Erin Barry’s self righteous statement that she didn’t have an affair w/ Tony Parker

Erin Barry, the woman who allegedly had an affair with Tony Parker, one of many, has issued a self righteous statement on her blog denying the rumors. Erin is in the process of divorcing Tony’s former teammate, Brent Barry. Rumor had it that Eva Longoria discovered that her husband was a lying cheat when she found hundreds of text messages on his phone to and from Erin. Some of those messages are said to have included nude pictures of each of them, taken separately. Tony of course denied that he had anything going on with Erin despite all the evidence. Given what a pro-Eva slant most of the stories about the divorce have taken, many people assume that Eva leaked the news of Tony and Erin’s affair to the press after she found all the texts.

Erin claims that she didn’t have an affair, that she’s got more things to worry about than cheating with Tony, and did she mention that she’s an amazing mother, that she volunteers with abused kids, and that she’s going to law school? No, well she is and she’s so much better than all of this she can’t be bothered to respond, only she is responding. You know, Tony really does have a bossy, holier-than thou type.

erinbarryinsetThursday, November 25, 2010

Greetings all,

It has been brought to my attention that people who do not know me think that I have had an affair with Tony Parker. I have received hundreds of emails and phone calls from supportive friends who do know me and know that what is being insinuated about me is a complete lie. I am so busy with my children and law school studies that to take even a few moments out of my day to address this ludicrous issue is an annoyance. I only take the time to explain myself because apparently my silence, as a result of my indifference, has been construed as an admission of guilt. These are my words and this is the last you will hear from me on this subject because I have more important things to do.

I DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH TONY PARKER, nor did I “pursue” Tony Parker. Unfortunately, because our divorces are occurring at the same time, great speculation has been cast on our friendship. My friendship with Tony Parker had nothing to do with the end of my marriage (which is painful enough without this added drama), and to assume that we had an affair is naïve, ridiculous, and completely misguided.

Every day I dedicate myself to being a good person and the best Mom that I can possibly be for my two beautiful children. I pride myself on being a Mom first, an advocate for abused children second, and a law student third. Those are the things that are of the utmost importance to me. I have spent my adult life fighting for children who have been victimized so forgive me for not caring when someone tells me that my name is being dragged through the mud.

Salacious rumors are not what keep me awake at night. What keeps me awake is wondering how the 5-year-old who was taken away from her abusive family is sleeping during her first night in a children’s shelter. I worry about friends fighting overseas and whether or not they will return home to their families. I worry about the health of my children, my family, and my friends. I worry about soccer uniforms, carpool, immunizations, baseball practice, paying the bills on time, grocery shopping, the kid’s homework, and so many other things that may seem menial to some people; but to me are everything. Right now I worry about my law school finals… being a first year law student is much scarier than dealing with gossip!

Happy Thanksgiving. My family and I want thank our troops and their families for their sacrifices that enable us to enjoy our freedoms this holiday season.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. While you are here I would encourage you to get involved with (or donate to) the children’s organizations that fight child abuse and neglect in San Antonio or your part of the world.

God bless you and your family,

Erin Marie Barry

[Erin Barry’s blog via TMZ]

Give me a break lady. Just because you do charity work, are going to school and are a mother doesn’t make you “above” the rumors that you cheated. Newsflash: some people consider sending hundreds of sexy text messages an affair! Whether you screwed the guy or not, you cheated on your husband by carrying on behind his back. (Assuming this happened as we heard it did, and never did this woman deny being in contact with Tony.) When I hear about these ’emotional affairs’ it makes me think ‘why bother’? If you’re going to cheat on your spouse, you may as well get laid.

Nov. 7, 2010 - Madrid, California, Spain - Actress Eva Longoria Parker hosts the MTV EMAs - Europe Music Awards - at Caja Magica in Madrid, Spain, on November 7th, 2010. 2010.K66749AM. © Red Carpet Pictures

HOLLYWOOD - OCTOBER 22: NBA player Tony Parker and actress Eva Longoria Parker arrive to the 2nd Annual Rally for Kids With Cancer 'The Qualifiers' Celebrity Draft Party on October 22, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)

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  1. teri says:

    This is like the Leann Rimes story written all over.

  2. bored says:

    I think a woman has a right to defend herself especially when the rumours are ones like these. What did you want her to say? Of course she would be defensive and put forward what she feels is more important in her life. Wouldnt you? Or would you be like “Oh sorry I didnt actually cheat but because I dont want to make myself sound like a boring holier than thou bitch I just want you to know I am not above cheating. I suck, just not him.”

