RHOA’s Kim Zolciak confirms her pregnancy


I’ll admit, I haven’t been watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta, even though it’s my favorite “real housewives” city. NeNe has changed! And not just her nose job, which makes her look completely different. I just miss the old NeNe. Anyway, Kim Zolciak is still on, and apparently all of the drama with Big Papa and that lesbian are totally over – because Life & Style is confirming that Kim is pregnant – by boyfriend Kroy Biermann. For real.

Life & Style can exclusively reveal that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak and boyfriend Kroy Biermann are expecting their first child together!

“I was surprised!” Kim, 32, tells Life & Style about the pregnancy. “While it wasn’t planned, God clearly has a bigger and better plan for us and we’re excited.”

At first, Kim denied reports that she was pregnant when a jealous ex leaked the news back in October.

“I was appalled and disgusted by that,” she says. “I wasn’t through my first trimester — you never know what could happen.”

But now Kim is three months pregnant and ready to share the wonderful news, telling Life & Style: “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

Kim, who has two daughters from a previous marriage, Brielle, 13, and Ariana, 9, has been dating Kroy since May – viewers saw her meet the 25-year-old Atlanta Falcons defensive end on the Nov. 14 episode of Housewives.

“He makes me a better person,” says Kim. “I love everything about him.”

The couple has yet to find out the sex of the baby, but boy or girl, Kim can’t wait to start a family with the football star.

“I definitely don’t want to get married while I’m pregnant,” she says. “But I can see myself marrying Kroy in the future.”

Watch Kim on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Sundays at 9 p.m. on Bravo and download her single, “Google Me,” on iTunes on Nov. 30. For more from Kim on her pregnancy, pick up this week’s issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now.

[From Life & Style]

What if it’s another little girl? Kim already has a daughter, who I believe is a tween/teen, who is already heading down the same completely insane path as Kim, although I will give Kim some credit – she’s not a completely horrible mother. Yes, she’s totally inappropriate and embarrassing as a mom, but she’s very involved with her daughter, and they do seem close. So maybe this isn’t such a horrible thing…? Ugh.

Also – who buys that this bitch is 32 years old? Right?!? She’s like 40 or something.

39338, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday April 8 2010. Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is in high spirits as she arrives at Katsuya for dinner. Photograph: Hellmuth Dominguez, PacificCoastNews.com

39338, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday April 8 2010. Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is in high spirits as she arrives at Katsuya for dinner. Photograph: Hellmuth Dominguez, PacificCoastNews.com


Photos courtesy of Life & Style.

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55 Responses to “RHOA’s Kim Zolciak confirms her pregnancy”

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  1. Natalie says:

    at first glance i thought that was heidi and spencer! that would be a disaster!

  2. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Kaiser, I think she has two daughters.
    She looks HUGE for 3 months.. she is definately further along than that.

    It she can keep the drama down then I say congrats!

  3. Jacq says:

    Kroy was in last night’s episode. She wanted to bounce a quarter off his ass; sounds like a match made in heaven.
    Her daughters seem ok. Yes, Kim is ridiculous, however, she is loving and present in their lives.

    I love how that is Kendra’s second confirmation of her second pregnancy and no one is picking it up…

  4. Nicole says:

    I saw her on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens last night, he kept asking her why she was drinking tea, (basically implying she was pregnant)because she’s a big drinker, but she denied it. And I wasn’t diggin her new “Google me” song either.

  5. PrettyTarheel says:

    I’m past 3 months, and people can only tell if I pull my clothes and show them my little bump. She’s either sticking it out for the camera, or further than 3 months along.
    Either way, no matter how irritating or fug she is, I hope she has a smooth pregnancy and that the boyfriend remains present in the child’s life.

  6. Happymom says:

    Wow-his parents must be thrilled.

  7. Rosalita says:

    That is a 5 month pregnant belly

  8. Isabel says:

    HA! Three months my ass. 32 my ass as well!

    Also, ick, she’s so awful. :(

  9. OtherChris says:

    Not 32. Not even close.

  10. mel says:

    wow, I wonder if she will stay on the show or leave for the sake of her relationship. he’s pretty young and I dont buy that she’s 32, maybe 38 or older.

  11. Jillian says:

    Anything to stay relevant.

  12. Lizzard says:

    um how in the holy hell is that woman only 32? I’m not buying. Also, if her daughter is 13, when did she get married?

    So Kendra really is pregnant then? i thougth she was just saying she’s open to baby no 2…

  13. alex says:

    Kim is no way freaking 32 years old. I am 35 and I look way younger than her

    I watch RHWOA. Kim is okay but can be annoying as hell. Good luck to her and oh man that Kroy do not know what he got himself into lol

  14. devilgirl says:

    Yeah, I love her denial last night on Watch What Happens, saying she was drinking tea for her “voice”. As if she has a voice to protect!

