LeAnn Rimes gets weepy & sarcastic in a new interview


I can’t find any video clip excerpts of this so far, but I’m sure we’ll be able to find some in the weeks to come. Apparently, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian just sat down for their first side-by-side television interview. The interview was done for ABC’s new special, “All Access Nashville” and LeAnn is one of several country stars being interviewed. LeAnn is probably the most scandalous, though, and it’s interesting that she ordered Eddie to do the interview with her. You can see screen caps here, at the The Daily Mail. The Mail also has some quotes from the piece – LeAnn and Eddie talking about how they fell in love, and how she likes being around Eddie and Brandi’s sons because they share French fries with her:

She’s come under fire for being a ‘husband stealer’ and it seems all the criticism has taken a toll on LeAnn Rimes. The country singer broke down in tears as she was questioned about her troubled love life in an interview for ABC show All Access Nashville.

When interviewer Robin Roberts asked her what her lowest point was, LeAnn replied sarcastically: ‘Which one?’

In a preview of the show, set to air next week, she adds: ‘You’re going to make me cry.’

The 28-year-old is joined by her boyfriend Eddie Cibrian in their California living room.
Eddie sat behind LeAnn with his hands on her hips as she leant up against him during the interview. The singer looked in a beige silky top over skinny jeans while Eddie was dressed in coordinating taupe T-shirt and jeans. The pair looked very much in love, laughing and smiling at each other as they spoke on camera.

But Eddie’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville might not be quite so cheerful about her ex husband’s comments. When asked what attracted him to the singer, he said: ‘We played catch right away and I knew she was the one because she almost tore my hand off.’

Eddie was still married to Brandi, the mother of his two children, when he met LeAnn on the set of made-for-TV movie Northern Lights in Canada last year.

Brandi, perhaps still struggling with the upheaval, as arrested in the early hours of Friday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence. LeAnn and Eddie have lately been gaining confidence about showing off their relationship in public. Yesterday Eddie even tweeted a picture of himself proposing on one knee to LeAnn. But she later explained it was a joke, tweeting: ‘@eddiecibrian and I were having a little fun. That pic was taken at Universal City walk right before a private event I did there earlier this month. Just thought it was too funny not to share a little “TRICK!!”‘

LeAnn also talked about becoming a stepmother to Eddie’s children, Mason, three, and Jake, seven.

Speaking from the kitchen while whipping up pancakes, the star joked: ‘The things I would never normally eat, like French fries, I have four or five of theirs and I’m good to go.’

She touches on her troubled childhood during the interview. In 2000, LeAnn filed a lawsuit against her father, who was also her manager, saying he had stolen approximately $7million from her. During the legal battle LeAnn met her husband Dean Sheremet, who was her backup dancer. The couple divorced after LeAnn met Eddie. She and her father have since reconciled.

The new TV interview follows controversy as LeAnn graced the cover of Shape magazine, later forcing its Editor to apologise to outraged readers for featuring the ‘husband stealer’. All Access Nashville airs on ABC News on November 10th.

[From The Daily Mail]

Call me crazy, but this honestly doesn’t sound so bad. Is the admission that Eddie fell for LeAnn when they were playing catch a little… cheesy and wrong and rude? Sure. But with Eddie saying it, it also feels like he’s trying to make sure that LeAnn doesn’t take the hit for their union alone. I also think that as a media strategy, this is pretty smart. A lot smarter than the constant tweeting and the “engagement” photos anyway.

LAS VEGAS - APRIL 18: Actor Eddie Cibrian and singer LeAnn Rimes arrive for the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 18, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Photo by: DFI/AAD/starmaxinc.com 2010 4/18/10 Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes at the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. (Las Vegas, Nevada) Photo via Newscom


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. EllenP says:

    A match made in Loser Heaven.

  2. Laura says:

    Sure, they kinda fucked over their exes, but hey, maybe they are really in love, moreso than they were before. I guess we’ll see how long it takes them to get divorced.

