Does anyone else think that Julian Assange is kind-of sexy?


This morning, the first thing I watched on television was Matt Lauer’s interview with Julian Assange (below). Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has been released on bail in the UK, and he’s under “house arrest” at an English country estate (mansion), and he’s taken to the airwaves to proclaim his innocence and slam what he calls the international “smear campaign.” Now, I’ve been following the Assange situation, and I have mixed feelings about Assange as a man and as a “defender” of transparent government, and the politics of the whole situation. I’m not really going to get into all of that, because this site if for mostly superficial things, and at the end of the day, I’m a pretty superficial person (at least I can admit it!). Anyway, I have something terrible to admit. I’m kind of attracted to him. He’s got that smug, smarmy, accented, quirky-nerd hot thing going on. After watching Lauer interview him, I was kind of turned on:

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Is he smug? Absolutely. Do I think there are some conspiracies afoot? I do, actually. Do I think he’s probably a massive douche, even if he isn‘t the super-villain that people claim he is? Yep. So WHY am I attracted to him?

Anyway – I sent the video to CB, and she assured me that she was strangely attracted to him as well. She even jokingly considered him for HGF (the horror!). Maybe we’re attracted to him because he’s a different kind of baller, you know? There are so many male celebrities who try to act like they’re so tough and hard, and meanwhile this pale, prematurely gray nerd is the hardest baller out there. Thoughts?





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  1. Lee says:

    Ahhhhh! I have been hating myself for the past week because I keep seeing his face everywhere and I am like… damn he is hot! I would have coffee with him and listen to him pontificate and see if he made me tingle :) Then get arrested! Haha

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Oh I for sure think he is very attractive. He is a powerful man. I mean his followers alone shut down Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and Sarah Palin’s website. I thought that was incredible. Very powerful and you know nothing I find more hawt than power.

  3. OtherChris says:

    Yeah. I’d bone him.

  4. Kaiser says:

    Thank God. I thought I was alone!

  5. l says:

    co-sign 150%!

  6. Solveig says:

    “Creepy” is a word that suits him better.
    Is he Aussie? This is the weirdest Aussie accent I’ve ever heard.

  7. Laura says:

    I’m not sure what your intention was with this post, Kaiser, but it kind of makes me feel a bit sick, that you wrote this entire thing about finding him sexy without mentioning that he was just released from jail because he is accused of SEXUAL ASSAULT AND RAPE by two women.

  8. sammie says:

    SUPER-long time reader and possible first time posting – I’m definately attracted to him. Not so much sexually but I think because of the amount of power and influence he’s showing the world he ha§

  9. REALIST says:

    He looks to me like a really skinny Bill Clinton with a nicer nose…kind of. Sounds like they might has similar “issues”.

  10. Kaiser says:

    Laura – Ugh. Let’s just say that there is much more to that story.

    Edit: It’s not rape-apology, it’s simple reading comprehension. What he’s being ACCUSED of isn’t rape.

  11. anti says:

    #8 – i think if you will give it some time those charges will go away. one accuser has even stopped working with the police and has since given somewhat supportive statements.

    he has not been convicted and is currently working to remedy those charges.

    here is a related article from the organization women against rape:

  12. Brittney says:

    Sorry, I don’t find rapists sexy. You probably won’t let this through moderation because of the link, but Kaiser, please reconsider your position on his rape accusations.

    This might help, even if you don’t like the site…

    When I was raped, the emotional torture was bad enough. I can’t imagine how I would have felt if the world were coming to the defense of the man who assaulted me… and dismissing my claims based on misinformation. The victims should never be on trial; the rapists should. I don’t know why our society doesn’t work that way.

  13. Laura says:

    Yes, I am sure you buy into some sort of multi-national conspiracy, but the rape apologism that has surrounded this story is disgusting, and I had hoped I wouldn’t have to see that here as well.

    I am not saying he is guilty of it, but to not even mention it is odd. I think it’s obvious he is really weird towards women though. There are some of his e-mails to a 19 year old on where he’s aggressive and finds her home phone number and her personal information and it’s so freaking skeevy.

  14. Riley says:

    I think he is a creep who needs a lot of attention and lives with his mother in a very old English manor. He looks like, and sounds like, he could be a necromaniac.

