Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift’s romance is full of ice cream and cuddlefests


As far as I know, LaineyGossip was the first site/outlet to have this information, but Us Weekly has a larger story confirming this mess, so that’s why we’re covering it. It seems that Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal really are in some kind of relationship (sorry, Mama Swifty) and that this relationship involves going on vacation together, going apple-picking and eating ice cream. It’s like a 12-year-old’s journal! Lainey reported a few days ago that Swifty and Jake spent this past weekend in Big Sur: “They were seen together over breakfast and also by the pool. Swifty was wearing a beret. There was some handholding and their arms were around each other and she was touching his hair and getting lost in his cute ass amazing face.” Us Weekly has more:

Coast-to-coast cuddlefests! After flirty dates in and around NYC on Oct. 23 and 24, Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal shared a happy Halloween weekend in California.
First, they hit the pool at the Post Ranch in Big Sur.

“Taylor laughed at everything Jake said,” a witness tells the new Us Weekly. “At one point, she measured herself against Jake on her tiptoes.” (An observer adds that Gyllenhaal “held her hand.”)

Then, late on Monday, Swift, 20, and Gyllenhaal, 29, stopped for an ice cream break at McConnell’s, 200 miles south in Santa Barbara.

“They looked at all the flavors and couldn’t decide, so they asked the counter girls for help,” a staffer says of the duo, who were “happy” and “friendly.”

Swift — whose new album Speak Now sold 1 million copies in its first week — chatted up a worker in the back. “Taylor was very interested in what I was doing in the back making ice cream and said, ‘Wow, you guys are legit!’” the scoop girl added.

Their ice cream picks, which Gyllenhaal paid for: Swiss chocolate chip for him, yogurt with rainbow sprinkles for her.

After savoring their treats inside McConnell’s for about 20 minutes, the pair split. When they were approached by excited college-age fans in the parking lot, they “happily obliged” for photos.

Adds the staffer: “They smiled a ton!”

[From Us Weekly]

My God, this is already tedious. What’s surprising, I guess, is that I don’t really blame Swifty. She’s 20 years old, and she acts 15 years old (and she‘s an a–hole), so of course this cutesy bullsh-t is her dream come true. But Jake? Jake will be 30 years old in December. He’s too old to have his new relationship described in terms like “cuddlefest” and “ice cream break”. Ugh. I’m really beginning to think less of Jake.



Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Roma says:

    “Rainbow sparkles” – doesn’t that say it all? Ugh. Jake, really?

  2. Kitten says:


  3. Dee Vine says:

    Even with the gay rumours he was still hot, but now his hotness meter just went to zero.

  4. devilgirl says:

    Gee, wasn’t everyone calling b.s on US Weekly’s tabloid stories yesterday?

  5. Laura says:

    There’s no way any half-decent publicist would set up their grown man client with Swifty, so I have to believe that this is for reals.


  6. Marjalane says:

    This just puts a bullet to the Jake is gay theory. Sprinkles and cuddling? Please. That entire article describes your average gay/faghag relationship.

    Also- Taylor Swift needs to STOP singing live. She was painful to listen to on DWTS last night- maybe she was better on her 2nd song, but I wasn’t going to torture myself by listening to it.

  7. alejandro says:

    What a coincidence news of their relationship leaks the week her album comes out and weeks before he starts promoting his new film.

    I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t buy the sweet as pie image her label is pushing. Anybody who messes with John Mayer isn’t some innocent bird.

    I’m calling Taylor for the eventual breakdown everybody is expecting Miley to go through. Nobody with such fame, ego, and sycophants at such a young age can handle taking on the ‘perfect image’. This girl is under tremendous pressure and she will crack, especially since she fits all the usual profile, stage mommy, child star, forced to embody perfect girl next door, America’s sweetheart image etc.

  8. Hollowdoll says:

    If Jake wanted to prove he is gay. He is doing a great job! Sounds to me like he’s dying to come out of the closet. Jake can’t really think we buy this PR relationship. This is such a turn off. There are so many fabulous women to date and he picks an annoying fame seeker who looks like Lamb Chop to me.

  9. Nicky says:

    This whole thing with Swifty has to be the worst PR stunt since Heidi and Spencer faked their divorce. The story in US Weekly is so saccharine, it writes like bad Taylor Swift fanfiction. Seriously though, the longer this goes on the worse it looks for Jake, he’s become a laughing stock over the whole situation. She neither looks nor behaves like a 20 year old woman, there’s nothing vaguely sexual about her, so why would a 29 year old man want to be associated with someone romantically when such person is has the emotional maturity and physical aspects of a teenager? If it’s a real hook up, it makes him look skeevy but if it’s for PR, it makes him look foolish.

