In Touch: Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick are getting married for the cash

In an all too predictable move, Kourtney Kardashian’s sociopathic baby dad, Scott Disick, reportedly proposed to her in early November. He didn’t do it for love or commitment reasons, according to In Touch, but conceded to an ultimatum by Kourtney to marry him or get kicked off the family’s reality show. Kourtney’s pimp mom Kris is of course on board because she knows how much money they can make off the wedding rights. This sounds like a disaster:

Scott Disick [proposed to Kourtney] in early November – but the act was as devoid of romance as the couple’s relationship. According to sources close to the family, the “engagement” is nothing more than a calculated business decision intended to drive up ratings for their new show, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, and feather the Kardashian nest…

Explains a family friend, “It’s more of a business opportunity than true love. Scott and Kourtney are going to make a fortune off their wedding – E! has already offered more than $500,000 for the wedding rights, and that is only one of the many deals. It’s all about the endorsements, and their business machine is already in overdrive.

It may seem shocking that Kourtney, 31 – mother to Scoot’s 11-month-old son, Mason – would want to make a lifelong commitment to the man who has let her down, time and time again. But apart from the cash, she has her reasons, says the insider. “Kourtney is very tradition. She did not want Mason to have unmarried parents. So she approached Scott and basically said, ‘Either we get married or you are out of the family and off the show.'”…

“Kris Jenner sees this as a huge opportunity to cash in, and is already shopping around deals.”

[From In Touch, print edition, December 6, 2010]

Kourtney is said to be opposed to the wedding because she “thinks Scott is a loser.” There’s no word on what Kim thinks, although this week’s Enquirer reports that Scott hit on Kim! The creep allegedly thinks that by hooking up with Kim he’ll be better off. Luckily Kim wants nothing to do with him.

When Kim and Scoot were at a bar together recently, the insider says Scott pulled her aside and whispered: “You and I would be so good together…”

“[Kim] was disgusted by Scott hitting on her…”

“I think he’s bored with Kourtney and decided that he’d be better off hitching himself to Kim, who is the family’s biggest star.

“Never in a million years would Kim consider dating Scott. But that hasn’t stopped him from trying.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, December 6, 2010]

The few times I’ve watched this show, Scott has never been there for Kourtney and has disappointed her time and again. Instead of realizing that she’s better off without the guy, she’s supposedly marrying him for the money! You get what you ask for, and this girl will never learn. I hope this story isn’t true, or at least that Kourtney gets a good prenup. You know why Scott has stayed with her this long, and we know his motivations for marrying her. Money rules in this family and dictates their personal lives. They know how Scott is, and he’s one of their own.

Photos are from 7/24/10, (black dress, pink pants), 8/1 (print dress, pink pants), 9/2 (with mom Kris), 10/28 (black dress, blue suit) and 11/9/10 (with their son, Mason). Credit:



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  1. Iris says:

    This made me sad. Whatever happened to marrying for love?

  2. Stronzilla says:

    This really emphasizes how messed up the values of this specific family are, but of people in general. When do they reach the point of doing a human sacrifice to up their ratings and get a bigger deal from E! What about when that dickhead finally explodes and takes someone down with him? Payday! And you know if he’s hitting on Kim it’s with her mother’s blessing. Hey, a fight between sisters! Ratings gold! And you can blow that lifelong commitment crap, once Disick hits his sell-by date he’ll get the boot and then, the Kourtney divorce show! Hey, she and Kloe can use the same lawyer and have a double-header!

    And I don’t even blame them so much as I blame the E! network for turning out so many inane, stupid reality programs that just glorify people who under normal circumstances no one would give a toss about. Gotta a sex tape where somebody peed on you? Come to E!, we’ll make you a star! Got sisters that no one has ever heard of? anyone peed on them? No, oh well, we’ll make them famous by association and give every one of them their own show in a different city! That network must be run by the government to keep the masses ignorant, uninformed and docile.

  3. slymm27 says:

    @iris, i think marrying for love hardly ever works out anymore, plus this family couldnt care less what we think, they are being annoying as hell, and its riding them all the way to the bank, as far as they are concerned, we can sit behind our 9-5 desk, and be jealous of them.

  4. tapioca says:

    At least if you marry for money, when it all goes (inevitably)pear-shaped, you’ve still got the money. Marry for love and all you’re left with after the divorce is bitterness and resentment. I’d rather have the cash!!

  5. mystified says:

    Scott looks scary, very scary. Not handsome, not ugly, not smart, not stupid. Just scary. I only hope that doesn’t sum up his personality too.

  6. brin says:

    The K klan are just famewh*res….they will do anything for fame & $$$…even attend the opening of a toilet facility…pathetic!

  7. Lardy Chops says:

    He has that psychopathic eyes-too-close-together thing going on. Creepy. And you can tell from the way he treats her on camera he’s not a good person.

    But hey, she knows what a tool she’s taking on, and they can always boost show ratings later with a Kourtney-Scott divorce storyline.

  8. sickofit says:

    hes one ugly guy, inside and outside…

  9. Jacq says:

    Disick. The “s” is silent.

  10. Marjalane says:

    So he pulls Kim aside to hit on her and she can’t wait to announce it to the family? And the short ugly sister still thinks she should marry this guy? I hate this family, and I hate Ryan Seacrest for foisting them upon the American public. And I also hate Gabriel Aubrey for allowing himself to be soiled by them. That’s all.

  11. Maya says:

    This is another Non-believable story from In Touch Weekly. They ran a story 2 weeks claiming that Kourtney was pregnant again and that was a lie.

