Gisele says that Jack Moynahan is baby Ben’s “hero”: “I’m very lucky”


These are photos from Gisele Bundchen’s January cover and cover shoot for Vogue Italia. I just thought we’d all like to see Gisele in her natural habitat, and it’s just a reminder of why she’s one of the most in-demand models in the world. The bitch can work a pose. In other Gisele news, she gave an interview to People Magazine… I think she was promoting her work on a new web series, Gisele and the Green Team, but she ended up talking about her boys, of course. And by “boys” I don’t mean Tom and Ben. I mean Jack Moynahan and Ben. Gisele just won’t stop talking about Bridget Moynahan’s son… and at this point, I’m kind of over it. I feel like a bitch for harping on how Gisele pretty much acts like Jack is her own child, because I really think that Gisele is just effusive and, it’s like she’s trying so hard to come across as not only The Best Mother In The World, but The Best Step-Mother too. I’m leaning towards giving the bitch a break:

Gisele Bündchen is opening up about her family with her husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady — and she says there are more children in her future.

Between baby Benjamin, who will celebrate his first birthday Dec. 8, and Jack, Brady’s 3-year-old son with Bridget Moynahan, “I’m feeling very lucky,” the supermodel tells PEOPLE.

Especially because the two boys get along so well.

“For Benjamin, his big brother is his hero,” she says. “Jack comes in and Benjamin has a big smile. He wants to follow him around. Anything he does, he’s just in awe of him like, ‘Oh my God!’”

And though Jack enjoyed only child status for a few years before getting a younger sibling, “he’s amazing” with the baby, Bündchen, 30, says. “He’s the sweetest kid.”

She does admit there’s been some adjustment on Jack’s part. “Sometimes siblings can get in each other’s space. He was used to having all the attention and then when you have to share, you don’t like it,” she explains. “Overall they really get along and I’m very lucky.”

Jack also helped inspire Bündchen with her latest project, a new animated web series, Gisele and the Green Team, which will present environmental issues to kids.

“He is obsessed with Diego,” she says, “so I thought he’d really like it. I originally wanted the cartoon to be GG and the Green Team because my little peanut, little Jack, calls me GG.”

As one of six girls herself, Bündchen is open about her desire for a large family like the one she grew up in. “I want more kids for sure but I don’t know when,” she says. “Right now I have my hands full!”

[From People]

It’s kind of a sweet interview if you don’t think about how it probably pissed Bridget off. In other Gisele news, TMZ reports that she and Tom Brady are spending a whooping $7,500 to light and decorate their LA mansion this year, and that they’ve already preordered two twelve-foot tall Christmas trees. All of the lights are in red, white and blue too. Ugh.






Vogue Italy cover and photos courtesy of The Fashion Spot.

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    wow. those are some of the WORST pictures of her that I’ve ever seen.

    she’s got a great body for runway modeling, but I never thought she was a beauty. she usually photographs very well despite that.

    but these pics? just no.

  2. malachais says:

    idk, but she looks pretty godd*mn stupid in these pictures. I don’t care if she can work a pose or not.

  3. tracking says:

    I believe she means well and it’s a good thing that little Jack is well loved all around. But I do think she should be more circumspect about word choices that imply negation of the boy’s actual mother. The same sentiment expressed a bit differently would not offend.

  4. spinner says:

    The camera loves her. Her facial bone structure reminds me of Kate Moss. They are both so interesting to look at. However, these pics…not sure what they were going for here.

  5. krissy says:

    Gee, how much electricity do you think her Christmas decorations are gonna waste….wonder what the Green Team would say about that?

  6. brin says:

    Nice hair…lol.

  7. Delta Juliet says:

    These pics are hideous.

    I think it’s kind of sweet that she includes Jack in everything. It’s better than ignoring him. He’s a part of her life too and as a mother, I’d rather have someone love my child than resent him.

  8. mel says:

    “more children to come”, spare us pleeze. i swear this chick thinks she’s the greatest stepmom.

  9. Genevieve says:

    Mediocre shoot…I’m not a fan of hers but there is no denying her beauty. Decent makeup as well in the first couple

  10. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I agree with Delta. I think Bridget should feel lucky her son is beyond loved. Jack is never gonna feel like his father abandoned him or that he isn’t as close with his step mom or feels awkward around the his brother because his brother lives with his father and he doesn’t. Jack is just getting pure love and he is gonna be fine. Bridget can’t ever accuse Tom of not being there for his son or accusing Gisele of not being a good step-mom.

