Heartbreaking video of what Nick Hogan did to John Graziano

John Graziano’s family has just released a 40 second video showing a snippet of John’s day. Apparently because of the assholish, asinine, and massively insensitive comments made by Hulk Hogan on Larry King’s show last week (Hogan said the accident that caused these massive injuries was “God’s will” and would “make John a better person” – ignoring that it happened because his drunk, idiotic 17-year-old son drag raced and slammed into a palm tree) the Grazianos felt they needed to show just how irreparably harmed John is.

I have to say that I don’t think they needed to release the video to defend themselves – I think nearly everyone – except for the Hogan’s small little circle – has been completely on their side. I have yet to read anything defending the Hogans. That said – to actually SEE John’s injuries is absolutely astounding. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe what you feel looking at just 40 seconds of this poor young man’s face.

Be cautioned before you watch the video – it’s incredibly upsetting.

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  1. devilgirl says:

    I couldn’ t get through the whole video. My God, I hadn’t realized half of his skull was missing! The Hogan family should be sooooooo ashamed of themselves for the things that they have said about this poor man, the bitching and complaining they have done regarding the “pain” this has caused their lives and for being media whores and opportunistic a-holes. Look what that poor man lives like every day, and that is certainly not living! His poor family! Imagine seeing your son in that condition every single day, knowing he will never get better! I REALLY hate the Hogans even more than before.

  2. LS says:

    OMG! I didn’t realize until now, after seeing the video, the amount of damage that was done due to an act of carelessness on the part of another human being. Although choices were made by all those involved – I doubt that John would have chosen to be in this state for the rest of his life nor could I see how this would make him a better person.

  3. WTF says:

    I don’t think they released the video to defend themselves, I think they did it to end all speculation about Nick’s culpability, the damage done, and Hulk’s absurdly offensive comments. It’s the noose at the end of rope removing all doubt.
    I hope now that it’s been documented, JG’s mother can be strong and let him go, as per his father’s wishes.
    He’s missing more than half of his brain. He’s never coming back, why keep him trapped in that body for the next 60 years?

  4. Celebitchy says:

    I couldn’t watch this video, but even looking at the photo my heart sinks a little. Even Brooke deserves to have her career tank after the things she said about this poor family. I try not to wish bad things on people, but I hope that the Hogans have to work menial backbreaking jobs to make ends meet for the rest of their lives. Please let the Grazianos have every penny they’ve ever made.

  5. MISSY says:

    God Bless John Graziano, I am Just shocked and speechless, No amount of money can replace what was taken from that young man and his family!And this jerk is crying about serving eight months, he got to keep all his body parts!

  6. Sol says:

    I saw pictures of him when he went to war and seeing him now made me cry.
    It’s frustrating to see how spoiled rich kids always get away without a severe punishment.If my child caused such harm and suffering to another human i would feel ashamed and i would be the first to recognize that i failed as a parent and i would not defend the undefendable.The judge should ask Vh1 for the tapes in which Nick Hogan raced all the time!!!
    All my love to the Graziano family.

  7. Scott F. says:

    My God… I’d never seen it before. Believe it or not, I have no point to make or snide comment to leave. God be with you soldier.

  8. Marlene says:

    This is heartbreaking! And keep in mind that Nick wanted a reality TV series showing how he’s recovering after the accident….Doesn’t look like John will recover but we need to see how Nick is handling it all after his release from his 8 months in the pokey…I’m going to go puke now!

  9. alex says:

    The Hogans show what it means to be ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside. I do not understand how they can still sleep at night and look into the mirror and like what they see.
    To have no feeling of guilt and sympathy, regret and shame takes out the last little bit of a human trait that they might have had left.
    Now there are hollow souls who think they are allowed to act this way because they are holding on to the only means of power they have: money. It is such a disgrace.

  10. Codzilla says:

    I agree, Sol. The fact that the Hogans tried to help their idiot son escape culpability, instead of insist he stand up and apologize like a man, is the reason both their kids are total failures in every possible way.

  11. Lisa says:

    I am just horrified by the picture, I tried to watch the video, but couldn’t get through it. I feel so badly for John Graziano and his family. To have to sit by and hear the things said by the entire Hogan family. It’s disgusting! One can always hope for the old Karma payback.

  12. Mairead says:

    I know – I had such a jolt when I realised that it wasn’t a glitch in the photo above, but his skull. All I can say is I agree with CB’s senitments.

    And the Graziano family are true heroes.

  13. dee says:

    God be with John & his family. I never
    realized the extent of his injuries.
    This video is hard to take and makes
    me cry. The Hogan family should be ashamed!:(

  14. Mrs.Ezc says:

    I pray to GOD that JG is released from this life, this is no life for him. I think Nick & the Hogans should be forced to care for him everyday of his life and pay all costs. Nick has gotten a slap on the wrist for this, for me this video was an eye opener, and it should be played for those kids who think drag racing & drinking & driving is fun.
    Please GOD don’t let JG live like this, give him eternal life forever. Amen

  15. Kasey says:

    Wow. How horrid.

  16. shia says:

    omg, may god be with him and his family what a terrible tragedy.

  17. Kati says:

    Nick Hogan is such a self absorbed spoiled child, just like his sluty sister. Hulk and Linda should be ashamed of themselves for raising such people. That poor guys life is now ruined because of the arrogance of a celebrity who thinks John was hurt because he was “into some shit”. Nick needs to be in jail with the tough criminals where his daddy cannot bail him out. They would teach him a lesson. And for the love of God…tell his sisiter to put some clothes on…every picture I see her in she looks like a street walker…a cheap one!

  18. Jack says:

    poor man. :(

  19. rose says:

    I heard the Nick’s recorded jail conversations with his mother an and father. Linda had the nerve to say that she is the ONE who is suffering! Not John’s mother!and she was crying because she was at the BEACH all by herself!Let’s not forget the part when Nick said that John was a negative person.

  20. Jessie says:

    Oh my God!

    How can he still be alive with half of his skull missing? Oh the pain he and his family must go through.

    They’re in my prayers.

    I think the judge had to sentence Nick to spend at least an hour every day for as jong as John lives with John so he can NEVER forget what he had done to him and his family!
    I mean, what will Nick learn from a few months in Jail? He’ll be in there feeling sorry for himself and never has to face what he did to John.

  21. dana says:

    wow! that was disturbing. but look on the bright side, Hulk Hogan says this all happend to make John a “better person” what a load of garbage! that whole twisted family should be locked up. and to think they are trying to capitalize on this tragedy. i bet they havent even visited John and seen exactly how Nicks actions have affected this man and his family!

  22. Dingles says:

    I don’t understand why his family is keeping him alive. He’s never going to come back, and it seems that letting him have peace would be the best thing his family could do for him at this point.
    Promptly followed by sueing the asses off the Hogan family.

  23. Banana Boat says:

    JayBird you don’t have to wish bad things on these people or feel guilty about it.. karma will take care of that. It happens, and will when they least expect it.
    I too could not watch the video. The photo alone is too much. This is devastating and I could not handle a loved one living like this. No one should live like this.
    I truly hope this cements the publics disdain for the whole clan though. I think it will.

  24. G. says:

    That video made me start to tear up. I hope Nick rots in Hell for the rest of eternity.

  25. Granger says:

    Jessie, I’m with you! Nick’s sentence should have been to spend part of every day with John, and help care for him. Screw jail. That’s a walk in the park compared to seeing your son like that.

  26. Mr.Stinkyfishface says:

    Dingle I have to agree with you. Keeping someone alive in that state is WRONG. At this point I’m past being upset at the Hogans, but now I am upset at JG’s family. Why would you do that to your son? I don’t get it. Its not like he’s ever going to recover, its not like he’s ever going to be the same, you’re just imprinting this picture of him in your head, why not just let him have his peace and remember him the way he was?

  27. j. ferber says:

    Just a thought: what if Nick Hogan put on his own seatbelt before he started drag racing and either took off immediately as a “joke” before J.G. could get his belt on or because Nick is totally narcissistic and only thought of himself and his own safety without any regard for John’s? Regardless, it is the driver’s responsibility to check that his passengers are belted, to be sober and to drive within the speed limit. Whichever way you look at it, Hogan is culpable.

  28. vdantev says:

    If it were my family, I wouldn’t rest until the Hogan family was collectively living in a box under a bridge, selling their blood and recycling aluminum cans for spare change to scrape by.

  29. April says:

    OMG I thought there was a glitch in the video too, but there’s pretty much a hole in his forehead. I feel awful for him and his family.

