Jessica Alba in Valentino at the ‘Little Fockers’ premiere: cute or terrible?


Last night was the big premiere of Little Fockers, starring Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, et al. There is a new addition to the cast, though – Jessica Alba. She fancies herself a fashion girl, you know, she continued with this season’s winter-white bridal theme, and wore a tiered Valentino on the red carpet. She’s also changed her hair – it’s darker, shorter and sleeker than her last hairstyle, and I hate to be a bitch (not really), but this hair ages her terribly. Also – her date was her husband Cash Warren. They are still my “wild card” entry for the next couple to split, although they looked tight on the red carpet. And the shoes are Louboutins, by the way. Can we call expensive shoes like that “stripper heels”? Because that’s what they’re being called.



By the way, remember Jessica Alba’s interview in Elle Magazine, where she disrespected screenwriters with the comment: “Good actors, never use the script unless it’s amazing writing. All the good actors I’ve worked with, they all say whatever they want to say.” And then she also disrespected her directors too – from Elle:

“I know I haven’t been swimming in the deep end with some of the movies I’ve done,” she says. “I wasn’t trying to. I knew what they were.” Alba does, however, offer one clinical reason as to why these movies bombed. She whispers it: “First-time directors.”

[From Elle]

Anyway, LaineyGossip has a follow-up on Alba’s stupidity – she’s claiming that Elle completely misquoted her, and that she never said anything like that. Here are some of the quotes coming out of Alba’s Little Fockers’ promotional tour:

“That wasn’t true. Just so it’s clear, films don’t even get made and nothing ever gets a green light unless there’s great material. That’s always a #1 thing before you can get a director, actors or a studio even interested in anything.”

“There was an article written recently where I was completely and totally paraphrased and things were taken out of context and mushed together. It was a four-hour interview that got condensed into a page and a half for a fashion magazine. When I was doing my first job where I was talking to dolphins in The New Adventures of Flipper when I was 13 – it was a fake dolphin, we had a great relationship [laughs] – when he would go off script, the dolphin, I didn’t know how to. He would squeak and I couldn’t squeak back. It took me like 15 years to learn to do that – and lots of therapy. Basically I was saying that I didn’t have the courage and didn’t really understand how to bring my own thing to the table and I would never veer away from the script, ever, no matter what. Even when actors would go off book, I didn’t know what to say.”

[Quotes via LaineyGossip]

If it was just one wonky quote in an otherwise boiler-plate interview, I might believe her. But the entire Elle piece was chock full of Alba-isms, meaning that she’s a conceited, moronic bitch with little to be conceited about, and now she’s throwing Elle under the bus.

Anyway, here are more photos from the Little Fockers premiere… Ben Stiller and De Niro look over it, but Dustin Hoffman is adorable. Also, Alba’s bitchface was in full effect throughout the red carpet. Why does she look so pissed to be standing next to Robert De Niro, for the love of God? Also – don’t even ask me what Teri Polo is wearing. God. And where’s Barbra Streisand?!?






Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Riley says:

    This movie Little Fockers looks terrible. In the previews, Ben Stiller has this look that seems to say, “God, I can’t believe I am actually doing this.” His eyes look weird, tense, and bulgy in every scene. Even in these pics, he looks like he wants to bolt and do absolutely no promotion for the film. On another note, I do kind of want to see the new film with Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson. It has a good cast and looks like it may be a good movie to see over the Holidays.

  2. NayNay says:

    I think that dress is not attractive at all. I could be just a little prejudice though, because I cannot stand this twat.

  3. Hollowdoll says:

    I look at Alba’s dress and remember it’s time to get my car washed.

  4. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Riley, totally agree.

    looks like a crap-fest, but the studios know it’ll be a money-maker because the first two were so funny.

    I wish Stiller and DeNiro had said “not a chance” when asked to do this.

    how far can you take this “man and father-in-law don’t get along” gag?

    oh, and I vote terrible on Alba’s dress. and her acting. now that I know she’s also in the movie, I think I’ll pass.

  5. fanny says:

    Lesson learned I’m sure. She should never do a four-hour interview … to easy to say things you don’t mean to say out loud. This isn’t her best look. She is adorable, however, and can’t help looking pretty. I saw the first “Focker” movie when it was on television recently. Totally funny.

  6. wonderful says:

    If there is something I detest, it’s titty tattoos

  7. Marjalane says:

    She looks like a hooker who’s on her best behavior trying to appear “klassy”.

    I would say I hate her but she’s basically irrelevant, isn’t she? Her husband is SO sleazy looking, he’s no better than the guy Jessica Simpson is marrying! (Their daughter is really cute though!)

  8. Marjalane says:

    Yuck. Crooked penis nose makes another appearance!

  9. brin says:

    Why is she so smug? She’s lucky to be working, much less with DeNiro, Stiller, and Hoffman. This is mean but I wouldn’t mind if your wild card pick happened…she needs humbling.

  10. Rita says:


    lol car wash… a go-go dancer but I’ve always think she’s pretty.

  11. sisi says:

    int last big photo with her, Jessica’s hard face reminds me of Jada Pinkett- Smith. Not a good thing…

  12. fanny says:

    I love Owen Wilson. He has dreamy eyes and looks like a gentle soul who dares to be himself. Hollywood is too full of people who look like carbon copies. That’s just boring.

  13. girl says:

    I find the most amazing part of all of this to be that someone interviewed her for 4 whole hours. Unless they watched 2 movies back to back, I cannot imagine having to sit and talk with that woman for 4 hours.

