Cheryl Hines praises Lindsay Lohan’s professionalism

The eternal optimist in me finds it really nice when messed up people get their lives together. Case in point: Britney Spears. Now Brit did it with the help of her parents, older brother, the courts, psychiatrists and a team of lawyers. But she’s really doing a good job of getting her life in order.

Someone who hasn’t gotten as much attention for improving her life is Lindsay Lohan. Perhaps it’s because Lindsay didn’t fall quite as far as Britney – she never ended up in a mental ward, and had no children to lose. But she did spend what seemed like three quarters of her life either drunk in clubs or in rehab. She was also very publicly shamed for her poor work ethic on the set of Georgia Rule by Morgan Creek CEO James G. Robinson in the summer of 2006.

However Lindsay is clearly trying to turn things around. Cheryl Hines, one of Lohan’s costars in the upcoming comedy Labor Pains, has praised her work ethic.

Cheryl Hines can’t curb her enthusiasm for working with Lindsay Lohan on the set of their film Labor Pains. “I have had a great time shooting with her, and when we have scenes together we have a lot of fun improvising… It usually ends in a big laugh fest, and they have to cut because we can’t talk anymore.”

Hines, who has starred with Larry David in the HBO hit Curb Your Enthusiasm since 2000, insists she expected nothing less from the 22-year-old star – even in light of Lohan’s past troubles on set. “It was what I expected,” Hines said of Lohan’s professionalism. “I honestly expected that she’s gotten herself together, and really wanted to work and that’s what she’s showing us. I’m very proud of her.”

Lohan’s movie career has been stalled by stints in rehab, but a Labor Pains producer confirmed to PEOPLE in June that those days appear to be over – Lohan showed up for work June 9 on the L.A. location and has consistently been early and well-prepared for the grueling 12-hour shoots.

[From People]

It took Lindsay almost two years to get her act together (I’m not going to go so far as to say she’s cleaned it up entirely) but it seems like she’s managed to gain a bit of maturity. And to be fair, Lindsay had to do it without the help of her parents.

No one’s saying Britney Spears’ mom and dad are examples of awesome parenting, but they at least saw their daughter had a problem and tried to step up. Dina Lohan has always maintained that nothing’s wrong with Lindsay, while Michael has begged her to find God. They’ve pretty much done whatever they could to make her problems worse.

It seems like whatever improvements Lindsay has made, she’s made on her own, or perhaps with the help of her not-quite-acknowledged girlfriend Samantha Ronson. And Labor Pains looks like it might actually be funny. Good for her.

Here’s Lindsay Lohan on the set of ‘Labor Pains’ in L.A. on Friday. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Danielle says:

    I think the picture would’ve been more ironic if she was smoking in it. I’m glad though that she’s taking a stronger approach as I guess she’s realizing it’s her life and she wasn’t happy with the way it was going.

  2. emma says:

    didn’t cheryl hines work with linds before? I believe it was in herbie or some disney movie.

  3. Frederico says:

    I don’t think she has it together, considering she’s dating a skeletonic lesbian ghoul. Acting for Linds is like breathing, or lying — she doesn’t have to be in good shape to do it. As for Britney, she is merely a walking vegetable, which I don’t think you can call a return to mental health ( she never had any to return to ).

  4. paris herpes says:

    Finally she got with it and decided to grow up. She’s still not really sober though.

  5. xiaoecho says:

    interesting that now Lindz has got her act together there are only 4 posts…..if she was drinking and drugging herself to death, sleeping around and vag flashing, there’d be 43

    what does that say about us? 😐

  6. Bodhi says:

    LL overload? I got so freaking SICK og hearing about her that I hardly pay attention to her anymore.

    I’m glad she is “getting her shit together.” I don’t for one second think that she has it together, but she seems to be at least pretending to be somewhat stable

  7. gg says:

    Oh, she’s shooting a movie … that must be why she’s stopped dunking herself in that orange sheep dip. Sorry, but that orange stuff looks especially horrific on pale skin.