    I love how this delusional slug thinks she can actually sing. She is tone deaf, flat and just all around awful.

    I still love NeNe. She is the best on the show.

    Oh and Kroy is a rather unfortunate looking fellow.

    The Phaedra pregnancy has been a hoot! Last night she was outed a a liar for claiming the doctor was inducing her labour because the baby was ready at 7 1/2 months. LOL when the doctor told her ” You are is 40 weeks”

  15. bros says:

    hah devil girl, delusional slug is right. this muppetface cant sing to save her life.

    i love that the doctor outed phaedra right in front of her mom.

  16. Sassy says:

    Um, she’s 32? Hahahahahahahahhaahaha.

    Yeah, and I’m the Queen of England.

    But, congrats to her and hope she has a smooth pregnancy. (No way is that a 3 month preggo belly though. More like 5 or 6 months).

  17. lena80 says:

    I don’t know what people are surprised that some people age bad…Kim is a clear case of someone aging badly.

  18. Amanda says:

    MUCH further than 3 mos along.

    Also, you should watch this season of RHOA! It is REALLY good. The 2 new cast members are perfect choices and NeNe is more back like her old self (except, of course, the nose). Last season, I felt like I was over NeNe, too. But, she’s her funny self again, despite marital problems. You can see the diva attitude sometimes, and she’s trying to dress more stylish, which doesn’t really work for her. But, this is a GOOD season.

  19. Bodhi says:

    32?! On what planet?!

    I am 17 weeks & I only have a little pooch under my belly button. I am almost starting to look pregnant instead of just pudgy. She is pregnant alright, but if that is what her belly looks like now, then she is farther along than 3 months!! I wonder how her deconstructed, reconstructed boobs will fare…

    Anyway, ITA with Pretty Tarheel & CONGRATS PT!! :D

  20. mojoman says:

    Is that Grand Canyon between her chest? She doesnt even look human. Light a match in front of her face bet it will melt.

  21. Tatermcgee says:

    Her boyfriend looks like Cynthia Nixon’s girlfriend.

  22. kelBear says:

    Totally think she us pushing her stomach out. And I feel sorry for that guy.

  23. Klate says:

    I love how the dude has to fight to get included in the picture. Like, “hey, I’m here, too!” If she’s 32, I’m 29. And she is AT LEAST 5 months.

  24. ellie says:

    There is no way she is only 32 years old!!!! And, I agree she looks way further along than just 3 months.

  25. bellaluna says:

    If she’s 32, I’m 17!

  26. SoulLovah says:

    I looked up all the cast members when the first season came out and according to internet sources she really IS 32 or close to that age, she had her first daughter when she was still in high school, apparently with the town sheriff or something? And Sheree’s daughter that just now popped up on the show was born when Sheree was still in high school too (though I heard Sheree denied her until this year when she got her life together…I saw pictures of her daughter before the season and she did NOT look as glam or pretty as she does on the show and Sheree never even MENTIONED her).

    Anyway, Kim chain smokes and has plastic surgery on every inch of her body and tanning never helps either so who knows?

  27. Roxanne75 says:

    bimbos should not be allowed to reproduce.

  28. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I just wrote this on the article about Kate Gosselin, but seriously, I can’t believe this woman is 32! I’m 31 and she makes me look like a teenager!

    And while she’s probably not 3mos, she may be as early as 4mos. The more pregnancies you have the faster your body tends to say, “Oh yeah, I remember now–phlllt” and all your muscles just give up. I went from a completely flat tummy to maternity clothes literally overnite with this pregnancy (my 2nd) in my 4th month.

  29. Chrissy says:

    hmmm … I don’t think she looks like she is more than three months. I showed much earlier with my second pregnancy than with my first. And her boobs are still much larger than her tummy … she is just sticking her tummy out, IMO.

    Kendra’s prego again too!! This is news to me.

    Good luck to both of them …

  30. original kate says:

    “Also – who buys that this bitch is 32 years old?”

    or an actual woman?

  31. Az says:

    I KNEW IT!!! She was on Watch What Hppens Live last night and denied being pregnant but that was a total preggo rack she was sporting. Ugh she is so gross.

  32. la_chica says:


    the world does not need more spawn from this one.

    I think the commenters are so in shock, no one even noticed the supremely fug outfit she is wearing.


  33. Ron says:

    Dude, this show should be title, “The Real Alimony Payments of Atlanta” You are so on the hook Ginger.

  34. lo says:

    Hard to believe, but she IS 32 years old. TWoP detectives found public records from Connecticut (where she’s from) that state that she’s the age she says she is. Listen up ladies, smoking and tanning will AGE YOU.

  35. Stubbylove says:

    Holy Crap! I thought Kim was a guy!

  36. Jen says:

    She’s 32?! Buuuuuuull. SHIT.

