Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook reach settlement in their divorce

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook campaign for John Kerry on 2/28/04, thanks to HRC/WENN
Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook have reached a settlement in their divorce ahead of what could have been another explosive day of testimony in open court. The couple and their lawyers worked late into the night at a hotel on Long Island hashing out the details. Christie will have sole custody of the children. Cook received a $2.1 million settlement and visitation rights to his children Sailor Lee, 10, and Jack, 13. Jack is from Christie’s last marriage but was adopted by Cook.

Cook will see the kids every Wednesday and alternate weekends along with alternate weeks in the summer. Christie Brinkley will get to keep all of her whopping 18 properties in the Hamptons. [Details from US Weekly]

Brinkley fought to have the details of her divorce made public. She learned a few things about her husband’s behavior during the 10 years they were actively married. Cook had a rampant porn addiction, seduced an 18 year old girl he hired to work at his architecture firm, and dealt cocaine in the 1980s.

A psychologist provided an assessment of Cook for the court which called him a “narcissist” who “needs constant reassurance that he is a terrific guy, handsome, accomplished, etc.”

Brinkley testified that she worked hard to make a wonderful life for her children and was baffled that her husband seek out sex with strangers online and have an affair when he had “beautiful, loving children” at home.

TMZ reports that two detectives were due to testify in court today about Cook and that he may have been anxious to ensure that whatever they knew about him was not made public.

It looks like Brinkley’s strategy of making the proceedings public worked in her favor. Whether it was the best thing for her kids or not remains to be seen. They’ll get to be with their mom, their dad hasn’t been cut out of their lives, and things are finally settled for their family.

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  1. Blackalicious says:

    Dammit I want to know what the detectives found! Must have been salacious shit though for him to settle.

  2. ri23 says:

    I look at this guy and have to go cry in the shower, scrubbing myself clean for three hours. What a skeeve.

  3. Ron says:

    I have to say it again, it’s not in the nature of men to be with one woman, no matter how hot she is. Glad they settled this though for the kids sake, who wants to hear about Dad wanking and riding the secretary.

  4. jinx says:

    God she is smart. Yeah, he was going to be so exposed with dirt he would never work again. 2.1 mil is nothing to her. You watch, those will see him half of what the court ordered. And when they are old enough she’s going to take them to court and they will say they don’t want to see him anymore. Ding.

    She’s one smart cookie, except picking mates the Taubman was a sleaze bag as well. He never sees his kid. Neither will Cook. Blackmail in public, great strategy.

  5. We don’t know that Peter Cook doesn’t love his kids. He might be a womanizer and cheater, but that doesn’t mean he hates his kids.

  6. Nan says:

    She looks fabulous! Whatever she is doing, it is working. She could write a book on staying young & it would sell like hotcakes. She’s proof (lookswise only) that it isn’t how old you are, it’s who you are.

  7. drm says:

    Whether CB is a bag to live with or not is besides the point (lots of bagging of CB going on in the media and on here in previous posts). Cook COULD have said “I don’t wish to be married to you anymore” or something vaguely similiar. He did not have to go waving his penis at all and sundry, both animate (his secretary) and inanimate (his computer monitor/camera). He could have been honest even “I like to wave my penis at all and sundry…” oh but then he would have had to give up the lifestyle…

    Bitch incarnate or not he’s a complete SCUMBAG… 👿

  8. Shana Westhoff says:

    I agree with Jinx. All fair in love and war. I mean if it comes down to a mother protecting her child or children a mother will fight. This was an all out street fight and she came out swinging. In the long run it was the best thing she could do for her children. What was her alternative let him take the kids and her money? He took enough for 10 yrs. Plus narcisism will always limit his ability to love anything more then himself. I mean he will love his children but he will always come first. Number one rule of a GREAT parent is that they put their childrens needs before their own.