  15. Trillion says:

    Accused does not mean the same thing as guilty. And he has a LOT of enemies who would do anything to bring him down. And accusations of sexual misconduct, be it as severe as rape or as commonplace as cheating, is always the first option to bring a person down. Not saying he’s innocent. Not saying he’s guilty. Just saying innocent until proven guilty.

  16. Rasputina says:

    Julian Assange as of now is one of the biggest threats to many, many powerful people. I do entirely believe that all of this is a bad smearing campaign. Because, shit, didn’t these charges happen after the whole Wikileaks drama?

    Or what. So until he’s proven guilty, I believe he’s innocent and that there are people who desperately want to get rid of him. Oh and he’s hot. In a smarmy way, as it was so eloquently put.

  17. Cowjam says:

    Long-time lurker, first-time commenter. Yes he is sexy, and a brave man in an era sadly devoid of men willing to risk their lives for freedom.
    @Laura: I strongly believe that those were trumped-up charges. He has made a lot of powerful enemies.

  18. Andria says:

    His voice! Sexy.

  19. Solveig says:

    Laura, the truth is that the sexual assaults were actually a lack of condom use.
    The first woman he screwed with said that the condom did break up while they were having sex. The second girl said that he didn’t use one (and she didn’t notice, right? wrong).
    You know, it amazes me that the greatest minds of Interpol went after a guy who doesn’t like to wrap his dong up in fancy latex dresses.
    I guess Interpol should catch the pope and lock him lifelong.

  20. irishserra says:

    I can see it.

  21. Moreaces says:

    I am Team Assange, but there is something a bit creepy about his look, One minute I think he is handsome, the next not so much..

  22. Leigh says:

    Hilarious…I thought he was sexy too. GAK!

  23. fwozbo says:

    Exactly, he was accused of NOT WANTING TO WEAR A CONDOM. All the sex was totally consentual!

    In fact, only after the 2 women got together and realized he was having sex with both of them almost at the same time, the decided to declare rape. This is why I hate when women cry rape when there was no rape, it gives legitimate people a bad rap.

    Remember, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

  24. anti says:

    #13 – i have been through that as well… and the charges currently against him are very different than non-consensual sex.

    as someone who has experienced rape, i find the charges against him offensive. it is a mockery to those who have had true non-consensual sexual abuse.

  25. WhiteNoise says:

    @Cowjam – agree, well said. And anyone who’s actually read the details of these alleged charges against him would see them as highly suspect. Thank God for the international support he has had.

    And yes, there is something very sexy about a man who believes very strongly in something and lives his life with his sort of passion for transparency.

  26. Bodhi says:

    Oh I’d jump him in a heartbeat!

    Ditto Solveig 110% Assange has NOT been accused of rape, I repeat he has NOT been accused of rape. The sexual assault changes were leveled in Sweden & according to Swedish law, sex without a condom can be sexual assault.

    It boggles my mind that Interpol amassed all of its extensive resources to pursue a man wanted for such charges

  27. merry says:

    Oh, what does that comment on the Pope mean now, Solveig?!
    Ps. Penetrating a girl while she is asleep without protection is wrong and it does sound like sexual abuse. Hope he really did not do it.

  28. KateR says:

    He looks like a cross between Colin Mochrie and Bill Maher.

  29. WOM says:

    Ditto to finding Assange sexy.

    Ditto to being relieved to know I’m not alone in this sentiment.

    And as others have noted, the whole case against Assange is not as clear cut as his detractors would have you believe. I think there is a conspiracy a foot. If not by US political powers, or the Swedish government to curry favour w/ the United States, than by the woman who attempted to get Assange charged (because while they were having consensual sex the condom broke) only after he had sex with another woman.

    Edited to add: I do think he should return to Sweden and answer to these charges.

  30. brin says:

    No thanks.

  31. Jesus Christ Superstar says:

    Ugh, yes, he is kind of sexy. I told a friend the other day about my inability to decide if he was hot or not and his only response was, “Problems.”

  32. MsEllaneous says:

    Assange attractive?! If you are into that whole rape – you (sex partner) don’t matter – hell with the condom thing…then you need help.

    If you are into a selfish man who does not give a damn about those around him, including the parents and their safety – then Assange is your man. Even his own people have left Wikileaks to start another site because he has lost it.

    If you want a man with serious issues – then you need help. Remind yourself that you are better than that.

    If you and a man are engaged in sex, the condom breaks and you tell him to stop and he doesn’t = that is rape.