  30. Danielle says:

    As a student nurse I’m actually amazed that he’s still alive and can even use basic skills like flickering his eyes or responding to moisture on his skin. It didn’t really horrify me as I see a lot of stuff like this every day, sometimes not as extreme, sometimes moreso.. but I do think that something should be done. I think the Hogans should pay for his care for the rest of his life as a punishment and Nick should do a lot of community service as a penance. I think that would be fair enough. My husband is a police officer and he has no forgiveness for drunk drivers. Bless you, John, for holding on.

  31. Victoria says:

    If this were my child, I’d be suing the Hogan’s for every last dime they have. For them to make the comments they have, and for Nick to have the balls to whine about how his life is so hard in jail, shows they have no shred of human integrity. I hope the courts award every cent the Hogans have to this poor mans family. It’s a much better use of their money than for Brooke to go tanning or something.

  32. Snowblood says:

    I saw a photograph of John Graziano and his heartbreakingly mutilated forehead a few weeks ago, on WWTDD I think – I’m glad this image of him and his irreparable suffering is circulating more now around the information superhighway; those utterly useless sacks of shit known as the Hogan family have gotten far, far too much press and blog-gossip write-ups and all around attention lately, while this completely innocent, once beautiful, young and strong war veteran has been quietly suffering in the background, receiving hardly any press or media attention at all.

    Why in the world are these ridiculous, disgusting Hogan people “famous” anyway, I mean – what makes these ugly idiots so interesting that they’re always getting attention in the gossip magazines and online blogs and so forth? What, Hulk Hogan was a big famous fake wrestler back in the day, like twenty years ago or something, and that was that. How the fuck do these unattractive, uninteresting, talentless, amoralistic shitheels merit any kind of public interest??? And I’m talking about even before Nick Hogan destroyed John Graziano’s life; the Hogans were always in the media even before this horrific incident.

    These Hogans crave and greatly enjoy all the media attention they get, the Larry King interviews, the gossip-blogs, the newstand magazines, all of it. Why do we continue to make these sick worthless twits happy, showering them with all this pointless attention in the media? What would REALLY get the lot of them suffering and depressed and unhappy, states of existence which all of them truly deserve, would be if they got NO media attention at all.

    No photo-ops, no interviews, none of that – just a bare minimum of newsbites here and there so that we the public can see how John Graziano is faring and if his family is getting the justice and the comfort that they deserve. The Grazianos should be the ones getting showered with media attention, in a positive way, interviews and so forth – and the Hogans should be coldly cut off, no more attention for them. Starve the piggish bastards of their favourite drug, so they can slip into anonymity forever, where they all be-fucking-long.

  33. Man o Man says:

    When I think of Linda Hogan moaning about the size of Nick’s cell I now want to vomit. I set aside the fact that his jail cell is reportedly bigger than my bedroom because now, dear Lord, I have John’s situation permanently etched in my brain. Lord, lord, lord, give him relief.

  34. MISSY says:

    I believe that the comments here are not coming from a place of negativity, but from humanity, People make mistakes every day What we want to see is humility, responsibility and redemption from Nick and his family.

  35. Debbie says:

    I also thought there was a glitch in the video. This is a terrible thing to see your son in this condition and see him go thru the daily struggles. My heart goes out to them. As for the Hogans I have nothing but disgust for them. They are so selfish in thinking that anyone should pity them and their
    irresponsible son and to go on tv and say the horrible things they have said about John and his family. I like to see how they would handle it, if the tables were turned and that was Nick laying in that bed. Shame on them!!!

  36. oxa says:

    The disgusting Hogans have the nerve to say that they r the victims. John, his family and loved ones are the true victims here. I pray that god ends the suffering and releases the family from the hell they are in, yes hell, physically there is the shell of John but he is not there and they are faced with that daily, you can not grieve while the person is still around. I know this from expereience the Hogans if they has any feelings should be ashamed of themselves.

  37. Madeline says:

    Can’t they repair his skull? Not that that would fix the damage that’s been done to his brain, but isn’t what remains of his brain made vulnerable by having the skull compromised like that? Also, I’d think that restoring his outer appearance might comfort his family at least …

  38. A.J. says:

    I just watched the video and… wow. The waterworks started; like many others I had no clue just how badly Mr. Graziano was injured… I feel so awful for John and his family. Immediately after viewing said video, however, I became enraged- Nick Hogan needs to shut his effing piehole and stop whining about “how rough [his] life is in prison”. Fuck you, Nick Hogan. You should be thankful, you sniveling little shit, that all you got was a slap on the wrist despite the fact that you have essentially gotten away with manslaughter. You should be beyond grateful that you are even alive after the irreperable damage you’ve done. I hope your days are filled with dropping the soap in front of Bubba and the guards looking the other way, you pathetic waste of oxygen.

    I hope the Graziano family can find the peace they so truly deserve, and I hope doing so costs the trashy-ass Hogans every single red cent they have. Money of course cannot even come close to bringing John back, but I believe that the Hogans deserve to have the misery they’ve caused reflected right back onto themselves.

  39. Jenna says:

    I never knew the actual condition he was in. I knew he was never going to recover but I did not know he had that hole…

    I have been behind John’s family 100% since I first heard of the accident. I never liked the Hogans. Today VH1 showed what I think was a mini-marathon leading up to Brooke’s new show, Brook Knows Best. I do not understand that after the accident and the bad-mouthing from the ignorant family she gets a spin-off.

    Is anyone with me when I say we should flood Vh1′s email or whatever to revolt against his[Brooke] show and any possible show coming from them?

    To me, they have pretty much hit rock bottom. Nick deserves to be woken up in the most inappropriate way by another inmate everyday and then tend to John as a caretaker. Brook must watch and help.

    I am disgusted with this family.

  40. ER says:

    It sounds to me like two kids were acting like idiots. One was drag racing and the other chose not to wear a seat-belt. The Hogan’s are being rude to the Graziano’s, but in their defense, everyone is making it seem as if it’s all Nick’s fault, like he forced John to avoid wearing a seatbelt.

    I do think the Hogan family is being incredibly mean and inconsiderate though…..just so no one thinks I’m totally defending them!

  41. Princess says:

    OMG, I know almost everyone probably said this already, but this was heartbreaking to say the least. Just looking at the pictures I almost cried, but actually looking at the video… I just couldn’t get through it. You hear about what happened, but I doubt anyone imagined it was this bad. I can’t imagine the pain his family is feeling right now and to think that the Hogans are acting this way. Wow… just wow. I wish the best for he and his family.

  42. daisyfly says:

    God be with John and his family, and help guide them in whatever decision they make about his welfare.

    The video, while hard to watch, is necessary to fully feel the impact of what the actions of one arrogant young punk had on not just one man, but on his entire family, extended and otherwise. That includes his fellow Marines, who all view each other as brothers (and sisters).

    Nick and his fame hungry family should learn that, if it was God’s will to allow the accident to happen in order to “make John a better person” (as if having half a head somehow makes him “better”), then so be it God’s will when every single fan turns against them, they lose everything the own due to a lawsuit, and their value to society as a whole is deemed less than that of a plague infected flea infested rat.

  43. sassyspank says:

    People claim that had he been wearing his seat belt, his injuries could have been less severe – but it’s that Hogan disgrace-of-a-humanbeing who was driving that car drunk…and for that he must pay. His whining about prison is nauseating, and his parents condoning his whining is deplorable. Part of his punishment should be visits with his old “best friend” at the hospital – looking at him and the condition he’s in, feeding him and changing his bedpan. The Hogan family is a disgrace and I can’t believe that the father went on record to say the moronic, insensitive things that he said. They should willingly be paying for all expenses and stress regret at what happened. But they haven’t done that. They’re absolutely despicable. That whole Hogan family should be forced to give daily visits to this poor young man who is missing half of his skull – (I had no idea). I hope that this poor young boy can rest in peace…I couldn’t watch the video, the picture is hard enough. I hope he isn’t suffering.

  44. heymargo says:

    i cannot believe all that little bastard got was that 8 month sentance for doing that to another living creature, let alone a “friend” but just as evil is his entire family’s cavalier attitude about the whole thing! It’s disgusting!!! How do you think they’d handle it if the shoe was on the other foot? Would he speak of his own son being made a better person??? Rat bastard evil pig!

  45. AP says:

    A boycott of the show is not a bad idea. I’m so tired of seeing people rewarded for bad behavior– especially celebrities . There is no justice, but if, for example, that Dog guy lost his show for the use of the N word, my god, the Hogans should lose everything for what they have done to this poor, brave man and his name.

  46. Kimmy says:

    May the Hogan family rot in hell.

    I couldn’t watch the video, I didn’t even try. There should be a warning about the graphic content in this thread that is visible without even playing the video. I’m now trying to get the images out of my head. That is the most horrible injury/disfigurement I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen photos of burn victims.