  3. Kitten says:

    It’s never a good idea to issue a “statement” that just makes you look worse.

  4. Mia135 says:

    I do think people sometimes like to pull the “charity card” because they believe it places them above reproach. Makes them seem more “moral” than the average person somehow.
    I do believe sending sexy text messages to someone other than your spouse or significant other is a form of cheating.

  5. brin says:

    Gee, can’t wait to see her Christmas letter to family & friends!

  6. devilgirl says:

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Erin, had you kept your mouth shut, it would have been much better!

  7. mln76 says:

    I am sorry but I consider sending naked pictures to a friend’s husband/husband’s teamate so wildly innapropriate that it’s the same thing as cheating.

  8. someone says:

    Why did she wait so long????

  9. Whatever says:

    Ha, so you can’t send naked pictures and have 100s of sexting messages AND care about abused kids? Didn’t know that. He really does have a holier than thou type!

  10. guesty says:

    well whatthefuckever. as if all that balances the scales. bet she is uber religious as well. she’s actually more annoying than eva & who knew that was even possible! ha.

  11. bellaluna says:

    Arrogant much? I give her 6 months before she has her own “reality” show so everyone can see how “above it all” and perfect she really is.

    Thank you for not using that hideous panty-girdle pic of Eva.

  12. J says:

    Ok, so she makes 2 points. 1) She didn’t have an affair with Tony Parker and 2) She didn’t pursue him. This woman is parsing the truth. So he started it and so they didn’t have intercourse. So what? If a woman walked up to a man and while not touching him said “I want you to touch my breasts, kiss me, blah blah blah” and he replied “I want to take off your clothes, blah blah blah. No body touches but turns out they are both married. How do you think their spouses would feel? How would you feel? Is that cheating? I think so. This woman is going to shortly learn in law school that some crimes don’t require intent and you can be convicted of murder without pulling the trigger. She doesn’t owe us an apology but I sincerely hope she makes amends to
    her children, husband (soon to be ex), Eva and their respective families. Who cares is she didn’t start it. Did that excuse work with your parents when you were 5?

  13. Lori says:

    Wow, someone is excited to get some attention! Nice picture she included with her denial.

    Seriously, a “No, I didn’t have an affair with Tony Parker” would have sufficed.

  14. Delta Juliet says:

    Oh my what a snot. And yeah, some of the worst hypocrites I have known are also active in their churches, and charities. Not saying all of course, but I have known quite a few. You can be a good person and do questionable things. Or a bad person who does some good things. Whatever. The holier-than-thou attitude makes me want to backhand her (and I am a good person LOL)

  15. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Her statement started off good but she should have stopped while she was ahead. When it got to “I’m too much of a saint to cheat” it got me rolling my eyes. Please. If she’d kept it short and simple it would have worked.

  16. Delta Juliet says:

    Oh and I like the way she said she is a mom first, does her charity work second, and is a law student third. Maybe if she would have thrown “good wife” in there somewhere she wouldn’t be getting divorced. Yeah, I said it! 😉

  17. jaye E says:

    @bored…I don’t think anyone is disputing her right to defend herself. The blog post is, however, pretty heavy-handed. There was a way to say “I did not have an affair with Tony Parker” without making herself sound like a sainted martyr.

  18. Bonfire Beach says:

    She makes me wonder what went down in her own marriage that she’s getting a divorce. I mean, what man in his right mind would want to divorce such a perfect person, right? HAHAHA!

  19. aenflex says:

    Ahh. She may be a little self righteous, but she’s absolutely right in pointing out that our interests as individual people and as a scoiety should perhaps be more home-spun, community oriented and non-celebrity. I love gossip as much as the next person, so I mean no offense.
    I just agree with her in part, that’s all.

  20. fknight says:

    Well what a smug bitch, I live in San Antonio and have seen her in action. She used to think she was the hottest wife of all the SA Spurs wives….and she is well known to put on a saintly attitude at charity events but working with the peons at the events they would say otherwise!….so glad these smug ass bitches get caught being hypocrites and liars….the only ones I feel sorry for is Brent Barry and his kids, Mommy is a whore, sorry kiddos!

