Brad & Angelina take Shiloh & Zahara shopping in Paris


I don’t know if PopEater’s gossip guy got it right, and Angelina Jolie refuses to allow her family to celebrate Thanksgiving, but the Family Jolie-Pitt did spend the holiday doing somewhat unconventional things. First, Us Weekly reports that the kids spend Thanksgiving on the beach… I don’t know where, as in, what country, but Us Weekly claims the kids went with nannies rather than their parents (one photo here). Additionally, People Magazine reports that Angelina and Brad flew in to Paris with the kids either on Friday or Saturday, and spent part of Saturday shopping for the girls. Empress Zahara approves of black suede boots! Shiloh approves of zebra prints and medieval knight costumes. Take notes.

On the first day of Christmas, my sisters gave to me … a large plastic alligator?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took daughters Zahara and Shiloh holiday shopping in Paris Saturday and it looks like they’ll be able to check quite a few things of their gift list, including pants, pajamas, gloves, sweaters, boots, stuffed animals, knights’ costumes (complete with tunics, swords and shields) and one large green plastic alligator, according to staff at the Bonpoint boutique on rue de Tournon near the Luxembourg Gardens.

“Angelina was great,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE. “She’s patient, and a very hands-on mother, making certain everything fits.”

Pitt was “very agreeable, absolutely polite and excellent with the girls” as well, a store employee says.

In town to promote film projects – Pitt’s Megamind and Jolie’s The Tourist – the couple squeezed in more than an hour of shopping with Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 4, at the celeb-friendly boutique, where Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba and Michelle Obama have visited.

“[Shiloh] wanted pants and picked out a pair of zebra-patterned boots,” a clerk says of Saturday’s stop.

Zahara, the employee says, chose “black suede boots and a ‘Duchess’ dress.”

The Bonpoint store contains one fun feature which the girls enjoyed: an entire room that holds a child-sized farmhouse with several levels, meandering passages and see-through walls. Both girls played inside, according to a witness, while a laughing Jolie took pictures of her daughters.

Helping Shiloh try on a medieval knight’s tunic, Pitt watched while she playfully waved around a wooden sword and shield. After deciding on both the costume and its accessories, Shiloh told the shop assistant that she wanted two complete sets. “‘One is for me,’ she explained,” the clerk tells PEOPLE. “‘The other is for my brother, Pax.’ ”

Pax may get his presents before the holidays – he turns 7 on Nov. 29.

And the large plastic alligator Shiloh selected at the last minute? “That’s good for Knox,” she told the sales staff.

[From People]

I love the image of Shiloh and the Empress working out their Christmas shopping lists beforehand. Shiloh’s list probably consisted of “COSTUMES!!!” Meanwhile, I get the feeling that Zahara’s list was probably more practical. The Empress was probably like “Maddox needs a scarf. And an iPad.”




Older photos courtesy of WENN & Fame.

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  1. devilgirl says:

    They were supposedly in the Seychelles.

  2. prell says:

    my god those children are lovely. That Zahara just makes me smile every time I see her cute little face!

  3. NancyMan says:

    Someone should clue Brad into the fact that his face hair really makes him look rough. If he wants to look bad, it will come naturally soon enough.

  4. mslewis says:

    So, spending Thanksgiving day on the beach is “unconventional” and means you don’t celebrate that holiday? So . . . Jennifer Aniston doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving either, right? And I guess I don’t celebrate that holiday either because I spent Thanksgiving day on the beach in Paradise Island in the Bahamas? Oh well, I must be “anti American” like Angelina (and all those millions of other people who use this four-day weekend as a time to get away).

    Oh, and now the Jolie-Pitt family is shopping on Thanksgiving weekend. I mean NOBODY does that. This family is totally anti-American. Burn them at the stake!!!!

  5. carol says:

    Popeater is ust another hater site and prints lies just like all the rest.

  6. louise says:

    @mslewis I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s bizarre how people attack Brad and Angelina for doing the same think that everybody else does. Nobody called Jennifer or Ryan Seacrest unconventional for being in another country for Thanksgiving. I find it ridiculous to say that they left the kids with nannies for the day+. The photos could have been taken during 1/2 hour of playtime while Brad and Angelina were inside or at a different part of the beach. Also who says they are nannies? They could be family members or friends. For a long time they called Brad’s mother a nanny.