    And I aqree. I cannot believe that they are making another one of these pieces of crap. I don’t think I had the patience to sit all the way through the first one.

  14. gigi* says:

    lovely dress..also love the shoes!

  15. serena says:

    It’s cute but she should do something withe her hair.. ugh.
    And she’s so boring.. meh..

  16. DeJa says:

    Ugh I was hoping someone would do a post on this outfit. I dont like…at all. And I think she gained a bit of weight (not to sound harsh – i’d give my left arm to have her body..) – but for her it looks like she did. But, considering she probably doesn’t eat and works out 4 hours a day, I guess it’s no wonder she lks like that!!

    and I agree w/ those saying she can’t act. She can’t. Time to give it up, Alba….

  17. Green Is Good says:

    Love the picture of Dustin Hoffman and his wife. Very sweet.

  18. rentho says:

    no its going to sound crazy but i dont like or dislike the dress(but it does remind you of a carwash), i do like her shoes…..

  19. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I don’t know after reading her explanation I can almost believe they took a boring ditzy interview and spun it around a little bit on her don’t get me wrong I think she’s stupid and self absorbed but I also kinda think of her as some defenseless little gazelle who has no idea when to shut up and the interviewers had a field day.

  20. KelBear says:

    I like the dress and shoes but do not like the makeup at all.

  21. Lori says:

    If she would just keep her mouth shut she would be so much prettier. I think she looks nice here, except for the bitchface.

  22. padiddle says:

    dress and shoes are cute, hair is not good with outfit.
    I would believe the misappropriation stuff if this was the first time she was accused of saying rude stuff, but it’s not…so I tend to think she is just back tracking.
    I’m sure her publicist just wants to shoot themselves in the foot.

  23. jdao says:

    She could do better.

  24. lasherola says:

    Oh God….. Owen Wilson’s noes DOES look like an UGLY PENIS!!!!!

  25. Lynnie says:

    First I thought it was cute. I also love her hair.

    Then I thought, “For Pete’s sake, if you’re gonna wear a strapless dress, STAND UP STRAIGHT!” Nothing wrecks the elegance of lovely collar bones and shoulders faster than piss poor posture.

  26. benny says:

    Is that a tattoo on Teri Polo?
    Imo, SHE’S cute.

  27. k says:

    Esta embarazada?

  28. Jeri says:

    They all (except DeNiro) look pissed in the group photos and Ben and Jessica look pissed in their photo.

    Doesn’t look like a good time was had by all.

  29. lrm says:

    She IS lucky to be working…and with all stars and great actors such as this ,to boot.

    that dress is awful-she looks like a sausage wrapped in i don’t know what…
    she is usually gorgeous-i can give her that. and she dresses well most of the time….

    But this dress is terrible-she also looks pregnant-sorry to drop that card b/c she looks overall chunkier-lol-not chunky i think that’s cuz of the dress, but she looks bosomy and fuller overall….hmmm….

    she is so awful though-i’ve never seen her act, but her interviews are frankly deplorable. she should have a PR coach….or just not talk.

  30. Kim says:

    She is mediocre looking but cant act hence why she gets the roles she gets, for her looks not her acting ability, it has ZERO to do with first time producers.

    Shes definitely one who should be SUPER thankful she gets any roles because she is dime a dozen in Hollywood.

  31. Kim says:

    Bens body language in the picture with Jessica is very odd? He looks like he cant even stand to be next to her?!

  32. Camille says:

    As attractive as Alba is and with probably the best body in Hollywood, her personality is just so bloody awful that I can not stand her. She is also a fecking terrible, terrible actress. I don’t see her acting career lasting much after 40 at all. Also her husband is so fug. Ugg.

  33. Mouse says:

    Alba looks like a professional hooker wearing a lampshade in these photos, her husband looks like a tool, and Ben Stiller looks like he can’t stand having to breath in Alba’s cooties. In that one photo, she’s got her megabitch face on and got her arm around de Niro and is totally snubbing Stiller. What’s going on there??

    Dustin Hoffman is adorable as always, love him.

  34. Liana says:

    OMG, what a lame explanation for something she undoubtedly actually said. And I’m sure Elle could provide the tape/transcript to prove she said it.

  35. Hakura says:

    Alba’s dress is… bad. She does have a nice body, so making it look this oddly proportioned is an accomplishment.

    I throw my hat into the ring with being surprised she found work too, especially after her shitting on writers so openly.

  36. Lynne says:

    Cute dress….on someone much younger. She is hunched over like she thinks her boobs are about to pop out.

    Owen – good grief, get that nose fixed ALREADY. All i can think of when I see it is a broken penis. When he opens his mouth with that nasal whine it gets even worse!

  37. Brianna says:

    The dress is bad, but I think the hair is super cute. She looks terrible as a blonde and beautiful as a brunette.

  38. JenJen says:

    Can’t stand her,what is she doing there? Surely not to laugh,YAWN…..

  39. Hakura says:

    I cosign with Lynne, on Owen’s nose. It’s hard to imagine what he’d look like without it… maybe I’d find him remotely attractive. xD The broken penis nose just isn’t doing it for me.

  40. luls says:

    OMG y’all are just HATING out of jealousy! Shes gorgeous AND HOT from head to toe! (and that includes her outfit)

    Also, i dont find any of what she said offensive. Reporters always have a way of misquoting people. She seems like an innocent dear being slaughtered for her beauty, to me.