  10. Maritza says:

    I see nothing wrong with this relationship, she has legal age and they are both single. Older men have been dating younger women for ages so why is this different?

  11. michelle says:

    jake just made himself as attractive as george w bush!! eeeeuuuuw! even hayden pannettiere would have been a less cringeworthy ‘i still act like a child star’ catch

  12. alejandro says:

    Right? What was his pr firm thinking? To go from a mature mother of two to a 20 year old whose image embodies rainbows and butterflies, and sprinkled yogurt. Although I’m betting it’s different behind the scenes, the former description is what America sees her as.

    He would have looked great with somebody like Carey Mulligan.

  13. Laura says:

    “Older men have been dating younger women for ages so why is this different?”

    It has nothing to do with her actual age, it’s the fact that she has the emotional maturity of a 14-year-old. And Jake is almost 30.

  14. Abby says:

    I love me some swifty, but I don’t like my sweet Jake with her. Taylor should be with… Rob Pattinson. Lol. Sparkle and sparkle! And Taylor Lautner would hate it!!!

    I really think Jake should be with Rachel McAdams, since she’s broken my heart and refuses to be with her soul mate Ryan Gosling. :-) I think “the “Jake is gay” rumors are dumb.

  15. roguesiren says:

    This relationship is as fake as my tits.

  16. Nicky says:

    Also, can you imagine the conversations between Taylor, Maggie and Peter when they eventually meet? LOL, I’ll start believing this isn’t for the cameras when Swifty lunches with his sister.

  17. sharylmj says:

    I can’t picture these two together. She may not be as goodie two shoes as she puts out there. I have heard on a TV special about her first tour that she was completely in charge of EVERY detail. She is EXTREMELY a type A personality probably a lot more mature than how they are promoting her. She is targeted for the biggest market with the most buying power – girls ages 8 – 18 (daddy’s pocket book), so she has to keep up the good girl image if she wants to sell her records. I like Taylor Swift on the radio, but live she does really sound bad. As a role model for may daughter.. YES!! (not Miley or Rhianna, or Katey)

  18. danielle says:

    Um, this relationship is actually making me believe the gay rumors about Jake. They have two dates and then gaze at each other adoringly on a weekend vacation? Weird. Also, ice cream dates? Are they 12? And what’s up with Lainey trying to sell manly man sexy Jake so hard?

  19. alejandro says:

    Lainey does the same with George Clooney and his beard. She plays nice with certain celebs so that their teams will feed her info to other celebs. It’s all politics.

  20. Bodhi says:

    LAMB CHOP?!?! ROTFLMAO! Taylor looks EXACTLY like Lamb Chop, no offense to that sweet puppet

  21. BethL says:

    I can’t over how juvenile Taylor still is. It’s as if she’s the same person she was when she first came out. I think Jake misses being a father figure to Reeses’ kids. So he decided to date a girl with the maturity of Ava to fill the void.

  22. Laura says:

    “And what’s up with Lainey trying to sell manly man sexy Jake so hard?”

    Because Lainey has favorites that she would never say anything bad about.

    And I don’t buy into all that “Jake is gay!!!” bullshit either.

  23. Atticus says:

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. The bad girls get ripped apart but so do the good girls. I really don’t get the hate on Taylor. So what if her songs are about puppies and rainbows and unicorns? It’s refreshing to not have a 19 year old singing about going out to the club and getting wasted and banging random guys. So what if she goes on apple picking and ice cream dates? It’s nice to not see her pulling PR dates at high profile places like The Ivy.

    I won’t argue that she doesn’t sing well live, but she is very talented and she is a much, much better role model for young girls than most of her peers. I’m glad she’s successful and hope she keeps it up.

  24. LindaR says:

    I think TS would be very high maintenance. Super sensitive,would need lots of attention, flowers, etc. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if the guy she is with is willing to do the work. But be careful, because if you break up with her, she will write a thinly-disguised song about the relationship.

  25. Kim says:

    Congrats’ TS CD first CD to sell over a million copies in the first week in 5 years.

  26. Embee says:

    These are exactly the types of dates I went on at Swifty’s age and at Jake’s (marriage between) Perhaps they, like I, prefer to get to know someone while doing something (like apple picking) as opposed to “going out”.

    That said; she bugs me.

  27. Marjalane says:

    “Lamb Chop”. Love it.

  28. KJ says:

    She’s one of the more immature 20 y/o in Hollywood, I think. Yea she stays out of trouble but I think that’s because she lives in a world of kittens and rainbows, and her primary audience is barely teenaged girls. The fact that she’s boned John Mayer and is not spooning with Jake really confuses me. I’m not surprised Mayer got out of there ASAP. He may be a douche. but I’d bet money that she was also a stage five clinger.

