Gwyneth Paltrow says she’s a lush; credits RDJ with helping her understand addiction

Gwyneth Paltrow was a guest on the Chelsea Lately show last night, and E! thoughtfully put the entire segment online for the multitudes of people who either don’t watch Chelsea or actively try and ignore her. I usually do the same with Gwyneth, but since it’s my job to pay attention to celebrities and I couldn’t pass this one off on Kaiser, I’m stuck covering this. It’s not like I can’t stand Gwyneth, it’s easy for me to write about people I can’t stand. It’s that I don’t know how to feel about her. On one hand she’s said all these insufferably snotty things that come off like she thinks she’s superior. On the other hand she seems nice in interviews, like she’s really trying to relate to people and come across as “normal.” Maybe she’s just a good actress. Here’s part of what Gwyneth told Chelsea:

On not working out while she was filming Country Strong
At first I was panicked, so I would kind of work out a little bit and then sort of lie… I was like, ‘I’ve gotta stop, I’ve gotta stop… I do this great exercise method, so my body didn’t completely fall apart until just when we were finished filming the movie… and now I’m left with like, you know, problems. [gestures to midsection]

On how she loves to drink
[I drink] a lot. I like red wine, but I’ll drink white, rose. Guinness is my favorite beer, I like a dirty martini, vodka martini. I’m just a lush, basically. I’ll do whatever.

On asking Robert Downey Jr for help understanding addiction for her role in Country Strong
It was actually really challenging. I didn’t understand how you could do something so crazy one night and kind of wreck lives in your wake and wake up and kind of expect to be back to normal. I actually e-mailed Robert Downey Jr., he’s been sober for a long time. But I was like ‘explain to me addiction,’ and he wrote me the most amazing e-mail and it really helped me understand it.

[From The Chelsea Lately show, aired 11-22-10]

Gwyneth also told a cute story about how her six year-old daughter, Apple, switches between a British and a US accent depending on who she’s talking to. How do I explain my feelings toward Gwyneth? She’s the new girl in the eighth grade who was nice to my face but then turned around and tried to poach all of my friends. She seems very nice, but there’s something so calculated and icy about Gwyneth. It’s not like she knows any other way to act, which is why it seems natural.

Gwyneth is shown below on 10/18/10. Credit:





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  1. Granger says:

    That woman can’t do one interview without talking about her weight, body image, or workout regime. She is utterly obsessed. And it isn’t an attractive quality.

  2. brin says:

    Yeah, I don’t care much for Lady Goop but Robert Downey the real deal.

  3. mln says:

    Gwyneth is a catty woman but she has talent and she is pretty if not as stunning as she once was. She is much smarter and wittier than that tacky Chelsea who is over matched I mean the best Handler can come up with is a nasty joke about RDJ and a comment about rappers hating country singers LAME.

  4. susanne says:

    I don’t trust her.

    She’s super insecure, but she knows how to act.

    Par for the course hollywood-wise, really.

  5. danielle says:

    Reasons this women drives me nuts – Well, she’s very inconsistent. One year she hates drunk women, next year she’s a lush. And why would you demand that your addict friend explain addiction to you? Use your freaking computer and google it! Or buy a book! And she’s completely obsessed with her body. And I hate Goop because she pretends to be enlightened but is very materialistic. Thanks, I feel better now!

  6. anti says:

    if her stomach is a problem, mine is a national disaster.

  7. Green Is Good says:

    Goopy, never speak unless there’s a script in front of your face.

  8. original kate says:

    i’ve never read an interview with goopy where she didn’t drop some famous person’s name. and yeah, the part where she says she “panicked” because she couldn’t work out is so typical, because that is her main topic of conversation. i’ll bet when filming was over she worked out six hours a day and went on a massive cleanse that her colon is still recovering from.

  9. Anti-icon says:

    She’s pulling every trick in the book to market this Country Music movie. Glee (being snotty unnecessarily to Lindsey Lohan); the whole CMA awards — accept me I’m so humble routine. And now Chelsea, where she “admits” to being a bad girl. Oh, and my favorite, USE RDJ’s NAME to generate good will.


  10. dj says:

    I think you may have hit on my gut instinct re: Goopy “being the new girl in 8th grade who is nice to your face but then poaches all your friends.” Thus, my animosity! Thank you. At the bottom of that frozen lake in the North Pole (i.e., G.P.) is a hopeless emotional manipulator (also, not a terrible actress due to that).

  11. jessica says:

    Has anyone ever noticed that her daughter is “Apple Martin” (Apple Martini).. lol

  12. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Goopy Two Face!

  13. Roxanne75 says:

    I like her, what’s not to like? She nice, pretty and I haven’t ever seen her be bitchy or snobby. Why is it if you want to be more of a higher class (or seem like it) you are deemed the B word? I guess no one can win, if your Goopy or McPantless —where’s the in-between? What makes Angelina so great? She seems snobby to me but others would fight tooth and nail to prove me otherwise. Interesting how it all works. fun fun

  14. hellen says:

    Tagging onto RDJ as a “friend”, reinforcing his image as an “addict”, plus the ever-popular topics of her appearance/fitness regime = typical disgusting Goopy behavior. Ugh.

