Teen Mom Farrah wins custody battle with her late boyfriend’s mother

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham, 19, is raising her baby daughter Sophia with the help of her very dysfunctional family. Sophia’s father Derek died in a car accident at 18 two months before she was born. Farrah was estranged from Derek at the time, at the advice of both her family and Derek’s family, neither of whom approved of their relationship. She’s dealing with a lot of guilt and pain following Derek’s death, and was shown meeting Derek’s sister for an emotional reunion on the show. It was the first time that she had seen any of Derek’s family since his death, and the first time any of them had met Sophia. Farrah got in touch with Derek’s sister in order to get DNA to prove Sophia’s paternity. She needed to show that Sophia’s father was deceased in order to qualify for Social Security.

I’ve yet to see the last two episodes of Teen Mom this season, (MTV is blocking episode 11 for some reason) but in the first ten there’s no mention of Sophia’s paternal grandmother having any interest in meeting her. Farrah’s mother is abusive and manipulative, and Farrah is a very guarded person who is slow to trust. She’s not the most competent mother, but after you get to know her you understand how she turned out that way and how she’s coping the best she can. Given her history, it makes sense that she never reached out to Derek’s family or considered having them be a part of Sophia’s life.

According to a new report on Hollywood Life, Farrah recently won a court battle with Derek’s mother, Stormie, to block her from earning grandparents visitation rights for Farrah. I bet this will feature heavily in season three, and it sounds pretty interesting. Here’s more:

The nasty court battle between Farrah and Derek’s mother finally came to end Oct. 26 — and Farrah WON!

Stormie Clark, the mother of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham’s late baby daddy Derek, was denied “grandparent’s rights” Oct. 26 in Pottawattamie County Court. In order for a judge to have approved said rights to visitation, Stormie would have needed to prove she has a pre-existing relationship with baby Sophia (which she doesn’t), or that Farrah is unfit to decide who Sophia should or shouldn’t be around (which she is not.)

The situation is simpler than the attached legal jargon makes it sound, but that doesn’t make Sophia’s relationship with Derek’s family any less messy.

[From Hollywood Life]

There’s more about this in an article on OK! from late September. Stormie says that she went to court to try and prevent Farrah from moving away with her granddaughter.

Farrah is very defensive and can be abrasive, but she’s open to people approaching her in a friendly way. She reunited with her mother and accepted help from her after her mother basically attacked her. I wonder if Stormie tried to send Sophia presents or if she sent cards or messages before she went the legal route. Maybe Farrah would have softened to her and let her see Sophia. Derek’s sister brought a photo album of Derek for Sophia when she met her. Derek’s sister told Farrah that Sophia was “all that’s left of Derek,” bringing her to tears. It’s just a sad situation all around and one that’s all the more complicated due to Farrah’s troubled relationship with her mother. No wonder she’s suspicious of Stormie when she’s been abused by her own mom.



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  1. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Poor baby girl to already exist in a world of turmoil

  2. c says:

    Have you watched season 1? I think if you did you’d feel less sorry for Farrah. Of course her mom shouldnt have hit her, but she is the most self-centered, ungrateful, spoiled girl I’ve ever seen. Had she not gotten pregnant MTV might have featured her on my super sweet 16. The best thing to happen to Farrah is being forced to go out on her own. And yeah, her parents raised her to be such a brat, but it doesnt make her any less irritating!

  3. Devon says:

    Farrah has a lot of issues but I really think that she loves her daughter very much & that she’s doing the best she can with the situation at hand. With a mother like Debra, it’s no wonder she acts like a snot towards her.

    It will be interesting to see her story unfold a little more.

  4. devilgirl says:

    If you watch the show, then you would know, by Farrah’s own admission, she attacked her mother first for opening her mail. Farrah, on the reunion show said that “Who could tell who did what first. The next thing you know, you have a handful of hair in your hand and it’s your mother’s” Farrah is not the “grieving, innocent, hard working” mom people think. She is a spoiled brat, who is nasty and entitled, and has used the “Baby daddy dying” excuse for far too long as a way to explain away her hateful and abrasive behavior. Fact is, she and the father of Sophia were split prior to the birth of the baby, with Farrah again, admitting, he was not the best person in the world, but when she wants to turn on the water works for sympathy, she conveniently cries that he was “the love of her life”

    I always love people that blame the mother for everything, when it is clear that the girl had her way for years and wanted for nothing, and then when the clampers get put on her when she gets pregnant, all of a sudden rules are in place and she resents those that make them.