  3. lola says:

    I’m so sick of people trashing this girl. It was not an ideal situation. But clearly they were both unhappy where they were and made a grown up choice to leave that is none of our business.

    Right about now would be a good time to cue the sister wives advocates who come in here and talk a big game about butting out of people’s lives…

    And PS his ex wife who can’t keep her mouth shut and got a DUI – ya, there’s no reason he’d not want to have left THAT.

  4. cprincess says:

    I would think they would bond over each others squinty eyes- if they have a kid, it will barely beable to see!

  5. terryo says:

    It takes 2 to tango. Who knows, maybe LeAnn is an uptick.

  6. Jean says:

    I never read posts about LeAnn Rimes, because she bores me, but good grief Kaiser, the header picture of her on the front page is nasty. I’m not her dentist nor her lover, don’t want to know her that well, and that pic gives a whole new meaning to deepthroat.

  7. LisaMarie says:

    I don’t think it’d bother so many people if she was just quieter and less self-righteous about it. Its like she’s striving for people to be sympathetic toward her and most just aren’t going to be. At least not those of us who’ve had a boyfriend/husband taken from us. Been there, and as a result, I’ll never feel bad for the girl doing the taking.

  8. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Eddie is so cute. 😀 He must be attracted to crazy women.

  9. brin says:

    What does she do…get up in the middle of the interview & “whip up some pancakes”? lol….crazy beotch!

  10. Willow says:

    If only LeAnn were woman enough to recognize that the boys she “just loves” were raised by the woman she can’t stand.
    If the 3 adults don’t get their acts together, then those poor boys will grow up just like dad, cute but tarnished losers.

  11. Karen Davis says:

    These 2 are irrelevant losers and press whores. The constant tweeting and games with his ex just show her for the insecure petty little person she is. YECK!

  12. AWHODAT says:

    I wonder what its like “to have a boyfriend/husband taken from” me? Hmmmmmm. BRB……..gotta go buy a leash….

  13. peanut says:

    why is she getting the flack?? he was married as well!!! such a double standard…sheesh

  14. jen says:

    “Gets weepy & sarcastic in a new interview” LOL.

    For some reason I’m reminded of that scene in Half Baked where that rapper tells Dave Chappelle his life story.

  15. Salina says:

    The fact she’s been so smug is tthe issue.. she doesnt see why people dislike her. Those who defend her say “well they weren’t happy in their marriages” but they were caught sneaking around and kept denying it and leann was acting like brandi should just get over it. Leann acted crappy and yet expects people to just love her and Eddie. My dad cheated with my stepmother and when I got old enough to understand I hated her bc it made my mom so distrustful of men bc they snuck around when my mom was pregnant. So I know how brandis boys will feel

  16. Rita says:

    LeAnn’s PR director doesn’t seem to understand his job other than smearing her antics all over the tabs. The All Access Nashville program will feature two of the most honest, generous, respected, and nicest people in country music, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley. The third interview will be with LeAnn sitting next to her overpriced hairball. The contrast will be embarrassing.

    Country music accounts for upwards of 80% of her sales but today when CMT runs a thread they have to delete the negative comments until they finally just pull the thread all together. LeAnn’s threads are almost always 75-80% thumbs down. Hell, her own record company won’t support her album. As one commenter put it:

    “She may be a mountain in the molehills of those California fornicators but she’s just a mole hole in the mountain of country music.”

    I thought that was pretty good for a redneck.

  17. Sara says:

    Perhaps a brow lift would make her eyes actually open? Stop squinting all the tie girl,sheesh OPEN your eyes

  18. TeeTee says:

    a bunch of crap interview “whipping up pancakes”

    Hilarious–she is really crazy

    live ya life and shut ya trap!!!

    she is sooo annoying! you can’t force people to like you, its never gonna happen. gloat ON!!!

