Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap: Kim is a needy lush, Taylor’s marriage is crap

Spoilers for last episode
This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wasn’t as dramatic as we’ve seen so far, and that’s because we were barely subjected to Camille and her unparalleled narcissism. There was still plenty going on, most notably a blind date for a heavily boozing Kim, and Taylor crying over her lousy marriage.

One thing that really stuck out for me was that Kim was drunk for a good portion of this show.* Now I understand that she was being set up on a blind date, and I’m not one to begrudge someone their liquid courage, but she was wasted. She also seemed bombed during the narration portion of the show, and I’m beginning to think that a lot of her social issues may be due to how much she drinks. Or maybe she drinks because she’s shy, but it’s obviously not working for her.

To start off this week’s episode, we saw sisters Kim and Kyle get electric facials in preparation for Kim date. They talked about how Kim needs a companion and how Kyle doesn’t want to have to worry about her. Kim went out to lunch with one of her daughters, and again they focused on how Kim needs a man.

Camille tried on a bunch of insanely expensive gowns in preparation for the Tony Awards, where Kelsey is nominated. It was amusing to hear her rattle off how many times he’s been nominated for Emmys and how many times he’d won, given what we know about the imminent failure of her marriage.

Lisa met with her intended date for Kim, an older British gentleman named Martin whom she claimed in an earlier episode was still in prison. She was hesitant to recommend Kim to Martin, and said “she’s really nice… but she’s a little feisty, and you’re desperate now aren’t you?

Adrienne’s husband, Paul, set up an eighth anniversary dinner for her at home (prepared by their gourmet chef) that was actually pretty sweet. These two bicker constantly, with Paul kind of feeding off Adrienne’s rejection. It’s clear he adores her, though, and his anniversary present, a german shepherd straight from Germany, was Adrienne’s favorite gift of all time.

Taylor took her four year-old daughter, Kennedy, to the doctor to discuss her recent allergies. The doctor confirmed Taylor’s suspicions that her daughter’s rash and puffy eyes were due to the new puppy that her husband bought for Kennedy against Taylor’s wishes. Of her daughter’s allergies, Taylor said “‘it’s really karmic… I blame Russell.” Taylor and her husband Russell sort-of agreed to get rid of the dog, with Taylor shedding fake tears over it.

Lisa gave Kim the heads up on her date, and quipped over the phone “Tonight I’m setting you up with a debonair young man, well he’s not debonair but he’s the best I could find, ok? I don’t want you to get too cocky tonight. He’s darling, he’s age appropriate.” Then everyone except Camille headed to some billionaire’s incredible mansion (I think it was this guy, Mohamed Hadid, a real estate developer responsible for several Ritz Carltons) for the dinner party to setup Kim and Martin. Kim was late and dressed in a very low cut leopard print dress. She looked trashy compared to the other ladies, but Martin didn’t seem to mind. They hit it off and Kim was practically hanging on him by the end of the night, slurring that “I forgot to tell you, I married my first blind date.” Martin was almost as drunk.

At the end of the episode we saw Taylor going to Kyle for advice about her marriage. Kyle and her husband Mauricio have four daughters that range in age from 2 to 21 and are still very affectionate with each other. Taylor and husband Russell have one four year-old daughter and seem very disconnected. They have obviously longstanding issues, and Richard is humorless and controlling. Taylor explained their relationship like they were good business partners. Kyle told her that she feels like Mauricio “always has my back.” She was mildly encouraging when it came to whether Taylor could save her marriage. Kyle asked “If you don’t have that to begin with, that’s hard. If you don’t have that and you can’t change that, what would you do?

Taylor said “There’s a part of me that thinks it’s unfair to even ask for that.”

Kyle continued “He’s so lucky to have you. We all deserve to have it all. Anybody would be lucky to have you.”

I predict that Taylor will be getting a divorce within the next year.

Spoiler for future show
*I’ve read in the National Enquirer that Kim’s drinking becomes an issue later in the series, and maybe I was looking for it. I’m pretty sure I would have noticed anyway.

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  1. maya says:

    Kim is SO weird!! I can understand why she doesn’t have that many friends. I like Lisa and Kyle. Camille (Kelsey Grammar’s ex-wife) is horrible. Camille has to be the most hated housewife in this franchise.

