Kim Kardashian & Gabriel Aubry ‘have been dating a few weeks’

Brace yourselves. Despite Kim’s mom Kris sort-of denying that her daughter and fine as hell Canadian model Gabriel Aubry were more than friends, US Weekly is reporting that the pair “are the real deal” and have been “dating a few weeks.” Kim and Gabe of course first stepped out as a couple at a Laker’s game this Sunday. Please let this be a planted story meant to raise their respective profiles before the holiday.

Kim Kardashian’s found a new guy to keep up with: Halle Berry’s model ex Gabriel Aubry. A pal tells that the duo, who were spotted flirting at Sunday’s L.A. Lakers game, are the real deal.

“They met through friends and have been dating a few weeks,” says the source. “It’s sexy!” Adds the insider, “They decided to step out together at the game.”

The hot Gucci model, 34, is not the first guy the reality star, 30, has been linked to since splitting with Reggie Bush in March. After a summertime romance with football hunk Miles Austin, Kardashian has been dating casually — including a few recent nights out in NYC with singer John Mayer.

Aubry, meanwhile, has been laying low since he and Berry, 43, ended their four-year relationship in late April, although he and the Oscar winner spent some time in Paris with daughter Nahla, 2, in August. Berry has since gotten cozy with her Dark Tides costar Olivier Martinez.

[From US Weekly]

Bill Zwecker at the Chicago Sun Times semi-confirms this news. He writes that the two “have quietly been dating for several weeks after meeting at parties — and running into each other purely by accident in a number of clubs, restaurants and stores.” Kim allegedly thinks it’s “karma” according to a source, and as for what she could have done to deserve such a fine man I have no idea. It’s not like she’s known for her charity work.

I think that commenter NayNay summed up Gabriel’s situation best by writing “That is like going from caviar to fish sticks.” Many of us wondered how Halle Berry could let go of her breathtaking baby daddy, but now that he’s linked with this plastic surgery victim it makes perfect sense that Halle has so spectacularly moved on. The guy may be hotter than fire, but there’s obviously something missing upstairs. Whether his relationship with Kim is a showmance or not, it still reveals an extreme lack of common sense.

Oh and thanks to Oxa for sending me this link to Awful Plastic Surgery’s story on whether Kim Kardashian got lip implants. It’s obvious she’s had a hell of a lot more done to her face too. She used to be so pretty without all that plastic and spackle.

Here’s Kim at the ribbon cutting event for new Charmin sponsored bathrooms in Times Square yesterday. This reminds me of something a teacher once told me about not being intimated by anyone. “They all use toilet paper to wipe.”

Kim photos credit: Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures. Gabriel is shown on 10/27/10. Photo credit:




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45 Responses to “Kim Kardashian & Gabriel Aubry ‘have been dating a few weeks’”

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  1. Westcoaster says:

    Toilet tissue and a Kardashian in the same story. There must be a joke about that, it probably can not be repeated on this blog!!

  2. The_Porscha says:

    CAN WE PLEASE MAKE A BIGGER THING OF THE FACT THAT KIM SHOWED UP TO THE OPENING OF A TOILET? I mean, what else can we say about her now that she’s insinuated it all by herself? I can’t believe what a spectacular fail that was on her momager’s part. A toilet opening? Really?

    …Which means Gabriel Aubry has lost almost all hotness in my eyes.

  3. anti says:

    i love that 1st photo with their matching stance and limp arms!

  4. maya says:

    Kim’s current makeup artist Joyce (the blonde chick that wears red lipstick)is awful. Joyce piles on way too much lipgloss and lip liner. Joyce has a technic that allow her to create her own lipgloss. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe’s lips are over glossed and lined.

  5. bite me says:

    please gabe was just a pretty sperm donor for miss nutcase berry…whatever floats their boat

  6. maya says:

    Q: Why are some people so concerned about who dates Kim Kardashian?

    Again, for those that complain about the Kardashian’s and why they are famous, why do you continue to report on them? Kim has been featured on this blog everyday this week. Kim and her family keeps winning because the media keeps reporting on them.

    It’s funny that E! Network is NOT running wild about this alleged hookup. Matter of fact, E! News ran the story at the very end of E! News on Monday evening. However, yesterday E! News ran the denial of Kris Jenner about this hookup within the 1st 20 minutes of the show.

  7. PrettyTarheel says:

    I love her dress. No cleavage, no thighs…she looks really fantastic. Everything above the neck is a big FAIL.

  8. brin says:

    Next up: Kim K. at the opening of an envelope.

  9. bellaluna says:

    Elevating both of them to new heights of fame-whore-ism.

  10. Newbie says:

    so very classy. ugh.

  11. Newbie says:

    @The_Porscha: AMEN. There’s something about the woman a man is with that makes them either extremely hot or an extreme hot mess. While Aubry is very physically attractive (thats putting it lightly), something about all of this makes me think he’s got all sorts of personal issues. And that ain’t hot.

  12. aenflex says:

    So who actually believed Kris Jenner?

  13. Marjalane says:

    The last big modeling gig that we saw of Gabe was him in the big white awesome looking bed. Can you imagine how nasty it would look if Kim smeared her greasy face and body all over it?! I mean, this is sad; If it’s not true, he needs to get his publicist out to squelch this fast! She’s disgusting.

  14. ziggy says:

    interesting…because he’s dating kim ‘something is missing upstairs…’ must’ve been missing when he was dating halle berry as well. what’s that say about her judgment? c’mon. two good-looking people dating. so what?