  19. Riley says:

    I can gurantee you this isn’t a couple that will be together in 10 years. Probbly not even 5. They will get married and then they will crumble and Leann will trash his skank ass in song.

  20. Eileen says:

    Kaiser-I gotta hand it to you, you ALWAYS find the best photos for these posts. lol
    I’m to the point now where I wish everyone would stop talking about them and they can go back to obscurity, because the minute we all take our focus off them, that’s when the Edster will pounce on his next plaything.

  21. heatheradair says:

    Meh. Eddie’s ridiculously hot. A lot of us would probably behave like complete, effing morons if it meant we got to keep nailin that, too. As in, “she knows he’s out of her league, so she’ll do whatever she can to keep her hooks in him, and so would most of us.”

  22. Jezi says:

    This interview is just another way for them to justify their relationship. I agree with Rita, bad PR move. They aren’t liked by many, so I can guarantee you it will annoy people even further. They need to just lay low and stop pushing their relationship onto the public. If they were so secure with their relationship then they wouldn’t need to tweet constantly about how much they love eachother or they wouldn’t continually be putting themselves out there doing interviews that only aggrevate people. Reminds me of the whole Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck relationship. We are so in love and so perfect for one another. Bam, that blew up in flames and wound up looking very stupid for flashing their wonderful relationship. Great you’re in love, wonderful. They seem to forget that their love came at the pain of others. Just shut up about it already.

  23. Oh goodie says:

    The girl still sells records & lots of them. Great voice. Personally I think there very happy together. Crap happens all the time & no one knows what was going on in either of there marriages.. Something was obviously missing in them.. Not cool the way it went down at all & it may bite them in the ass at some later date but right now there living in the moment & the young children are & should be priority. If the EX is having issues she needs to get some help before she loses some custody.
    Its all about the children first & they seem to love Leanne. It just may be a more family atmosphere & less drama in that house the the actual mothers at the moment.

    Give it a rest & the familes for the sake of the children.

    Everyone has a right to love & happiness. This is not the first couple to endure the hate & criticisim & it won’t be the last..Maybe check your neighborhood.

  24. guesty says:

    they should do a reality show…

  25. Janie says:

    this woman acts like she is the vicim in her self-made drama. She is the one who wanted a man that was married with kids and she was married too . why not get your divorces befor doing the nasty. Nope they met up in motels and at her friends house while lying to their spouses and the public. Wish nothing but unhappiness for these two scummy adulterers. His career has sunk and her is on the way down so why don’t they just STFU

  26. brin says:

    @Eileen…I was thinking the same….this chick never looks good…it must be impossible to find a good pic of her.
    She is such a trainwreck,guess that’s why we are feeding the monster.

  27. original kate says:

    leanne should sing more and talk less.

  28. Daysma says:

    Yeah what they did sucked but at this point it was 2 years ago…get over it all ready. They’re still together and by all accounts happy, which is more than a lot of other people can say about themselves right now. Should they adopt a bunch of kids from 3rd world countries to overshadow it like other people? Why do we forgive some and not others?

  29. april says:

    I don’t understand. Julia Roberts is a husband stealer. Suzanne Somers is a husband stealer. John McCain was a cheater and got engaged to his current wife while still married to his first wife. All of these people are respected and publishers don’t apologize for having their photos on magazine covers. No one blasts Angelina Jolie for being on magazine covers. So either rip on all of them or leave them all alone.

  30. Shelley says:

    @ oh goodie, mega-dittos; none of this LR bashing is helping anyone, least of all EC’s sons. Best for them would actually be if LR and EC make a go of it and if BG finds someone she’s happy with or can be happy on her own. The very relationship you guys keep trashing and hoping will go up in flames may actually be the most stable situation in their lives – although I keep hearing about their grandparents, who I hope are nice.

  31. icantbelievethis says:

    @april ITA.

    Never been a LR fan. I actually didn’t care about any of them when this came out, it was just another cheating scandal.