  15. gabs says:

    Chelsea is so lame now. Usually her interviews are funnier and she makes digs at her guests but when she gets a big A list guest like Jennifer Aniston or now Gwyneth and Anne Hathaway shes boring, like shes scared to offend them. Not so tough now Chelsea

    Anyway, I agree about not knowing how to feel about her. I flip flop all the time. For today i’ll say I like her.

  16. Amanda says:

    Apparently Gwyneth is going back to the super long, stringy hair again.

  17. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Wow I’d be so pissed if I was RDJ she basically said in that interview “I don’t understand how can you be so stupid be an addict so I asked my good friend why he’d been such a moron for years and he answered” … nice Goop .. very nice …

    Honestly, the main reason I dislike her is because she insults America but still makes her movies here and makes money off american people. That’s what annoys me about her.

  18. Rachel says:

    I thought she was charming. I think Gwyneth is actually very friendly and endearing in interviews, it’s in print that people seem to find her insufferable. I tend to think that’s what others (everyone who has posted on here) project onto her.

  19. mln says:

    @Roxanne75 I like Gwyneth but she makes digs at everyone. For instance instead of ignoring Wynona Ryder after she had all of those legal problems. She stated (without naming names) that an ex-friend of hers got what she deserved. When asked about Pitt & Aniston’s divorce she said it was their fault for being too public.
    Don’t believe us commentors here is what GP told British Vogue

    Oh yes, I can be mean,” she told Vogue magazine. “I can cave in to gossip. I can ice people out and I can definitely harbor revenge. In fact, I’m having a situation right now with a friend where I’m feeling angry. But revenge is corrosive. I’ll wake up in the morning and think, ‘Ugh, I feel terrible’, and suddenly realize, ‘Ah, that’s why. I’m holding on to so much hate’.”

  20. Riley says:

    I agree that Chelsea Handler is terrible at handling interviews. Her questions are really boring and are asked in such a way so that they will set up one of Chelsea’s lame jokes… ba da da! That said, this was the first interview of Gwyneth’s that I have listened to in a long while— actually I can’t ever remember listening to one of her interviews— and I have to say, I thought she did come across as a very tolerable person. At least I have to give her credit for having enough insight to know that if she were to start speaking in some fake British accent herself, she would really look like a boob. That is much more insight than Madonna had about herself when she was living her British life. To her credit also, Gwyneth didn’t bring up her body. It was posed to her in a question right off by Chelsea Handler which was asked in such a way so that Gwyneth would have to say, “Oh stop Chelsea you have a fantastic figure yourself” (Chelsea likes to do this). She was really honest about the macrobiotic stuff and I liked how she said, “I just couldn’t deal anymore.” She gave a believable answer about why she and her husband avoid the red carpet when they are together. But I did roll my eyes when she started talking about The Goop. She didn’t need to reveal that she loses a bunch of money writing it and her answer did kind of sound like, “Yeah, I write it because I know the commoners will never have access to the wealth of people and information that I have so I do my best to give the a taste of my world.” It was little much.

  21. dj says:

    One person projects onto another. There is no such thing as mass projection. However, there is a connecting thread to this animosity. One needs to logically look at the connecting thread.

  22. Polina says:

    I didn’t use to have a problem with Gwnyneth. She came across to me as an entitled icy princess with reasonably good looks and decent acting talent, but I could take her or leave her. But then she won that Oscar in 1999 when Cate B. acted her off the screen in “Elizabeth”, and as I saw her holding the Oscar that she won thanks to the Miramax publicity machine, in that ill-fitting pink dress, blabbering that ridiculous speech of hers, that’s when my “Oh God, what an insufferable little biatch” phase began. It hasn’t ended yet.

  23. Roxanne75 says:

    Thanks @mln.

    Kinda sounds like she’s….human? So many like to talk bad about others ie…these websites. Better than acting like you are the superest nicest person ever in the whole world and keep your mouth shut and smile for the camera(insert examples here)?? Either way it’s bad…it’s human I guess it is what it is?? The only difference between the rest of the biatches and her is $$$.

  24. Meanchick says:

    Oh no, poor Gwynny. Admitting to being an addict? Is she doing PR for her next film or what? What-the-hell-ever!

  25. poi says:

    i despise her so much

  26. julbug says:

    I’d so much rather hearing about RDJ’s take on addiction than anything she has to say.

  27. hstl1 says:

    I like Gwyneth. I would much rather hang out with her than a lot of people in Hollywood.

  28. Elton John says:

    I guess it’s just natural for a woman to be conscious about her figure since she’s in show business and needs to be stunning every time they appear in public. Good that she can still keep her figure.

