Gwyneth Paltrow on Country Strong: “This is the best job I’ve ever done”


Gwyneth Paltrow is the January cover girl for InStyle Magazine, to promote her lead role in Country Strong. My new happy place is picturing Goop’s face when she realized that Angelina Jolie got a Golden Globe nomination for Comedy/Musical and that she, Goop, got shut out. Anyway, Goopy still has a job to do, and that includes talking about her “dear friends” and “good friends” – because Goopy wants to remind us, once again, that she only associates with the very best. Goopy is the worst/best kind of name-dropping starf-cker.

Is a merger in the cards for two celebrity superstar families? Gwyneth Paltrow thinks so. She and her new BFF Faith Hill have spent so much time together lately that their children have bonded – in a major way.

“Moses … we might really become family when he marries Audrey!” Paltrow tells Hill, who interviewed her for January’s InStyle, on newsstands Friday. “My son is in love with your daughter!”

Paltrow is referring to her son Moses, 4, with husband and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, and Hill’s daughter Audrey, 9, with country superstar Tim McGraw. The two families grew close while Paltrow and McGraw were filming their upcoming movie Country Strong in Nashville.

“Don’t you just love our babies?” Hill, 43, asks her friend, who replies, “I love mine, and I love yours!”

Hill complimented Paltrow on her singing voice, which Paltrow says “didn’t have any power or strength to it” before she spent time developing for her role as a country star.

“I don’t even know how to respond to that in your presence, but thank you,” Paltrow says. “You know, last night when I was watching the film, I thought, this is the best job I’ve ever done. Normally I can’t stand to see myself, but with this film I felt like it all came together.”

Paltrow, 38, also dished on her Christmas plans, saying the family of four will hole up in their Amagansett, N.Y., home for some R&R.

“I’m excited,” she says. “We always get a big old tree and go see movies. It’s so cozy.” Another bonus to the holiday season? “The phone stops ringing and the emails stop coming.”

[From People]

“You know, last night when I was watching the film, I thought, this is the best job I’ve ever done.” Oh, Goopy is selling it HARD. How about this, Goopy: “Usually I think I play myself and come across as a frozen, icy bitch on screen, but I was playing drunk and I had a twang, y’all. Go see my movie, please.” Goopy also tells InStyle: “My kids are everything to me. I was so lucky to have great parents and I don’t know if I’ll be as good, but I’ll certainly try.” And: “I’m a clothes person and try to have fun with fashion. It’s like playing dress-up.” Of course.

By the way, all of you yelling at me for saying Goopy looked like ten kinds of hell at her Walk of Fame ceremony yesterday – seriously? She looked like hell. And don’t even try to tell me she just looks “natural”. She looked ‘Toxed and waxy. Just my opinion, I guess.




Photos courtesy of ONTD.

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  1. bite me says:

    ha, am loving it…country strong my ass, hope it crashes and burns in limited release… viva la jolie

  2. brin says:

    She is so damn full of herself there’s no room for anyone else.

  3. gigi* says:


  4. guesty says:

    that’s exactly what it is kaiser…’tox & fillers. not the light @ all & not cute. the right side looks more injected than the left imo.

  5. Lisa S says:

    WOW. Sorry to break it to you Kaiser, but every other site is saying what a joke it is that Jolie was nominated. And it’s not a competition between the two.

  6. Stephy2585 says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie!
    I really love this woman…I can’t help it!
    And I don’t think she looked so bad getting her star. I think she looked nice and toned down for the occasion.

  7. Stronzilla says:

    Well, I’m glad she likes to scare herself because she’s scaring the shit out of me.

  8. Sigh. says:

    “Usually I think I play myself and come across as a frozen, icy bitch on screen…”

    You said it, not me.

  9. flutters says:

    I don’t dislike Gwyneth as much as you but I do agree she’s laying it on too thick. She’s honestly in a pretty good spot right now as far as media profile and people seem to be liking what she’s doing. So she shouldn’t ruin it by trying too hard. But she kind of is.

  10. jen says:

    Her Sylvia Plath was pretty good, but I’ll wait for this on cable.

    These pictures win the Photoshop Awards.

  11. original kate says:

    “Normally I can’t stand to see myself”

    you and me both, sister.

  12. Solveig says:

    Sorry Kaiser, but imo AJ got a nomination for being unintentionally funny. GP is surely full of herself, self-centered, ect, but at least she can act.
    *and she’s beautiful, too*

  13. CooCooCatchoo says:

    I kinda love the rocked-out pic of Gwenyth with the guitar. I bet her husband loves it too. But there is something off about her face in those shots. Very mannequin-like. No emotion (waxy lol!). Botox for certain – and too much of it.

