Nicole Richie confiscated guests’ cell phones before her wedding

HOLLYWOOD - APRIL 09:  Singer Lionel Richie (L) and daughter Nicole Richie attend ASCAP's 25th Annual Pop Music Awards at the Kodak Theatre on April 9, 2008 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images)
This is an event photo and is not from Richie’s wedding

This week’s OK! Magazine claims that Nicole Richie’s wedding didn’t go off without a hitch and was in fact pretty stressful for her. Nicole was asking around $100,000 for a photo and the way OK! tells it she lowered her asking price after not getting any takers. The pictures ended up in People, where Nicole earned a sidebar and not the main cover. (More on that in a moment.) At the wedding, OK! claims that her security people confiscated the cell phones of everyone in attendance in order to drive up prices for the pictures. What’s more is that several high profile guests begged off, among them Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian. Still, I hope it was a special day for Nicole and Joel. OK! claims it was far from it. Here’s part of their report:

Nicole hungered to see her wedding photos on a national magazine cover. But no one would match her price. In the end, she was asking $100,000 for just one photo! “Nicole was clearly very paranoid about getting the best possible deal for the photos,” confirms an insider. “It was a big deal to her right up until the last moment.”

And it put a damper on the actual wedding. The bride was so nervous that one of her guests might sell unauthorized photographs that she insisted on having all cell phones confiscated. “She was obviously trying to protect her paycheck,” sniffed one guest. “But it ruined the mood because it seemed like she didn’t trust anyone.”

She also let the details of the wedding – organized by planner to the stars Mindy Weiss – overwhelm her. “Nicole changed her mind about everything from the food to the music to the people in the wedding party,” says the insider. “She claimed she wanted an understated, modest affair, but it ended up being a disaster for Nicole.”

Her close friends were no-shows
Invited guests Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera (who was slated to sing) opted to work instead.

She dissed her childhood pal
She invited Nicky Hilton, but not Paris, who catapulted Nicole to fame by inviting her to co-star on The Simple Life in 2003.

[From OK! Magazine, print edition, December 27, 2010]

That’s cold that Richie invited Nicky Hilton but not Paris! There goes Paris’ claim that she was invited but had other plans.

OK! is featuring the Kardashians with their “Holiday Miracle: We’re Having Babies.” Of course none of them are pregnant and they only plan to be some day. (I read the article, don’t bother.) Maybe the Kardashians’ asking price was less than Nicole’s, or maybe they just sell better than she does. Poor Nicole only got a “Nicole’s Wedding Disaster” sidebar.

People was more generous with a friendly “Best Weddings” sidebar to their “Woman of the Year” cover with Sandra Bullock. Online there’s a picture of one of Nicole’s Marchesa wedding gowns (she had three designed for the ceremony) where Joel is kissing her and she’s backing away. Kaiser likes Nicole’s gown and thinks it’s unique, but I find the giant tulle skirt ridiculous and reminiscent of Bjork’s swan oscar dress. People has more details online of Nicole’s wedding, including the fact that her daughter Harlow, 2, was the flower girl and 15 month-old son Sparrow was the ring bearer. Richie calls the ceremony “magical” while Madden says “it was the best night of my life.” I wonder how much People shelled out for those photos and if Nicole and Joel broke even. Who am I kidding? You know Lionel Richie paid for the whole shebang and loved every minute of it.

People cover via Cover Awards



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27 Responses to “Nicole Richie confiscated guests’ cell phones before her wedding”

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  1. lucy2 says:

    I can see taking the phones to protect privacy, but just to up the photo sales is pretty gross. And why invite people you don’t trust to your wedding anyway?

  2. searching4grace says:

    i know this post is about the wedding and what a spaz nicole was and i believe all of it. BUT. how weird has Kourtney’s(?) face gotten? and that child doesn’t look like either of them!

  3. lola says:

    i just don t beleive it!!

  4. Honey Love says:

    who is nicole…really?! she does not warrant any covers or sidebars. she has made no real contribution to society so why would any magazine desire to pay for pics of her wedding. no woman in their right mind would wear her tacky fashion. she is what they call “a hot mess”. guess i was never a fan.

  5. LolaBella says:

    That pic of Lionel and Nicole looks highly inappropriate (in a Hulk/Brooke Hogan kind of way) at first, but then I realized he’s just giving a thumbs up and NOT what it looks like he’s doing.

    I obviously need my coffee.

    That’s kind of a slap in the face that Christina Aguilera didn’t attend especially if she was slated to sing.

    You know what, why shouldn’t Nicole try to protect her investment (the paycheck) by confiscating cellphones? The money was going to charity and she probably would not have gotten paid if a photo leaked online.

    Also, who’s to say that a plus one of a guest wouldn’t take a pic and sell it?

    I really hope that she and Joel managed to enjoy their special day.

    OT: Halle Berry looks so gorgeous in that red dress on the cover of People.