  2. Stronzilla says:

    I think that dog is trying to tell us something in the last pic. A distress signal perhaps? Achtung, kommen zie und getten me.

  3. bros says:

    yah I think kim drinks to comfort herself. she is obviously extremely insecure, high strung, nervous, anxious, and supremely unconfident.

    what about dude Mohamed’s ridiculous villa last night? holy crap.

    camille: its like she defies the laws of insufferability. every time you think she has reached her zenith, she outdoes her self again!

    talor is just an unfortunate hatchet-faced muppet. She married that uncle fester-face guy solely for money, which she knows, deep down. and that is why she feels she has no equality in the relationship to contradict him or argue or stand her ground when it comes to anything, because he is clearly in charge because he is the one who works and makes the money and I dont think she has ever done a thing in her life, which makes her feel unworthy in the relationship.

    did the doctor even do a skin test for the dog allergy? I felt like his diagnosis was really cursory.

  4. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Awww I didn’t even notice Kim drinking. LOL I was so engrossed in her first date. I thought they were so cute together. :P I do think that leopard dress was a tad tacky, she could have worn something sexy and without looking like an aging madam. Didn’t those electric facials seem amazing? I wanna do one in the future. Oh and you were right about that Hadid fella, he indeed has something to do with The Ritz Carltons. Awesome. His home was breath taking.

    I feel really bad for Taylor, I need more back story on their relationship because they seem entirely wrong for each other. How did they even marry one another? I feel so bad that the dog made their daughter sick. All Russell wanted to do was make his child happy but she isn’t able to have the dog. I predict divorce for them as well.

    Also for the next episode, Why is Camille still harping on that comment? I can’t believe she thinks anyone is jealous of her. They don’t even talk about her when she isn’t around.

  5. Celebitchy says:

    @Love Angelina – yes! I want one of those electric facials. Who knows if they really work or if it’s just the products though.

  6. Riley says:

    I kind of get the impression that Taylor is starting to regret her marriage but she is very scared. If she leaves Russell what will she do, where will she go, how will she shop and have all of her fabulous things? While I don’t feel sorry for her in any way, I do think her husband was an ass about the dog. Parents really should make decisions like that together and both should be in agreement. His disregard for his wife’s feelings kind of shows that he is paying her to be his arm candy so when he has to go to smooshy events he doesn’t seem completely socially inept (which he is). Total aside here, but part of me was wondering last night, how Taylor feels about that upper lip. It clearly is not natural and I think she would look so much prettier and less plastic if her lips were natural. Oh, and another aside, Celebitchy, you forgot the best part of the show: When Lisa Vanderpump’s husband’s gay lover was in that huge tub/pool and Lisa made a remark about his two inch lever or chain or something (as if she didn’t know already;-)

  7. Celebitchy says:

    @Riley I wrote that down as it was classic! Lisa said: “I was very disappointed to see that under all that dynamite there’s like a 2 inch fuse”
    I didn’t include it though as I didn’t have a screenshot.

  8. Marjalane says:

    Oh! Where to begin?! There were so many good lines last night; I’m paraphrasing, but Lisa saying, “Kim and her boobs were late in arriving” (and yeah, I’m thinking Kim downed several before attending AND drove herself to the party) and then when they showed the preview for next week, there’s that bitch Camille, (now, like three weeks later) declaring herself to still be devastated by by the “perniciousness” that is Kyle! I mean, seriously she makes Imelda Marcos look like a saint.

    So, Please- can someone tell me what the difference in ages are of Kim and Kyle, and are all four kids that Kyle has, by Mauricio? I thought she was married before him. Taylor’s life is pitiful. Russell is a freak, but she is too- she showed some vulnerability last night, but damn- it’s going to take something superhuman to get me past her posing on her daughters birthday table!

    My husband is appalled that I’m so into this show! But it’s so awesomely ghastly!

  9. bros says:

    I believe Lisa’s words were about a 2 inch charge under all that dynamite.

    here is mohamed’s bio

    I find it interesting the article talks about him being married with 2 kids when it was written and being a devout muslim and fasting during ramadan. my how things have changed for him!

  10. Jillian says:

    I watched this show for the first time last night. My favorite is Adrienne. I think she seems the most genuine and real.

    The whole dog allergy issue with Taylor and family pissed me off. To most people getting rid of the dog would be a no brainer. The fact that her upper lip is so inflated that you can’t see her top teeth really bugged me.