    I think that her Tennessee twang in the trailer for Country Strong is sooooo bad. As in, not good. I live in Nashville, and we don’t sound like that.

  14. Sandy says:


  15. skibunny says:

    She’s gorgeous and can act. I’ve always liked her.

  16. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Solveig you should see it before you throw your 2 cents in. None of the reviews about that movie said Angie’s performance was bad but I only read Roger Eberts and he didn’t say anything bad about her.

  17. wunderkindt says:

    What’s going on with her face?
    Something keeps changing.

  18. Roxanne75 says:

    great pictures.

  19. Mia135 says:

    She was definitely ‘toxed and filled out for that Walk of Fame ceremony and she looked terrible. It barely looked like her.
    It’s sad, because she looks ten times better when her face is natural-looking.
    I think she looks fine in the InStyle shoot.

  20. bros says:

    I unabashedly love the Goop, but I would agree she looked 10 kinds of strange at her Hollywood star thing. she has been messing with something.

  21. Solveig says:

    @Love Angelina, I read A LOT of reviews and very few of them said that she was good in it. Most of them said that she wasn’t acting but just posing (as usual, I dare to say).
    In any case, she’s not the problem of that movie. It’s the movie itself the main problem. I’m very disappointed as a fan of FHvD and JD, I’m surely not happy to understand how bad the movie is.
    Lastly in general I don’t go by what the reviewers say, I don’t take the reviews into account while deciding if a movie is worth seeing or not, but damn, it’s 20% rotten and the trailers suck.
    I’m so disappointed.

  22. poppy says:

    she’s always made me roll my eyes.
    always been a stuck up suck up.
    i don’t think kaiser was saying angelina beat her out but that angelina is nominated and gwyn isn’t.
    it is a joke angelina is nominated for anything but a razzie. and that’s got to ruffle paltry’s feathers.
    i’m an equal opportunity hater.
    they both have had work done, both look like caricatures of their former selves, both aren’t very good actors, and both think they do oh so much to make the world a better place. please, they’re part of the machine and are conniving twats…

    “you peons need to green up while i fly my planes and/or keep giant suvs idling hours for me, while i heat and cool my multiple 6000+sqft homes, and complain about being famous yet expect you losers to hand over the money to look at me. i’m just like you little people! i’m 100% naturally beautiful, no botox, cheek implants, triple processed hair. i work 40 hour weeks without a nanny to care for my precious brood. heck, i even buy my own groceries, cook my own food, and scrub my own toilets. i’m totally like every other woman.” blah blah bah.
    really, what’s not to love?!?!
    i hate anniston as well.
    sorry about the rant.

  23. Susan says:

    What did she do to her face? It seems a bit too taught to me. Almost as if she’s wearing a mask of her face over her actual face. Her eyes look weird.

    I don’t dislike her, but she certainly doesn’t fascinate me. She’s too pedestrian.

  24. Franny says:

    is that her signature on that picture? it looks like a 2 year old wrote it!

    i don’t hate the chick. i think she’s full of herself but i think she is pretty and can look nice when she puts effort into it (just like everyone else…).

  25. lrm says:

    omg She doesn’t even look like herself!
    what happened in the last few weeks?
    she was gorgeous naturally pretty and ageing normally!!!!

    I’m so disappointed-at least she had normal ageing going for her.
    she looks weird and almost hideous to me-like a nose job, eye lift and a bunch of fillers….uugh.
    she didnt need them as she was naturally pretty-she’s not even freakin’ 40 yet and already doing this? baaaaaaaaaad idea.
    hasn’t she seen the results elsewhere, of this ‘approach’?

    I guess the waxy, plastic, alien look is now seen as normal and desireable?

    wow. too bad. she was a natural beauty, for everything else I thought about her, I would give her that.

  26. Rita says:


    Goopy’s to “pedestrian”? Luv it. Definition of Pedestrian: Common, Ordinary, Unimaginative.

    On this site she’s been chritened a snob and one who looks down upon us common and ordinary folk. You must be Goopy’s idol lol.

  27. olivia says:

    i saw a trailer for country strong the other day and the weird part was that there was no gwyneth in it at all – it was all leighton and the other dude that’s in the movie…

  28. hellen says:

    Saw her new face at the Walk of Fame ceremony and thought, WTF? She’s had work done on her eyes, too – she’s got that Jocelyn Wildenstein look.

  29. Green Is Good says:

    “Normally I can’t stand to see myself”

    Neither can the public, Goopy.

    I hope she keeps shooting her mouth off with comments like “Usually I think I play myself and come across as a frozen, icy bitch on screen”. Her hilariously phony attempt at self-depreciation and humility.