    I do believe John should be taken off of life support and be buried to rest in peace. That is excruciating.

    Once again, may the Hogans rot in hell!

  47. JayBird says:

    Kimmy there is a warning about the video that is visible without playing it directly above it.

    I debated a bit about posting this, not just because it is graphic but because it’s upsetting on a level I don’t normally experience through the internet. As many commenters have noted, we’ve always heard that John is a vegetable for life, has extensive injuries, etc – but it was always very generalized.

    No one ever said just how horribly, shockingly disfigured this poor man now is. And I think everyone KNEW how terrible the Hogan’s behavior was before, but now we all FEEL it on a much deeper level. There truly aren’t words for how atrocious the family’s response has been.

    This video was shown on Nancy Grace’s show, but they had to pixelate and block out a lot of it. Which I understand, but the only way for people to truly understand just how awful the Hogans are is to see the video. For those of you who weren’t able to watch – which I totally understand – the picture I posted on top is the easiest one to look at. There are several shots of the right side of John’s head that show his injury is significantly, shockingly worse than even the photo.

    The thought that this man and his family have to live the rest of their lives this way because of some snot-ass teenager is unbearable.

  48. paris herpes says:

    He’s in Florida right? Aren’t they against euthanasia? I think the Shiavo thing was there or whatever. I sure they want to him to remain a vegetable for the publicity and to teach those jackass Hogans a lesson about being assholes!!!!

  49. reality says:

    1. The car had too much power for him to control.

    2. Regardless of power, one should never drink & drive.

    3. Drinking & driving is even lamer when one is racing.

    4. He should own up to the harm he caused this man. I hope it will haunt him forever.

    5. All that said… John is an adult. He also made horrible decisions that day. He decided to get in a car whose driver had been drinking. He decided not to put his seatbelt on. He decided to stay in a car while the driver was racing, perhaps he egged Hogan on. Perhaps he had a few drinks himself that day.

    I’m not defending the Hogan family’s actions or their mouths. But Nick Hogan isn’t the only one that contributed to this tragedy. It’s rather close minded to place ALL the blame on Nick Hogan.

  50. JayBird says:

    ^^ I think those “perhapses” are waaaay out of line and incredibly irresponsible. That’s beyond reasonable conjecture.

    Once Nick started racing, it’s not as though John could have gotten out of the car. And we don’t know if John was aware that Nick had been drinking.

    Why in the world is it that when a non-famous drunk driver kills or maims someone, everyone completely condemns the driver and that’s it. But when Nick Hogan does it, there are (luckily only a few) terrible people who try to vilify the victim?

    Point is, if Nick Hogan hadn’t chosen to drag race, he wouldn’t have slammed into a palm tree at upwards of 100 mph. He had no right to decide that his thrills were more valuable than John Graziano’s life – which is exactly what he did.

  51. Fred Mertz says:

    Jails have a way of equalizing things like this. When the inmates hear from their relatives what Nick has done, he is going to be visited in the night, or the shower, or the yard by monsters he can’t even begin to imagine.

    And after what he and his family have said, I sadly have no problem with that at all.

  52. Carena says:

    I was appalled when I heard what the Hogan family was saying but now I’m just completely and utterly disgusted in these people. How could they EVER say this man deserves to be in his condition? Absolutely disgusting!

    Karma had a day off the day Nick walked away from that accident without a scratch.

  53. Carrie says:

    I hope the Hogans have seen this footage. How dare they whine about how hard their brat is having it behind bars. This existence is worse than death so his sentence should have reflected that. He should have got 15 years. A pity public stonings are not an option – for the entire Hogan family.

    I’m with the other posters who feel this poor man should not be kept alive. And I applaud you for showing this, Jaybird. People need to know what really happened in this appalling case, even tho it is distressing.It is certainly NOT God’s will.

  54. geekazoid says:

    I wish I could say I’ve never seen such a horrible thing before, but I would be liying. However, I live in a war zone, so to this type of injury on a man from a wreck of a car. Where there are no bombs and no explosions it’s just unbelieveable. How can this Hulk kid get away with this so easily? What kind of justice system is that?! Here we would have exicuted the kid to death or would order him to become the families new nurse for the rest of this life ( no joke ), so he would in a way share the same fate he inflicted upon this young man he claimed he was friends with.

    This disreguard for this man torment is unacceptable and I demand justice for him and Im not even apart of the family so I can only imagine just how heartbroken, betrayed, and utterly furious their hearts have before towards the Hulk family.

    This is proof that the American Justice System is broken and hanging on a thred. I’m sorry guys but this just can’t be allowed, people need to do somthing to help taht family. Period.

  55. Megan says:

    That’s so tragic, I would rather be dead than live like that, his quality of life is zero. Like everyone else I hope the Hogan family rot in hell.

  56. TINKERLOVE says:

    I can`t believe that the son of Hogan wants to get out of jail after an accident like that, I am appalled by the gull of some of these celeberties

  57. The Bastard says:

    Life like that forever vs. 8 months in prison…..Money makes a big difference. Just goes to show there are 2 types of law in the U.S. I come from a blue collar life and live in the ghetto and If I was in that situation being in Hogans shoes I’d get a noose around my neck and rapped all day long.

  58. DogRunner says:

    Hogan’s are losers with money. Years ago the neighbors in CA were struggling with them because of their vast array of animals running loose, barking at all hours, etc… This family has no respect or consideration for others.

    I hope the Graziano’s can financially ruin this family.

  59. Chickkie says:

    It is your life, wear a seatbelt. No one stops you from wearing a seatbelt. You have to stop yourself from getting in a car with a punk like Nick Hogan. If you don’t, you can end your life, or worse, end up with half a skull. When I was 17, I knew who was crazy, and never got near their car. Both of these boys were living the high life, and both paid dearly. One paid with his life, the other paid with 8 months in jail. I hope the piece of shit Hogans know this. And as for John being a better person with half of a head, Go To Hell, Hulk Hogan, straight to hell with your whole family.

  60. DLR says:

    Oh. My. Fucking. Goddess! 8O There’s a fucking hole in the guy’s head! 8O No wonder he’s out of it for life. I remember Maury Povich had someone on his show that also had half his head gone, and while that guy had lots of problems he was doing okay. I don’t see that happening with John. This is just too far gone. Yes, both men are to blame. They were drunk and didn’t put seatbelts on. Hulk Hogan said the wrong things, he’s fucked up too.

    Having said that, I wanna know what the fuck the doctors were thinking when John was brought in to the ER? :x Why did they decide to keep him alive? Hey, before some disability activists get down on me for being all “anti-disability” and all “pro-euthanasia” would you want the fuck to live like that? That’s no fucking life, imo. So yeah, I wanna know what brilliant doctor(s) or ethics committee made the decision to keep this fella alive so his family can parade him around as a sob-story in retaliation to a stupid family’s stupid actions.

    Ugh, this is fucked up. :x If anything can be learned from this bloody awful situation is people should run, walk, wheel, crawl, whatever, themselves to their nearest lawyer or notary public office and sign a living will that says if they end up like John to not resuscitate or do anything to keep them alive.

  61. Roma says:

    Sad, shocking and heartbreaking. I usually try not to judge other people, but the Hogans are disgusting for what they’ve said about this family. As disturbing as this video is, I hope it gains wider circulation and will lead to a massive Hogan-boycott.

  62. Megan says:

    Also after seeing this video, I don’t know how Hogan managed to come up with the idea that this has made John Graziano a better person. He’s dead, basically. Death would be better for John than this.

  63. Elly says:

    When i saw the video yesterday I WAS MORE THAN SHOCKED!!! 8O 8O :? poor guy.
    First off, hulk & hogan should feel ashamed for THEMSELVES!..then ashamed for their children. hulk&linda are what they are, so that’s why their children were raised like THAT and that’s why it happenned.
    Plus, the “to make a better person” comment, MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL!.How can he become a better person, or how we can see if he becomes a better person when he almost doesn’t live in this world anymore…? that’s just a stupid excuse. and eventhough john didn’t have the seat belt on, he’s not to blame. If Nick hadn’t droven with a high speed, the tragedy wouldnt have happenned.

  64. Nickynoneck says:

    Wow why is that guy even being left alive hes a vegetable he’s pretty much better off dead ..

    The hogans are very bad people .

  65. geronimo says:

    So very very sad. If nothing else, this at the very least will make people condemn every self-justifying word that comes out of the Hogan family’s mouths and see them for what they are – irredeemably ignorant, bottom-of-the-pond scum, with not one ounce of compassion or objectivity between them.

  66. Alexis says:

    It is extremely disturbing. I truely do not mean this in an agressive or antagonizing way but, why are they keeping him alive?

  67. headache says:

    Forget the seatbelt issue.

