictures, Inc

Peace Over Violence 39th Annual Humanitarian Awards, Held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California in October 29th, 2010 Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alex Beh Fame Pictures, Inc

Peace Over Violence 39th Annual Humanitarian Awards, Held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California in October 29th, 2010 Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alex Beh Fame Pictures, Inc

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  1. JB says:

    MAN! That cat is FUGLY!

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I am sorry but John Mayer is extremely handsome, his body is RIPPED, the boy’s body is toned. His face is much more defined. This kid you think looks like John Mayer is kinda goofy looking, but he is still cute, and I can tell just by the way his suit is on his body that this kid is not in shape as good as Mayer is. I see more Micheal Cera than John Mayer. OMG look at that adorable chubby face. It doesn’t say John Mayer though.

    JLH kinda of annoys me but I am happy for her and I wish her all the best.

  3. terryo says:

    I hope this guy realizes that he is dating a real gem. JLH is a true beauty!

  4. Az says:

    Those shoes are awful with that dress.

  5. PrettyTarheel says:

    Perhaps since her professional life is developing so well, she will not feel the need to derive all of her worth from this guy, and will be a better and more well-rounded partner in the relationship, instead of looking to him to drive away her insecurities about herself. She looks really pretty, and not like she’s trying to skinny down at the moment. I’m glad she and her sparkly hoo-ha decided to give this guy a several month trial before trotting him out in public.

  6. Hautie says:

    I still find her harmless… alot like Jessica Simpson. Plus she works. Alot.

    Never sitting around trying to be a “Movie Star”. She gets out there and hustle’s and can pay her own bills.

    Without resorting to flashing the pap’s, minus her panties. And I like her shoes… and love that purse.

    This is probably a decent guy. But I have always thought John Mayer was unfortunate looking. And this boy is cute in a traditional clean cut way.

  7. brin says:

    She kind of annoys me, too but I wish her the best. Don’t like that purse with that dress.

  8. Stephie says:

    Her poor ‘girls’ look sooo squished. GL to her, again. Nice to see she has lots to keep her busy. Her L&O ep wasn’t bad either.

  9. KLO says:

    This is a very nice dress.

  10. Jeri says:

    The press releases & commercials for The Client List were extensive. Especially for a Lifetime movie – they don’t usually go that far for movie promotions.

  11. Jacq says:

    That purse is really bothering me. It looks like a stupid little purse that Britney Spears would carry. You can fit a tampon and a lipstick (don’t get the two confused) and you can barely get your hand under the strap. Why bother? Oh, because it is screaming orange so that you don’t miss the fact that it’s Hermes.

  12. spinner says:

    Every pic of this guy that I have seen, his nose is bright red. WTF?? Oh well…I think he is a step-up from John Mayer. John always looks pasty & dark around the eyes like he has a terminal illness.

  13. Jenna says:

    i feel bad for her bc clearly she has alot of insecurities and that sucks. also, that purse is horrid.

  14. Samigirl says:

    I watched Can’t Hardly Wait last night…she was so thin. Looked like a lolly pop. I think she is stunning now, and I would KILL for her figure.
    However, I do believe she has a ton of insecurities, and feels like she needs to be in love to be happy. That drives me crazy. I hope she continues to be successful 🙂

  15. CoolWhipLite says:

    Not that I was looking…but what’s going on with the guy’s pants? He seems to have a camel toe.

  16. sauvage says:

    I find that guy extremely likeable looking.

  17. serena says:

    I really like her in these pics. She’s good, fresh and clean face, cute and nice. Yep maybe this guy it’s not that bad.

  18. hjsplit says:

    Amaze! Thank you! I constantly wished to produce in my internet site a thing like that. Can I take element of the publish to my blog?