  5. Celebitchy says:

    @devilgirl – I have not seen the reunion show and am sorry I’m behind! I did a whole Teen Mom marathon this weekend and am only up to episode 10. This is my impression of Farrah so far, and just from this season I’ll admit. She does seem like she’s dealing with a lot and I don’t see her as spoiled and abusive – yet.

    -Edit- I got the impression that Farrah’s mom is very manipulative and passive aggressive and that Farrah is actively trying to deal with that too. Again, we’ll see if my impression changes after I watch the final 2 episodes and the reunion. I appreciate your opinions on this too.

  6. Kitten says:

    ITA @ JohnnyDepp’sGirl.
    The biggest victim here is that poor child that didn’t ask to be brought into this mess.

  7. NayNay says:

    I think that Farrah truly loves her daughter and is doing the best she can for her. Both Farrah and her mother have issues, but in most of the episodes I watched, Farrah comes off as a spoiled brat. I missed the fight between the two of them, so I cannot state who started it. I do think they are both very unstable.

  8. DelBocaVista says:

    I’ve only seen 2 episodes of this series and on both of them Farrah was being a completely ungrateful hag to her mom. I thought it was amazing that her mom had the patience not to backhand Farrah across the room, or at least kick her out of the house.

  9. Lori says:

    Farrah is the most spoiled brat EVER! Sure, the mom is annoying but so is Farrah (in fact Farrah is more annoying since she is soo spoiled). So to say that Farrah is a helpless victim is ridiculous. The only victim in this family is the verbally abused father Michael (as Farrah calls him- why not call him Dad?). I have never seen a father treated so horribly in my life.

  10. devilgirl says:

    Celebitchy- If you also go to the MTV web site, they have AfterShow clips, and there the girls give additional tidbits not seen on the actual show. Sometimes it fills in the blanks on things.

    I hate to admit it, but I have watched these girls since they were featured on 16 and Pregnant. Farrah has always acted very spoiled, and that is a result of her parents. She calls her father Michael, which is very strange, and he is her father, not a step dad.

  11. mel says:

    The whole family is disfunctional. I feel sorry for Sophia.

  12. Hautie says:

    My bias opinion…

    Farah’s Mother hitting her in the face goes back to when Farah was pregnant.

    Her Mother hauled off and punched her in the mouth, while driving down the road, in one of those early episodes. There is Farah big and pregnant and her Mother punching her in the face.

    And lets be honest. Had that been a boyfriend that had punched her in the mouth while driving, there would have been more made of it.

    And you can not have that passive/aggressive Mother and not end up screwed up emotionally.

    I am by no means defending the behavior of Farah as much as she is a product of her environment. The Father is not stopping the Mother’s crazy ass behavior either. Maybe that is why she calls him Michael. She has just turned off emotionally to them both.

  13. Obvious says:

    Starting from 16 and Pregnant Farrah was my least favorite. She is spoiled, and once she had Sophia she went out all the tiome (at least what we were shown) and Debra took care of the baby. Sophia slept in Farrah’s room, and Farrah would sleep through her crying and throw a fit when Debra came in to take care of her.

    I think Farrah had it coming, thought it was not right. My least favorite has been replace by Amber, and part of me feels for Farrah, but the rest of me could care less.

  14. ghostbuster says:

    farrah seemed to grow up a lot this season. in the past, she came across as the most self entitled, snobby, hateful, most ungrateful little girl. she talks down to her mother in such a disgusting way, like her mother is pure garbage. i do think the death of derek effected her greatly, but by all admissions he was abusive towards her. when sophia was first born, her mom had to beg her to hang out with her child and farrah would come out with things like ‘well im a teenager’. farrah seems to have been a very trying teen/mom. it isnt until recently that she has taken any responsibility for her own life. shes growing up and that is awesome, but dont condemn her parents for dealing with her past behaviors. they have bent over backwards to help their child and grandchild. it seems that farrah realizes this now and i think that is apart of her growing up

  15. guesty says:

    farrah is by far my favorite on the show.