    Never never never get into the car with a drunk driver.

    This is no way excuses Nick Hogan from his behavior. It’s just something everyone should remember.

  68. mollination says:

    @Reality- I know what you’re saying. My local radio show in the morning suggested the same thing and everyone flipped out on them too for saying the unpopular opinion. It’s Nick’s fault. 100%. But am I really supposed to believe JG had no idea Nick was drinking/racing/a bad driver? It was his best friend!

    That said, more importantly, this is just devastating to see. I hope his family release him from this life. How can they bear to see him like this EVERY day?? Let him rest, please!!

  69. reality says:

    Thank you mollination. I think we could all learn a lesson from this. I lost 2 friends because they decided to get in a car with a drunk. Yes, I blame her for driving while intoxicated, but I wish my friends had made a better decision that night.

    JayBird: “Once Nick started racing, it’s not as though John could have gotten out of the car. And we don’t know if John was aware that Nick had been drinking”.
    We also don’t know if John was there drinking with him nor do we know if he told him to slow down or was cheering him on. I am not excusing Hogan’s actions. He should pay for the harm caused to John & the fact that he is crying about it is sickening.

    But I guess the point I am trying to make is that people should also take responsibility for themselves. No one else can look out for you like you can. Don’t get into a car with someone that has been drinking. Think ahead to what might happen. Realize that you are not invincible.

    I understand it’s easier to place the all blame on Hogan than to place any on the victim, but bottom line, he was not held at gunpoint to get into that car.

  70. Megan says:

    I understand what you guys are saying about John having responsibility for himself, and it was his choice to get into the car and not wear a seatbelt, etc, but I think the main point is the insensitive comments that the Hogans have been making regarding what has happened. If they were all devastated and completely apologetic about what had happened, and actually acted like they CARED about John Graziano, then it would have just been seen as a very tragic accident where possibly both parties had some level of blame, ie. teenage boys behaving recklessly.

    But the whole ‘It will make John a better person’ comment is just disgusting. And the Hogan’s seem to believe that Nick is an innocent victim, and that God wished for this to happen to John. They just couldn’t be more insensitive if they tried.

  71. geronimo says:

    Very well said, Megan. That’s exactly the point that needs to be made, not the circumstances of the accident. Nothing can change that.

    The disgust here is solely to do with the Hogan family actively compounding his family’s grief and pain with their grotesquely insensitive and shameful comments in the media.

  72. Cleo says:

    Horrific. My heart goes out to all the family and friends of John and John himself.

  73. czarina says:

    If nothing else, I wish everyone could see this video and understand how dangerous drinking and driving, and/or racing cars through urban streets is. Words like “coma” or “critical injuries” or even “life support” do not convey the shocking reality of what a car crash can do to a human being.
    The only worse image I’ve ever seen of a drunk driving victim was of a 19 year old girl in Texas who was hit by a drunk driver and her car caught fire and burned over 90% of her body (which she did live through). That, too, was an image I will never forget, and plan to show to my children when they are old enough to drive.
    A friend of mine was in a car accident with a boyfriend–they got into an accident where she was badly hurt (and has since recovered). He was charged with dangerous driving causing bodily harm and received five years in jail.
    How on earth can any so-called “justice” system consider 8 months adequate for basically ending another man’s life so recklessly and irresponsibly?

  74. Mimi says:

    I am so heart broken for this young man and his family. I will not comment on the Hogan’s because I believe in karma and love. I wish for peace for this young soldier and his family. If there is some way for me to contribute to his well being and care – I would love to know how to contribute. He is a soldier and should be decorated regardless of how he was injured. A hero in any terms. Best wishes to his family.

  75. Anni says:

    oh lord…i truly don´t know what to say. i have no words for this…i just hope his pains will end some day…i wish him and his family strength and faith.
    the hogan family does not even deserve a comment.

  76. A.J. says:

    czarina- The girl you refer to is named Jacqueline Saburrido, an exchange student from Venezuela who was attending the University of Texas. I’m from Austin, where the accident happened. She filmed a PSA (not sure if it was shown nationally, but it was aggressively broadcast in Texas, and rightfully so) about the dangers of drinking and driving. I also had the pleasure of going to a symposium in her honor and watching her speak; she is truly an inspiration to all. She prefers to be called a survivor rather than a victim, and her outlook on life is incredibly positive, all things considered. She even met up with the drunk driver who caused the accident which maimed her and killed two others, and forgave him for what he did- she is far more brave than I could ever be.

    To anyone who has never heard of her or seen pictures of her and the accident, google her sometime. Some of her videos are also on YouTube, I believe.

  77. Judy says:

    I just hope that this poor kid is not going to live like this for years and years. No one deserves to lay like this and in pain. My heart goes out to his loving family and friends.
    Linda Hogan is a moron.

  78. Judy says:

    JOhn and Nick had been doing this before. Where was it said that Nick had been drinking? They had both been drinking? I think so. No seat belt means bad damage from an accident. MY heart goes out to John and his family and yes the Hogans have to take care of him until her passes, but I cannot blame evreything on to the kid Nick. People said they saw them earlier driving like this too. I also want to know who got the booze for these 2? They are partly reponsible too.

  79. I choose me says:

    I too hope that Graziano’s family will let him go so that he may rest in peace and that they may be able to grieve. I cannot imagine having a loved one linger on in a such condition but I am not the Grazianos and I do not get to decide for them. I hope the Hogan’s are made to pay for his care and medical bills. And if I never hear anything about that group of assholes again it’ll be too soon.

  80. A Lonely Sane Person says:

    Seriously, how many more people can jump on the “Hate the Hogans” bandwagon. John knew what he was doing. He chose not to wear a seatbelt. Nick walked away, John didn’t. How is that Nick’s fault?

    John was a combat veteran, and as a fellow combat veteran, I can safely say that he knew better.

    Not saying the family isn’t insensitive in their reaction and behavior, for they most certainly are, but there is no getting around the fact that Nick is not responsible for John’s stupidity.

  81. Scott F. says:

    God, I’ve said this before and I’ll try one last time. The seatbelt is a moot point. I spent 2 years cleaning people off the highway for the fire department, and in a crash like that it just doesn’t matter.

    If he’d broken his neck or suffered head trauma from flying forward it would be different, but did you see the car? The entire passenger side (which happens to also be the side of his head he’s missing) is completely caved in! How exactly is a seatbelt going to help you avoid a jagged chunk of metal? The space they pulled him out of was barely 18 inches wide.

    Seriously, saying this kid is responsible because he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt is like saying a guy who has a fifteen ton steel girder fall on his head from 300 feet died because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Yeah, it was stupid, but it wouldn’t have really mattered either.

  82. kaila says:

    boycott vh1, american gladiators, hell even larry king for letting that family be on. i say boycott, write letters to the networks that support this family

    god bless the graziano family

  83. LV says:

    How tragic? I couldn’t imagine being in Nick’s shoes. How is it that his family is being so cavalier about this? Did they not go to the hospital to see how John was doing? How could you see your friend like this, its not like he just broke a leg or something. I would be so devestated that my actions caused harm to another person. What kind of people are the Hogans/Bollea’s? They can’t be that heartless and cruel. Its schocking the way they are behaving. Nick if you don’t like doing 8 months in jail why don’t you trade places with John.

  84. sb says:

    An amazing being he should be our hero not these vain, rich and stupid celebs.

  85. xenea_z says:

    If the family decides to let John go, Nick Hogan’s charges should be upgraded to veichular homocide. Becuase there do not seem to be a lesson learned by the Hogan family.

    Fame and Fortune can really mess with one’s head.

  86. lisa says:

    I certainly feel bad for this guys family and I feel Nick should be in jail for the rest of his life…HOWEVER…did Nick force this guy to get in the car with him? Was he begging Nick to slow down at any point? Anybody with sense should know NOT to be in a car with a drunk person doing massive speed…DDDUUUUUHHHH!!!! I hope anyone that thinks they are invisible learns a lesson from this and I send my thoughts and prayers to John’s family. God Bless.

  87. A Lonely Sane Person says:

    “God, I’ve said this before and I’ll try one last time. The seatbelt is a moot point. I spent 2 years cleaning people off the highway for the fire department, and in a crash like that it just doesn’t matter.”

    It’s not a moot point at all. It signifies that he was in no way afraid and behaving just as irresponsibly as the driver. Perhaps you are right, I did not see the car, but whether or not the seatbelt would have saved his life is a moot point.

    In the military they teach us Composite Risk Management. He knew the risk he was taking by being in the car and was obviously putting his fate in his own hands – not the driver’s – by not wearing the seatbelt.