  30. Kaiser says:

    Green Is Good – That was a fake quote! I put those words in her mouth!

  31. bite me says:

    ? how exactly is goop hollywood royalty, i thought her pappy worked in television and isn’t that considered low rent compared to films

  32. bite me says:

  33. Raven says:

    I really enjoyed her in Shakespeare in Love. I’ll be surprised if this is better. It seems to me like she’s just enjoying herself. I also think she’s being honest about her feelings. People may see her as overinflated, but I don’t see her as trying too hard.

  34. Jeri says:

    Guess she deceided to give America another chance.

  35. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Solveig Well I think the critics were wrong about Angie posing. However good to see you don’t listen to what they see anyway. I only read Roger Ebert, he has more experience, he is from my home town, and plus he is awesome. However since I actually went and saw the movie, Angie did more than just pose. I saw various trailers of The Tourist and as well as TV spots and the Tv spots were better but if the trailer is affecting your decision that much just wait until it comes on tv or something.

  36. Susan says:


    I actually find the majority of Paltrow’s comments to be very sanctimonious. That’s why I think it’s ironic that despite her high-brow posturing, she comes across as quite boring most of the time.

    I’d rather watch paint dry than hear her drone on about life or watch her in a movie. I can’t comment on “liking” her as an individual (mainly because I don’t know her personally). But the public persona that she casts is “pedestrian” (read dull, boring) and uninteresting to me.

  37. nina says:

    paltrow looks like anne heche in these pictures- only heche looks far better. looks like paltrow did a little something something to her face.

  38. JoJo says:

    Those walk of fame sidewalk things are so sad, all you have to do is pay 30,000 and it’s yours. It is funny she had to buy one to feel special. I wonder if she’s next to Ronald McDonald or someone like that.

  39. zeko says:

    Why is everyone so harsh when it comes to her… Even if you don’t appreciate her movies, you can’t deny she’s talented. And she looks so much better than so many in Hollywood – all without excessive surgeries…

  40. everly o says:

    she’s just soooooooooooo AVERAGE– average looks- average talent- average singing voice- yet for years we have had her plastered across fashion and style mags/blogs as soooo fab. I think that if she had been born to a different family she would be a mom in suburbs.

  41. Liana says:

    ? how exactly is goop hollywood royalty, i thought her pappy worked in television and isn’t that considered low rent compared to films

    Her mother is Blythe Danner, Martha Jefferson in “1776.” Man, she rocked that role. Seriously, I LOVE Blythe Danner.

  42. janie says:

    spielberg is her godfather and michael douglas had to get her into ucsb. those are some connections.

  43. Whitey Fisk says:

    “There’s something that sort of weirds me out about actors who want to be rock stars. And the other way around too. But, no, I have no interest in doing that whole singing thing.” (Goopy to NY Rock reporter Prairie Miller, NY, 2001)

    “The British are much more intelligent and civilized than Americans.” (Goop to NS, Portugal, 2006)

    “Spain is my second home….It’s so different that the United States….the way people live over there. They seem to enjoy life a little bit more.” (Goopster to AP, 2009)

    And now – “We always get a big old tree.” Seriously? A “big old tree?” Oh, I get it, she’s a country girl now.

    “That thar looks like a gud’un! Yep, that thar’s a big ol’ tree! Jus’ like we always git! ‘Cause I’m not twistin’ my real life into whatever role I happen to be playin’ at the time since I’m an empty shell of a human bein’ with no substance or genuine identity! No sir! We ALWAYS git a big ol’ tree! And by the way, Winona Ryder’s my best friend! Wait, no she ain’t!” (Goopy in my mind, 2010)

    Who are you, Goop? C’mon, pick one persona and run with it, regardless of who’s paying you at any given time!

  44. KateNonymous says:

    In those In Style photos, she looks like she stopped crying about 15 minutes ago.

  45. theresa says:

    Toxed, filled, Photoshopped and also looks like she bought herself a completely different face. Even more full of herself and her mediocre acting skills than ever. This movie needs to be gone soon so that Gloopy stops surprising me by popping up places to promote it. The only thing worse than seeing Gloop quotes and watching Gloopy act, (before I can get to the remote), is hearing her talk, (before I can get to the remote), and seeing idiotic interview quotes where she blabs about her personal superiority and her ART. Icks.

  46. JenJen says:

    When is this movie premiering on Lifetime?

  47. ur mama says:

    she may be stupid – but f*** shes a hot.

  48. DannieBoo says:

    She does look alot younger these days

  49. Gaylord says:

    Putting the cnut back in country.