  33. Eleonor says:

    When all the Wikileaks scandal came out I thought it was something so overrated,because the revelations weren’t so new, or so scandalistic to me, but maybe it’s because I’m Italian I’m used -sigh- to our prime minister who should be locked up in jail and throw away the key (I’ve also got a t-shirt which says “I didn’t vote Berlusconi”) by the way the point is the only interesting thing to me was: Assange and his dong. Sexy.
    I must confess I seriously thought to suggest him for HGF (shame on me).
    And: the rape accuse appears to me like a personal revenge/conspiration/, he is a total douche with women yes,but both women he had slept with, have admitted that the sex was consensual.

  34. Cakes says:

    No. Not even a little. Hes like a budget, busted version of Jon Stewart. I dont know anything about his rape alligations but he does give me a creeper vibe. Hes the kind of guy that would make me watch my drink like it was the baby Jesus.

  35. Amanda says:

    Laura, you dumbas*, maybe you should educated yourself on the charges against him before you cry “Horror!”

    I am strangely attracted to him, I think part of it is his name. It sounds like he should be a character in some international thriller novel.

  36. cprincess says:

    Re the posters saying he is a rapist-
    actually the sex was consensual so I cannot understand how they are even defining it as rape-all this case does is undermine the women who really have been subjected to rape and those 2 women in Sweden were not…
    Hes guilty of ignoring the requests to get tested for an STD and it seems to me that Sweden is bowing to US pressure which makes me sick-I dont want my government acting like some autocratic despot leader who supresses all dissent…
    As regards him-hes clearly weird however we need people like him to keep democracy working and transparent…

  37. fizXgirl314 says:

    I’m kind of disgusted by this guy… and his teeth are yellow… ew

  38. hatsumomo says:

    What I would like to know is, how you can be penetrated without you realizing it? She was ASLEEP the entire time?!! Either he must own the world’s smoothest lube or the world’s tiniest penis to penetrate a woman while she was sleeping. Or she has a very wide gaping vagina. It boggles my mind. When my boyfriend touches my boob when Im asleep I wake up and know what he’s doing. Most times, its not sexy, Im already asleep and hate to be awaken that way..but yes, to the original piont, Assange is attractive in a weird way.

  39. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Kinda looks like that guy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the tv show.

    And no, not my type but I could see it.

  40. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I don’t think it was just sex without a condom in the second case.

    the second accuser is saying he had sex with her while she was asleep.

    if you don’t or can’t give consent (due to be being asleep or passed out drunk), it’s sexual assault.

    but I also agree that he’s made some very powerful enemies, and it is possible that the charges are false.

    EDIT: hatsumoto, if she were under the influence of something, it can happen. and yes, I speak from experience.

  41. Brittney says:

    Try researching the subject yourself instead of buying every lie and dismissal being perpetuated by people in the press. Generalizing about a rape case = NEVER a good idea. I hope none of you ever know the pain of being violated in that way… or of being dismissed when you come forward.

  42. merry says:

    @Hatsumomo. I know, it’s disturbing when guys do that. I’m asleep, leave me alone. Period.
    As for the girl, she claimed that she woke up because he was penetrating her. Ew. I dunno what she did next, she must have felt completely violated.
    Anywho, yeah, not my kind of guy.

  43. Bee says:

    I’m disturbed by the fact that I find him attractive too. But, I always like dark, mysterious, eastern european, smug bastards anyway. I need to go to rehab to break my asshole fetish.

  44. Circe says:

    Damn, I was just thinking the other day that I was crazy for thinking he’s kinda hot. Must be the political appeal.

    @ KateR: He reminds me of Bill Maher too, but with a smaller nose.

  45. Jenny says:


  46. buckley says:

    Can’t stand the creep.

  47. Beth says:

    Not even a little bit. He looks like a sexual predator. Oh wait. He is. He’s creepy as f**k.

  48. samihami says:

    Nothing even mildly attractive about this loser schmuck.

  49. BB says:

    I don’t find him attractive and even though I do support wikileaks I am not some silly little fangirl willing to brush aside allegations of rape. I consider rape to be the most disgusting of crimes, but having read the details of this case…. well, I didn’t read anything that could be defined as rape or sexual assault by any standards I have ever heard of. All I see is someone who was two-timing, had some one night stands and isn’t fond of condoms. I am wondering how many people here talking of rape have actually READ the accusations and not just seen the word floating around….