  88. Lah-Dee-Dah says:

    I agree with czarina…words like “coma” and “critical injury” do not even begin to capture the severity of these injuries.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Graziano family. John’s condition is absolutely heart-wrenching. How dare the Hogans see his condition and then proceed to make the callous, self-important comments that they did.

  89. Kelly says:

    My heart breaks over and over again for the Graziano family… for John.

    I know he got in the car willingly and was having a good time up until the crash, but for John and his family to be seen as second class citizens by the Hogan family, its disgusting.

    Nick Hogan ended their life that night and the Hogan family has done nothing but shit on them ever since. There is a special place in hell for the Hogan clan.

  90. Jenna says:

    Okay to all the people saying that it wasn’t entirely Nick’s fault at what happened to John, you’re correct. But the reason why so many people are upset (well the main reason actually) is the fact that Nick as well as his family are going public with their opinions. Ah and the type of crash it was makes it even more Nick’s fault. John’s only mistake was not wearing the seatbelt (even though I doubt it would have done him much good).

    Hulk stated that he believed God was the one making John a better person through this. No matter who you are, you just don’t say that. It’s from all of the actions the family has committed that the public has problems with. It’s just not right.

    Also, even though we all pretty much want it… do you really think Nick is going to get violated in the place he is at? I want it to happen however it is most likely never going to happen.

    Anyone want to begin rapidly emailing VH1 about pulling Brooke’s new show? :twisted:

  91. czarina says:

    A.J.–Thank you for the information on Jacquline Saburrido. I agree, she is an amazing human being. I don’t have as much information as you do (this was a couple of years ago that I saw a presentation on her tragedy), but I understand that the drunk driver at least acknowledged responsibility and apologized.
    Some might say it’s not enough, but I think it must be important to the survivor and/or their family, that the person who caused such a tragedy (a never-ending one in the case of Jacqueline and John Graziano), can at least recognize the extent of the damage they have caused.
    This is where I feel the Bollea family has been so badly remiss. Crying crocodile tears in court and on Larry King after their real attitudes had been displayed for the world on those jail tapes–to me, this is everything that is wrong with our society.
    That someone would be the contributing cause of ending a man’s life (for all intents and purposes), and the first thought is: “Oh no, am I going to get sued?” or “Oh no, will I go to jail?”, or “Oh no, this is going to be a public relations nightmare!”.
    It hurts me to know there are people like the “Hogans” out there.

  92. S says:

    My God. This is so upsetting. I cannot believe the Hogans had the audacity to say that this will make John a “better person”. Either they’re insensitive jerks who barely deserve to breathe the oxygen in the air, or they’re blind – how can they possibly think that? How can they possibly even attempt to defend themselves?

    I hope the Hogans come to their senses and realise the destruction they have caused. Not just the actions of Nick, but their following actions. The hurt, the pain and the ruin that they are responsible for. They will have blood-stained consciences – and if there’s such a place as Heaven, I’m pretty sure John will never see them again.

  93. Kutulhu says:

    You know, he did get into the car driven by a someone who was drunk and didnt put on a seatbelt. Its not entirely Mr Hogan’s fault. I am not defending him here, but we make choices in life. He was not forced into the car.

  94. mel says:

    the fact is, Hulk bought the beer. he encouraged that twat of a son to drag and bought him a vehicle that was too powerful. Now, the hulk is saying that it will make John a better person? WTF!!
    i hope the whole damn Hulk family burns in hell. they will have some explaining to do when their judgement comes.
    as for the true victim, i feel that if it were my husband, dad or brother i would take him off life support and let him move on. He has some eye movement because he still has a brain stem-that controls your body’s basic functions. He isnt there anymore-put him at rest.
    Its sad that our society treats vets this way, and lets overindulgent, beligerant and ignorant celebs get their way just because they are famous and rich-for all the wrong reasons!

  95. S says:

    I think crybaby Nick should have to watch and endless loop of that video everyday for the rest of his life.

    The entire Hogan family sucks ass for their very public insensitivity towards this young man and his family.

    Nick should rot in jail and be visited by butt pirates every night.

  96. hello says:

    I think the big thing is that even though it is arguable that it’s not completely Nick’s fault about accident (although I agree with Scott F…a seatbelt would have done nothing in this case for Graziano), what’s enraging is the lack of any remorse shown by the Hogans. Condolences were short, if they happened at all. Nick doesn’t seem remorseful at all. The family doesn’t seem sorry and are quit to place all blame on Graziano. There seems to be little to no comprehension of the magnitude of what was done to another family, intentional or not.

  97. Barb says:

    This is terrible and I like the idea that everyone should boycott thier show and anything that has anything at all to do with the Hogans – I can’t belive VH1 is giving his brat sister a new show “Brooke knows best” I say everyone should boycott this show and get everyone they know to do the same I would really love to see it go down in flames real fast let them know how much the world hates them :idea:

  98. Macho Man says:

    Who expects anything less than selfishness from Hulk Hogan & his warped family? Their entire lifestyle has been funded by a total narcissist who has zero regard for anyone or anything else. Hulk is and was always a fraud, a steriod-abusing jerk who caught the eye of an even bigger jerk & was mass-marketed to “stardom” despite having almost no talent whatsoever aside from flexing his big fake muscles. The most incredible thing about Hogan’s “career” is that it didn’t die out years ago. The whole Hogan clan is a joke, a group of self-absorbed phonies obsessed with themselves.

  99. Victoria says:

    God bless this young man!

  100. Nicole says:

    I can’t decide what’s worse: how horribly the justice system has failed, or the Hogans’ (lack of) parenting skills. If I remember correctly, Nick Hogan had reportedly accumulated several moving-traffic violations in Florida prior to the accident, and on at least one occasion received multiple speeding tickets in one day, just hours apart! Why was this arrogant little shit still legally allowed to drive? Why wasn’t his license suspended? Why did his parents not take away his keys? Instead, they bought their seventeen year-old child alcohol, and didn’t so much as bat an eye when he then decided to go for a spin in a flashy-ass car that he could not control.

    And then they have the audacity to play up the victim complex, and belittle a man who’s life has been destroyed. Their complete disregard for him and insensitivity and downright cruel comments are appalling and unacceptable.

    And to think that little prick only received eight months in jail- that makes my stomach turn. He ruined not just one life, but also the lives of John’s loved ones. I’m sorry, but eight months hardly compensates for that brand of destruction. If/when John passes, I wonder if it would be at all possible to upgrade the charges against Nick to vehicular homocide, like another poster suggested. Or to even go beyond that, and hold the Hogans liable in a wrongful death suit. After all, they supplied a minor with alcohol and allowed him to drive afterward, while being fully aware of their son’s poor driving record.

    My thoughts and prayers are with John Graziano and his family. May his soul rest in peace.

    As for the Hogans, all I can say is karma is indeed a bitch, and she hasn’t even began collecting from them. I hope the rest of their rotten lives are nothing but misery.

  101. iCu says:

    The least Hogans can do is be humble and respect the grieving family og JG.

    But the words that comes out of Hogans does nothing but adding insult to injury.

    You are very lucky to be not in the position of JG’s family.

    I don’t think God will put anybody in this pain. It’s not fair to say that this is God’s will.

    Nick you have a life ahead of you. at least show compassion for what you have caused a friend.

    More than anything its your prayers and not your words to defend your actions the family of JG needs.

    God Bless JG and his family..

    And may God fogive the Hogans

  102. sassyspank says:

    I agree that Scott F. makes a very good point. However, I don’t believe that the seat belt issue is completely irrelevant. That is not to say that I think it would have made a big enough difference. Though I have seen pictures of cars just as mangled as this one, and finding that the driver’s injuries were BETTER than what they could have been for simply having worn his/her seat belt. To not mention the importance of wearing a seat belt is losing one of the many lessons hopefully learned from learning about this case. If he can do anything now, is provide some example of what to do and NOT to do. Drinking and driving, for one – and being careless in securing himself in his seat. No one is exactly sure if he was intoxicated or egging him on – but I agree that he is not completely innocent. Not that this could ever be just punishment! No one deserves to live like this – it is just heartbreaking. He sounded like a good kid who had a streak for danger and testing limits.

    The Hogans are trash and I hope karma bites each of them in the ass. I think most judges feel like we do, and something tells me that this pansy and poor excuse of a human being will have what’s coming to him. The fact that he shows no regret or remorse, and actually tries to FAULT him is just nauseating. And I’m glad it nauseates every one on here too. May JG rest in peace – somehow…

  103. moges says:

    forgive me but this young man knew hogan jnr was drunk and still entered the car the two young men are to blame here the injury could have happened to any one of them unfortunately it picked john.I am not saying it serves him right but we should understand that they were both in the car maybe both drunk it would have been different if they hit an innocent bystander or driver.I pray God give his family strength to cope.This should teach our youths to be cautious when driving how many more deaths do we need to learn to drive safely

  104. purrbuff says:

    This is awful & I hope that the family has the strength to deal with this. I do agree with probably the minority here. He was not forced into the car with Nick Hogan & we do not know the conversation that went on inside the car. Personally, I think that all parties involved should not make any public comments & deal with what each family needs to deal with, privately.