    I think Kyle looks like Demi. She is the best looking, imo.

  11. Amanda says:

    If I had been on that date, I would have gotten drunk too! That was one of the MOST awkward and awful dates I have ever seen. Their friends are a-holes for making it so awkward for them.

    Camille is what is most interesting about this series to me (for now) because of her craziness. They sure are dragging out the bit where they get to Kelsey’s cheating on her, aren’t they?

    If anyone saw “Watch What Happens Next”, the talk show that follows RHOBH, they would know that Lance Bass dated Lisa’s gay best friend at one point (the guy with the 2 inch charge, LOL). Kinda interesting!

  12. NayNay says:

    I think that Kim needs to stop blaming her social awkwardness on her being a ‘child star’, because that was like a thousand years ago. She should most definitely be in some kind of counseling.

    Are they going to show the Camille (nutjob) and Kesley blow out on TV? I hope so. She certainly needs to be knocked down a peg or two.

  13. SRM says:

    I love, love, love Lisa.

    I do feel sorry for Kim. Her opening in the credits is so awkward. She reminds me of some tween practicing what she thinks are glamourous modeling poses in a mirror.

    I love Kyle and her husband together. I noticed them being very affectionate on the side during someone else’s conversation.

    I can’t wait to see how Camille’s divorce goes down on camera. I am almost giddy. Normally I would think its very sad to watch this happen but she is so wretched. Watching her try on those dresses and knowing that everything went down a few weeks after the Tony’s did kind of make my feel just a tiny bit bad for her. It reminds me of the movie Carrie where she is all excited about being Homecoming Queen and all the while you know she’s about to get a bucket full of pigs blood dumped on her.

  14. annon says:

    I don’t feel bad for Taylor. She did that to herself. That guy is a complete ass…let’s set him up with Camille.

    @Marjalane – after seeing Taylor posing like that at the party I am convinced she had that kid to secure her future financially when Russell inevitably dumps her.

    And I think Maurico isn’t the father of Kyle’s eldest. He made a comment about her having Farrah and how he feel in love with her b/c he knew she was a great mom.

  15. guesty says:

    love this show…love it. wish camille would’ve been @ the dinner party just for dramz.

    mohamed’s house…o.m.g. tho adrienne is my favorite her hub just seems starved for sex! & she seems so not into him.

    as for the blind date…in a word..AWKWARD. whatever his name was seemed genuinely attracted to taylor & not @ all attracted to kim.

    lisa acts so much older than she claims to be…perhaps it’s because her husband is older. if it wasn’t for cedric & his 2 inch fuse (lol!!!) she seems to be surrounded by a more geriatric crowd.

  16. NayNay says:


    Yes, I am with you that Taylor did this to herself. I vaguely remember her saying that she did marry for money. So, I personally think she should get what she deserves. Sorry!

  17. ghostbuster says:

    lisa and adrienne crack me up. i love their relationships with their husbands. they both seem to be married to their best friend.
    i didnt realize kim was drunk. i thought she was extremely nervous and was a bit tipsy.
    i dont have much pity for taylor. she admits that her husband didnt have much interest in her in the begining, so why would he now? as far as the dog is concerned, no, i dont think he should have gotten the dog without it being a mutual decision. i think taylor would have found any excuse to get rid of the dog though. she talked more about how mad she was at russel for getting the dog than how bad she felt for her daughter. hopefully the dog will find a good loving home.

  18. RHONYC says:

    i think all these ‘rich’ dudes out in cali find all these dolls in their spagetti strap dresses hilarious.

    i mean it’s like those wives live in a constant state of delusion.

    they get wife them, then get a young jump-off.

    case and point…kelsey’s new chick is an average ‘kinda cute’ girl with an average BMI.

    yet & still, i bet camille still doesn’t get it. she thinks being shriveled up skin-&-bones is the sh*t.

    so sad. :-(

  19. lin234 says:

    Taylor says she saw Russell across a restaurant and knew he was the one. SHE pursued him for 3 months and he tried to run.

    She actually has the audacity to say she married for love and not for money. She deserves everything she has. I’m wondering how she got him to marry her? My theory is that she got pregnant the first chance she got. Seems like Russell loves his daughter but could care less about Taylor.