  29. d says:

    meh, she’s all right, not really worth the energy to get too worked up about. I actually liked her in the films I’ve seen her in, so … shrug. i too am more interested in wht RDJ had to say about a addiction because fighting addiction IZ HARD. Not that I have what he has, but …

  30. Kim says:

    She seemed drunk on Glee but maybe that was just her acting?

  31. normades says:

    Goops and I have EXACTLY the same alcohol preferences. I guess that means I’m a classy broad.

  32. Carol says:

    I don’t get the hate. She sounded fine to me. I didn’t take her comments about RDJ as being she “demanded” he tell her about addiction or that she was judging him or throwing him under the bus by “reinforcing” his image. He has been sober for a long time now, and he is extremely open about his addiction. I think it’s great that she asked and he was able to help her. If you want to know his insights into addiction, then read any of his interviews from the last 5 years or so.

  33. Lori says:

    I think she does all those cleanses because she feels very dirty inside.

  34. Emily says:

    For someone who’s so obsessed with her body, it’s not all that great.

  35. Dana M says:

    So I just saw a media interview she did on you tube. She did not proactively bring up her weight or body. The journalists asked questions about it. She came across as pretty genuine. And wow, she is a good country singer.

    I think she seems like a nice person and a good mother. Comparing her to other celebrities ie lindsey lohan, Paris Hilton, Courtney love, Kate Hudson (who I like but..), she seems like a decent woman for a celeb. She doesn’t appear to whore around, doesnt party all night long and ignore her kids, she doesn’t appear to have drug/ binge drinking episodes, she wears panties when she’s out in public, etc. It’s too bad she gets a bad rap because she’s from a well to do family and is well educated which comes across as snobby to us regular people I suppose.. And not to mention she is pretty well accomplished in her career (academy award winner) and a good mother. So all in all, she’s not really THAT bad.

  36. lucy2 says:

    The name dropping gets on my nerves, as do many things with Goop. She could NEVER just say she talked to former addicts, it of course has to be RDJ.
    I just don’t see her as likable, and I think you hit it right on head with your 8th grade analogy, Kaiser.

    But at least she didn’t go on and on about cleanses and detoxifying diets.

  37. jemshoes says:

    Thanks Celebitchy – that was great pop-psych analysis of Goopy! Reading Goop has made me wary of her; even her writing sometimes sounds patently insincere and, well, hollow.

  38. kelly says:

    Hard to decide what I hate more; her fake, down home efforts to appear human, or when she just drops the shit altogether and lectures mortals on their shortcomings from her heavily-branded ivory tower, sorry, enormous mansion, sorry, two mansions glued together or whatever.
    Either way, yuck, and bitch, please.

    She sits there and says basically that she’d never really thought much about addiction or tried to empathize with the addicted. Wow, it must be great to live in a perfect circle of shiny homogenous blondness where everyone sips wheatgrass smoothies and wishes the ‘others’ would make more of an effort toward well, shiny homogenous blondness, obviously.
    That might sound like bitterness but it’s actually rage 🙂

  39. Chris says:

    I’m going to stay out of all this talk about GP and what she may or may not be like; I just want that dress. Its hard to see under the coat, but I love the parts of it I see…

  40. Henriette says:


  41. Chris says:

    I’m indifferent about her. Is that wrong of me? 🙁

  42. lisa says:


    They are all represented by the same PR guy. Do you really think Handler is going to go negative or take a shot. If they didn’t have the same PR guy it would have been a different interview. Handler is biased. She never makes “fun” of certain celebs. even though she use to.. Aniston is one and so is Gwyneth. NOW they are all buddies..

    But hey I guess it is true. It is all in who you know. IF Handler is doing a show but certain celebs and gossip about them is off limits.. which is the case..Well why in the world watch. Gwyneth needs this film to be a hit. She has not had one based on her name as lead. So she is working hard to reach a certain audience. When this film wraps we will see the old Gwyneth back. Not this Country loving, fried chicken eating, wanting to live on a farm Paltrow.

    She is snobby. and it is an unattractive trait. OH.. and where is her husband?

  43. Yasmine says:

    @danielle: TOTALLY AGREE!

  44. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Wow…the projecting people do to justify their dislike of people they’ve never met never ceases to amaze me. How people can contort some of the things this woman says into things completely different actually kind of amuses me. For example: where did she say that she “demanded” RDJ (a friend and co-worker btw and also very open about his addictions so an obvious choice to ask, imo) tell her about addiction?? And, if you actually read or listen to the interviews, she talks about weight/exercise for frequently because she’s ASKED. Should she start saying, “I’m not gonna answer that question because it’s about my weight and some people think it’s lame to talk about”? People are so silly…

  45. crazydaisy says:

    Well, it’s not easy having the name “Gwyneth” to begin with. It’s not a nice name. So probably she’s always had a chip. That’s why she had to give her children even WORSE names. Moses Martin?

  46. Trippin says:

    Yawn, boring, neutral, macrobiotic bs, Madonna’s girlfriend, pasty, snobby…..