    @ least she & her mom seem to be willing to work out their relationship at this point in time & hopefully they’ll continue to make progress.

  16. icantbelievethis says:

    “-Edit- I got the impression that Farrah’s mom is very manipulative and passive aggressive and that Farrah is actively trying to deal with that too. Again, we’ll see if my impression changes after I watch the final 2 episodes and the reunion.”

    You have to see the past seasons to see how Farrah’s been. I think there was backlash and this season they focused on her “softer” side to make her more likeable.

    Others seasons she was downright cruel to her mom and dad. I am glad she won her court battle. I don’t think she should be forced to give anyone visitation of her daughter. She’s not the best mother, but she’s making mistakes that many other moms have made with the first kid. She is getting better.

  17. Anastasia says:

    I couldn’t stand Farrah at first. She was immature and acted like a brat.

    HOWEVER–in the last year or so, she has REALLY had to grow up a lot. She’s nearly more mature than her mother at this point. Having to raise her daughter has forced her to grow up a lot.

    She’s still not my favorite. She can still be whiny and a bit neglectful. However, if you look at what she came from, you start to understand. And if you really see how far she’s come, you feel pretty happy for her.

    My hope is she continues to grow and mature.

  18. Jacquie says:

    While Farrah is a spoiled brat it was her parents that raised her that way. She is a full time student and has a job and is the only parent to her child. That doesn’t sound lazy to me. She is working through her issues and everyone deals with theirs differently. She’s not the best mother, but no one is, everyone makes mistakes, if your child never gets hurt or bumps into anything or falls down, then you’re smothering them and they will have separation anxiety issues when you try to leave them, even to go to work. We all do the best we can as parents and it’s not ok for people to sit on their soap boxes and judge a young girl with no help who IS trying. Relationships are never perfect but you don’t wish death on someone and Farrah has to deal with the fact that her child’s father is dead, they had a relationship, they obviously loved each other, Farrah has even said that. It doesn’t matter how he treated her in the past, he can’t make up for that, but now that he’s gone, nothing can be done to change that. No 16 year old boy is the greatest guy in the world that doesn’t mean she should be happy that he’s gone.

  19. Pam says:

    Farrah really has grown up a lot however I hope she sees that her parent’s are really trying to help her. I think she is so rude when she treats them like dirt and is short with them. Farrah..please see your parents for wanting to help and love you and not the negative side. One day you will be thankful and see how much they love you.

  20. devilgirl says:

    Jaquie- I have no idea why you are taking issue with me regarding Farrah. I said her spoiled behavior was the result of her parents. Did you not read that. I also never said she wasn’t in school or didn’t have a job.Nor did I wish death upon anyone.

    Farrah has help. Her parents help her, as she has even said on the reunion show. Let’s not kid ourselves, these girls are making money off personal appearances, interviews as well as getting paid to be on that show. Farrah is hardly the poor struggling mother people want to think. Neither are the other girls. These girls, even if they are young, have way more than most typical teenage mothers, who actually have nothing or no one.

  21. Relli says:

    Celebitchy, I see it the same way you do. Farrah may have acted like a spoiled brat in the beginning but that doesn’t mean her mother is not he source of her problems. She has a very controlling personality and has serious issues of her own. I can tell you from personal experience that while it may not be out right abuse, it has consequences of its own, I cannot imagine though having a child under those circumstances. Being young and not being able to make decisions on your own accord and raising a child.

