Gloria Allred bitch slaps Charlie Sheen in open letter

Pitbull lawyer Gloria Allred may be a mistress chaser, but she’s also an advocate for abused women despite holding laughable press conferences that tend to muddy the cause. Allred has issued an open letter calling out Charlie Sheen for his abusive behavior and flippant comments following his infamous freakout on a prostitute last month. I would guess Allred already reached out to Charlie’s hooker porn star and issued this letter when she was unable to sign her as a client. Radar has the details as well as the entire text of the letter if you have a high tolerance for sanctimony and some time to kill:

Charlie Sheen – here’s one woman you can’t seduce.

Famed womens’ rights campaigner and high-powered attorney Gloria Allred has written an open letter to Sheen after the Hollywood wild man dismissed his drunk and drug-fueled rage at the Plaza Hotel in New York City as “one bad night”.

“Charlie, I for one am not seduced by it,” she said the father-of-five’s trademark smile, in the letter, obtained by

“I don’t think assaulting and hurting women is funny. I am not one of those standing in line hoping for an interview with you, or an autograph.”

On October 26, a drugged up and naked Sheen – just two months out of rehab for assault charges – trashed his room at the luxury hotel in a frantic bid to find his wallet, watch and cell phone after partying with a porn star, who he had paid $12,000 to be with.

In an interview this week, the Two and a Half Men star declared: “If a guy has one bad night everybody goes insane and panics… I’m not panicking.”

Allred, who has represented two woman linked to cases involving the 45-year-old actor, responded: “What you did in the hotel room seemed not to faze you any more than your past criminal conduct has.”

She continued: “I think about your young daughters. What kind of message are they receiving about violent criminal conduct that men like you are permitted to engage in with little or no consequence?

“What if men did to them what you have done to women?

“You may have a smirk on your face now, but I doubt that you would think that it was funny if your daughters were the victims of criminal acts.”

[From Radar Online]

One thing Allred mentions in her letter is that she represents one of the arresting officers that responded after Charlie’s Christmas day attack of his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller. I remember when this woman spoke to E!, and her story is compelling and reminded me of how serious Charlie’s abuse was.

I agree with Allred’s message that Charlie is an abuser who is acting blase and getting away with it. It’s hard to take her seriously when she holds press conferences with Tiger Woods’ kindergarten teacher and represents various stripper mistresses of Tiger Woods and Jesse James, many of whom try to extort money from their famous lovers.

Here’s Gloria with one of Tiger’s mistresses, pornstar Joslyn James, on 4/5/10. Charlie is shown on 10/28/10



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27 Responses to “Gloria Allred bitch slaps Charlie Sheen in open letter”

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  1. NayNay says:

    I cannot stand this bitch, but I have to say that in my opinion, she is absolutely correct in everything she wrote. This is the first time that I have agreed with her, and probably the last.

  2. Rita says:

    A true fame-whore bitch-slapping a digusting old man. God bless America!

  3. aenflex says:

    manhater of the highest degree. i’m ok with it. extremists make the middle ground even that much more appealing.

  4. whitedaisy says:

    With her relentless advocacy of victims of domestic abuse, she is growing on me.
    And Charlie Sheen is a smirking sanctimonious a**hole. Talk about needing a lock-down in re-hab. (Some time in the clink would do him some good, as well.)

  5. devilgirl says:

    +10 for Gloria, and it pains me to give her credit for anything.

  6. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I can’t imagine paying $12,000 for sex. I can’t. I am trying to wrap my mind around a man’s thought process about having sex and paying over a $100 bucks for the experience. I guess if you pay in the thousands for a pros she is definitively supposed to be free of diseases.

    I agree with Gloria.

  7. Samigirl says:

    BOTH of these people give me a headache.

  8. Diane says:

    She can get away with saying this. I’ll be interested to see if this bully has anything to say in return.

  9. Hautie says:

    If I thought for one moment… Allred was actually concerned for anything… than how much air time she can get on CNN… I might find her a woman with honest intentions.

    But this is a pitbull who does nothing for anyone… unless it will pay off for her.

    Between Allred and that equally offensive daughter of hers (Lisa Bloom)… who is Michael Lohan’s attorney! Please there is no bigger media wh*re in the game that Allred.

    I seriously doubt she has concern for anyone’s daughters. She is concerned about how she can hustle her way into what ever crime story is currently being covered on cable news. Period.