  50. texasmom says:

    He’s like a weird cross between Tim Robbins, Bill Maher, and Anderson Cooper (AND the skinny Bill Clinton). I only find one of the aboce attractive, so Assange doesn’t do that much for me!

  51. Solveig says:

    @Merry, isn’t the pope the one who says that people shouldn’t wear condoms?, except for male prostitutes (maybe because of that recent gay priests scandal that hit Rome not so long ago). Maybe Assange was following his (the pope’s) dictates.
    Isn’t the pope the one who’s church and henchmen covered the children abuses in Ireland and US?

  52. Bibi says:

    I don’t believe he’s guilty.
    Evidence that sheds a rather different light on what occurred has been destroyed by one of his accusers.,01.shtml

  53. angelika says:

    He is very sexy…specially his voice.

  54. fhm says:

    Yes, completely.

  55. padiddle says:

    definitely not. He seems like a misogynistic, smug asshole.
    Even if the allegations aren’t true, his refusal to go back to Sweden and clear them up speaks volumes to me. He reminds me too much of Polanski.

  56. KateR says:

    @texasmom – I saw the Anderson Cooper at first too, but Bill Maher stuck out more to me.

    I don’t see the sexy

  57. merry says:

    @Solveig. Er, no. And please stop dragging your hate for the Pope and Catholics into random comments. It is a form of obsession.

  58. PrimeO says:

    Is linking to The Guardian allowed?

    There are multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against this man. I don’t find that sexy. The Jezebel article linked in an above post makes a good point about who are “acceptable” victims of rape. From that article: “You know, rape-rape — when a slavering stranger assaults a virgin at gunpoint and then she immediately goes and gets a rape kit without doing anything else first. Everybody’s against that kind of rape — but if a victim consents to one form of sexual contact but not another, or, even worse, appears “friendly” with an alleged rapist after the fact, then she’s no longer perfect and those anti-rape-rape folks lose sympathy.”

    Read more:

  59. Falliblehuman says:

    He’s probably not a rapist but he treats women like shit. And they kind of like it.

  60. Stephie says:

    Cute, but I’m not into the beady-eyed type. Strike suspicion in the hearts of many. Tho cute and nerdy/smart are a good combo.

  61. Sherri says:

    Nope, not at all – he reminds me a bit of Bill Maher. I don’t think Bill Maher’s kinda sexy either . . .

  62. Mandy says:

    “Daily photos of everyone’s favourite transparency-crusading, morally frustrating Australian, complete with captions serenading his enigmatic good looks.”

    I think “morally frustrating” is the key.

  63. Just a Poster says:

    Releasing good scoop does not make him sexy.

    Sorry, I think he is quite the wanker.

  64. Aurelie says:

    Dear god I was thinking the exact same thing one hour ago. Glad to see I’m not alone. It’s strange though.

  65. heathen says:

    I’m so happy to see you defending an accussed rapist — especially one’s whose lawyer gave out the addresses of his alleged victims so they can be terrorized. Do you realize that only about 40% of all rapes get reported because women know that if they come forward they will “not be believed” and instead will be dismissed and ridiculed? And did you know that of that 40% only half go to trial & of that only 6% actually get convictions? All those stats are a direct result of people being so easy to dismiss accusations of rape or attack the women reporting it (as Assange’s lawyers are doing).

    I will not be back.

  66. nok says:

    I do too. Also I noticed yesterday when he talked to the press outside of the court, he’s the tallest among all the people around him, kept thinking he must be 6’4″ or something.

  67. jzhz says:

    Yes, and thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking to myself (and hating myself for it because of the rape allegations). I would sex him so hard (in a consensual manner).

    EDIT: I just saw more information about him and lost my girl-boner for him. Ugh, what a loser I am for even thinking of him, and what a disgusting person he is.

  68. Fiona says:


  69. meg says:

    hot. In a Bill Maher sort of way.

  70. A_G says:

    “Does anyone else think that Julian Assange is kind-of sexy?”


  71. B says:

    I’m sort of in love with him, actually.

  72. Green Is Good says:

    I’m doing the walk of shame too, Kaiser. Julian is kind of hot.