  7. lisa says:

    @mslewis: loved your comment.

    I was floored by the people that actually believed that Popeater shit story. Well I should have expected it. Haters need to hate. especially on Holidays. If this insider was giving information then the money info would have been where the family was for the 7+ days. hmmm funny how that didn’t make the news until they left. Both Angie and Brad have talked in the past about their Thanksgiving plans. The nasty comments acted as if Thanksgiving was a new event. Whatever. I saw the pics of the kids playing and enjoying the day. Just like all the other children who were outside running around in my neighborhood. Or the ones that went to Disney World. My cousin goes every year with her family. It was packed. OH and don’t forget the movie theaters and such. Packed.

    Thanksgiving is spending time with the people you love and being grateful for that. It seem Angie/Brad and the kids celebrated just fine. Oh and to the people who will be screaming about nannies. I wonder who is keeping the kids of the other celebs when we see them out and about without their children. I guess those kids are left alone. The JP kids are where ever Mommy and Daddy are. Sounds pretty good to me.

  8. teri says:

    Love this family! I read that Pax’s birthday is Nov. 29th so I can see the kids buying their brother some gifts. Love how the world just halts at the JP gossip as if it’s always true such as the Thanksgiving gossip. I mean it was a source that popeater paid for gossip. People go into a frenzy over the JP family that sometimes it’s just funny at how some take gossip as truth.

  9. puliz says:

    What I love about them is they appreciate their fans and could care less about haters. No other stars treats fans the way Brad and Angelina do, that is a fact. They are both so accommodating and you can tell they genuinely appreciate it. No wonder they have fans all over the world.

  10. Anna says:

    The pictures that US weekly has where they say that the kids are with nannies rather than their parents, you would think that US would have taken a photo of it to prove that all their claims have been right yet there was only one photo of Knox and Vivienne and maybe Shiloh on the beach and nothing else. Where is the proof and the pictures of the so called “nannies” and other kids? Because US only claims that Knox, Vivienne, Z and Shiloh were there with the “nannies” what about Pax and Maddox? Too many questions and not enough proof to back up US weekly claims just another story that is ether half truth or total BS.

  11. Liana says:

    my husband was in England for Thanksgiving. Does that make him unconventional? No, it makes him hard at work on an American holiday. I went shopping yesterday and today. How is that unconventional? Have these rags ever heard of “Black Friday?” It would almost seem unAmerican NOT to shop after Thanksgiving. Come on now.

    Those children are lovely and I think that Angelina and Brad are probably really good parents. And I covet Shiloh’s monkey hat.

  12. lisa says:

    actually Anne the pics showed the twins, Shiloh, Zee and Pax. I didn’t see any pics of Maddox.

    I could see 2 nannies.. ones we have seen for a long time, and it looked like a bodyguard.

    To me I don’t see a problem with them having help. Angie has said in many interviews that they have 3 nannies, and none of which spend the night. They have morning time with the kids then help comes in. Why do some none fans scream this means they are not parenting their kids is beyond me. But whatever. When they are out with their kids it is usually just them unlike many other couples I could name. YET the mommy police are silent on that. But they only “care” about the JPs.

    Weird especially if you are not a fan. to care so much :/

  13. birdgherl says:

    Totally agree with them about not celebrating T-Giving for many, many reasons. Bravo.

  14. Kaye says:

    I think I’ve seen several of these pictures months before. And how could Brad have grown back that scraggly beard so soon?

  15. d says:

    I swear to God, I love that kid’s little monkey hat. I totally want to wear one!

  16. Canuck says:

    Shiloh looks much younger and smaller in a couple of those pictures, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the one where she’s wearing the monkey hat while coming out of the liquor store before. What’s up with that?

  17. Cheyenne says:

    @Kaye: All of those photos are old photos.

  18. Raven says:

    I think the top that Zahara is wearing is very pretty. I believe that AJ pretty much lets her kids pick their own clothing so Zahara must have natural good taste.

    People seems to be the “official” publication for news about the Jolie-Pitt family. I pretty much believe what People says about locations, dates, etc. because I think AJ and BP cooperate with them.

  19. glo says:

    Can’t stand any of them~

  20. latam says:

    i used to think angelina had “lost it” and wasnt as beautiful before, but I think actually her styling just isnt right, I hope she gets a haircut for the tourist promos and hopefully picked up a little sun in the seychelles.