  11. eva says:

    I agree with Kaiser. It’s very sweet. Honestly if Bridget is pissed from this she is stupid. If my kids had a step mom, I could only hope they would have someone who adores them as much as Gisele adores Jack.

    My dad’s wife would prefer my dad didnt have kids or grandkids. She’s pretty effective and controlling the non-relationship. And yes my dad should speak up, but it’s been 20 years this awkward way. I’m 50 year old, and live 5 hours away, so it’s not like a relationship with me would take all of weekends. As time goes by, I know my dad has limited number of years and it makes me a little sad that we dont have the relationship I’d like to have.

    On the other hand my husbands step-mom couldn’t be any more different. She adores all of her step kids and step grandkids. I love that my kids have a special relationship with her. Initially, it caused issues with his mom and funny enough my mom, who sided with my husbands mom, but everyone softened and holidays are relaxing and fun. (I wanted to add its been 20 years like this as well – so I’ve seen the issue from both sides for quite some time)

  12. Sarah says:

    Those pictures are horrible. Yeah, she has a rockin body but her face is just comical in those shots. I don’t get the fascination with her. Eh, whatever.

  13. icantbelievethis says:

    “He is obsessed with Diego,” she says, “so I thought he’d really like it. I originally wanted the cartoon to be GG and the Green Team because my little peanut, little Jack, calls me GG.”

    Usually I hate Gisele, but I think that is cute and totally appropriate. I like her more when she talks about her step son like that and in that quote she says Jack calls her ‘GG’ (not mom).

  14. icantbelievethis says:

    @eva Exactly!
    I grew up with crappy step parents (yeah both my parents married crappy, abusive people). I love seeing stories where step parents love the kids.

  15. December says:

    This shoot was horrible. It looks like she’s aged, and not in a good way.

  16. mslewis says:

    I don’t think Bridget has a problem with Gisele. She’s probably happy knowing that her son is well loved and well cared for when he is not with her. And Jack is lucky to have a stepmom and a little brother to love when he is with his Daddy. I think the rags are trying to make something out of nothing with this family.

    I have a question for TMZ . . . why would Tom and Gisele even bother to decorate their home in Los Angeles? They won’t be there. I wonder if TMZ knows that Tom Brady plays football . . . in New England!!! That’s like 3,000 miles away. Christmas is on a Saturday; he will probably play a game on Sunday. (I don’t know their schedule.) I doubt he will be spending any part of the Christmas holidays in L.A. If anything, they will spend it with Tom’s family in New England. Why would they decorate the L.A. house with thousands of dollars worth of lights? For the servants? Take this story with a grain of salt.(Or maybe they got the cities mixed up. Boston does sound a lot like Los Angeles.)

    And for those of you who think these photos or ugly or whatever . . . these are HIGH FASHION photos, not random photos taken with a throw away camera. It’s Italian Vogue. Gis has looked worse in poses and people still love her.

  17. Megan says:

    hopefully shes like that bc she really does love jack and not to rub it in BM’s face

  18. Sigh. says:

    I think the problem is Bridget is rarely to never mentioned or heard from, so incidentally, this becomes one-sided as if she doesn’t exist or has a direct hand in her son’s sweetness, like an adopted child.

    She seems to love Jack, but makes his biological mom a forgotten detail that’s not worth mentioning. Which might be the point…as in, she doesn’t want to answer questions about who/what happened before she came into the picture…or she’s just being passive aggressive. Whatevs.

  19. Leticia says:

    @Krissy, yeah, exactly right. How is $7500 worth of lights and the associated electricity respectful of the environment? Typical celebrity green hyprocrite. though she does seem to be a wonderful step-mom.

  20. gigi* says:

    wtf happened to her at these photos????

  21. jen says:

    Looking forward to the day Tom finally ditches this Brazilian nut.

  22. Laura says:

    “Gisele pretty much acts like Jack is her own child”

    Uh, and how exactly is that a bad thing? Oh no! The kid has too many people who love him! THE HORROR!!!!!!