    This is going to be the most boring relationship ever. Can Jake please have a fling with someone fun and dangerous? He’s pretty bland himself but he’s far too cute and I think needs a girl who’s a little more wild than he is. I bet you they only have sex in missionary, if Swifty has indeed opened her chastity bloomers (you know she wears full undies).

  29. Raven says:

    I’m with Atticus. As if these 2 should live their lives for bored vultures scanning for gossip roadkill.

  30. Lori says:

    @alejandro- I do not even read Lainey’s blog anymore- it is soo fake- w/this convenient leak of Jake’s romance w/Taylor and all of Lainey’s ass kissing of Jake and how masculine he is. Really?

    This is obviously a fake romance. And this is sooo ridiculous soo maybe those Toothy Tile rumors are true…

  31. Beth says:

    In real life, when people begin dating, they go apple-picking and eat ice cream. Even when they’re 30. I don’t see what the big deal is. Jealous much?

  32. Nicky says:

    I don’t believe the gay rumors but I do think this is too convenient for it not to be a PR “romance”. They probably are dating but are doing more for their own egos and the boost it gives to their profiles. It’s funny how on both occasions these “exclusives” started with Lainey and I don’t think that was a coincidence. I know people will say that Swifty doesn’t need the publicity but she’s only popular with one demographic, so maybe she’s in on this to expand her fanbase and Jake needs more exposure if he wants to be an A-List leading man and considered for the more commercial, big budget stuff (such as comedy) which he clearly gets passed up for.

  33. xxodettexx says:

    i am with kitten! VOMIT everywhere!


  34. jover says:

    What’s more disheartening than this hookup is that Swifty sold one million cds this week. Has anyone actually listened to the lyrics for some of these songs – they’ve been lampooned on this site as the godawful stream of consciousness juvenile ramblings they really are – Are the people that commend her song writing 12 year olds. Give me Zep’s peformance of Black Dog at MSG in 1973 over this junk. Btw Atticus, a lot of female singers – real singers – were able to sing about things other than sparkles and screwing – try Blondie, Pat Benatar, Tina Turner, and Selena for starters. But they had something this fame seeking lamp chop (thank you Hollowdoll) lacks – talent that’s why so many blast her – and if you can’t sing live you are not a singer why pretend otherwise. She’s a product.

  35. Atticus says:

    Jover, Taylor Swift’s life experiences are not the same as Pat Benatar’s or Tina Turner’s, and Taylor Swift’s audience is not the same as Pat Benatar’s or Tina Turner’s. She writes about the things she can relate to and she sings for those who can relate to her. What is the big deal about that? And I don’t see the point in lumping all female singers into one category. Just because they share a gender doesn’t mean they share a musical styling. Some female artists sing about sparkles. Some female artists sing about screwing. What’s your point?

    I don’t like every single band out there, some of it just isn’t for me but I’m not going to make a big stink about the artist for creating music that has no appeal to me. I honestly don’t get why, if people think Taylor Swift’s music sucks that much, they don’t just change the station when it comes on and move along. And I think it’s too bad that someone who very well could genuinely be a good, wholesome person gets attacked like this.

  36. LT says:

    [Insert over the top eyeroll here]

  37. jover says:

    Atticus I think you completely missed my points I wasn’t lumping all female singers into one category I was using them as examples. One thing however, You refer to her as an “artist”, she is not an artist, she is a product of the music industry machine. To defend her by saying she appeals to some people is akin to defending crack because it appeals to some people. Why do some people get so defensive when the obvious shortcomings of this product are endlessly pointed out (chris Robinson of the Black Crowes did this awhile ago). By your non-judgemental standards her guitar playing is tantamount to Jimmy Page’s. She’s terrible, as Chris Robinson pointed out; too many have drink this kool aid and can’t admit it.

  38. Atticus says:

    All I’m saying is different strokes for different folks. People who think she sucks spend an awful lot of time on her. My “non-judgmental standards” don’t indicate that everyone who plays guitar are all equally skilled in playing the instrument so I think you’re missing my point, or just trying to make it up for me. And anyone who writes their own songs and choreographs their own tours is not a product, they’re an artist.

    In any case, regardless of what one thinks of her music, I’m just constantly surprised at the amount of hate aimed at someone who, fine, sings about puppies and rainbows and sparkles.

    Go ahead and roll your eyes at this, too, LT.

  39. flutters says:

    “I honestly don’t get why, if people think Taylor Swift’s music sucks that much, they don’t just change the station when it comes on and move along.”

    @Atticus: I think it’s because this past week, Swifty’s been unavoidable. I had errands and shopping this weekend and in each of the stores I went to there was either a CD display rack with her music (and ONLY her music) or her music playing or a promo poster or a TV performance of hers playing. Not to mention the mag covers she’s making because of this showmance.