    From what i can see, they never let her grieve and talk about him and their situation. Maybe their relationship was not perfect but what relationship is?!?! So what is she remembers it to be better than it was, doesn’t everyone do that? I think a lot of the pain and anger she experienced up until he died, was never released and it came out very ugly in other places in her life. She seemed very at peace once Derek’s sister told her that in the end he loved her and wanted to be there for her, maybe his sister was embellishing but i think she needed to hear that in order to move on in her life. Most of us lose our first loves when we leave for college or other things come about, but Farrah’s is truly gone for good, all those things she wished she hadn’t said or done she cannot take back. In a way i think her story is the saddest.

  22. Kerri says:

    Yes farrah might be a spoiled brat – we can all see it by the interaction she has with her parents but there are definately issues in the family. As other posters have pointed out – she calls her father Michael, something i don’t understand at all. He also seems to just allow everyone to walk over him and does not stick up for Farrah with her mother. But with respect to her mother maybe it is simply a situation of having had enough and now she is just lashing out. That happens all the time and while it is no excuse, when things like that happen all you see is the explosion. We don’t know what the family dynamic was like before 16 & pregnant and maybe Farrah has just had enough. Still i think she needs to tone it down a bit now and try to just go with the flow. I think her parents are trying to make things better and she is finally making an effort and is being more mature about the whole thing now.

    While i may not always like farrah and just after she gave birth she was acting out alot, i think she has grown and is making the most of her situation.

    I am glad that Derek’s mother did not get any rights as it appears his family did not like Farrah and vice versa with her family. But Although Derek and Farrah may not have had a good relationship, as we all know relationships are not always good. there are highs and lows and you still love the person. And yes they may have been broken up but that does not take away fromt he fact that Farrah loved him and she has his baby – and has to be reminded of him everyday of her life when she looks at Sophia who obviously looks alot like him. MAybe she didn’t deal with the pain and emotions before and it is now coming out – i don’t think we should be catty toward her just because she is hurting. We are only now seeing it and based ont he way her mother behaves you can tell she never learned how to deal with her emotions properly.

  23. Randomness says:

    Most children learn their horrid behavior from their parent’s. I have to think that Farrah’s mother let her act that way for a long time and possibly that she herself acts that way as well. It looks like they are trying to but having a baby at such a young age, followed by death, followed by mother abuse… let’s give it a break. She is learning through her own mistakes, which is pretty much all anyone could ask for.

  24. Kevin says:

    I think she should have her next baby with my boy Da Situation!! That schnozz would be so big that kid would not be able to learn to walk from tipping over.

  25. bellaluna says:

    Having a teenage daughter myself, I’ve raised her and her two brothers to be mutually respectful; have manners; have a conversation without cussing, screaming, or being abusive; and to accept responsibility for their decisions and behaviour.

    Sorry, but Farrah acting like the spoiled bitch she is is FARRAH’s responsibility. I’m so sick of everyone being a shit and blaming their parents. Lot’s of people have parents who are less than ideal, and many of them have turned out just fine.

    Stop trying to excuse bad behaviour by blaming the parents.

    Also, for the record, Farrah would have been evicted from my home quite some time ago, until she could act like a decent human being. You want to act grown (have unprotected sex, have a baby, etc…) and live rent-free in my home while I provide childcare, you will treat me with respect. Otherwise, show me how grown you are and support yourself & your kid without my help.

  26. buenavissta says:

    @bellaluna, very well said!

  27. beebeedoom says:

    She looks like an uglier psychotic version of me which creeps me out.
    That is all.

  28. Shannon says:

    Calling Farrah a spoiled brat is like saying she deserved to be hit. If a woman isn’t a very nice person, does she deserve to be raped? If Rihanna was being bitchy to Chris, did she deserve the beatdown he gave her? NO!

    Farrah grew up with everything she ever wanted; she didn’t just turn out spoiled one day. If a kid is spoiled it’s the fault of the parents. And I think we can all agree that Farrah does not have great parents.

    She’s doing the best she can with this situation. She went from being an entitled 16 year old girl to a working single mom overnight. Who in that situation wouldn’t do some bratty things?

    It does not excuse her mother, who has hit her ON CAMERA before. If her mother is so unable to control her anger that she punches her daughter in front of witnesses, imagine what she has done when no-one is around. Farrah admitted in therapy that this was a pretty regular occurrence, especially after she became pregnant and her mother started calling her a slut.