    *Doing the “Going to Hell” walk*

  73. Solveig says:

    @Merry, do you know what the word “simile” means? That’s what I was doing when I linked Assange’s accusations to the pope’s actions. AND according to some (wiki)leaks the pope hid the abuses in Ireland RECENTLY. Aren’t we discussing about sex assaults here?
    No, I don’t hate catholics, just the bigots and I believe that the pope should be prosecuted for hiding one of the worst crimes in the world. The fact that he is a head of the state ( Vatican city, which is a state) and “his holiness” doesn’t make him a good person, and he has not the right to stay above the law.
    He is a criminal.
    Go and live in Italy or Ireland and see how his holiness affects also the lives of the people who are not catholics. Call it obsession, if it pleases you.

  74. garvels says:

    Ugh. Creepy disease spreading Tool.

  75. GGooDei says:

    This is OH SO SEXY! And yes part of it is because of his looks but most of it is because he leaking classified documents.
    The spy attitude is tooooo freakin’ hot!

  76. clorismetchum says:

    eh…i’d sit on his face.

  77. Salina says:

    Not at all. My cousin works for the state dept and my husband is a marine. This guy has no problem endangering their lives so I hope if he’s convicted of anything he’s put in general population. He should pull his wikileaks veal on Russia or Israel of Iran and see how long he lasts

  78. B says:

    You people accusing him of being a rapist without any evidence or proof are just as disgusting as the crime in question. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? I guess you think you can just pick and choose when to use that, though. Hypocrites.

  79. girl says:

    He’s been credibly accused of rape twice and this happened a little while ago. Yes, the timing of his arrest for it is a bit curious but rape is a very serious allegation. I’m for prosecuting anyone who has been credibly accused of it. I am not fond of what Wikileaks has done to the security of our soldiers downrange but even if I was, giving him a pass is pretty much like giving Roman Polanski a pass because he makes good movies.

    And just from a physical standpoint, he just doesn’t look very attractive at all. Yellow-ish pasty is never a good look for anyone.

    Also, I hate how his accusers are being painted as virulent feminists who “obviously” hold a grudge against all men and are just trying to get back at him. If he was framed, surely whoever is responsible would think about how stupid it would be to use people who could very easily be framed that way.

  80. beth says:

    prematurely gray? i thought he was just born with that kind of platinum blonde hair…… look at his eyebrows, they’re just a shade or so lighter

  81. KsGirl says:

    You know what’s interesting about this (the fact that so many women find this not obviously physically attractive dude very hot)? It sort of hints at something women tend to be extremely attracted to that, AFAIK, a lot of men never really figure out. Having balls. Big, brass ones, and being brave and standing up for what you think is right.

    I don’t even like this guy! He seems like a creepy prima donna narcissist. But the size of his balls ALONE and DESPITE the other clear negatives, would actually put me in the position of having to seriously considering it if he propositioned me.

    Men of the world take: believe in something, for real, back it up, stand by it etc. You will get laaaaaid. :D

  82. B says:

    One of his female accusers has reportedly fled Sweden and stopped answering contacts.

    There is no evidence or proof. Nothing has been presented to him. Only recently was anything presented at all, and that was in Swedish to his Swedish lawyers.

    The rape he’s being accused of is NOT rape as we think of it. It’s “rape” in that the condom broke during CONSENSUAL SEX in one case and that he did not wear a condom in the other case. Take a step back and think about that. It’s not “RAPE” as we know it. It’s a silly, nit-picky ‘law.’ Even if it is true (that a condom broke and that he didn’t wear one in the other case), I would NOT label this man a rapist.

    This is a smear campaign. I’m almost sure of it. I’ll admit it if I’m wrong, but I doubt I will be.

  83. buell says:

    Hell NO!

  84. Zvonk says:

    Not attractive IMO.

    Innocent until proven guilty with regards to the rape charges. Some of you might want to read up a little as to what he’s being accused of.

  85. girl says:

    It seems that there is a lot of information being put forward as fact bout this case. While it is rather nauseating to hear people actually parrot Whoopi Goldberg with “it wasn’t RAPE-rape”, it seems at the very least, wait for more information. Seems people are pretty quick to believe he is totally innocent or he is totally guilty. Seems to be so much politics involved and very contradictory “evidence” is being put forward as fact. No one seems to have one story about what the actual charges are.

    And sorry but it is incredibly common for there not to be a whole lot of evidence in cases of rape.

  86. viper says:

    You people do realize HE TURNED HIMSELF IN in the charges and unlike a certain child moelsting rapiest plonski did face the court and DID NOT RUN from teh athuorities. He ran from teh uS government would would have probablly toutured the guy and made sure he neve would see the light of day if tehy caught him. He went to the right wuthority to get the best representation and he got it. He is an interesting man and quite dahing I must say, esspically when he’s sporting his blonde locks in the summer. I thought i was very honorable what he did for the worlf and how he faced his sentence.