    Now, after reading all the stuff of Twitter, I actually feel sorry for LR. The level of hate aimed at her is scary.

  32. Darla says:

    The best thing for Leanne to do is STFU early and often. Her mouth is worse than a ton of C4 when it comes to her own worst weapon. All this blathering about her hardship and pain. Crying? Really? Crying? What the ferk does this moron have to cry about? That she chased a married man while she was still married, lied and cheated, and the whole world doesn’t love her for it? Geez. Bish, I hate to see how you manage any REAL hardship that befalls you, because you are obviously weak as toast. Spoiled baby.

  33. HBIC says:

    these 2 annoy the sh*t out of me. we know what happened; we get it. maybe the supposed “scandal” surrounding this hookup would go away if they’d just STFU. Seriously, LeAnn, no one really cares that much about you or your future ex.

  34. Amy says:

    Didn’t Tori Spelling meet her husband the same way? Made for tv movie and then both dumped their respective spouses to be together. And Tori is constantly doing these reality tv shows featuring her family, which must really suck for Dean McDermott’s ex-wife!

  35. Eileen says:

    @Amy I’m sure it does suck to watch the one you love be with someone else all over tv and magazines-and Dean’s ex wrote a great article telling her story….another ex who refused to keep her mouth shut. I think they have every right to speak up and tell their side. I don’t get why women get so mad when the ex speaks out-yes maybe the man wasn’t in it for good….but maybe the woman was and she just had her family torn apart and was betrayed. Some people don’t EVER get over that. To me that speaks volumes about their marriage in her mind was forever and she truly loved that person. Sometimes I read “Geez its been a year-get over it!” what’s one year when you shared your life with someone for 15 and made a vow to be with them forever? Let them grieve however they can.

  36. Jezi says:

    @Eileen I agree with you wholeheartedly. Let’s see how quickly some of these women saying “get over it” would if it happened to them. Now having to share their children with the same woman who helped to tear apart their family. Losing out on 50% of time with their own children because their father couldn’t keep it in his pants. A life that was built together and than trashed, but hey get over it. Well maybe she could if the succubus named Leann would just stop gloating about it and take a step back and think about someone else’s feelings for once. Funny how Brandi gets yelled at for talking but Leann can talk about it all she wants and then cries about how tough it’s been on her. I wonder how much harder it is on Brandi. Not to mention those boys get not one ounce of time alone with their father because Leann is so far up Eddie’s a$$ that he can’t see straight. Let’s keep on bashing Brandi because she was so wrong for speaking out about how she was treated. Don’t let Leann’s whining fool you, if she really didn’t want the negativity aimed at her she could just shut her mouth for a bit and let it die out. To those who talk about all the other cheaters, well they are just as bad. They don’t get a pass either but at least they had enough sense to keep quiet for a while.

  37. Jeri says:

    Tweeter makes a lot of people look bad. Maybe some use it wisely but so many come off looking vain or stupid they really should drop it.

  38. Henriette says:

    I wish they’d all shush and remain out of the public eye for a few years. This includes Brandi. Focus on those poor kids and getting on with their lives. Even John Mayer at some point realized that constantly Tweeting just made him look like a huge douche. Lay low and take care of your dirty laundry in private!

  39. Twez says:

    Just once I’d like a celebrity in this situation — when asked about “how you fell in love” with the person for whom they left their marriage — to demur in some way… “it was a difficult situation” or similar. It’s just so gross for people to rhapsodize about their great new love in that scenario.

  40. brin says:

    @Twez….I don’t think these two lowlifes ever heard of the high road.

  41. Crittle says:

    LR and EC know they’d be nobodies again if they didn’t keep riding all this drama. They met while film a Lifetime movie for goodness sake. They didn’t have too much going on before then in terms of receiving media attention at that point in time.

  42. deb says:

    @#31 Some of the tweets to Brandi are damn scary as well.