  6. Po says:

    You know, while I think it might be lucrative to spend time with celebrities it also seems like it would be a pain in the ass.

  7. Jo says:

    the KarTrashian “holiday miracle” is that no STD has managed to sterilize them. yet.

  8. Sunnyjyl says:

    I don’t believe much if any of the OK article. Paris said she WAS invited for instance. Nicole may have ‘shopped’ around to sell photos, but I highly doubt it was her main concern at the wedding. The whole OK piece seemed like it was meant to stir up controversy.

  9. fancyamazon says:

    When did it become normal to sell photos of your wedding to the press? Technically a wedding is a public event, to let the community at large know of your commitment, so photos at a wedding should be encouraged, and seriously, when you are as rich as these people are (or even if you aren’t), making money off of what should be a special celebration with your family and friends is just disgusting. If the ceremony is on private property then of course invites only, but taking their cameras and phones away is just tacky. The reception is a different matter entirely. That is entirely a private function as a matter of tradition, and if she wants to stop photos there she would have been well within her rights.

  10. sisi says:

    Nicole’s hairstyle looks like Hilary Duff’s – Noels ex – wedding hairstyle. Not that that matters, but that was what my first thought was after seeing the coverpicture.

  11. Grasshopper says:

    Wow….wonder how much time it took for three dress changes? Two dresses ok, but three? Really? I guess I had other priorities on my wedding day. 😉

  12. brin says:

    @Grasshopper…seems more like a Hollywood production than a solomn ceremony, doesn’t it?

  13. Grasshopper says:

    Brin- I guess it’s just priorities. I wanted to spend as much time w husband, friends & family. My day went by fast enough (and I had a long reception).

  14. Persistent Cat says:

    @LolaBella, how do you know the money was going to charity?

    Does anyone care about Nicole Richie anymore (or did they ever)? I don’t even think his crappy band is still together so what do they do?

    And they named their son Sparrow? Someone is in for an ass-kicking a day when he starts going to school. Sparrow for a girl maybe but a boy? That’s so cruel.

  15. samihami says:

    Fancyamazon, a wedding is not a public event. A CHURCH wedding is considered a public event, because technically all members of a congregation are supposed to be welcome (not to any reception following-unless invited-but to the wedding itself). Even then, it is not considered open to anyone who wanders in off the street.

    Weddings in other locations, such as a private home or a rented facility, are not public events.

    The only time a wedding might be a truly public event would be if a couple were marrying at a public park, beach, etc.

  16. Hakura says:

    @#14- I wouldn’t say *cruel*, I know it isn’t the most masculine image. He’ll probably end up like ‘Destiny Hope’ Cyrus and go by a nickname instead of his real one for most of his life. *shrugs*

    Was the money from the photos of the wedding going to charity? I didn’t see anything about that.

    IF they were trying to confiscate phones in order to maintain the privacy of their wedding, I’d understand and feel they have the right to *ask* that, but that’s something guests should have been made aware of in the invitations. Many would have left them home.

    But as a fellow celebrity, I would NOT hand over my personal cell phone. Containing personal pictures & information, AND the numbers of other celebrities, I would not hand my cell phone to ANYONE for any amount of time. Their privacy is important as well, & their whole lives are on those phones. Selling the info from 1 phone is probably more than a ‘security guard’ makes in a year. They simply can’t trust anyone in that way.

  17. LolaBella says:

    @Persistent Cat: See Kaiser’s post from a few days ago where it was mentioned that ‘sources’ said that Nicole was giving the money to charity.

  18. DGO says:

    When I quickly scrolled by here earlier, I totally thought Joel Madden was kissing Zahara Jolie Pitt.

  19. Ashley says:

    I really am sick of the Kardashians!

  20. Tazina says:

    Nicole and Joel have some kind of charitable foundation. That’s where the wedding photo money is going.

  21. ohplease says:

    i dont believe this for a moment.

  22. Ari says:

    That OK! cover deserves a photoshop award

  23. Cinderella says:

    I’m not so sure about the “it’s for charity” line. If you have money to throw a Beverly Hills bash such as this, just write a friggin check to your charity and let your guests keep their cell phones.

  24. Kim says:

    She is a hack. She is famous because her one time best friend was and put her on her reality show. She is same as the Kardashians. Famous for nothing but being vapid & unintelligent.

  25. Hakura says:

    @Kim (#24)- That may be true, yes. But you have to admit that she’s in better shape than most of the others. She’s not drunk &/or high in various states of undress everywhere you look anymore.

    She seems to have grown up a BIT at least. And she’s not hanging out with PARIS, come on, give her a LITTLE credit. xD

  26. brie says:

    The child doesn’t look like either of them because neither have the face they were born with lol

  27. Trippin says:

    I think judging by only 27 comments on here re: the wedding shows who gives a f*ck about Nicole Ritchie. She didn’t have to confiscate cell phones. We don’t care. They’re just another 20 something disposable celeb couple.