    The way her mother completely ignored her existence when they were having issues really speaks volumes about how manipulative the woman is as well. Ditto for the fact that she refused to let Farrah grieve over the father of her baby, and in fact claimed to be happy when she heard he died.

    I’m really getting sick of people saying “FARRAH IS A BRAT” as if that sums up the entire situation and she got what was coming to her. No one deserves verbal or physical abuse.

    I’m not saying Farrah is a saint at all; she’s not the kind of person I’d like to be friends with. But I can still have compassion for her, which clearly many of you are too vengeful to do. I hope someday you are able to see that people are not just good or bad – we are all the product of our environment and we all deserve empathy.

  29. Diva says:

    When Farrah was first introduced, she was SIXTEEN. Of course, of course, YOUR sixteen-year old is perfect and would never say ugly things to you or get mad at you, but THIS girl wasn’t raised as perfectly as yours. She was a pretty damn typical, entitled, bratty SIXTEEN-YEAR OLD.
    Now, she’s doing a hell of a job raising her daughter by herself! She works hard, she keeps up a household, and she’s learning by trial and error how to be a parent just like any young mother. She’s grown up 110%. Her mother has hit her MORE than once, and completely disregards her daughter’s feelings and negates her emotions. The very aloof attitude Farrah has toward her mom is completely warranted and natural.
    As for judging her because she wasn’t with her teenage boyfriend before he died, again, they were KIDS… kids don’t handle their relationships maturely – because they’re KIDS.

  30. bellaluna says:

    Easy there, Shannon. I wasn’t just a teen mother; I was a battered teen mother – and somehow I managed to survive without turning into a screaming, whining shrew like Farrah. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE HIT. If that’s all you got out of my comment, I’d say the problem is in your interpretation.

    @ Diva – No, MY teenage teenage daughter is NOT perfect. In fact, due to her obnoxious behaviour, she now resides with her father in another state. As I said, I have rules. If you are unable to conduct yourself in a civil manner (at the VERY least), you have other options.

    @ buenavissta –

    Thank you! It’s nice to know my points weren’t lost on everyone! 😉

  31. Jen says:

    @ Hautie

    She did not punch her in the face, yes she was out of line for slapping her but to say she punched her is a huge exaggeration. Farrah has made a lot of changes since we first saw her disrespectful and down right disgusting behavior in her first episode. I don’t know how I would react if my daughter spoke to me the way that girl talks to her parents. She’s changed to a degree but the way she talked down to her father when he was there helping her at her apartment trying to hang curtains or whatever it is on her porch just shows how little she has changed. If anything it looks like Farrah has simply gotten better at remembering the cameras are there and doing her best impression of not being a spoiled self centered brat.

  32. C.D. says:

    Is MTV paying Farrah for being on this show? If so, she sure as hell should not be allowed to be on Social Security. Give Social Security to people who really need it, not someone earning money by being on a show that glorifies teenage motherhood.

  33. ghostbuster says:

    @bellaluna and most of you all, very well put. once again it seems like most celebitchy readers have an open honest mind. there are some of you, however, that shock me in your judgement. it seems that some see it as all black or white. this is a kid who is raising a kid, who has screwed up and continues to screw up(like most of us) but who is slowly growing up. im not condoning her behavior in the past, i find it atrocious, but ive never been a teen mom.
    she seems to be the only one who doesnt have friends. i find that odd. is it her or is the people she surrounded herself with? it seems that all the other girls have a strong support group. i dont think her folks need to be blamed. a person is their own person in their own right.
    i think everyone is doing the best they can and every child deserves that 🙂 im glad she rebuilding bridges and taking aim. its a lot for anyone, especially a kid

  34. Leah! says:

    Everyone is a product of their environment. That said, people can turn out wonderful in horrible situations. I feel for her, having to deal with death and a birth almost simultaneously. Whether she has a likable personality or not, as long as she is TRYING to succeed in life, we as fellow women should be building her up. (I’m not justifying her bad behavior, just saying we need to stick together. Life is hard enough.)