    I also think those alligations are WEAK. I dont buy them in the slightest. His actiosn are not the actions of a gulty man AT ALL. Nut I love teh fact that France goes out of its way to save a REAL sexual assulter and half of hollywood goes out of its way to support him.

  87. redlips says:

    I will find him sexy when, locked behind bars and the effing key thrown in the ocean!

  88. QQ says:

    Good God I thought i’d need a shower after that… I’m shamed of myself, he is a douchelord… That I’d hit every day that ends in Y ….. UGH

  89. Kiska says:

    He’s hot and should of gotten Time’s cover this year instead of Mark Z. from Facebook

  90. Mistral says:

    I agree. He’s hot. I don’t believe the rape story.

    He may be a massive, egomaniacal douche for all I know, but so are all of the lying politicians who are red-faced over wikileaks…

  91. Bonnie says:

    I thought he was accused of “sexual crimes.” Don’t know what that means in Sweden, but it seems possibly not rape. Pretty sure Rape is Rape all over the world. Maybe it’s the stalkish behavior similar to those emails.

  92. daisy424 says:

    “A number of WikiLeaks defectors, including founder Julian Assange’s former right-hand man, plan to launch a rival site on Monday after accusing Mr Assange of behaving like “some kind of emperor or slave trader”.

  93. gobo says:

    I would. That is all.

  94. e.non says:

    sad to see how so many people eagerly buy into the smear campaign against assange. uncle scam couldn’t arrange the assassination; and those damned brits still abide the rule of law resulting in his release on bail. so this is the next best tactic. it’s been used so successfully before to discredit those who pose a threat.

    imagine if the disgust directed at assange was instead directed at the government that has attacked and invaded two countries; engages in airstrikes against others (that would be an undeclared war) and is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of iraqi and afghani people.

    booyah! USA! USA!

  95. Brittany says:

    I’m not saying that he DIDN’T commit rape, but…
    C’mon ladies, we can all admit that there are some women who would definitely stoop so low as to make false claims against someone.

  96. jennie says:

    Definitely hot. The way he carries himself and his voice are sexy. Plus, he’s handsome. I completely believe he was set-up by the U.S. government with the alleged ‘rape’ charges. If you only knew what the CIA is capable of.

  97. Bored says:

    Why did the judge in the extradition case say “These are not serious charges, and no one is pretending they are?”

    Naomi Wolf: On the ‘rape allegations’,

    Q&A about those allegations:

  98. Spring says:

    He makes my skin crawl.

    I’m baffled that anyone sees ANYTHING in this nasty, pasty little man.

  99. possibly dead says:

    oh god, thank you, i thought that there was something wrong with me…

  100. Flipper says:

    Lets get the facts straight, there is a lot of murky water, Assange has not been charged with rape or any other crime by the Swedish, the warrant has been issued so they can bring him back to Sweden to answer questions to see if he might then be charged with rape.

    He offered to speak with The Swedish authorities about the case before he was arrested, they ignored him and his lawyers and pressed ahead with the arrest warrant, they had no interest in sorting this out in the simplest way possible. He has been given no information at all on the complaint or any proofs against him, absolutely
    none by the Swedish authorities even though his lawyers have repeatedly asked for paper work on the charges against him, the fact is there are no charges. The UK arrest a man and are prepared to extradite him to another country without one formal charge being made against him, how screwed up is that?

    The original chief prosecutor dismissed the initial complaint in August saying there was nothing for Mr Assange to answer for, then suddenly after he had left Sweden and the latest round of leaks were starting to get published, a Swedish politician decided to press charges once again…please note ‘A POLITICIAN’ , not only that but the case has been reopened not in the town were the alleged acts took place but in a totally unrelated town.

    The item might clear up a few facts about the alleged rapes, keeping in mind this newspaper is not pro Assange.

    I think its pretty obvious from some comments here the minute the word ‘RAPE’ is used quite a few people have a knee jerk reaction without bothering to look at the facts. Calling Assange a rapist is having the exact effect that the anti-Assanges (possibly instigated by political considerations encouraged by the USA) were hoping for to colour peoples opinions of him , blacken his name and discredit him in the media.

