Rihanna says her future daughter would be “a bundle of karma”


Rihanna is the cover girl for the December/January issue of Interview Magazine. I don’t really care for the photoshoot – it seems very Madonna-esque to me. Put a chick in bright clothes, photograph her in an elegant, too-bright hotel room, blah. But I rarely think Rihanna’s photo shoots are all that, so whatever. She’s not an interesting “model” to me. The interview – done by Kanye West – is a little bit better, though. Here are some of the highlights:

Is Rihanna ready for a mini-me? In the December issue of Interview, the 22-year-old “What’s My Name” singer hints that motherhood may soon be on the horizon.

“I don’t really plan on the age. It could be a year from now. It could be 10 years from now. Whenever is right,” Rihanna tells the mag. “I mean, I have a lot of other stuff to accomplish before I get to kids. Whenever the time is right, I’ll just know.”

This much is certain: the pop star, who began dating L.A. Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp in January, wants an all-male household.

“If I had a girl, she’d probably be really rebellious,” the singer laughs. “She would be like a bundle of karma.”

As for where she would raise her brood, Rihanna says she “would love to bring them up in Barbados,” though her job may prevent that from becoming a reality.

“I can’t live that far away from everything now, without kids,” she explains. “So I certainly couldn’t raise kids and [have a career] with the demanding schedule that I have.”

The admiration Kanye has for his little sister is clear in the questions he asks. “How does it feel to know you could have any man in the world? Or woman. How does it feel to know that you can turn straight women gay?” Ye asked. “No one woman should have all that power.”

[From Neon Limelight & Us Weekly]

“Rebellious” is certainly her word of the year, isn’t it? That’s why she got that dumb “rebelle fleur” tattoo on her neck – even though French speakers got pissy because it should really be “fleur rebelle” if you want to say Rebel Flower. Also, not to be a hater, but exactly what is Rihanna doing that’s so rebellious?



Interview Magazine photos courtesy of The Fashion Spot.

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  1. The_Porscha says:

    No sarcasm, but I laughed out loud when Kanye found a way to work his lyrics in. Of course he did.

    Rihanna to me is like cardboard or white paper. Take it or leave it.

  2. bellaluna says:

    That right there is a very good reason not to pro-create. Not being judgemental, just speaking in the voice of experience.

  3. k says:

    I bet she is already pregnant

  4. Newbie says:

    Uh…why did they refer to her as Kanye’s little sister? Have I been living under a rock or something? I didn’t even know they were friends, much less close.

  5. gabs says:

    I dont understand why she thinks shes this original or rebellious person. She seems like cookie cutter pop star to me. I like her songs to dance to or sing in the car but shes not like major talented. wtf is with all the flowers? I think shes beautiful though. Id like these photos so much more w/o all those cheesy flowers

  6. scotchy says:

    i think the most rebellious thing she has done is turned herself into ronald mcdonald.

  7. K-MAC says:

    I like her. I think she was fantastic and then Chris Brown beat her up and she has never quite been the same. It is pretty sad.

  8. Nina says:

    The spread might be meh but that cover is fantastic! I just love the use of color and how each hue flows into the next. Very striking!

  9. Missy says:

    I think she’s one of the most over-rated, over-exposed cookie cutter ‘pop’ singers today, 2nd would be her bff Katy Perry.
    Neither have any memorable talent.

  10. frida says:

    She as a mascot & dolly of opportunistic showbuisness should back to school to learn a meaning of words again. Yes, for sure she is rebellious, she is Sinead O’Connor of our times;-)

  11. Tia C says:

    Well, Kanye’s right about one thing – Rihanna could definitely turn a straight woman gay, lol! She is one gorgeous chick. Cannot carry a tune to save her life, bless her heart, but she sure can work a camera.

  12. dahlia47 says:

    That’s weird to ask her about kids. She’s only 22!

  13. kelly says:

    LOL, so many plastic industry dollies, so little hardcore between the lot of them. And could she really turn anyone??? (with a brain, I mean? Or taste.)
    It must be super-rebellious to have your entire life scheduled by a team of stylists/managers/whatever who control every aspect of your life down to the colour of your freaking hair and what you wear to wherever they decide they want you to be seen.

    This piece will probably find out what hardcore is when she’s shuffling through parking lots at four in the morning in twenty years time drunk-screaming about how famous she used to be and don’t we know who she IS dammit? At least a few bouncers will get a laugh out of it.

  14. SoulLovah says:

    @newbie: Kanye, Jay-Z, and basically the whole Roc-a-fella family see her as their little sister because she’s basically the only successful female singer on their label and was somewhat young (18 or 19?) when she signed with them.

    I’m not impressed with the photos either, but I feel like it’s the setting and tone that added to the suckiness. They should put her somewhere more interesting doing more interesting things, like jumping around or SOMEthing.

  15. abby says:

    I wonder how famous she would be if Chris Brown didn’t do anything to her, maybe she would have faded away (not by her choice, of course!)…

  16. Trippin says:

    Tired of hearing about her now.

  17. HakuraChii says:

    I’ve always found Rihanna to be beautiful, and as someone else has said, I like to listen to her music for dancing or singing in the car, but I don’t see her music being around in 10 years, like Micheal Jackson or Elton John, or the Beatles.

    Someone brought up an interesting point that I’ve always thought about. I noticed a big ‘change’ in the sort of attitude she presented… after the assault by Chris Brown. She seemed to very suddenly try to be a ‘bad ass rebellious tough’ personality, like a female comic book hero character. She also started being notably sexually explicit in her music where she never had before, so it just seems to me that she was reacting to what happened by trying to make herself feel more ‘powerful’, to take back the control she felt had been taken away from her by what happened (and maybe also to express the negative emotions it caused.)

    I know that this is not uncommon for those who experience domestic abuse. I could be wrong that this was the cause for that change, but it does seem to make sense, both in reason and in timing. I didn’t realize that ‘straight’ people could be ‘made’ gay. That’s a dangerous superpower, right there. xD