  21. JustBe says:

    I interpret most of the letter as a shot at Eva Longoria mostly. Her stating the things that she’s involved with, parenting, charity, running a household, school, etc. and how ‘some people may find these things beneath them’ (paraphrasing) is a direct arrow at Longoria who seems to mostly concentrate on cultivating a certain image.
    But, if she did send texts/pictures to Tony Parker that were of a questionable nature, then she is wrong and, despite whatever personality flaws Eva Longoria may have, Erin Barry should apologize to her for intruding on her relationship.
    Erin should not have even posted this letter if she wasn’t going to address the major pieces of the allegations against her (text messages). In this day and age, we all know that there are various types of affairs, not just physical.

  22. Roma says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: emotional affairs are just as damaging as penis in vagina affairs.

    I’m willing to think Eva knew about the Tony being unfaithful but was willing to overlook it, but to find out that your husband has emotionally connected with one of your friends and was sending her naked pictures? Out the door.

  23. koala says:

    wow. she is so self-righteous. what a c*.

  24. Stronzilla says:

    “I have received hundreds of emails and phone calls”. YEAH, ALL FROM TONY!

    “I pride myself on being a Mom first, an advocate for abused children second, and a law student third.” AND BEING A WIFE TO YOUR HUSBAND? WHERE DID THAT RANK? OR IS THAT WHY YOU’RE GETTING A DIVORCE?

    And then she has the unmitigated gall to wrap it all up with ‘our troops’ to further deflect from her own skanky behavior and end with God Bless! What a manipulator! All she had to say was, “I did not send naked photos of myself to Tony Parker nor did we sext each other regularly”. She says more by ommission than in all her other BS. Ought to make a great lawyer.

  25. mik says:

    This lady has an enormous ego!!

  26. citmyway says:

    After the second paragraph I got bored and stopped reading. For someone that doesn’t have time to write about the “ridiculous reports” she sure did a lot of writing. I’m going to say GUILTY!!! Girl, shut your mouth, you know you sleep with him and this long ass denial is only more proof!

  27. Lenore says:

    I love that she writes “forgive me for not caring [about the rumours]” in the middle of a big fuck-off essay on the subject. IF YOU DIDN’T CARE YOU WOULDN’T BE DENYING IT, DEARIE!! End of story.

  28. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Stupid douchebag famewhore!

  29. Mare says:

    She’s thanking the troops? Hilarious.

  30. roslvr says:

    Emotional affair? Ha! No one with almost unlimited access to money who sends hundreds of sexual texts AND naked pix can say they didn’t have actual sex. Puhlease! There’s just no proof. This chick seems the type who wants to “prove” how much better she is at everything than everyone else…including in the sack. It’ll eventually come out that they had intercourse. Trust.

  31. Jezi says:

    Wow, she really shot herself in the foot with this one. She has the halo act down pat but when she turns around you see her pointy devil tail.

  32. slymm27 says:

    but brent barry must have his own fair share of side pieces, he is lucky her cheating ass was blown open before his. She sounds smug, annoying and full of her skinny self. Silly people, each and everyone of them.

  33. Cletus says:

    I think if I had found all that shit on my b/f’s phone, I would have quietly dumped him (if we were married I’d have gone with “irreconcilable differences) and had nothing else to say in the matter.

  34. SethG says:

    I like people like that, unbowed and proud, she was gave the middle finger to all the naysayers, and gossipers.

    She’s no weak-kneed fool, I interpreted her blog as a big, “I’m minding my business, so should you”, I love this girl.

  35. Nj says:

    This letter reeks of effort but is awkwardly written. She’s not as smart as she thinks she is. “I stay up at night worrying about abused children…and CARPOOL”? Are you for real? What kind of moron writes this? Hey, if you want to write statements in your own defense after you acted like a slutty ass – oh yes you did, dear- go right ahead. But don’t pull this holier-than-thou routine with us and throw law school around like you’re better than this ugly story. You ARE the ugly story! You weren’t fretting about abused kids when you were sexting with another woman’s husband. You had time for hundreds of texts with a married man, you were not doting on your children and you sure weren’t concerned with your own husband. You are not Mommy of the Year or Savior of The Children. You are an immature idiot for sexting, a horrible friend, a fail as a wife-an embarressment to your kids (hope they buy your saint act when they find out what you were doing with Daddy’s friend) and a self absorbed bullshit artist.

  36. Kim says:

    OHHH BROTHER!!!! What keeps me awake at night is married women like you sending sex messages to a married man! Not concentrating on your own marriage or children. Certainly when she was texting him sex messages she wasnt thinking of abused children. What a moron this lady is!

  37. Kim says:

    Erin – me thinketh thou protest WAYYYYYY to much.

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