  15. Candice says:

    Kim’s mouth is just awful.

  16. Moreaces says:

    She does not even look real, she’s so plastic, how could anyone want to be with such fakeness

  17. mln says:

    @maya in general I don’t even open the Kardashian posts but she just destroyed a hot man. I could give two hoots about that famewhore or her sisters but why oh why did she have to take away my Gabriel??? And even if it’s just a P.R. Stunt the association has ruined him FOR-EVER I am in grief.

  18. LT says:

    “They met through friends and have been dating a few weeks,” says the source. “It’s sexy!”

    IT’S SEXY?! Who says that?!!! Omg I’m cracking up.

  19. NancyMan says:

    I guess the next nail in his coffin (and mine!) will be a story about Gabriel Aubry getting just a little botox with a minor cheek augmentation and a lip lift.

    KK- Leave that boy alone!!

  20. happygirl says:

    @ brin: Next up: Kim K. at the opening of an envelope. ~ LMAO!

  21. Marjalane says:

    I just saw a twitter from someone CDAN linked to that had a bit about a “babydaddy” that was planning to go on very public dates with “exotic” looking women in order to annoy his A list ex. Sounds like a match to me. The twitter was from someone called Gossip Queen.

  22. gabs says:

    Major downgrade. So sad.

  23. W.O.M. says:

    My opinion of him is now in free fall.

  24. Marie says:

    I swear in that top pic she is a dark haired Heidi Montag, when Heidi first revealed herself after her multiple plastic surgeries, Or OctoMom whichever…..Gross either way

  25. Katcampy says:

    I’m a fan of hers and of Gabriel’s and definitely of Halle Berry’s as well! Look let’s get real here, is everyone having amnesia about Halle’s plastic surgery which she too has denied? It’s Hollywood, Gabe knows exactly what he’s doing, he’s a big boy (a successful model, no less), especially linked to such a mega star before. I think they make a hot couple. He obviously likes curvy exotic women who have their own money and fame. Im not a Kim hater, although totally agree that seeing her a little more natural sometimes would be really refreshing.

  26. guesty says:

    wonder how she would look if she would stop with all the fillers? probably more like herself.

    & even tho kim is kim…she & gabriel do look good together. (don’t hate! lol.)

    as for the charmin thing…she & momager kris obviously have zero discernment.

  27. OXA says:

    Come home now Gabby, all will be forgiven.

  28. ~M says:

    I’ve just throw up in my mouth a little…

  29. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I really don’t mean to sound bad but…isn’t he too white for her? From everything I’ve seen she prefers darker men…

  30. Mia135 says:

    She actually pays someone to do her makeup? Looking like that, I thought she did her own face.

    I agree, opening a toilet is hilariously tacky even for her, but I guess she’s laughing all the way to the bank….

  31. elaine says:

    Toilet tissue.

    That’s such a perfect metaphor for her, with so many dimensions.

  32. daisy says:

    i cant believe I’m the only one to say this…what is she holding in the last pic???Is that a dildo or do I need more coffee?

  33. Celebitchy says:

    @daisy – it’s a lucite key! But DListed did a caption contest today with that and the answers are hilarious.

  34. Kiska says:

    I’m playing deaf and dumb to this story. Me don’t wanna hear it!!!
    My darling Gabriel cannot be porking that ho.

    I will not believe. Never…….

  35. TRT says:

    Oh my gosh Gabriel , not that trash! Why would you go so low?

  36. Str8Shooter says:

    I wonder if those Charmin bears know that the brown mess standing between them is the reason for their existence?

  37. Kim says:

    They may be dating but Bill Zwicker commonly gets info from tabloids. As for Us Weekly they are right 50% of time, they claimed Halle wasn’t dating Oliver when other tabs said they were. Also they were wrong about Beyonce being pregnant.If she is dating him they make a cute couple and he knows how to deal with the paps. I think she said Miles couldn’t deal with the scrutiny from the tabs and paps.

  38. PrettyLights says:

    Every time I see a picture of her I just think of a plastic blow up doll… why does she pile on the makeup like that, she was a naturally beautiful girl just a few years ago

  39. LindyLou says:

    Ugh, this is just wrong on so many levels. I hope Gabe has stocked up on penicillin!!

  40. van says:

    Why so much uproar over this hookup. Halle’s womanizing douche Olivier is only one notch above Kim’s D-List. At least Gabe and Kim are a better looking couple than Halle and Olivier.

  41. Kim says:

    He is just trying to get back at Halle via being seen with Kim. Halle is an Oscar winning actress and Kim isnt even a porn star – she just made a sex tape/she is classless trash. He knows being with someone this skanky will piss off Halle.

  42. Matt says:

    It looks like Kim is holding a giant dildo in the third pic.

  43. Camille says:

    Nope, I still find these 2 hooking up hilarious. I hope they get married! LMAO :D

  44. coucou says:

    I think Gabe will have a good effect on her…he could get her to tone down a bit…i think they are both beautiful people…she does not need all of that makeup, her make-up artist – hell, make-up mechanic with all that grease – should be SHOT. It’s like she’s trying to make KK ugly, like she’s wearing a mask that she could just peel off before going to bed.

    Gabe is gorge.

  45. CB says:

    we know what she is, but what do we really know about him? have we given him too much credit?

    All we really know now about this relationship is his ass is much smaller than hers. maybe his waist too but it’s hard to tell the way she has hers jammed in that tutu.