  105. Aricu says:

    My God that Video made me feel like. Ishh. I have never seen any one like that. Aww man. I cant even imagine the way his family most feel. I feel so sorry for the guy. His really really gone his just a shell for his family to remember. I understand that it was an accident, what really pisses me off is the way the Hogan family is tring to play it off making so many excuses. Hulk use to be my hero but now he’s just scum. His son should have gotten at least 10 years for what is really a murder cause that guy is dead even if a machine is keeping him alive. Wow man so disturbing.

  106. Mary says:

    Hulk Hogan has some nerve to say what he did. All of his tanning fried his small sized brain. He has a spoiled son and daughter. Money buys everything, isnt that right, Hulk Hogan, unfortunately not the life of John G., You just want your spoiled little boy back and start making some more money. Your tears are because your lil spoiled boy is in jail. Then trying to act like the victim. Please. You really are pathetic ol’man. And the kicker is thinking of a reality show ARE YOU KIDDING. I’d really like to know how many times that lil brat got pulled over for drinking/driving etc. What goes around comes around….

  107. aimie says:

    Oh my God. How can Hulk be so idiotic and irresponsible after this? This kid’s life is ruined for good. I hope someone does the same to his idiot son. It sounds mean yeah but even the Bible talks about “eye for an eye”…

  108. TLC says:

    Frightening!May G-d bless him. How the Hogans can show their moronic faces in public is beyond me. I lost a son and I know the pain.

  109. Anoneemouse says:

    I think the appropriate punishment for Nick Hogan would have been him giving his friend a sponge bath every day for the next 60 years to continually remind himself of what he did. Jail is too lenient for an injury like this. Although unintentional, this is no accident.

  110. Garret says:

    John Graziano was a marine who did two tours in Iraq. I wonder how many innocent people, if any, did he kill in Iraq?
    If that’s the case then maybe he got what he deserved.

  111. redlipstick says:

    Absolutely tragic. My prayers are with the Graziano family.

  112. James says:

    It should have been Nick. The world would have been better off.

  113. ME says:

    It is horrible that happened to him! I feel so sorry for him, his life will never be the same just because that jerk Nick had to go racing while drunk and slam into a palm tree! Its even worse that the hogans are blaming the poor kid for his own condition! I hope Nick pays for what his stupid descisons caused…the Hogans should be very ery ashamed of what there son has done, because what he has done can never be changed.

  114. Anne says:

    I couldn’t watch the video, the photo is enough. I don’t understand though how so many of you can say, ‘I didn’t realise how injured he is’. Um…he’s in a vegetative state isn’t he? I guess you have to see it to believe it? Regardless, the Hogans should be paying like OJ for the rest of their lives. 8 months for this?

  115. jin says:

    god bless. i wish he could recover 100%.

  116. kelly says:

    I think when Johns family feel the time is right to turn off the machines, nick should be the person to do it. He should be made to stand there and watch this poor man take his final breath and know it is because of him.

  117. Manowar says:

    Bah, they are both morons. Both for being in a car that has a drunk driver and also John for not wearing a seatbelt. John could have told Nick to slow down his driving, but I bet he did the opposite. I have no sympathy for them, only both their families. Hulk is doing what any other father would do, circle the wagons and protect “the family”.

  118. A.J. says:

    “John Graziano was a marine who did two tours in Iraq. I wonder how many innocent people, if any, did he kill in Iraq?
    If that’s the case then maybe he got what he deserved. “

    Sorry, Garret, but I find your comment to be both extremely ignorant and offensive, not to mention uncalled for.

    I don’t support the war at all, but I do support the troops who defend our very right to bitch about said war. Yes, it’s an unfortunate fact that many innocent lives have been lost, but how exactly does a marine such as John Graziano, doing his job exactly as he was conscripted to do during his time of duty, merit him being maimed and permanently hospitalized in his private life?

  119. devilgirl says:

    I agree with A.J, Garret, your comment was not only offensive, but ignorant as well. I don’t think serving your country is a bad thing, in fact it is a brave and A selfless thing. He did not get what he deserved. Shame on you for those hideous and ignorant words!

  120. Darin says:

    Agree w/AJ and devilgirl- Garret is an ignoramous!

    Nick should be rotting in jail!

    Sorry about this next comment but The video seems a tad fake.

  121. Wil in Mpls says:

    Thank You Graziano Family! We all needed to see this, as I don’t think any of us had a clear understanding of what had happened to this young man.

    Now that I have seen how bad off he is, I think the Hogan Family needs to be locked up and shown this video in perpetuity. I always thought the Hogans were trashy scumbags .. now I have empirical proof enough to know this is a fact.

  122. Dan says:

    Although this guy’s body is physically “alive” Nick should be charged with murder. This guy’s never coming back and should be allowed to die rather than be kept in that state for decades.

  123. Nancy says:

    This is the fault of the HOGAN FAMILY and also the fault of the American Citizens who fawn over celebrities and their offspring as if they were privilaged or special. Because “fans” treat them like they’re “somebody special” they think they deserve to behave however they want to, and that there should be NO CONSEQUENCES.
    In reality – actors are merely people who make a living by playing “make belive”. We all do it as kids, but actors do it as a job – it’s SO EASY a chimp can do it (and several have, many times) and yet we act like these people are GODS! How stupid!!
    We are ushering in a new generation of selfish, ungrateful, celebutards who think that their uneducated, no-talent,
    selves are something special.
    So, although the Hogan’s have been deplorable and their behavior beyond disgusting – the “Fans” have promoted this behavior by allowing celebrities to get away with bullshit that NOBODY else in the world would get away with.
    Paris Hilton was so pathetic when she had to do her few “hours” in jail – a normal person driving on a suspended license as a result of a drunk driving charge, would have had to do far worse without whining “woe is me” to the press and having “fans” wanting the “poor pathetic excuse of a whore” released.
    So, yes, the Hogans are at fault, but America’s idiots who fawn over them are also at fault.

  124. ff says:

    Well now, before they let another celeb walk away from a DUI with a light sentence, or serve one due to ‘overcrowding’ perhaps they can show this video first.

    I hope the Hogans are paying his health insurance.

  125. Ron says:

    I wonder what the truth about all this really is.

  126. PJ says:

    What a horrific tragedy the Graziano’s will have to bear for the rest of their lives. :cry: Same goes for the Hogan’s. I’m in no way taking up for them, and can’t believe that they would try to make it any less horrific than it actually is.

    Having said that – The Hogan’s are trying (like any human) to get past the tragedy and keep going forward. The Graziano’s because they are faced with it everyday and are living it can’t see anything but what is in front of them. (which would be so so hard to cope with to say the least). And God be with them in deciding the next steps they should take for the welfare of their son John.

    There are many that want to lay blame here and there and with this person and that person, but this is totally between God and the person’s nvolved. We have laws in this land which people choose to ignore on a daily basis and if it causes harm to them or another person that is totally up to them and God. Those without sin “cast” the first stone.
    What needs to happen is prayer – for both families! I personally feel that this is the reason our Country is in the dire straits it is in because we have taken God and prayer out of anything and everything.
    Be careful about what words come out of your mouth because we may have to eat them and they would surely taste awful – to wish hell on another person and their families is just as shameful as trying to sweep a tragedy under the rug.

  127. Boycott information says:

    To those of you interested in boycotting this disgusting family :

    Toni Herron
    (212) 846-7528

    • Brett Henne
    Vice President of VH1 Communications
    (212) 846-6752

    • Scott Acord
    Sr. Director, VH1 Communications
    (310) 752-8075

  128. Tara says:

    “Having said that – The Hogan’s are trying (like any human) to get past the tragedy and keep going forward.”

    No, PJ. They are not simply trying to move on if Nick Hogan pitched a reality show about getting through this. That’s exploitation. That’s profiting off the grave, irreversible, and completely avoidable misfortunate of another person — a friend! — that Nick himself caused. I may not have any say over the Hogans’ final judgement, but I absolutely have a say in whether I will support them or their projects. And I also have the ability to send a complaint to VH1 for associating with and profiting from this disgusting family.

  129. fjeiaojfea says:

    He should get wayyy more than 8 months of jail, more like 80 years… fucking bastard… And Hulk should have to do time for letting his son drink and drive at 17 years old!