  12. Ferguson. says:

    That guy is creepy.

  13. devilgirl says:

    I think they ALL are creepy, from the K clan to Scott. They all skeeve me out!

  14. janie says:

    i bet all three sisters end up single in a few years. what normal guy would ever put up with 3 hours of makeup every day to get out of the house. totally self absorbed.

  15. Shelley says:

    I’ve never seen the show but from what I read and the photos, Scott seems like a cartoon and/or a good actor. He looks and dresses like someone out of a Fitzgerald novel. Is it possible that his persona is all for the cameras, to get people interested in watching the show to see what this ‘bad guy’ will do next? I can’t understand other than this ‘conflict’ between these two, what even happens on the show? Do any of these people have jobs other than being in this show? If not, then I think I just answered my own question – this is all one long, drawn out pose that he’ll sustain as long as the show continues.

  16. caramia says:

    a kardashian doing something for money?
    why that’s unheard of! I’m so shocked and disillusioned by it all…cheeeez

  17. redlips says:

    Why are any of them even considered celebrities? I can not even began to wrap my head around someone getting wealthy off making a sex tape……has anyone in this family ever stopped to think what the “public” thinks about them?

  18. bellaluna says:

    He looks like a sociopath. She looks like a pathetic, desperate doormat.

    As far as their marriage, you get what you pay for: you want money & fame, you’ll get it. Just don’t expect it to be in the way you wanted. For example: she’ll be more famous than any Kartrashian when he kills her; her family will have more money than ever when (if) they win a civil suit against him for her wrongful death.

  19. Amy says:

    I now pronounce you Mrs. Patrick Bateman!

  20. Kiska says:

    He looks like a mean, abusive sod who loves to play mind games. He creeps me out.

  21. KimiErin says:

    His clothes creep me out. He reminds me of a Ken Doll with those clothes.

  22. guesty says:

    wonder how long it will be before lamar hits on kim as well…

  23. 2outOf5 says:

    In some wierd way, Ashley Brooks from the Pit Boss reminds me of Kourtney K soooo much.

  24. slymm27 says:

    @guesty…lol!!!…..that was so funny. I guess lamar is too busy with the strange women he is bonning on the side to bother with kim really, as for scott, kim is a grown woman and if she decides to keep being in a relationship with a guy like scott, then goodluck to her, i just hope he doesnt kill her, he has a strange vibe, but if they want to marry for cash, then all the best to them, marrying for love doesnt pay anymore anyway.

  25. Kim says:

    The Kardashians do EVERYTHING for money. Their lives are not real, its all for tabloids, fame, money. I cant help but feel sad for this vapid family. What a terrible way to live – being famous for your sister making a sex tape-how embarrassing.

  26. Kim says:

    Scott is the smartest of them all. He is making a small fortune off his baby mommas, sister making a sex tape & the Kardashain familys infamy from this sex tape!!!! And I love that he gives the family hell because they deserve it. They are vapid famewhores and he figures hey why not ride that ship and make alot of $ off it! You know the family hates that he is cashing in on their infamy!
    Go Scott!!!

  27. guesty says:

    @slymm27…lol u know it’s so gonna happen if it hasn’t already!

    ita on scott’s vibe it’s such a strange one. doubt that kourtney even cares about him hitting on kim.

    khloe on the other hand would so care (with lamar) & that could get fugly.

  28. Louwho says:

    While I agree Scott is a creep, I don’t buy for a second that he was trying to hook up with Kim. That’s just ridiculous.

  29. misschrissy83 says:

    I just think that Scott is a BAD guy but as was said before Kourtney knows what she is getting into. I think he got her pregnant on purpose and he sees this family could put him on easy street and he is taking full advantage of it. I used to watch their show but it all got too ridiculous and totally unrealistic. They all have issues and deserve each other and if they continue to be famous and make money off of infamy then its because America has let them so more power to em. It proves what the bible says: “The love of money is the root of all evil”

  30. Belle Epoch says:

    That baby looks like he does not have one chromosome of Scott’s DNA, He has to know it’s not his kid, despite her attempts at rumor control. How humiliating.

  31. CB Rawks says:

    Kourtney is opposed to her own wedding?
    Well, she’s proven herself a total bitch on that show, so I don’t care if she does marry that utter bastard. She doesn’t deserve better.

  32. HakuraChii says:

    While I’m not quick to believe everything the magazines say about this family, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised by much. I think the most sad thing is that these kids, the girls included, have been conditioned to live their lives based on what tv networks & television viewers want, not whats best for them and their family.

    They call it a ‘reality’ show, but it’s just as scripted and made up as everything else. The problem being that at some point, these kids are going to look back on these experiences, (having children, making decisions about marriage based on how money they’ll make,) and wonder what in the name of God they were thinking, wasting their lives like that. & now the ones that have children should have more responsibility to those children than the GD tv show.

    If he isn’t a good guy, she shouldn’t put her child through a marriage that will surely end badly not far down the road. It’s frustrating to see.

  33. abby says:

    I thought Kris hated Scott? Maybe that’s all for the show, you would think she wouldn’t want Scott to be legally bound to her family (more than he is now).

  34. Anon73 says:

    i think this is the other way around : Scott is from a VERY wealthy family. i think Kourtney got knocked up knowing she’s got a cash-cow and an alimony-pony having Scott’s kid. Scott’s family’s money will outlast her fame earnings.

  35. Jessica says:

    You guys stupid.It is true They showed him with a ring in the Junk in The Trunk 2 sneak peek at the end of the episode of Kourtney and Kim take Newyork.He really did propose and not for the money idiots.