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25 Responses to “J Lo’s twins never wear same designer clothes twice”

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  1. texasmom says:

    Haha — I thought the headline was “JLo lets twins wear designer outfits twice.” Now THAT would be headline news!

  2. geronimo says:

    Gawd. Poor babies. 🙁

  3. vdantev says:

    But she’s just Jenny from the Block, y’all !!

  4. MISSY says:

    And she’s surprised that nannies don’t want to work for her

  5. Syko says:

    Ridiculous. Babies don’t need designer duds anyway – they get along fine with hand-me-downs from Salvation Army, as long as you wash them with bleach before hand. They’ll outgrow them in a month anyway. She needs to donate them to someone or some charity. At least let some poor little kid living in a homeless shelter wear her kids’ designer cast-offs.

  6. Moore says:

    Something must be wrong with me but I’m having a hard time believing that she would actually say that to them. That she would do it is no surprise but to outright say it? That I don’t believe. Just like they don’t admit to having help with the babies. They might do it but just don’t say it.

  7. daisyfly says:

    She should have just named her babies Spencer and Heidi Lopez-Anthony. Or Paris and Baron. Or Nick and Brooke. They’ll all end up the same, spoiled, materialistic pieces of smegma.

  8. Judy says:

    The woman is a joke. 16 hrs a day 7 days a week too cheap to hire 2 nannies since she apparently just had those kids for show and not to actually parent them. I think she had thsoe kids because Affleck got married and had a kid so she had to have one or two also.
    Yeah Jenny from the Block LOL

  9. Sue says:

    This is a sin.

  10. Blackalicious says:

    I hate this b*tch. So many people loathe her now, there are so many stories like this. Granted some might be embellished but.. really? I think there is much truth to how over the top she has been. I think the Joli-Pitt twins coverage is over the top, yes, but you know it steams Jlos’ clams to know that their twins are getting MORE MONEY for pics. Watch: she’ll orchestrate their lives so much they’ll end up hating her.

  11. STEVEN says:


  12. Butch says:

    Haha texasmom. So right!

  13. jinx says:

    How would we know if they wear outfits 220 times, they can’t get a nanny to work for them and take them outside, because they are slave drivers. I am sure they will turn the kids into little slave workers as soon as they can walk.

    They are the most god awful, unfortunate looking children ever. At least Dayanara’s children are pretty. Jaysus that little girl of JLO’s looks like a baby chimp. Sorry to all the babies are little miracles – not that one.

  14. Nan says:

    Just seems like JLo should be looking for jobs AS a nanny. She should just suck it up and be a parent like the rest of the world.

  15. Nan says:

    Jinx, that’s so true. Good genes are a gift…worth more than millions of dollars. You cannot buy it, so priceless. The same goes for Uma Therman’s kids. Unfortunately, they look like her and not Ethan.

  16. MISSY says:

    She seems to work hard at getting people to despise her

  17. Enn says:

    Girlfriend is looking rough.

  18. Shay says:

    Firstly I don’t care for J.Lo she’s a marginal dancer, a weak actor, and horrible singer but..

    If she can afford the clothes and or if she’s getting the clothes for free then why not have them wear something new every day. Infants go through stuff quick. I’m just glad she’s trying to give the stuff away to charity.

  19. Hungry Kya? says:

    Can someone please stick one of those designer socks in her mouth!

  20. Savanah Anderson says:

    Thats why the bitch can’t keep a nanny for the babies! Why do she always have to overdo things? I can’t stand her and I swear, I don’t think that I ever will like her. She’s just a bitch. 😡

  21. Nan says:

    I think she even realizes that without her hair and makeup, she’s just kind of plain looking. For a PR, she’s not pretty as most of them are gorgeous.

  22. Susan Romero says:

    she forgot were she came from, I bet you she had hand me downs… She should donate those curtains she’s wearing..

  23. Lizzie says:

    Wow, what mean people we have. So full of hate. So jealous of beautiful JLo being better off than all of you haters who have done nothing with your lives. I know.. either you didn’t have a Momma or had a sorry one who couldn’t teach you not to hate or be ugly because it’ll come spitting back at you sooner or later. Hope you’lls lives get better. Here’s wishing JLo the best always with her new babies.

  24. Lizzie says:

    I can almost bet that all these people with such negative comments of JLo buy their kids clothes at the goodwill. It’s gotta be. Maybe even live off of welfare. You’lls words certainly describe you’ll.

  25. Excessive spending like this usually does happen when people unaccustomed to money come into it. It simply says they have no sense.

    Whats that saying about a fool and money..?