  43. 4REAL says:

    Oh so no mention on how she STALKED A MARRIED MAN at Laker games with his WIFE there?? JUST GO AWAY HAG! Taylor and Carrie have “country” all sewed up anyway you hasbeen homewrecker.

  44. heathen says:

    I’ll be happy when he leaves her for someone else. What goes around comes around.

  45. kas says:

    It’s been a while, but if I recall, the lawsuit against her Father was more about his objecting to his 17 yr. old daughter sleeping with her then boyfriend on her tour bus than about him stealing her money. That was her response to him putting his foot down.

    She’s a piece of work.

  46. icantbelievethis says:

    “@#31 Some of the tweets to Brandi are damn scary as well.”

    ITA. I really don’t get why people need to be so cruel and hateful.

  47. brin says:

    Just took a little trip to leann’s twitter page and found this gem..”…I know the truth and I know my talent is ultimately what everyone will focus on again”…..Bitch please!

  48. LT says:

    Over it.

  49. Anti-icon says:

    Much as I would NEVER let my Robert Downey Junior get near Leann Rimes. She needs to listen to him when he says to not believe your own hype.

  50. Gigohead says:

    brin: Just took a little trip to leann’s twitter page and found this gem..”…I know the truth and I know my talent is ultimately what everyone will focus on again”…..Bitch please!

    hahahah so true brin, girl please, get over it. She had perhaps one good song. She making herself seem like she’s some big star!

  51. Rita says:

    Jesus Brin, that one tweet alone is worth another thread. Her life in that incredible snow globe…amaaazing.

  52. Jaxx says:

    Why is it the women get the homewrecker label and the men get off scot free? It was THEIR homes that were wrecked but do you see Brad Pitt-homewrecker in the headlines? Or Eddie labeled as homewrecker? All the acid is thrown on the women.

    Personally I think all of it is none of our business.

  53. Eileen says:

    @Jaxx I don’t see anyone on here praising Eddie for his stellar relationship skills. This post is about Leann-if CB posted about Eddie-we’d all be commenting on what a piece of sh!t Eddie is. This interview is about Leann and country music and so we are commenting on Leann. Eddie did not get off scott free-he lost his role on CSI Miami because of all the negativity with his name now. He had to cash in some big favors just to have a guest role on another show. Now he’s Leann’s Roadie.

  54. DKO says:

    To people who think Eddie Cibrain got away scott free with cheating, think again. He was fired from CSI and is currently unemployed. LeAnn better hurry up and sell a record because Eddie needs his lunch money.

  55. deb says:

    Leann needs to take a few shots of STFU if she wants people to focus on her talent again. Talk about a total miscalculation on how the gen pub would feel, most of who are women HELLLLOOO!!!!
    Who in the hell is her PR?

  56. whitedaisy says:

    Kaiser- how many of the above “Leeann is great, it could happen to anyone” comments are the same person?

    The PR team in overdrive.

  57. 4REAL says:

    Its because she is now labled a “has-been” and he’s just a “never-was”…and not worth harping on.

  58. brin says:

    @Deb….I believe her PR is one Dee Lusional. Sorry, it’s been a long day!

  59. sandy says:

    for the love of god.please shut these two up, stop bombarding us with every detail of your low life behavioral, low class way of life and how you slept with someone Else’s husband, eddie is a creep also, i don’t care how he looks, it’s also wrong when others sleep with married men, but this is about LR/EC, i remember those other couples backlash too.

  60. Confuzzle says:

    😆 these two are second string players to fill in the Lilo void. They make me laugh. More please!

  61. Isa says:

    ” The singer looked in a beige silky top”

    It’s like they tried to compliment her, but couldn’t get the words out!

    “LeAnn and Eddie have lately been gaining confidence about showing off their relationship in public.”


  62. Ruffian9 says:

    “A lot of us would probably behave like complete, effing morons if it meant we got to keep nailin that, too.