    C.D.; I’m just surmising, but maybe (especially since I’m 99% sure she’s getting paid for the MTV thing) it’s for health insurance? I really don’t know… but I agree with you.

  35. big feet bunny says:

    gimme a break people. you are not having to live in farrah’s world where she is a single 19 year old mom raising a child who is entirely her responsibility. she can be a bitch, no doubt, and was not a good mother at first but she was just a child.no matter how much of a bitch someone is, you can’t punch them in the mouth. she has grown tremendously and is doing a great job of raising a baby all on her own at such a young age.

  36. jaydawg says:

    Does anyone else think Farrah is Jessica Alba’s long lost lil sister?

  37. Diva says:

    I don’t see the problem with SOPHIA getting Social Security for the loss of her father. Granted, I would hope that since it sounds like Farrah is getting a pretty substantial paycheck from MTV that she’s putting Sophia’s money away for Sophia later on.

  38. OpinionatedGal says:

    I’ll give Farrah the benefit of the doubt.

    I don’t think she’s spoiled. She abused, lonely and dysfunctional. Her learned behaviors came from Mom and Dad.

    She needs to forgive herself and her mother for the past. She can’t change that.

    When she sees how her actions affect her daughter, maybe it will enlighten her to grow up.

  39. NYer says:

    Farrah is a self-centered douchebag. I don’t know anything about Stormie, but I’m sure she’d be a better mom than that useless ho. Poor Sophia.

  40. TLH says:

    This is a very sad thing on a number of levels, first she was 16 and had a baby, the father died at 16 and she had no support from his family at all, where were these people when that lil baby was born? whether they supported him or not of that relationship a child was born, you cant tell me that 2 months later after his child is born, they never offer a helping hand or even want to call and ask if they can help out to get to know this baby, and now she is on a tv show, the grandma is trying to sue for custody of a baby she has never even met, but hey its sells papers right, where was this devoted grandma 2 years ago when this child was born?

  41. Cheila says:

    The vast majority of “abused” children, even ‘adult children’, would be/are too intimidated/fearful of their abusers to even DREAM of speaking to/treating them as Farrah does REAPEATEDLY in the case of her parents. The only reason I hesitate to feel sorry for the parents is they enable her behavior by excusing it, as do some of the posters here.

    Can you say, “Casey Anthony”? At the end of the day, good parents or bad, we are ALL responsible for our OWN behavior. Even poor-little-rich-girl Farrah.

  42. Vivienne says:

    For those of you attacking Farrah and saying she started that fight with her mom by opening her mail you have got to be kidding! I have opened my moms mail and didn’t get beat up. And she had a handful of her moms hair in her hand. If someone attacked me I would try and fight back too. Just because you saw the fight on tv does not mean you know the whole story. MTV edits out what they want! You have go remember that. I am by far not saying she is perfect. Alot of her attitude is hostility for her parents but let’s remember she’s TRYING to get counselling!!! Her mom is by far not perfect either. She is roof what she can to make Sophia’s life better! She is taking responsibility for the mistake she made in high school. Just because she and Derek were estranged does not mean she didnt love him. She did what her family thought was best. And shut him out but that doesn’t mean she didn’t love him or want a future with him. Every teen mom secretly wants it to work out with their baby daddy! Alot of you, not all of you, are being very judgmental of her life… But someone she loved died, she is tryin her hardest to better her life. When it’s just her and Sophia things seem well for them. But don’t judge. Your life isn’t in the spotlight. You haven’t been in Farrahs particular situation and you don’t know the whole story. You only know what MTV wants you to know! Let’s also remember that It was Dereks mom who told social security that Derek denied being the father of Sophia. That money would have benefited Sophia and yet she did what she could to make sure she didn’t get it and after telling social security that he denied ever being her father than she turns around and is trying to get visitation of Sophia static “it’s in the best interest of the child” which is crap because she wouldn’t have done what she did with social security if she really cared about what was best for Sophia. I also didn’t hear of her sending any gifts or cards or ever reaching out to Farrah. There is a good chance Farrah would have said bug off but she didn’t even try reaching out to Farrah at all!