Jimmy Kimmel’s rep confirms split with Sarah Silverman

Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman on 4/26/08. Credit: Faye Sadou / WENN
Somewhere, the former Mrs. Jimmy Kimmel is having a good laugh- and not over his hilarious “I’m F#$%ing Ben Affleck” video. Jimmy and fellow comedian girlfriend Sarah Silverman have split, according to a report that was posted at Us Weekly earlier today, which was mysteriously removed moments later.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel and comic Sarah Silverman have called it quits after five years of dating, a rep for the couple confirms to Usmagazine.com.

The break up was mutual, a source says.

Silverman, 37, was spotted at Hugos in West Hollywood on Saturday with a male friend.

“She really looked like she was in good spirits,” an observer tells Us. “She was laughing and smiling. Very animated.”

But a few minutes later, Silverman – who ate organic quinoa topped with fresh fruit – grew somber and became enthralled in a heart-to-heart conversation with her pal.

“She was talking and it looked like he was listening and then advising her,” the onlooker tells Us. “This went on for around 20 minutes.”

Mutual friend Jonah Hill – who has appeared in comedy skits on Kimmel’s ABC show – was dining in the restaurant and also stopped by to say hello.

“Jonah’s appearance definitely had an effect on her,” a witness tells Us. “They spoke for just a minute. And after he left, Sarah looked momentarily pensive.”

Kimmel, 40, and Silverman celebrated their five-year anniversary in February by creating parodies for his show about sleeping with half of Hollywood

Silverman began the faux rivalry with her tune, “”I’m F—king Matt Damon.” Kimmel joked to Us at the time that he “hope[s] they’re happy together!”

Kimmel got his revenge with “I’m F—king Ben Affleck” — starring Brad Pitt delivering a FedEx package, Harrison Ford blowing the couple a kiss and Cameron Diaz making obscene gestures.

The pair met during a roast for Hugh Hefner, where Silverman told the audience he was fat and joked he had no charisma — but that didn’t stop them from working together.

“He hired me to do voices on [Comedy Central’s] Crank Yankers and around the second season of that we started hanging out,” Silverman has said. “A while after that he kissed me.”

Kimmel separated from his wife Gina in 2002 after 14 years of marriage. Silverman has said she wouldn’t consider getting married until gay marriage is legalized.

[From Us Weekly’s RSS Feed, dated 3:04 EST 7/14/08]

Sarah and Jimmy just headlined a benefit concert in Manchester, NH, Sarah’s hometown. Sarah was the star of the show, with Jimmy serving as host. The concert was to benefit the theater group founded by Sarah’s mother, who still lives in NH.

Jimmy left his wife to hook up with Sarah, but somehow Sarah managed to dodge that “homewrecker” reputation so many other women get in her position. Maybe it was because Jimmy isn’t exactly a looker, and at the time, he wasn’t as famous and successful as he is now. Five years is a long time in Hollywood, and there sure are a lot of funny memories in the wake of their breakup.

Update by Celebitchy: The story is back up on US Weekly’s website, and may just have been waiting for some editing. It’s such a big story that we were on it right away and thought there was some funny business going on with US initially pulling it.

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  1. vdantev says:

    Love her- largely indifferent toward him.

  2. KERRI says:

    Perhaps the Matt thing is real! 😀

  3. Mairead says:

    LOL Kerri, you got there first – I too wondered whether it was because *sings* “she was f*cking Matt Damon (he’s f*ucking Ben Affleck)

  4. I choose me says:

    Absolutely not true Kerri and Mairead because I’m f*cking Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

    :mrgreen: Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  5. Jaundice Machine says:

    I’ve always been partial to Ms. Silverman, and I’m sorry to hear she’s no longer fucking Mr. Kimmel.

  6. Sue says:

    Hate her……him-eh.Hate her.

  7. manchbaby says:

    Jimmy did not attend the show on Friday…he was “sick.”

  8. Ron says:

    I’m sure Sarah has moved onto the next shlub who can help her “career”. She has her moments, but overall nasty bitch.

  9. cardommon says:

    She is the sleaziest crappiest woman in showbiz, glad Jimmy showed some smarts…he’s a dollbaby.

  10. Anastasia says:

    He’s so incredibly unattractive.

  11. Blackalicious says:

    She’s overrated, I tried to watch several things and never liked her work. I don’t get the appeal, but it seems people love or hate her- either/or.

    Regardless she needs to soften up that haircolor it looks harsh. Like Elvira.

  12. snappyfish says:

    I never liked that her comedy was all about f’ing her boyfriend. I saw her at Borgato’s in Atlantic City and it was rather painful.

    won a little at the craps table so it was okay in a whole….and do like the Chululy chanderliers in the lobby there.

  13. k says:

    Jesus is Magic was hilarious though. I laughed my ass off. It’s weird cos they seemed happy. But you can never tell. I think I developed this strange opinion that comedians never break up. I guess they stopped making each other laugh?

  14. KateL says:

    “I guess they stopped making each other laugh?” 😀 Good one.

    I always thought she could do way better. It’s about time they split.

  15. Shay says:

    They’re both snarky assholes. Don’t really care about the break up..just felt like getting that off my chest.

  16. Anne says:

    I recently rented the first season of The Sarah Silverman Show and I can kind of sort of see what the hype is about. I just couldn’t get past the awful singing and the poop jokes. Under all that though there is spark of genius.

  17. Di says:

    Neither one of them are very funny. I like it when couples that screwed a spouse (male or female) over in order to get together break up. They just don’t deserve to live happily ever after. Sorry. If you’re unhappily married, get a divorce, then start dating. Don’t date while you’re married. It’s tacky.

  18. jinx says:

    Wow if these two crazy kids can’t make it work, what chance to the rest of us, and Matt Damon really have?

  19. Amy says:

    I read an article with Kimmel and he said his marriage was long over before he hooked up with Silverman. He also said his wife was not attracted to him and they had sex only once a year for the past decade. He wasn’t joking– apparently, there was some major dysfunction in the marriage.

    So, although I can’t stand Silverman, I don’t think she broke up the home. According to him, he and the wife were separated long before. Just FYI.

  20. Shane says:

    Hate her. Evil in the flesh.

  21. Nan says:

    This is the biggest news in Williamsberg, Brooklyn. I am not Jewish but one of my partners is. So funny. Also, Gwyneth is big news there now cause she is 1/2 Jewish. Again, people arguing over how bad or good she looks without makeup. There is nothing going on in the news right now, just like before 9/11. Makes me nervous.