    The woman has a beautiful face, wish she’d be a tiny bit more shallow and actually give a shit about her hair and clothing.

  21. lio says:

    And the shopping trip in Paris with the two girls has nothing to do with a set-up with the paps for a little PR counter-attack after the whole Bosnian/Serbs/rapist controversy. Because everybody impose 4 hours flight on two toddlers for the sake of Christmas shopping… Please! Where is the “bitch” of “celebitchy” when it comes to the Brandgelina?

  22. lisa says:

    Do the poster here realize that the pictures shown have nothing to do with the story. the first pic is when they were in VENICE. and that one with Shiloh and Zee is old because Shiloh is older.. Gosh..

    There are no pics of them shopping in Paris on whatever day is reported. Brad has shaved, we just saw pics of the man a week ago.

    And why are people still assuming they didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving based on on some unnamed source on a gossip site that has NEVER had an exclusive story.

    People really need to do research and not believe everything they read on line.

  23. SamSam says:

    I wish the blogging software had ways you could ban users/ips from viewing certain tags. Would be such a public service to some people here by Celebitchy to help them get over their uncontrollable urge to read and post about people they are so sick of ~

  24. Bodhi says:

    These are older pictures; Brad’s scruff has been tamed for a while now

  25. DGO says:

    That’s sweet how Shiloh was thinking of her siblings.

  26. someone says:

    those pics are old, Brad doesn’t even have that scrufty beard anymore, and that pic of Zahara smiling was out like 2 weeks ago….

  27. glo says:

    Yeah, filter out those dang noncomformists.

  28. SamSam says:

    Not about that at all sweetheart. You have to realise, that by clicking the link, it serves to garner more page hits, in turn giving more advertising money to CB (which is a good thing) but also making the analytics show that posting more about this family is a great idea. It’s a delicious cycle of hilarity IMO. It is just funny that some of us have logic and reason enough that if we don’t like someone, we don’t click the articles about them, and we don’t give even more ppi advertising money by going so far as to post comments about how we can’t stand them.

    Hate, a beautiful marketing phenomenon.

  29. Dee Vine says:

    “Angelina was great,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE. “She’s patient, and a very hands-on mother, making certain everything fits.”

    Wow I now feel like such a great mom cos whenever I go shopping with the kids, I too make sure everything fits before I part with my $$! Bow down to the holy family!

  30. sharylmj says:

    this story is crap and these are all OLD pictures. Brad said they were going to have turkey somewhere the last time he was interviewed for Mega Mind. He doesn’t have that beard and they are all in Paris right now so she can start promoting “the Tourist”

  31. PrimeO says:

    In the quoted article, an onlooker said that Angelina is “a very hands-on mother, making certain everything fits.”

    Uh, I’d say that’s a *normal* mother. For pity’s sake.

  32. SamSam says:

    Reading comprehension will suit you well, they went shopping, in Paris. It is noted the pictures are old. Please try again.

  33. Sakyiwaa says:

    back from the weekend. can’t believe all the AJ/BP shit stories making the rounds. heard it made it to Fox News… what? people lapped that popeater story up? lol! i know the frenzy for AJ and BP is still there…but there are times… (mimicking strangulation of some random hater) aaah!

  34. Sakyiwaa says:

    @SamSam; “Hate, a beautiful marketing phenomenon.” i so agree. 🙂
    it’s like not clicking someone page cos you genuinely think they are boring and/or you can’t stand them is soo hard. it’s like “indifference” is not a word in the English dictionary.

  35. N.D. says:

    Seychelles story is bullshit, they all were in France all this time (after Budapest). The only new photos are from Paris.

  36. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    SamSam and Sakyiwaa: Gossip websites wouldn’t be successful if everyone fawned over everyone in every story. They have to have some stories that get people talking. As for this website, they know that any time they post anything about these people, they’ll get a bunch of clicks. It’s good business sense.

    And the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, Sakyiwaa. Some people just don’t care for these two knuckleheads and don’t mind having that opinion heard. Suck it up and deal with it.

  37. Kim says:

    Wow can you see her lower face lift in the first picture above in her chin area. I prefer her hair darker- i think its more striking on her.

  38. I actually loved this publish. You clarify this topic quite perfectly. I genuinely appreciate your blog and I will definetly bookmark it! Keep up the intriguing posts!