  23. Lisa Turtle says:

    Oh! I’ve been sitting on a little tidbit of gossip regarding this group. I recently spoke to a good friend of mine from high school who I had lost touch with for a while. She works in production in LA, so after catching up on our lives, our conversation obviously turned to celebrity gossip. She was working on a little known movie called Unknown with Bridget Moynahan, who was dating Tom Brady at the time. Bridget and Tom were not on the same page, she wanted to get married and said it often. He came to visit her on set once, and she left to visit him every chance she got. It was a very one-sided relationship. Right before the screening for Unknown, Bridget called my friend and said she was not coming and she started crying. She was flying out to see Tom that night to “work out our future”. The inside scoop is that having been together for 2 years Briget was pushing for an engagement, and Tom told her that he was not going to marry her and he thought they should take a break. Sometime around this messy break up Bridget concieved Jack.

    She was a woman facing the twilight of her relationship and she did something desperate hoping it would make Tom stick around. I have sympathy for Bridget because she was very in love, but I do think she got pregnant intentionally.

    Gisele and Tom met soon after, and the rest is history.

  24. Me1st says:

    if all you people that say BM is going to have a problem with this would just STFU…if she didn’t include him you would still be saying that GB is horrible. there is no winning with you people. I am a step-parent and my hubby’s ex is a bitch, these kids are grown and i have been around since they were little. This thing still thinks that I’m going to run out on them like she did when they were little. I helped raise them, not her. Just leave her alone, she is a good mom and we don’t know what BM is thinking because she isn’t giving interviews that we can all read on here.

  25. LisaMarie says:

    Meh, at least she’s a stepmom who acknowledges her stepchild and is trying to be a good stepmom. There are way too many stepmoms who try (and succeed, unfortunately) to push the step-child out of their spouses lives completely.

  26. k says:

    She looks like a transvestite in these photos

  27. Atticus says:

    I always detect a passive-aggressive tone to Gisele’s statements about her stepson, like she’s always trying to get a dig in at Bridget. “I married the man you loved and now your son loves me, too” kind of vibe. I agree that the bottom line is, Jack is well loved all around and that is a good thing. But I never get a pure and genuine vibe from Gisele about anything.

    And seriously, in the same article she talks about environmental issues, she talks about spending $7500 on holiday decorations that are surely going to spend a ton of energy to run??

  28. Javagirl1 says:

    Those pictures are terrible…..just terrible.

  29. mslewis says:

    Turtle, what you say was not a secret!! Anybody who followed sports knows how desperate Bridget was to marry Tom Brady and she seem to be the only person who didn’t know that he had no intention of ever marrying her. His family disliked her and thought she was too old for him and not nearly good enough. Yeah, there is plenty of gossip in the sports pages!!

    It’s obvious that these two had a “good-bye f-ck” and Bridget got pregnant on purpose. When Tom still would not marry her, she refused to give her son his father’s last name. She has done many other spiteful things to hurt him and damage his reputation but, since she is D-List and not a big enough star for anybody to care, it hasn’t really made any gossip columns, except in Boston.

    I think that by now Bridget has gotten over her bitterness and is glad that Gisele loves her son. What else can she do? Keeping bitterness in her heart would harm her child. After all, it wasn’t Gisele’s fault that Tom left her.

  30. mslewis says:

    And seriously, in the same article she talks about environmental issues, she talks about spending $7500 on holiday decorations that are surely going to spend a ton of energy to run??
    Not in the “same article”!!! TMZ is reporting about the $7500 lights. Gisele hasn’t said anything about lights.

  31. QQ says:

    Hahahaha i love how everyone thought these photos were fugly… which they are

  32. Susan says:

    Did she get he lips done? And I agree that these pics are awful. She’s losing her relevance as a supermodel IMO.

    She’s good looking but when she opens her mouth to speak it just ruins the whole illusion for me.

  33. alex says:

    actually I like the idea that BM gave their son her last name, nothing is wrong with that. My mom and my dad wasn’t married and me and my two siblings have my mom’s last name and I am very happy she gave it to us. My parents are not together anymore and thank goodness for that

  34. Kisha says:

    I applaud the fact that both children are a priority for her and not just her own child.
    She is not being disrespectful of Jack’s mother, nor is she’s not trying to take Bridget’s place.
    And the TMZ story is false,the LA house is not finished yet.