  130. Michele says:

    He looks horrible and I hope he is able to recover to even half capacity. I know Nick is to blame seeing as how he was drunk driving but what about this kid being in the car with him. Were they both drinking at the time? It’s horrible but if he was willingly in the car (and seeing his life now is punishment enough) make him any way culpable for being in the car at the time. Seems like two guys acting irresponsibly and underage Nick should be held accountable but how about his parents. Dad getting the car from what’s published and both parents covering for their kid’s underage drinking. For Hulk to have spent so much time as shown on tv with them, Nick didn’t get a lot of common sense.

  131. Shay says:

    I say Nick have his reality show. Then John’s family can sue his pants off and get that money and anything he may have made after that.

    To those going after the family about Johns state unless you’ve been in the same situation you have no room to talk about being able to let go.

  132. Manowar says:

    Everyone on here is a Hypocrites!!!!!!!!!

    If either one of us were driving, we would have had a lighter sentence then the one Nick got.

    The Hogan family has helped out the other family more than the law ever required. Car accidents like this happen all the time and in those cases the victim’s families would never receive as much help as the Hogan family has given.

    You guys are all mindless sheep, if the situation were the other way around, i’d be hearing crickets on this board.

  133. ...*... says:

    How in the FUCK can the stupid Hogans even think of laying any sort of blame on that poor family? I work at a tv station, and we’ve done a few stories about that jackass Nick. I was already enraged that we were giving publicity, even in our small city, to that asshole. The horror of that video… I’ll never forget that. How is that poor boy even still alive (as alive as he can be)?

  134. JA says:

    Johns life is ruined-thanks to NIck. Lord have Mercy on John and bring him home……..let Nick live a full and horrible painful life.

  135. JA says:

    Hey Manowar—
    Don’t make excuses for the heartless Hogans. They showed their true side with how they reacted to this tragedy. I agree if my son was the one who cause this I would stand by him butmy son was raised with compassion and he would feel terrible for what happeneed and woyuld do anything to help John. Hulk dyed hair Hogan even stated on Larry King that “God layed some heavy shit on John” NICK DID THIS. NOT GOD. I know everything happens for a reason whichin this case makes no sense—but the Hogans think that are “above” everyone jsst because Terry tood steroids and got built up like a freak at some side show tomake $ and become famous. Spoiled bratty Nick rides the streets like a race car driver and thinks he the victim who has to serve 8 lousy months in jail, Nick should get on his knees onnatuional TV and beg for the Graziano’s forgiveness. I know accidents happen but Nick the prick has to realize he is not special. And he should pay all Johns medical bills and Hul dyed hair Hogan should contribute $ to accident victims. Lets notlet John suffer in vain. Hulk and his family are freaks!!

  136. Badger says:

    Manowar, I disagree. If this were a non-celeb case, the driver would have gotten a harsher sentence. Nick essentially killed another human being. To downplay that by calling it an accident is irresponsible. John is serving a life sentence. Nick got a measly 8 months.

    Had he been an average Joe, his license would have been revoked before this had ever happened due to the multiple tickets he’d racked up for driving recklessly the prior year. He’d been caught multiple times doing over 100MPH but the starstruck police let Nick go instead of doing the responsible thing : revoking his license and hauling him off to jail.

    Nick made the decision to drink the booze his father provided. Then he got behind the wheel and raced. That’s not an accident. That’s criminal negligence. I would have more respect for the Hogans if they’d keep their d*mn mouths shut. Instead, they epitomize class by bad mouthing the victims every chance they get. Nick can’t even complete his jail time with quiet dignity. And lastly, they aren’t even paying John’s medical expenses, we are. He’s in a VA hospital, funded by the American taxpayer.

  137. Manowar says:

    Case studies would show that he got a harsher sentence, but nobody here wants to believe that.

    Only reason you guys are even posting here is becuase Nick’s from a famous family. Do you know how many people have died this year from DUI accidents? You guys must be tired of posting on boards for each and every one of those. Oh wait, you guys only post if it’s against a famous person. LOL

    You’re like the papparazzi of blame and shame.

  138. badger says:

    Let me guess manowar, you’re either Brooke or Linda? You failed to address any of the points I made and instead opted for that tired argument of “look at everyone else instead”. You also failed to back up your claim that his sentence was harsh with any sort of proof. Publish these case studies.

    As for only posting because his dad is famous, well duh! That’s what these boards all are all about. Don’t want fame and all that comes with it? Then don’t do a reality show or stick your foot down your throat on Larry King.

    Getting behind the wheel drunk and then street racing is bad. Killing someone in the process is worse and would definitely make the local news, regardless of the person’s status. Being the child of a famous wrestler, of course that’s going to make news. Especially given his priors regarding reckless driving.

    If you can’t do the time, don’t do crime.

  139. Manowar says:

    To answer both your posts:

    I’m neither, just playing devil’s advocate.

    John is serving a life sentence because he choose to get into that car, he knew that they were both drinking, he knew that Nick liked speeding, and he didn’t try to slow Nick down. John should’ve never got inside that car.

    Nick never meant for this to happen. It was an accident. Reckless accident yes, but still an accident.

    They never bad mouthed the victim. They just told the truth. John was no angel…

    Even CNN said that he got a harsher sentence then the norm. You can look that up yourself.

    And now he IS doing the time, isn’t he?

    Did I address everything this time Badger?

    But yes, you are right, these boards are for bitchin about celebs. Touchez!

  140. badger says:

    So CNN is a case study now? I thought you had case studies to show his sentence was too harsh? Sometimes opinion on CNN does not equal a case study. And since I didn’t make my claim, I have no desire to look it up as the burden of proof is yours. You either have it or you don’t.

    You’re right, John should have never got in that car. I’m sure he knew about Nick’s priors and his multiple brushes with the law for reckless driving. Even so, he did not commit a crime by getting into the car. John’s “crime” does not fit his punishment, his life being forfeit. And we don’t know for sure that John knew Nick was drinking, though in all probability he did.

    John’s bad judgment should in no way alleviate Nick of his guilt. John chose to get in the car, Nick chose to drive dangerously. Given the fact that Nick drove recklessly and sped on multiple occasions, chances are good that Nick would have been speeding with or without John in the car, making John a moot point in terms of responsibility. So how is it John’s in any way, shape or form that he was killed since we all know Nick would have driven like that anyway? It’s ridiculous to blame a passenger for a driver’s immaturity. Only the driver can control the vehicle.

    As for bad mouthing, we all heard the tapes. Now I’ll be the first to agree that those tapes should have never been released, but they were and now they’re out there. And we got to hear what the Hogans really thought. What people say in private tends to reflect how they truly feel about something. Saying God was laying some heavy sh*t on John was wrong on so many levels. It’s one thing to vent, but quite another to shift blame from the responsible party onto the one who can no longer defend himself. It doesn’t matter if John was no angel. It doesn’t matter if John was a rapist and a druggie. It still does not take away from Nick’s irresponsible behavior. If John was sleazy, then trust me when I say that the Hogans actions leading up to and after the tragedy have made them look 10 times sleazier.

    I agree that Nick never meant for this to happen. Which is why I feel his parents should be held criminally responsible as well for providing him with vehicles that were powerful when he was obviously too immature to handle them. I read Nick’s Rides magazine interview where he brags about getting pulled over 3 times for going over 100MPH in the same day. What normal parent in their right mind would not have immediately taken away the keys after hearing that?

    This whole thing could have been prevented had the Hogans been supervising their minor child and acted appropriately when it was obvious he was out of control. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that eventually he was going to kill someone. Obviously, the multiple tickets he had received did not drive home the point that he should drive safely, so maybe some jail time to reflect on the friend he killed will. How many chances, tickets, warnings should Nick have gotten before he went to jail? How many would it have taken for him to understand that by driving like that he is putting us all in danger? 5, 10 20?

    Just because someone doesn’t mean to hurt someone else does not mean they escape the consequences. The drunk that kills a family on the road never meant to hurt a fly, but should he be set free just because he didn’t mean to?

  141. Manowar says:

    Like you said, if you do the crime, you should do the time. He’s doing the time for his crime.

    As for “Saying God was laying some heavy sh*t on John was wrong on so many levels.” I look at it this way,: how many times does a priest get asked, “but why did this happen, why did so & so have to die?” and the answer is usually “God works in mysterious ways.” In a way Hogan was just saying the same thing.

  142. badger says:

    You’re right, he’s doing his time and that’s that. As for what Hogan meant by his statement, maybe you’re right. I don’t think his statement was as benign as that, but it’s just my opinion. And I can’t really “judge” them by that, since we were really never supposed to hear those conversions anyway.

    I also wanted to apologize for all the typos in my prior response. I wished I would’ve bothered to proof read before I hit post.