    Her promo team’s amazing. But they can’t make her singing any more tolerable or her songs any good. I think that’s why people are prompted to comment. Swifty’s really on the overexposed/overrewarded end of things these days and so she’s kind of made the move from harmless to irritating.

  40. Atticus says:

    Flutters: very good and very fair points. She is everywhere these days and I can see how that gets very annoying, especially if you don’t like her songs.

  41. Camille says:

    This is going to backfire badly on Jake. Not good, not good at all.

  42. Hollowdoll says:

    The first time I saw her that’s all I could see, so I have been calling her Lamb Chop ever since. She’s not that talented, but I suppose the kiddies like her. As of yet Lamb Chop hasn’t shown that she has any long term staying power. Not that I’m in the loop but what are the MMMBop kids doing now?

  43. Jenna says:

    RAINBOW SPRINKLES?!?!?! seriously?!?!?!? Jesus, Jake! You should be with a WOMAN, not someone who eats effing RAINBOW SPRINKLES on her frozen yogurt!!!!! JESUS!

  44. Mistral says:

    A lot of people accuse Jake of being gay, but I don’t know. I remember reading Kirsten describing their relationship and he seems like one of those guys that thrives on cutesy coupledom. She made him sound like a real homebody (one of the reasons Kiki dumped him). So, if their relationship is real and it is all cuddles and ice cream and apple-picking, good for them. I find it kind of cute.

  45. gag says:

    He is way too old for her… she is so young what is going through his mind!! This is a 30 yr old man she is too young to even fathom what being a 21 yr old is like
    Jake thumbs wayy down!
    This is all so very “30 yr old crisis/very la” btw
    he obviously has zero respect for women
    now I know this guys just a creepy old baby man
    so gross

  46. jover says:

    Hollowdoll your comment made me curious so I looked up the Hanson’s on wikipedia. It’s quite interesting. They are still making music, have toured worldwide and released a cd this June. Like so many bands they are ignored by the media, but they’ve been making music for more than a dozen years. Suprising bio we’ll see if swifty still is around 12 years from now making music.

  47. Emma says:

    Ok. Like 9 out of 10 comments on here are such a put down. Get over it already . Why is it when there’s finally a sweet-like couple who are “hanging out,” everyone loves to hate? Do they have to be getting drinks at the Chateau Marmont? Do they have to go clubbing or get caught making out somewhere? Um no.If they don’t match up to the “adult” standards of dating *eyeroll*, who are we to judge? Why should the two of them be concerned about gaining the permission/respect of outsiders who *think* they get to define what the definition of what a normal, “mature,” dating situation should be? Maybe she is more emotionally-stable than she leads on. Her music is the only way she puts herself out there, and for all we know, that’s just a big display. She could be incredibly mature in conversation for all we know. Because of her lyrics, the public thinks they know everything about her, but she is just a girl trying to make it through like the rest of us. So, how about we get off their backs a bit and let her chill with the dreamy 29 y.o…everyone deserves a shot at happiness in their own way. The end.

  48. Nicky says:

    @ Emma,

    “Do they have to be getting drinks at the Chateau Marmont? Do they have to go clubbing or get caught making out somewhere?”

    Besides the fact that Taylor isn’t yet legally old enough to drink at the Chateau, since when did any of us suggest that they had to do any of the above? Taylor’s 20 and Jake’s 29, these articles make them sound like they’re both 13 and going on dates in the 1950’s! C’mon, don’t be naive, if their PR teams want us to believe this is genuine (yeah, right) and not set up for the purpose of her needing to clean up her image after the Mayer debacle and Jake needing a boost in popularity outside of the indie demographic, they should at least make them sound like a genuine twenty-something couple. Even if they are only hanging out, at least make it sound more plausible rather than cutesying them up for the fans who still believe Taylor’s a virginal princess.

    “who are we to judge?

    LOL, are you familiar with gossip sites, Emma?

    “Why should the two of them be concerned about gaining the permission/respect of outsiders who *think* they get to define what the definition of what a normal, “mature,” dating situation should be?”

    If this is genuine then I’m fairly certain neither of them are the slightest bit concerned what we think but we’re still allowed to have an opinion, regardless. If it’s a PR stunt, then their teams should probably take notice of the fact that the overwhelming majority of those who are commenting (not just here but on other sites) just don’t buy the relationship.
    And who here provided any definition of a normal “mature” dating situation? We are commenting on how their dates are being reported in the press.

    “She could be incredibly mature in conversation for all we know”

    Err, have you read any of her interviews or watched her on TV? My 12 year old niece sounds more mature than Taylor.

    “Because of her lyrics, the public thinks they know everything about her”

    No one here says they know everything about her, however you can paint a pretty good picture of a lot of celebrities through their work, interviews and what’s being said about them. Taylor’s no exception to this.

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