  35. Jaxx says:

    I think it is nice that G treats Jack as a full member of the family. Many step-moms emphasize the HALF, as in half-brother or sister which always feels to me like they are semi rejecting the stepkids. At least G doesn’t do that. But really, she can’t win, no matter what she says someone reads something into it. Two kids are loved. Period.

  36. Kisha says:


    Seems like you are such a negative person.

  37. Kisha says:


    Come on now quit nit picking to find a negative.Again the TMZ story is false.

  38. Lisa Turtle says:

    @ mslewis – ha ha! I don’t follow sports! You caught me red handed!!!

    As for this article, I don’t think it’s horrible of Gisele to talk about her step-son with love, the same way she would talk about her own son.

    People ought to get with the program. These are modern times we are living in, blended families are the norm. It is beautiful that she can find so much love in her heart for a child that is not biologically hers.

    Compare this to an interview with Tom Cruise, where all he can talk about is Suri this and Suri that, and no mention of his adopted children at all – Now that is gross!

  39. RHONYC says:

    is it me, or has her modeling become more ‘labored’.

    it’s like she’s trying to hard to show she’s still got it.

    what made her famous was her ‘i-don’t-give-a-f*ck’ attitude on the runway and in pics.

    someone seems a lil’ insecuuuurre. 🙂

  40. Kisha says:

    By the way the cover….my God…..gorgeous.

  41. Melissa says:

    This is one homely woman.

  42. happygirl says:

    Um…wow…they say the camera adds 10 lbs. I think this camera added a whole lot of WTF! I’m not sure if it’s the human sized condom she’s wearing, or the wet hair, or the facial expressions, but…I’m breaking out the eyewash. And I know she’s gorgeous. Just REALLY bad pictures.

  43. bellaluna says:

    In our blended family, we never use the word “step-” in front of Dad, Mom, sister, or brother. Haven’t since as far back as I can remember.

  44. lola says:

    v. lucky. until he goes on to service the next cow (and no, that is not a knock to her figure but a reference to that awful ashley judd movie).

    She is old cow. He likes NEW cow. It’s a proven fact.

  45. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Ditto to what alex said. Why shouldn’t he have received his mother’s last name? In my case, my mother had the better last name so we got the better name and better parent. Semper Femme.

  46. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Wait, what’s this interview about and for what is it happening?

  47. lrm says:

    Remember the Canalis photos in italian vogue? I dont know what’s up with italian vogue’s ‘I did it my way’ type of pics….they are odd-sort of comical and whimsical, but not quite. They are mostly cheesy, cheap looking and forced. Not dream-like and poetic, which it seems they were striving for a la italiano style…

    anyway, i think what GB says gets affected by syntax and grammar choices due to translation….i find talkign with brasilian friends, that it does come off passive agressive sometimes in my english as a first language ear….but i think it’s meant to be ‘unaffected’ or non chalant, and even flexible/open minded, while at the same time straightforwardish and clear in opinion. It’s both committed and non committed phrasing. I don’t know-i’m not an expert in the brasilian psyche…but i think it’s a language issue with gisele. Yes, she’s fluent, but there’s still a brasilian [or whatever anyone’s first language is] paradigm as the foundation…

  48. TG says:

    @Lisa Turtle and MS Lewis – Thanks for your info, this is what I figured all along had happened. I think if the man is going to step up and take responsibility for the child it is just bitterness not to give the baby the last name of the dad even if you aren’t together anymore. Anyway, she will have to deal with that decicion one day when her son questions her about her stupidity. Although the argument about her being too old I disagree with. And I still think she is bitter. When Benjamin was born she put out some lame statement about a half-sibling. Would have been better not to comment at all.

  49. Someone Else says:

    @Lisa Turtle —

    I heard that same thing from some reliable sources when she got pregnant. I’ve been biting my lip on that one for ages, so thank you for spilling that info.

    I’ve become reluctant to share any secrets because I’m either ignored or called a hater.


  50. malachais says:

    @ Lisa Turtle, maybe she just became pregnant during the downfall of their relationship? If they were not being careful, this is a possibility. Why should it be assumed that Bridget became pregnant because she wanted to keep Tom? I mean you obviously have sources, but I think it kind of mean to assume that. Based on the information you have provided, it sounds like she was trying to keep the relationship because she was more committed than Tom was, but to imply she became pregnant to keep him is totally different. Maybe she just cared about him deeply and he didn’t feel the same way.