  143. wonderwoman says:

    Manover is a sociopath that likes to instill argument just for sake of it. If nick hogan was not famous and rich, he would have gotten at least 3years in prison! I wrote to vhi and I also will contact NBC about firing Hulk from that gladiater show!

  144. Valeria says:

    Even though this might sound harsh… John Graziano should have thought to wear his seatbelt, we all know how important those are in a vehicle, because we never know what may or may not happen as well as yess Nick was drinking, so my question would be was John? Me personally I refuse to get in a car where the person driving has been drinking. Also, people need to know and understand both families are going through a hard time. Its not that I’m not sympathetic to the Graziano family, but really its both individuals faults and both families need to be responsible for what has happened. My uncle was in a major car accident and was in a coma for 3 months and now has many complications, all we did as a family was ask the person who was driving to give us the info on the insurance for the vehicle and then when we exhausted that money, we had to ask the family for the rest, my uncle was responsible for his actions, he was drunk and so was the driver and he got in that car, he didn’t wear a seatbelt and he flew out and was ran over by the other car, I can’t blame just the person driving, my uncle knew the risks. I know that it’s hard to watch a loved one go through something like that but Hulk does make a point, We never know y God allows things to happen, I think in my uncle’s case it woke him up and taught him to be more careful and to actually grow up, I know he will never be the same, but I’m glad he is still here because he wasn’t suppossed to make it.

  145. Manowar says:

    LOL, Wonderwoman calling me a sociopath, haha. I think you’re the sociopath for writing to the networks trying to fire someone who has done more good & Charity in the world than all of us on this board combined and which really had nothing to do with the incident.
    If Graziano had worn his seat belt, he would have been just fine. Maybe Graziano should go to a Mental institute for not wearing a seatbelt and inflicting harm on himself just like a suicidal person would after a failed attempt. Yes I jest… but I do have a point. Not wearing a seatbelt is like playing russian roullette.

  146. Godblessourmilitary says:

    Please send this to Brooke Hogans website on my space.

  147. big says:

    i’m sorry to say but i think a seatbelt would have saved john because if you look at pictures of the crash most of the damage is done to the drivers side of the car and the passengers side s pretty much still there… look at the photos …. and yes the bollea’s are wrong for soying that god did this to John

  148. big says:

    wonderwoman if nick wasn’t so rich and famous he wouldn’t be getting sued and since he is rich and famous everybody is making a big deal about it and i think that if this (what happend john)was to happen to us nobody would give a sh*t and if we were in nick’s shoes nobody would be giving us sh*t so stop being all touchy about an ACCIDENT that can happen to anybody and by the way an accedent involving a fatality or serious permanent injuries occurs every 45 second in the world meanig About 115 people die every day in vehicle crashes in the United States

  149. big says:

    and nick wasn’t leagally drunk he did have alcolhol in his system no doubt but he wasn’t drunk and therfor saying he is not walking away from a dui charge

  150. SpoiledRotten says:

    I just looked at this video, and I must say that it was quite disturbing and my heart and silent prayers go out to this young man and his family. However, that being said I WANT TO KNOW WHY EVERYONE IS MAD AT THE ENTIRE HOGAN CLAN? They were not the ones who did this! Nick, the son did! And I know for a fact that Hulk Hogan tried to reach out to this family and did show sympathy. But the hell he and his family are going thru is private and neither he nor his family has to publicly make gestures or apologies in order for them to be qualified as sincerely sorry! and empathetic towards this young man and his family.. In other words, just because you dont see it in the media, Let’s not just assume they are not sensitive to this family and sorry about the incident.

    Now, no excuses for Hulks incredibly insensitive remarks. But lets’s just blame society for holding these human beings in the highest regards just because their talents are showcased on a television for millions to see. Just because they are actors and actressess, lets not forget they are just human beings and they can be stupid assholes! But Linda and his daughter are very sensitive people and are very concerned about this youngman believe me but they Must go on with their lives.

    The insurance company is paying for this youngmans care and all they can do is talk to their ignorant young son about what he has done and make him be responsible! and if they dont the law has already done so! so they feel that they are losing their son too even for a short while. BOTH of these familys have been through hell. please everyone just pray for them, and stop making parents responsible for the actions of their grown children. NICK DID THIS. AND THE SAD PART ABOUT IT IS THIS YOUNG MAN AND NICK HAD PROBABLY DONE THIS MANY TIMES, BUT IT CAUGHT UP WITH THEM BOTH ONLY ONE IS MORE HARMED THAN THE OTHER. KIDS ARE GOING TO DO STUPID THINGS THAT RESULT IN THINGS LIKE THIS. IT IS NOT THE PARENTS FAULT AND LIFE MUST GO ON.. IT ALWAYS DOES UNFORTUNATELY.

  151. SpoiledRotten says:


    Sometimes when things like this happe the family of the victim seems to take on this angelic like persona but we must remember, there are kids out there that will not under any circumstances get into a car with a person drinking. and Obviously he loved it when they raced because if he was against it Nick would not have done it or stopped when the victim strongly objected to it. Also, he was not taught to wear his seat belt.

  152. Hayley says:

    It’s disgusting how just because Nick is a “celeb” that he served such a short sentence he should have at least got 10 years for what he did!

  153. british says:

    words actually fail me
    this is shocking, i hope the hogans see this and truely realise how disgusting they are

  154. Laura says:

    W O W. That is fucked up.
    I wouldn;t wish that on my worst enemy…

  155. jared says:

    This situation has actually happened before throughout the U.S. Because there is a celebrity involved it has received a lot more attention. At the end of the day though Nick screwed up but is not completely responsible for Johns injuries because John simply decided not to where his seat belt. Ask yourself if you would feel the same way about nick if he was your son? MISTAKES were made and John unfortunately had to pay for his.

  156. Paige G. says:

    this is so upsetting, this man has served in our army, brought home safely and with the carelessness of Nick Bollea is shocking. Their 2 absorbed in their rich and famous lifes to even care about what kind of state (veggitative) John G. is in. 20- 30 million will never make up for how the family is feeling and grieving…

    1. hulk hogan wasnt a real wrestler… he pretended
    2. Brooke cant sing
    3. Nick has never done anything in his life, besides DESTROY peoples lifes (the Graziano’s family)
    4. linda is way 2 old to be dating a what 18 yr old?
    and all the brest surgerys and face lifts are not helping… shes not attractive

  157. candlehopper says:

    Seriously, I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but Hogan’s blood alcohol level was well below the legal limit. He would not be charged with any alcohol infraction if pulled over. I feel sorry for John, but he was responsible for his own seat belt. He should have never gotten in that car without one. You are all trashing the Hogan family, but if were the other way around and Hogan didn’t have his seat belt on, you wouldn’t say he deserved it. John probably should have realized the needed a seat belt, he knew they were going drag racing.

  158. Jillian says:

    My heart goes to Debra.
    As a mother I can’t imagine her pain.
    I believe in “God’s Will” but in this case Nick gave a big help to God.
    8 months is nothing compared with the lifetime John will have.
    God Bless You Debra, you gotta be strong for your entire family.

  159. David says:

    First of all all my prayers go out for john. That said I think if alot of you go out and read Hulk Hogans new book it will explain alot of facts that people dont know right now. Like that nick had not been drinking and the cause of the accident was from a rain soaked road with a deep pot hole that caused him to lose control, hydroplane and hit the tree. Second John never put on his seat belt, that would have stopped all this from happening to him. That was his own fault. Yes, nick should have made sure before he started driving that john had his seat belt on but it was john who chose not to put it on. As far as Hulk Hogan saying the accident would make john a better person. If you read his book about him following this new idea of being positive about your life and looking ahead as if everything is going to be ok, that might explain a little what hulk meant by this accident will make johna better person. I would not have said that without knowing if he would ever become himself again or close to it. Nick I would agree was spolied but like in hulks book, he said that his own parents supported him when he was a kid in everything he wanted to try. I think the difference was in there personalities. Hulk probably appreciated it, nick probably just expected it. I also see johns father working the media to feel sorry for his son, even though johns father wsa going to kill him sooner or later, that was by johns own words and johns mother had to get a protective order against johns own dad. Also johns mom and dad had been living apart for a long time and john had been living with hulk before the accident. Hulk had alos been helping johns family out finanacially with evereything. Johns mom and ad who now turns there back oh hulk now that they think they are going to get rich off of hulk, thats a joke. I only feel bad for john graziano.

  160. Aricu says:

    So what has happened with this guy. And whats up with lil hogan. Im hoping his still locked up.

  161. Bmxiscool83 says:

    OMG! even though ifeel bad for him and hate nick even more after seeing this, the cops proved that Joe G wasnt even wearing a seatbelt UNLIKE the intoxicated Nick Hogan

  162. kocaali says:

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