    If she’s a day under 39, I’d be gobsmacked.

  37. JustBored says:

    lmao@dEVILGIRL…. That Phaedra is crazy. How in the hell did she even think that lie about being 7 months pregnant was believable. She must take everybody for a fool. And a lawyer at that, she must not be very smart. She married a convict and then say he is “Clean” and acting as if she is so decent. That bitch got pregnant before she got married and was trying to hide it.

    She does not even seem to want a baby. She knows nothing about babies and she does not seem excited at all.

    Oh yeah, that fake doctor got outted too. Was wondering when that would get out. He is faker than fake. Got his Doctorate Online. I almost died when he said that. And the way he was sweating. Why these people go on TV shows knowing they are lying and make a complete ass out of themselves is beyond me.

  38. krissy_kitty says:

    There is NO WAY this “lady” is the same age as me… I call B.S.

  39. BReed says:

    HOw do you spell T-A-C-K-Y??????????

  40. Kitten says:

    Ha ha ha…32? No. I am almost 32. This woman is at least 40. AT LEAST.

  41. Cinderella says:

    I knew it! She looked like she wanted to hurl last night on Andy Cohen’s show. It’s always easy to spot morning sickness.

    If I were Kroy, I’d want a paternity test just to be sure. The way she goes back and forth with Big Poppa, ya never know…

  42. NYer says:

    She friggin looks like Scott Stapp.

  43. theoriginalsisterkitty says:

    O-M-G! Congratulations!!

  44. gaugustaus says:

    32?! Yeah sure. Just like Chelsea Handler is 35.

  45. Patrice says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! 32? Riiiigggggght Kim. Also, as a fellow woman, I personally take offense to it when otherwise seemingly (well, in this case, somewhat) intellegent women claim all dumb about how they got pregnant by the men they’ve just started dating by using the whole “it was a surprise” line. Ugh. Babies are not like the flu and they don’t just “happen”.

    Just for once I’d like these chicks to come right out and admit “uhhh well, we weren’t being particularly careful…” or at least lie and say that it was intentionally planned. Just don’t give us the whole “we have no idea” how this happened schpeal. Kourtney Kardashian did that and I have so much respect for her for it. But whatever. Good for Kim I’m sure the baby will be really cute.

  46. Isa says:

    I’ll bite. She could be telling the truth about just being three months along. Every woman shows differently. After you have a kid or two your stomach muscles are weakened. She doesn’t look in great shape to begin with.

    No comment on her age. Haha.

    But I thought she went through with AI and then her girlfriend dumped her?

  47. bellaluna says:

    Sorry, but I’ve had 3 kids, and I didn’t show with ANY of them until I was at least 5 months along. Each woman is an individual, and each carries pregnancy differently. No big.

    But I still say she’s not 32. I don’t care what kind of “proof” is offered up…

  48. Trillion says:

    Congrats Bodhi!!!! I’m excited for you!

  49. CB Rawks says:

    Kroy?? Now that’s a bad Scrabble hand.

  50. CB Rawks says:

    Someone clever said: *If you’re going to lie about your age, say you’re seventy, so people will respond “Oh my God, you look fantastic!”*
    It makes absolutely no sense to say you’re younger than you are. Why do people try it?

  51. wunderkindt says:

    Last night when Andy Cohen asked her about it, Kim LIED about being pregnant. . . BUT WHY?

    She is so far along (looks like 5-6 mos)and she did the mag, so what was the point about lying?

    This is one stupid bitch! I dislike how she talks to Andy Cohen. She’s been rude to Andy on several occasions, including during the last reunion show.

  52. wunderkindt says:

    Never though that Kim was the age she reports.
    32? Looks more like a rough 41.

    Likewise, I dont believe for a second that RHOBHs Camille is just 42. Camille looks more like around 50-55.

    Her body is very good, but her face is really old looking. . . Her eyes are sunk in, she has ‘chicken skin’ and there’s all kinds of lines carved into her so-called ’42 yr old’ face.

    She botoxed her forehead but still-(wtf?)-had lines bunching up all over like it was harvest time for the line crop.

    So how did that happen already to a 42 yr old? Hey, my Mom is 54 and looks way younger than Camille! (How can that be???)

    Maybe Camille is using the same ‘magical formula’ as Lindsay Lohan? Something is aging thier faces too fast for the plastic surgeon to even keep up with.

  53. Bodhi says:

    Thanks Trillion!! :D

    @CB Rawks ~ Janeane Garofalo said something similar in her latest stand-up special :)

  54. CB says:

    Kim Z, Rachel Zoe and Chelsea Handler are all living under the same delusion that if they keep re-writing the birthdate on their wikipedia they think they’re fooling somebody. Bitch, please.

    I believe she’s 3 months. Why lie? Mama’s just gotta EAT!

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