    I guess I bring this up because I can relate, sometimes you’re in a relationship and things just don’t work out. I found out I was pregnant after a breakup, when I informed my ex it wasn’t an attempt at trying to get him back. Just my 2 cents but like I said, you seem to have sources.

  51. Jezi says:

    @happygirl…you’re on a roll today.

    I think Bridget is over it all. I don’t think she gets annoyed anymore with Gisele. Gisele didn’t even sound overly annoying in this interview either. But the pictures are horrible. And if she looks that thin in the pics, can you imagine in person? Holy crap!

  52. YAY says:

    @lisa turtle – I seem to always agree with you!

  53. Donna Wingfield says:

    I’ve never thought Gisele is good-looking or interesting.

  54. happygirl says:

    @Jezi ~ LOL thanks girl! Seems the cup of sarcasm I had this morning is really paying off 😉

    As usual, I agree with you ~ about LeAnn’s ring on the other post (sooooo true!) and about Bridget not giving a crap anymore. I, personally, think she got the better end of deal here…

  55. mslewis says:

    I’ve never thought Gisele is good-looking or interesting.
    Well, luckily she doesn’t have to depend on you for the $35M she earns every year!!

    I really wish you all would stop talking about the photos in Italian Vogue. Gisele has nothing to do with these photos or the clothes she is wearing in them. She’s a model!! Model’s model . . . in whatever way the photographer wants them to model. And, no, she is not skinny. One word: photoshop!! You people sound like this is the way this woman always looks. It isn’t. She is barely recognizable in some of those pics.

  56. Moreaces says:

    I really dont like this shoot, but she seems sincere talking about the children.

  57. Rosanna says:

    I think Bridget looks way better than Gisele, but I like Gisele (as a person) way better!

  58. me says:

    She doesn’t have a face for artistic pictures of this kind. Only classic beauties can work this style well. An interesting face will look just ugly, as seen in this case. That’s my opinion.

  59. mm says:

    Yes it’s good that she cares for her stepson so much.

    The thing is – wouldn’t it be great if she just wouldn’t talk about it AT ALL? Like, just say it’s private and leave it at that?

  60. Cleo says:

    okay, the Italians at Vogue love her like Italy loves Germany- that’s obvious from the way the pictures turned out. She looks like a Shallow Hal girl. She always has.

  61. Lisa Turtle says:

    @ malachis… I understand that sometimes pregnancies happen accidentally. I just do not believe that was the case with Bridget & Tom.

    I forgot to mention that the screening for Unknown was in November 2006… 9 months later Jack was born, so its highly likely that he was concieved during a breakup hookup.

    As a general rule, actresses are very careful about pregnancies. They make their money off their appearance. A struggling actress, or a B/C list actress needs to be especially careful, because you could be dropped from any projects you have lined up due to a pregnancy.

    Bridget Moynahan is a solid C list actress. She is not raking in big bucks to be in a position where she can just pass up work. She knew what she was doing.

  62. Green Is Good says:

    Man Face.

  63. Cinderella says:

    1. Ugly pics. There are so many models that blow her away. What’s her big deal.
    2. Go Green with $7500 worth of burning lights, baby!
    3. Talk more about Ben and let Jack’s mom speak for Jack.

    Gis ain’t as slick as she thinks.

  64. archiepelago says:

    You were being facetious these photos right?

  65. janie says:

    i agree with pp, you would hope a kid gets embraced by a stepmom/dad. but there is something about Gisele that really makes it seem like she uses the kid to drive Bridget crazy. does not seem sincere.
    no denying she is beautiful but totally annoying.

  66. JC126 says:

    I’d love to see a link to those stories about TB’s family hating Bridget M. I’ve never seen such things in the sports pages or local gossip pages in Boston – please show me a few.

  67. Majosha says:

    Awful photos. Yikes.

  68. mary says:

    You should get your facts right. Bridget was filming Six Degrees when she became pregnant. She moved to NY in the fall of 2006. The story that you have been sitting on is as reliable as the stories from the brazilian girls.

  69. dd says:

    I crack up laughing when I read posters like “Lisa Turtle” who claim they have insider scoop on Bridget from four freakin’ years ago.

    Anyone can got to and find out what movies Bridget made, when the movies were released and then try to use that info to make their “scoop” more credible.