    Then I must be a rarity., ’cause if dude’s married, I stay the f–k away. Hot or not.

  63. jj says:

    Open letter to Mz. Rimes and Mr. Cibrian: In the one or two seconds a day you are not on twitter, get a dictionary and look up the word INTEGRITY. Then look in the mirror, no you have none.

  64. why? says:

    This interview was a very, very, very bad move. It is distasteful, and it coming after all the backlash from the Shape interview, ABC should have canceled this. The problem is we have seen way too much of EC and LR.

    It is not a good idea to talk about how he feel in love with LR Money, opps I mean LR, while he was married.

    Once again LR plays the victim, there is no remorse in her actions or words. She destroyed TWO marriages and has been public about it since it was exposed.

    Get this, she is upset over the fact that she was called a stalker. Well with the way she tweets about those kids, it is pretty obvious that those stalker claims were true.

    If EC was truly in love with LR, LR wouldn’t be on twitter 24/7. The man thinks that proposing to her is a joke.

    Once again, can anyone explain why that man is talking about those kids when he has said that rehashing the past makes it difficult for people to heal?

    I also agree, where did all these “supporters” come from? I think that someone is posting under different names to make it look like LR has support, notice that all of these LR fans either show up at the same time and all disappear at the same time?

  65. why? says:

    It looks like Leann and her producer have invaded in this thread.

    Happy couples don’t feel the need to validate their romance every sec of the day via a twitter account, weekly pdas in front of two kids, or by having People mag write fluff. Why should we believe that they are happy just because they are smiling? I recall that both LR and EC were smiling with spouses and as LR has said she was unfilled even though she kept kissing and hugging on Dean.

    Does LR really think that this interview is going to finally make people think that EC is in love with her and not using her for money?

    People are not picking on LR. LR had a chance to lay low and let this die down, but she made the decision to do this interview and tweet.

    We all know that EC is not at all concerned about LR taking hits for their affair. The question is, what did LR offer EC so that he played the devoted lover in this interview? Another trip? A job? A shopping spree?

    Why does the media keep saying that BG DUI was because she was upset over EC and LR? Is that what she said? This is one reason why the public does not like these two because they throw BG and DS under the bus just to make themselves look good.

  66. Mel says:

    STOP REPORTING ON THIS WOMAN seriously why pay more attention to this ridiculous issue??? move on, kaiser!

  67. Jezi says:

    Let me just say Brandi’s DUI had nothing to do with those two lame a$$es. She keeps doing interviews because she has to constantly convince the public that she’s in love and it’s the right love because in her sick mind it’s true love. I’m sure Dean and Brandi thought at one time their love to these two people was true love as well. Or else why did they marry them right? Nobody cares about her love, except for her fans who tweet her several times a day for her approval. She needs to just stay quiet for whatever is left of her declining career.

  68. brin says:

    Us Weekly is reporting that Leann says on the ABC special that she doesn’t have any regrets about her affair with Eddie. Well that should win everyone over….lol!!!!

  69. Jaye E says:

    I just remember when the whole Vince Gill/Amy Grant scandal happened, even though her ex-husband was giving interviews up the wazoo (he was pissed, rightfully) Gill and Grant seemed to be careful not to appear together right after the story got out. I could be remembering it wrong, but if I’m not, Rimes should really have taken a page out of that book. I understand that they fell in love with each other when they were married to other people, and neither one of them probably arrived on the set of that movie expecting that that would happen, but maybe the relationship would ultimately have been more palatable if they had waited before becoming so public with it.

  70. why? says:

    Leann is so public about her and Eddie’s “romance” because in her mind EC “love” for her doesn’t exist unless others can see and hear about it.

    But on another note. Many thought that Eddie did the ABC interview because Leann offered him an incentive(ie-money, trip, job, shopping spree). It looks like we are right. EC got a trip to Cabo and he gets to host a New Year’s Eve party. So these two are nothing more than just a publicity stunt.