    And Please lets get one thing straight…..Assange has ‘Leaked’ nothing, he simply published the leaks in the same manor that newspapers across the world have been publishing them, he simply had the exclusive. It was a US citizen with access to the documents who was the one who did the leaking, which, according to reports could be any one of 2million people who had access to them.

  101. Nibbi says:

    yeah, he’s sexy. he’s beyond courageous- it takes balls to go up against, like, the Establishment of the entire western world. obviously there’s something super hot about somebody actually standing on prnciples they believe in and the rest of us say we do.

    plus, i think the rape thing might possibly a smear campaign- it’s convenient that someone has something they can arrest him on while they try to figure out whether they can actually charge him with anything over wikileaks… because it’s not totally clear that what he did there was illegal. (somewhere i read: “it’s not the media’s job to protect government.” exactly!!) (the military dude who actually leaked the stuff- that’s another story.)

  102. kwoww says:

    Incredibly sexy. he’s intelligent, and I love prematurely greying
    now about these rape charges, you ladies need to do some reading and stop watching fox news. just because he was accused doesnt make him guilty. Theres already proof pointing to this all being made up in order to smear his name. seems like its working, no? what better way to screw with a mans credibility than label him a rapist? all these knee jerk reactions are taking away from the real issue here, and that is that julian and wikileaks have changed journalism forever and have embarrassed a lot of our country’s leaders.

  103. kwoww says:

    fake rape charges will be proven to be a smear campaign.

  104. Flipper says:

    Sorry the above link is not working and the edit sytem won’t let me change it

    Link to

    And type in
    Pictured together: WikiLeaks founder and the blonde who claims she was raped hours after this political seminar

    In their search engine for the background article on the rape allegations.

  105. DoMaJoReMc says:

    NO EFFIN’ WAY!!!! Sexy IS as Sexy DOES. He is NOTTTTTTTTTT sexy. AT..ALL!

  106. beth says:

    i wouldnt do him. the thought of his smug face if/when he ever reads how many women would just do him because he’s got these big brassy balls makes my eyes roll to the back of my head… part of the reason he does this, i think, is because he KNOWS it gives him the allure of a rockstar. well, the other part is, he really is a bit of a freedom fighter – he’s great, what he’s doing, but a little too pleased with himself…

  107. beth says:

    maybe we should all get ourselves a set of big, brassy balls so we wouldn’t be at the mercy of our clit………..

  108. Ally says:

    Julian Sands must be so bummed that he’s too old to play the part in the inevitable movie.

    Also, I think the movie Sneakers (1992) totally forecast Wikileaks. Ben Kingsley was the Assange character in it: “Too many secrets”!
    By the way, that movie has one of the best soundtracks. It’s like James Horner meets Stewart Copeland.

  109. iebj says:

    i do!! i think he’s more than sexy n that his intelligence to hacked those top secret wires makes him even hotter!! i support a 100%

  110. Kim says:

    He is HIDEOUS!!!!!!!

  111. Athena says:

    So then you find Roman Polanski sexy? They both are accused of rape. This is disgusting and proof of what fame and celebrity can do for you.

  112. Bonnie says:

    He is defintley intresting in a weird sort of way. Someone to watch. I typically like more boring things, but…. Not HOT…NOT sessy – That’s what MK would say. NOOOOO – He is crazy. Bad Mamogama….

  113. birdie says:

    Funny…I was just thinking about Assange and his strange hotness today. He’s someone who is making history and we’ve watched it unfold. That in itself is exciting.

  114. Bonnie says:

    I really feel the DEVIL in him…sorry I do. But, I am a believer in God but not very “religous” I never go to church. And agree peeps should believe in what you believe in, but not satan for ckry… I just care about is OUR PEEPS – The good Celebithcys and all…

  115. shueler says:

    He’s a punk ass creep. Reminds me of Hitler. Nothing sexy AT ALL about this pitiful excuse of a human being.

    I hope he hangs from a noose like Sadam Hussein.

  116. munchies says:

    Do you know that before he got busy he registered himself in OKCupid to find a date online? He got longer hair back then, his profile is somekind of nerdy and he was very active… then suddenly he stopped mayb because he got busy with Wikileaks. And OKCupid confirmed this with proof of IP addresses and locations.

    His requirement for a woman must be strong and brave – something like that. Maybe you will pass Kaiser.

  117. Jayna says:

    I think he looks like he would be very cold and selfish in bed.