    And you know she has done tried to con her way in this Sheen story more than once. And both Brooke and Denise were not buying her hustle either. 🙂

  10. David says:

    God I hate her

  11. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @Rita… Thank you, Couldnt have said it better myself.

  12. Embee says:

    Thank you, Gloria.
    Why is it left to the least likable female public figure to call out this criminal? Why are not Katie Couric/Dianne Sawyer/hell Maria Menounos and that annoying chick on E who married the football player not screaming about this? Heck, why not Matt Lauer et al? Why, oh WHY is it left to someone so polarizing as Allred? This is deplorable.

  13. lola says:

    “relentless advocacy of victims of domestic abuse” whenever there is the promise of a camera and extortion of the alleged perp.

  14. Alexa says:

    All I know about Gloria Allred is that she advocates for abused women that – for some unfathomable reason – nobody feels compelled to help! I LOVE HER for doing that! (Why do people HATE her? Because she gets PAID to do her job?)

  15. Sandy says:

    Gloria Allred is a vile disgusting ambulance chasing fame whore. She is not interested in anything unless she can get her badly stretched mug on tv. Come on folks. I’m sure that Charlie Sheen is a pig. But who the hell asked Gloria? Is she representing anyone? How about some poor woman in the projects who can’t afford a lawyer?

  16. Sandy says:

    No. She is not an advocate for ANYONE that doesn’t AT LEAST get her on Dr. Phil. This woman is not a philanthropist dear. She is a bottom feeder.

  17. anoneemouse says:

    Thanks for stating the obvious Gloria. I’m sure he used your letter to wipe his ass.

  18. hairball says:

    WHY does this woman self-appoint herself to seek out clients (for money and fame) and write open letters for any (famous) man in America that does something against women?

    If she is so concerned about helping battered and abused women, perhaps she could donate her time to regular women who can’t afford a lawyer? Oh yes, that’s right, those women don’t come with a news crew.

  19. Obvious says:

    @Alexa, she isn’t helping them. Dragging them into the public and forcing them to perform. And releasing things systematically to get the most coverage isn’t helping. If she wanted to help, she could start a fund for free legal help to these women and handle their affairs privately.

    besides she is an EXTORIONIST

  20. sapphire says:

    @Rita-I am about to start a fan club. To the point and so true.

  21. original kate says:

    *yawn* you know in a month she’ll be representing one of his hookers.

  22. LolaBella says:

    The fact that she can simultaneously be an advocate against domestic abuse AND represent unrepentant, extorting, famewhoring gold-diggers boggles my mind.

    Good on her for using her forum to publicly say what a lot of us are thinking about Charlie, but it’s a shame that she unintentionally promoted his show by mentioning its name.

    It looks like Teflon Charlie will have to literally kill someone in a coke fueled rage ON VIDEO in order to be charged and receive any type of real punishment/time in prison. SMDH.

  23. Anna says:

    @Embee, Katie Couric/Dianne Sawyer/hell Maria Menounos Matt Lauer et al are afraid of hurting Charlie’s feelings; and those of the fans who believe that all of the women he;s been abusing are at fault for exploiting poor Charlie.

    The night the story broke half the outlets that covered it were pussyfooting around; reminding us of what a great talent he is, and that the woman in question had her own issues and therefore might not be credible. Denise has long been dismissed as crazy; while Brooke’s own substance abuse issues are used in his defense.

  24. Susette says:

    “I can’t imagine paying $12,000 for sex.”

    @ Love Angelina – Your comment reminded me of an “I’ve cleaned up my act” type of interview Charlie did a few years ago. He was asked about paying prostitutes for sex and his response was that it wasn’t the sex he was paying for – he was paying them to leave in the morning.

  25. Kim says:

    Who was a victim of a criminal act? He didnt abuse anyone that night? Im not condoning his behavior at all esp since there with his daughters and he OBVIOUSLY has major issues but I also have a problem with Gloria accusing someone of a crime they didnt commit. THAT IS A VERY SERIOUS STATEMENT TO MAKE AGAINST SOMEONE WITH ZERO PROOF! Her intentions here are good but she is a nut job!

  26. Kim says:

    LolaBella- you hit the nail on the head. Gloria doesnt care about the women she represents – she is in it for fame & money.

  27. no says:

    i hope that lorena bobitt comes over to his house to “service” him.