Whoopi Goldberg & Bill O’Reilly talk about their controversial fight

Before reading this latest story, I’d all but forgotten the incident last month where both Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked off The View during a heated discussion with Bill O’Reilly regarding the planned “Mosque at Ground Zero.” (I’ve put that in quotes because I’ve read that it’s neither a Mosque nor very close to the former site of the Twin Towers.) The conversation turned into a “Muslims killed us on 9/11” argument and there was some yelling, during which Whoopi called Bill’s argument “bullsh*t.”

On The O’Reilly Factor, Bill and Whoopi where much nicer to each other and pretty much acted like everything was fine. They did discuss their viewpoints on the issue of terrorism and Islam, (Bill continued his “Muslims attacked us on 9/11” argument and Whoopi said he was overgeneralizing) but were calmer about it despite their disagreements. Whoopi was promoting her latest book, Is It Just Me?: Or is it nuts out there?. Here’s some of what these two said and the video is above. (I’m not going to recap all the other stuff, you can watch the video if you’re interested.)

Whoopi Goldberg has apparently buried the hatchet with Bill O’Reilly.

The “View” co-host made an appearance on Tuesday’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” where the two discussed Whoopi & Joy Behar’s “View” walk-off during O’Reilly’s visit to the morning show last month.

“Here’s what I want to know: what did you guys say about me after you left?” O’Reilly asked, in a preview clip posted by FOX News.

“I said that I thought you did not realize how hurtful…” Whoopi started to explain before the TV talker jumped in.

“You said that on the air, but I mean off the air,” O’Reilly interjected.

“I said the same stuff off the air,” Whoopi insisted.

“Were you cursing me out and stuff?” he asked her.

“No, no, I heard myself say the B-word, and that’s when I knew had to get up,” Goldberg replied. “Ooh, I had to get up child.”

“After I left, were you and Joy mad at me?” the FOX News talker inquired.

“No, no. Because, at least for me, I know that if I cross a line, which I crossed, because I heard myself say something I had no business saying, I knew… I had to go,” Whoopi concluded.

As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, in October, during O’Reilly’s visit to “The View,” he proclaimed that “Muslims killed us on 9/11,” prompting Whoopi to lash out.

“My God! That is such bulls**t,” an incensed Whoopi said at the time, before she and Joy walked off the set mid-interview.

[From Access Hollywood]

Their political arguments give me a headache, but good for Whoopi and O’Reilly for getting along, as annoying as it is to hear them argue about this sh*t yet again. Then again, it’s probably the first time I’ve ever watched more than a minute or two of the O’Reilly factor at a stretch.

Whoopi and Bill went on to talk about the pitfalls of the Internet, and how people can hide behind screens and anonymity to be mean and bully others. They agreed on that point, and they didn’t say anything new or particularly interesting about it. It made them sound kind of old and out of touch. Maybe they have more in common than they know.


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  1. Someone Else says:

    This was a set-up from the get-go. To any viewers of both shows: Did you notice how they milked the cow whenever possible? O’Reilly took every opportunity he could to talk about it or them or whatever to keep it relevant. My mom’s a big Bill fan, and I told her a month ago, “Watch when he and Whoopi have the big kiss and make up episode.”

    And here we are.

    Next step: Back to the View for more smooching until the next fake Bill O’Reilly fight.

    See: O’Reilly/Clooney telethon scam

  2. Danny says:

    Even though I agree with some of the views they both give me a headache. They both remind me of the kids in high school that take everything to the nth degree and then wonders why nobody wants to talk to them.

  3. Tammy says:

    With the recent deaths of Phoebe Prince in MA and Tyler Clementi in NJ in the news, sad to say that Cyber bullying is alive and well, may we never forget how horrendous a crime it is. In these two cases it ended in suicide.

  4. Feebee says:

    I know where I’d like to bury the hatchet.

  5. heathen says:

    Proof, imo, that they are both putting on an act as to their “political beliefs” for their real god — ratings.

  6. Jeri says:

    Whoopi can control herself when she has something to promote, huh? Enemies become friends that sometimes disagee.

  7. Connie Dodd says:

    Everybody is a critic.

  8. Mi says:

    I don’t like her anymore.

  9. daisy424 says:

    “..but were calmer about it despite their disagreements.”

    Whoopie has been on The Factor many times.

    She always shows class and is a fabulous guest.

  10. southerncheerleader says:

    Whop Whop didn’t know what a madrassa was?

    Oh, how ignorant.

    She’s speaking on a subject & she doesn’t know a BASIC factoid.

    WHOP!!! You done lost yo cred, girlie.

  11. Matt says:

    Ugh, I intensely dislike both of these characters. Can’t bring myself to watch the video.

    I used to like Whoopi and Jumpin Jack Flash is one of my favourite films, but since she has been on The View she has become insufferable.

  12. mystified says:

    I don’t agree with what they said about internet blogs. Maybe they’re upset because they can’t control what bloggers say about them. My view is knowledge is power. I’ve learned a lot in the short period of time that I’ve been reading Celebitchy including:

    Jennifer Aniston can often put an nice outfit together but is too old to continue to play the ingenue/America’s sweetheart.

    Julia Roberts is too old to continue to play the ingenue/America’s sweetheart and needs a stylist.

    Despite what the print media is trying to force down our throats, we’re not all convinced that Michelle Obama is a great dresser.

    Gwyneth Paltrow is elitist.

    Tim Gunn is the only celebrity that everyone loves.

  13. Ruffian9 says:

    They’re both assholes.

  14. Kim says:

    Not a fan of Whoopi but i give her credit for burying the hatchet so to speak. Of course this was probably all just to get publicity for her book but at least she realized she was unprofessional and admitted it.

  15. Kim says:

    Mystified- so funny! I agree with all your points except i dont like Tim Gunn at all!

  16. Bella Mosley says:

    FeeBee Youre reading my mind.

  17. Lady LaLa says:

    I can’t stomach The View anymore, either

  18. Trippin says:

    She’s turning into a cranky, cantankerous old, I don’t want to say granny or grandad it’s like Whoopi has no gender now. Just a grumpy old muppet.
    And Bill O’Reilly you’re lucky you have the career you do. Does Canada have a pain in the ass American broadcaster on their tv? I don’t think so. Where does all his anger come from anyway?