    It seemed like she was pushing hard for the doctor to tell her Taylor has allergies to the dog. She is so see-through in that she doesn’t want the dog in the house.

    I don’t even think her lips are just the problem at this point. Can people get plastic surgery to widen their mouths? It’s such a weird mouth even without those duck lips. And there is no way those cheekbones are natural. If you check out older pictures of her at bravo, there is one picture of her as a cheerleader and her cheeks are normal.

    I didn’t know that drinking was a problem for Kim. In fact, it seemed like she was asking for tonic water on the blind date. I just thought it was normal Kim behavior. Her dress though was exactly what you picture an older woman on the hunt wearing. So cliche.

    I did a quick google search on Mohamed and this popped up:,0,289924.story

    He’s trying to sell his house for 85 million back in 2009. That is a spectacular house.

  20. daisydoodle says:

    Kim’s drinking was questionable, however, her disappearance leads me to believe she might have another addiction…she seemed to be gone for quite a while during the dinner.

  21. TeeTee says:

    lord, I can’t wait to see Camille’s face melt about the divorce..

    I can’t beleive that she is STILL talking about Kyle–she is kinda obsessed with her..

    I love Adrienne (she can be kinda hard though) and Kyle.

    Lisa’s voice sometimes annoys me, and it seems like she has a superior thing going on but she has been the voice of reason at times.

    I wonder if her or her husband mess around w/her “house guest”..

    uh, that guy Martin is in Prison??? for what?? anyone know??

  22. Laurie says:

    Camille is a crazy joke! I am sure she is outraged that she is not the most loved & adored housewife from BH!

  23. Lisa Turtle says:

    Camille = no friends, no life. Spent the episode talking to her “house manager” about a fight she had with Kyle 2 weeks ago. Nobody else mentioned it, not one single housewife.

    Kim & Kyle were cute when they did their sister bonding activities at the spa.

    Kim = Sad, I just feel sad for her. You can tell she was once beautiful and confident and she just seems so beat down, skittish and unsure of herself.

    Maloof = Hates her husband. Hates him.

  24. Marjalane says:

    Yeah, I didn’t get that Adrienne was, “married to her best friend” from what I saw last night. She was such a bitch about everything he was doing for her! She made such a face about (not) eating some of the fondue- I mean, the guy was trying! At least she was gracious and loved the dog. (although the dog didn’t look any too thrilled to be there) I think trout pout Taylor clued that Dr. in that she wanted to 86 the puppy before she ever got in his office- besides from what I could tell the puppy was a bichon frise, and they’re non-allergenic. That’s why people with allergies get them, they don’t shed.

  25. Carrie says:

    @Marjalane: Kim is the older sister by 5 years. I think that Kyle’s oldest daughter is from a previous relationship, but I also think that Mauricio considers her one of his own.

    @LoveAngelina: You are so right about Camille’s delusions that all the other women are dying with jealousy over her- the only time the other women mentioned her all episode was in one throwaway comment like, “So glad Camille isn’t at the party so we can all relax without drama.” Then she was completely forgotten.

    I didn’t even notice Kim’s drinking, but as soon as you said it a lightbulb went off: that makes a lot of sense and explains a lot about her.

    If I were going to be jealous of any of these women, it would be Lisa Vanderpump (fabulous and filthy rich and witty) or Kyle (gorgeous and happily married with a hot hubby). I am not jealous of the delusional muppet who is reviled by everyone and dumped by her ’90s television star husband.

  26. pebbles says:

    I like Lisa.
    I feel sorry for Kim.
    Couldn’t really be bothered by any of the rest of them, but am I the only one who doesn’t like Kyle?
    She’s like the “mean girl in high school” with her veiled insults and her fake sympathy – - like when she asked Taylor, “doesn’t your husband have your back?” – - knowing full well that Russell doesn’t have Taylor’s back……she just wanted to flaunt her perfect relationship with Mauricio. See, my life is so perfect……..yuck, Kyle.

  27. bagladey says:

    I like Kim. Kim has some issues, like the rest of us, but I find her simpatico and without airs. I like Kyle too. Kyle had her first daughter from a different relationship at age 18, but I think they need Maury Povich because I find Kyle’s youngest child, Portia, does not look the rest of the family, and she looks some sort of other ethnicity (arab?). I’m just saying.

