Julianne Moore’s blue Armani gown: gorgeous or not quite there yet?


Just last week, Julianne Moore wore one of the most hideous dresses many of us had ever beheld – seriously, it looked like two ugly dresses hate-f-cking each other. Julianne wore the Lanvin monstrosity to promote The Kids Are All Right in Europe, and Julianne got a lot of criticism for it. Now it looks like she’s trying to improve. These are photos from the premiere in Rome (for the film festival). Julianne’s Giorgio Armani dress is… better. Not outstanding, but I’ll definitely give her an A-plus for her hair, skin and makeup, all of which is otherworldly beautiful, and for the color, which is absolutely gorgeous. I’m having issues with the fit, though. And that little cut-out at the bust. The gown is from Armani’s Spring 2011 RTW collection, the shoes are Louboutin, and the clutch and jewelry are Bulgari (which Julianne is the face of currently). Just a note about the color – in these photos, I’m saying the dress is a dark cobalt-teal, but in other photos it just looks like a deep navy. Interesting.

Also very interesting? Julianne is doing the bulk of the European promotion solo. Why isn’t Annette Bening around? Most critics think both Julianne and Annette have an equally good shot as Best Actress Oscar nominations, but if Julianne is the only getting sent out on promotional duty, perhaps the producers are just going to put money into one actress’s campaign?


Earlier in the day, at the Rome Film Festival, Julianne donned head-to-toe Lanvin yet again for the photo call. Even the heels are Lanvin, apparently, according to HuffPo. I don’t mind when redheads wear red, but I just feel like the red with pink with the red hair is just much too bright. It looks garish.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. annaloo says:

    I actually like her with the pink! The shoes, not so much….

    That Armani dress just feels like it was cut for stronger shoulders and maybe a little bit more voluptuous of a figure… but hey, it’s Julianne Moore, when she does wrong, it’s not SO bad.

  2. ziggy says:

    the armani could be fitted better. the top, skirt outfit isn’t bad. the shoes look like torture devices…ugly ones.

  3. devilgirl says:

    Love her, hate her fashion choices.

  4. roguesiren says:

    I find her so beautiful and I think the color of those outfits bring out her flawless skin and red hair. I still can’t believe she is almost 50.

  5. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I really like the bottom of the dress. I don’t like the top. Her hair does look fabulous.

  6. Beth says:

    Hate both outfits, but love her!

  7. LittleFATMe says:

    Uh, no. This looks like it was AMAZING in the sketch but just didn’t come to life right. Wrong material? Wrong cut? Wrong execution? I don’t know, but somewhere someone needs a Tim Gunn looking over their shoulder!

  8. Raven Sparrow says:

    For me , red and pink are two colours you should never wear together.

    She looks very pretty in the navy blue dress(dark cobalt-teal? I’m like a guy, don’t know what that colour is !) even though the cut is a bit weird.

  9. lucy2 says:

    She looks really pretty and the blue is a good color for her, but I don’t like the fit of the top of the dress.

  10. Wicked SteppMom says:

    The top part of her dress resembles both our diaper bag & the baby/toddler sling-type carrier we used to have. If that’s the look she was going for-NAILED IT! Personally, I’d think she’d want something a little less Babies R Us for a premiere.

  11. Maritza says:

    The blue dress makes her look flat, the dress is pretty but it looks big on her. The pink looks great on her but that rust color I’m not sure those 2 colors go together. I love her, she is a great actress and so beautiful.

  12. bros says:

    she likes really avant guard structured pieces but has this classic, romantic beauty and every fashion choice she makes seems to fight with her face and character. similar to hillary swank who always does this over the top sexpot and romance dressing when she has a very angular and avant guard beauty.

    they should switch styles and all will be right with the world.

  13. embertine says:

    The dress is beautiful but just doesn’t fit her properly. It needs to be a little tighter in the bodice and better shaped over the boobs.

    As for the other, I love red with pink with red hair – but this skirt looks a hideous brownish-scarlet and is just so wrong with the top. A rich cherry red would have worked perfectly.

  14. Hollowdoll says:

    She looks amazing! Although the dresses are not the best she pulls it off. I hope she wins an Oscar.

  15. guesty says:

    both are a fail imo…especially the gown.

  16. sickofit says:

    sorry the dress is plain ugly, even if its armani… and the other dress? the blouse is just way too big. and the colours and the fabrics dont match. but still she manages to look pretty so who cares?

  17. Tredd says:

    This is better than anything else she’s EVER worn. EVER. Every time I see her, I think her stylist should be fired without references.

  18. Whitey Fisk says:

    I’ve been coming to this site for years, and everyday some wonderfully hilarious line blows my mind.

    But Kaiser’s “it looked like two ugly dresses hate-f-cking each other” has to win a medal of some kind. Mind-boggling inventiveness like that is pure heaven. Possibly the best CB line is history, and that’s sayin’ something!

  19. Kaiser says:

    Thank you Whitey!

  20. Sassy says:

    She’s beautiful. Her hair and makeup look awesome!

    Both outfits are, uh, FAIL. The dress is a great color but the fit is all wrong. And as a redhead myself, I can wear red and I can wear pink, but NOT together – that is a color combo that just doesn’t work in my opinion.

  21. danielle says:

    I agree the first dress isn’t flattering – makes her chest look flat and like she has no waist. But her hair and makeup are breathtaking. Like the 2nd outfit, but not the black shoes with it. I would wear pink and red like that! :^)

  22. Sandy says:

    She’s beautiful and I love her but she rarely does the red carpet well

  23. Newbie says:

    She looks gorgeous and she’s sooooo talented, but in regard to the blue Armani, I don’t think it fits her well. It’s almost like it’s just off by a couple of centimeters in fit, ya know? I like the style of it even. But it looks almost too big on her in some areas.

  24. Carrie says:

    Love Julianne Moore so much- she’s flawless, even in ugly clothes!

    I’ll give her major points for improvement- the dress is pretty, just not amazing.

  25. wunderkindt says:

    These outfits look like project runway rejects.

  26. Raven says:

    She is gorgeous, even in an ugly dress.

  27. Lia says:

    That blue dress looks like the shoulder harnesses that are used for post-op shoulder surgery patients…. Totally ugly.

  28. Sumodo1 says:

    The dark blue gown looks like it was designed for Christina Hendricks, but she rejected it because it didn’t show enough boob-flesh.

    Julianne Moore is so beautiful, and a better stylist should be at the top of her checklist. She is an icon of mine, and I need to see her looking fab.

  29. Jeri says:

    The color ets off her eyes and it is better than the one last week. Can’t say much more.

    But I do love her and she is always beautiful, even when her clothes aren’t.

  30. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    The dress is too big. It isn’t fitted properly in the bust. Looking at the runway picture, it’s very clear that whomever put this on her was not concerned about the bodice fitting.

  31. Mistral says:

    She is soooooo beautiful. I love her freckles!!

  32. Scarlet Vixen says:

    When I scrolled down to the skirt and blouse outfit my first reaction was, “Holy crap! She didn’t shave her legs!!” But then I realized it was her freckles. 🙂 I’m a redhead with freckles on my shoulders and cheeks, but not on my legs so it kinda confused me at first. LoL

  33. lolas says:

    I love her.

  34. caroline says:


    the pink is incredibly flattering. as a redhead myself, pink is a best friend when it comes to wardrobe choice. something about it makes julianne’s hair pop like nobody’s business, which is a tall order when her hair is already a showstopper no matter what she’s wearing.

  35. Jennifer says:

    Please explain to me what the designer was going for in the dress Julianne Moore wore on the Jay Leno show on 11/16?

    Thank you