    Sorry, I don’t buy it.

  70. ziggy says:

    she’s quite lovely.

  71. Sassy says:

    The photos are hideous. And really, I don’t see her appeal. AT ALL.

  72. Belle Epoch says:

    #32 I noticed the lips too!

  73. ragdoll says:

    Lately the photographers seem like they’re having a competition on who can make Gisele look more hideous.

  74. slymm27 says:

    horror….what ugly woman she is that rakes in 35million a year……and we beauties behind the screen are thinking about mortgage. Some of you just ccrack me up with your beautifull fingers ever pointing at ugly over paid celebs…… Get a grip, your beef is pathetic.

  75. andy says:

    slymm27, you sound pretty insecure and pathetic to me. obviously, the fashion industry (and tom brady) love giselle’s ‘ugly’ look. 35 million a year speaks volumes as to how much your opinion matters.

  76. ragdoll says:

    Motherhood is not turning into the walk in the park that Gisele had envisioned. Why else would she put her master plan of populating the world with Brady spawns on hold?

  77. kate says:

    she is ugly as hell

  78. luna says:

    I don’t understand when people say Bridget got pregnant on purpose. Birth control is the responsibility of both parties, if she got pregnant, Brady has a hand in it too.

    And duh, if you live in Boston those are the kind of rumors you would hear about Bridget. Tom Brady is a god there and especially if you’re getting information from sports sources, of course they would resort to blatant sexism to put the least amount of blame on their Golden Boy quarterback onto his not-nearly-as-famous girlfriend. I remember back when his teammates were publicly slamming BM saying that she purposely didn’t take her birth control or whatever. How could they possibly have known that?

    And why shouldn’t she give the kid her last name? She was going to be the primary care giver. It always surprises me when women support this chauvinist pig bullsh*t way of thinking.

  79. luna says:

    Also, @me: ITA. I think GB is a fierce model but these shots are better suited for more classic beauties. The best ones are the two where her hair hides her face.

  80. ragdoll says:

    Luna, you’re right. No one besides Bridget Moynahan knows if her son’s conception was calculated. But most 35+ women can keep track of their ovulation schedules. Just months prior to the “accident”, BM was quoted as saying she visualized herself with kids within 5 years. And the timing of it all seems suspect too. The “accident” happened just as Brady was heading to the door. My point is, it’s not unreasonable to assume that BM’s intentions were less than admirable. Had she known that Brady was double dipping with GB, I doubt BM would have gone to the trouble of trying to hold onto him.

  81. jzhz says:

    Wow, he really doesn’t look so good in these photos. I think he had his lips done or something, too.

  82. mia says:

    The photos are really very good.
    The photographer did an excellent job.
    Y’all just jealous cause she is happy.

  83. slymm27 says:

    @andy, your stupidity is alarming. You are the one commenting on giselle and her ugly looks, why not post your ugly self picture up in here so we see what you look like. She is ugly and yet she makes all that money from being ugly, i wonder what your fat ugly self makes from your natural beauty. Stupid arse. Please go poop somewhere else, i harldy have time for ididots like you.

  84. jc126 says:

    If she never mentioned Jack, she’d get slammed for that, too.
    The light story is false, btw.
    And while I wished TB had stayed with Bridget M, I have to say I like Gisele’s personality. She seems smart, opinionated, and warm.

  85. jc126 says:

    Ah, Pats up 45-3 in the 4thQ against the it! GO PATS!

  86. bodee says:

    hey turtle , check out bridget moynahan talks about being a single parent’ in the hapers’ bazaar interview, scroll down to jennifers comments. that,and along with others is proof to me that what i have been saying along. BRIDGET DECEIVED AND BETRAYED TOM, went off the pill without telling him, and amiitted it to him. when bridget gets interviewed, she criticizes gisele. and gisele did a come back with ” i’m glad i waited for the right man to have a baby “. if i were bridget i’d be quiet, because, i’m still thinking that g is going to come out with the truth , if she is pushed to hard.

  87. shockadelica says:

    Tom And Bridget have publicly stated that they didn’t know she was pregnant when they broke up!! She said she was two months along when she found out! How do you get pregnant on purpose then wait two months to “Trap” him?! WTF! makes no damn sense! And “D list”!? check her credits!