  28. Riley says:

    @bagladey: I kind of thought that at first but I think Mauricio is Mexican and he also looks like he has some Italian in him to me. I think that is why the baby’s skin is olive toned and her hair is so thick, dark, and curly. She is beautiful.

  29. roslvr says:

    I agree w/lin234. It is totally cliche for an older woman to wear any animal print all over nowadays. Usually younger women use it as an accessory like shoes but not the entire outfit.

    Taylor is so hard to look at. Her wide mouth and big lips are gross. And her skinny body free of any curves makes me think she looks like a starving anorexic when she takes off her clothes. I have a wide mouth and big lips but not circus worthy like Taylor’s. When I lose weight they tend to look bigger so maybe since Taylor weighs 10 lbs that’s why she looks like a sea bass.

  30. Az says:

    @ Tee Tee: The main reason I keep watching this show is to see Camille’s face when Kelsey kicks her to the curb.

  31. Cleo says:

    I don’t watch the show but I love Ruthie. She used to guest star as an ingenue in different crime dramas after Hello Larry and I still liked her even when her amazing straight hair was permed and feathered. She still looks like Ruthie Adorable in my mind’s eye. I actually liked Paris Hilton when I learned who her aunt is.

  32. Jayna says:

    The funny thing about the whole Camille gown shopping thing is Camille already knew Kelsey wanted out. He had already told her but asked her to come to the awards for appearances’ sake. She didn’t want to but he said they could talk about the future. So it’s funny she’s acting all happy there. Totally acting. In fact, she said when she arrived for the premier, he didn’t let her stay at the apartment. He put her in a hotel and told her it was better for the show and filming. She said she realized later he had someone staying in the apartment with him.

  33. Jayna says:

    I don’t think Kim was drinking too much, and if she was, who wouldn’t? A blind date with cameras and the whole gang right in her face. I thought she handled herself well and was social, considering how bad she was in the beginning of the season. She seems to be making an effort. Give the girl a break.

  34. Kiska says:

    I love this show. It is a guilty pleasure just like potato chips.

    Kyle and Maurico – sooooooo hot together and also seem to have a solid relationship to boot.

    Kim – I had a lot more sympathy for her this episode. She is so painfully shy and socially inept that its hard to watch. Her outfit was really inappropriate for a “first meeting” – rather like presenting the goods on a silver platter. That one guy, Roger, was really inappropriate with the banana/strawberry phallic design. I wonder what they were doing together when Kim was MIA?

    Camille – She is surround by paid “friends” who listen to her whine about how everyone is jealous of her and to tell her how gorgeous she is. She is a classic narcissist.

    Lisa- Love her deadpan humour; her eccentric husband; their fluffy dogs that are like accessories and the “house guest.

    Adrienne – She is so matter of fact and unpretentious that its hard to believe she is multi-millionaire. She is entirely unaffected by it all. Her husband clearly adores her and she puts him in his place. It is rather a role reversal of sorts – he’s kind of the needy trophy husband and Adrienne is the power partner.
    The German Shepard looked so fearful. Its tail was almost between its legs. Poor dear.

    Taylor – Her lips distract me. I try and find some humanity in her and all I see is her lips.
    Her husband lacks compassion and does not love his wife at all. I don’t know what to make of him. She did state that they were good business partners so clearly this was a marriage of financial convenience.

  35. angel says:

    It almost appears to me that Russel has some form of Asperger’s . He is disconnected emotionally and he tries very hard to learn social cues. He does not strike me as a philanderer or evil person.
    The daughter Kennedy comes across as someone who has difficult time emotionally connecting as well. Lovely little girl, but not very calm or connected. Just a crazy theory, but the first time I saw him on the series I said out loud, he strikes me as someone with Asperger’s syndrome and that is the failure for the connection. This might be waaaay off base. But the reason why Taylor might have missed it to begin with is that she is most interested in herself and how everything serves her and benefits her, rather than a joint relationship of give and take. Now she is ready for that and he simply does not seem to possess the skillset for it from what comes across on the television.

    I hope they don’t split up and hope they work it out. The characters on the show are pretty fun to watch, and well cast.

  36. Elle says:

    This is the BEST Housewives series out of the franchise. I love this show.

    I agree with everything @Kiska says.

    In the first episode or so they showed an old pic of Taylor and she looked so much better. Plastic surgery ruined her face and she looks so disformed. She should remove her awful cheek implants. Her face looks sunken and it makes her look really old.

  37. ziggy says:

    kim is the only one who looks natural…kind of…the others look like plastic surgery ‘don’ts….

  38. Kate says:

    I think Kim does drugs, when she was gone for a while she went to get high. And Taylor’s dog is a Maltese, they do not cause allergies.

  39. james says:

    taylor-when you marry for money you earn every penny.

  40. ragdoll says:

    I don’t understand why Kim and Kyle look so bad. They are in The same age group as Jodie Foster and Helen Hunt who are very attractive. Even their older sister Kathy Hilton looks years younger than those two.

    While I don’t endorse it, I certainly can’t fault Kelsey Grammer for straying.

    Adrienne sums it up perfectly at the start of the show: “Money is what I have, not who I am”. She doesn’t seem as phony as the others.

  41. original kate says:

    nothing but a bunch of narcissistic, spoiled, dumb, ungrateful, ill-mannered plastic surgery disasters in tacky clothes.

  42. jaye E says:

    I think this is my favorite of the “Real Housewives” shows. I LOVE Lisa…yes, she’s obscenely wealthy, but she along with Kyle seem to be the most down to earth. I loved it when she was at Taylor’s birthday party for her daughter and she said “what ever happened to pin the tail on the donkey?” That party was so clearly for Taylor…no matter what she says.

    I do kind of feel sorry for Kim. She seems very socially inept. She’s so squirrely, though. She’d drive me nuts.

    Camille is just a horror. I watched an episode yesterday when she was in Hawaii and she’s sitting in a hot tub with her house manager and some dude and she says “I think I’ve helped everyone in this hot tub” and then went on to say “I just love to help people…maybe I have a Jesus complex”. What. The. BLEEEEEEEEPPP?? Who DOES that?? That scene put me off watching the rest of the mini-marathon Bravo was running.

  43. jaye E says:

    Oh and Adrienne is two plastic surgeries away from looking exactly like Jocelyne Wildenstein.

  44. Kristin says:

    I don’t know the breed of Taylor’s dog but it looks like a Maltese. These dogs are good for people who suffer from pet allergies.
    Taylor complains about having to take care of a dog. Doesn’t this woman have a housekeeper? How can she afford a $60,000 party for her kid and not have anyone to help with a pet?
    I hope this woman isn’t making up a pet allergy as an excuse to take a dog away from a little girl. That is so evil.
    That party wasn’t even fun for her kid. It was fun for her. They didn’t even have any kids activities.
    Also, she is so freakish looking with all those injectibles. Her lips look like slugs. It is disturbing to look at her freakish face.
    And, she goes around saying she married her husband for money. At least lie about that. Then she wants people to feel sorry for her.

  45. dahlia47 says:

    Aaaaah! I just have to watch this episode!!

  46. dahlia47 says:

    yeah adrienne should stop w the surgeries. I have a feeling that she was really pretty before she started having all of this stuff done.

  47. lololola says:

    Camille is a very scarey person . She reminds me of the Bill Hartman’s wife, Brynn. She longed for an identity and celebrity in her own right. She had little to offer, as a result she murdered Bill, killed herself and left their children orphans. Get out Kelsey, get out before it’s too late ! !

  48. Abby says:

    OMG, Lisa is such a hoot. She is just adorable. I can’t believe you accuse Kim of being a lush. She seems fine to me. I think she just longs for a mate. Her blind date with Martin seemed to have a little chemistry. I thought they were a cute pair. Kyle is so cute and very in tune to her sister and her sister’s needs. Kyle seems very normal and down to earth. Taylor seems extremely unhappy and a ttotal witch re the little pup. Her husband almost seems sadistic towards her. He gives me the creeps. I thought Paul’s romantic evening with Adrienne was just fabulous. He seems to be quite fun and adoring of his wife. Camille is really just a nasty woman. Wow, you can understand why her only friends are paid staff.

  49. Louisa says:

    I agree, Camille is a horror. If the physic was the friend that she claimed to be, she should have told Camille about her husband wondering eyes and what was around the corner for her. Rather then reading Kyle the physic was reading Camille.

    Camille is also jealous of all the housewives, she doesn’t fit in and don’t know how to.

    People that is used to haveing don’t have to brag.