  118. Mouse says:

    This guy gives off a huge creep vibe and I’m sick of seeing his face.

  119. Feebee says:

    Sexy? You mean in an accused rapist sort of way? So much has been reported about the charges, I mean they’ve been reported on differently. One report I heard was in the non-sleeping case it started off consensual and then it wasn’t but he continued (which if proved true makes it any degree of sexual assault). After reading the Millennium trilogy I wouldn’t want to be deported to Sweden either :(

    People less smart than him and with enemies far less in number, power and intelligence have been framed for crimes. This is a high stakes game he’s playing and I don’t really think he’s totally kosher with his motives. Releasing info that was essentially childish name calling has nothing to do with what he claims he stands for.

  120. Brenda says:

    It’s not so much that he is hot physically, but more that his actions make him so. This guy had the balls to take on THE biggest power in the world and therein lies the root of his hotness. He kind of reminds me of David Bowie in Labrynth, and yes I will admit I would totally ride Bowie with full make up and costume.

  121. Yasmine says:

    @Bored, that first article you posted was amazing, thanks for sharing! My favourite quote: “It seems to send the message to women in the UK and Sweden that if you ever want anyone to take sex crime against you seriously, you had better be sure the man you accuse of wrongdoing has also happened to embarrass the most powerful government on earth.” I felt annoyed by how the case was being handled in the media and I couldn’t pinpoint why, but that quote explains it. It’s like a major slap to every survivor of sexual assault.

    I worked at the Womyn’s Centre on my campus for a year and rule #1 was: never question a survivor. So I don’t question the women or dismiss them as conspiratorial puppets by the CIA or whatever. But I still don’t understand the full case either. Some said that he was initially being called back to Sweden to get tested (HIV and STIs), since that was the main complaint lodged by the women in the first place (before the officer encouraged them to file a complaint on Sexual Assault). I’ve read so many conflicting accounts, I have no idea what the true story is. But I will admit watching him talk in a few interviews, that Assange sure is attractive. His low and monotone pitch, plus the case-sensitive material he’s discussing…. Attractive in the mysterious-devious sort of way. That’s the best way I can describe it.

  122. Kiki says:

    I know this is way random,but why does he remind me of Brain, from the cartoon “Pinky and the Brain”?Especially his voice lol

  123. Nancy says:

    Yes I find him attractive. He’s smart an a true rebel. Sexy voice.

  124. DetRiotgirl says:

    No, not at all! After reading those emails Gawker had, I just get serious egotistical creep vibes from him.

  125. buzzaroo says:

    Until he is convicted in a court of law the man has the RIGHT to be presumed innocent. Until such time it is just idle gossip, innuendo and speculation. Let’s not brandish accusations at him until such time as all the information is revealed in court – should it even go to trial.

  126. mila says:

    YES!!! I thought I was the only one and was ashamed to admit being attracted to him.

  127. merry says:

    @Solveig. I AM Italian, I live in Italy. Again, leave the Pope out of bad and inapropriate jokes. Not amusing, not funny.

  128. Sally says:

    Ugh, the comparisons by some of the people in thread to Roman Polanski are what is disgusting.

    Team Assange.

    Edit: @Solveig – how dare you make a joke about (a) religion :P

  129. Kasey says:

    You know I only saw his picture in the article links and had to rush over here to say on my part, Huh? What? Of course not. In no way shape or form. Negatory. Absolutely not.

    Now that I’ve read the story and a few comments on this dude. Eww! and NOT sexy! I never thought I’d say this but Johnny Depp is 10 times sexier!

  130. Kath says:

    He’s oddly compelling, but I’d never admit that to anyone face to face.

  131. S says:

    The ‘rape’ charges are just a sickeningly irrational and falsified attempt to cover up the governments’ (and I do mean plural, here, it seems almost every country is against him) REAL motive for shutting him up and locking him away; to punish him for Wikileaks. Like other posters are saying, this was not ‘rape’; and, regardless, it should NEVER have been announced to the worldwide public like this even if it was, hypothetically, true. Which it IS NOT.
    It’s disgusting that the powers-that-be actually have the gall to try and pull this kind of shit, and it’s ironic because it’s exactly the sort of thing that Wikileaks & Assange work to uncover and expose.

  132. Marjalane says:

    There is so much more to the rape allegations that what is being reported by fools like Keith Olbermann and Michael Moore. The feminist movement is finally taking a stand on this case and TRYING to put forth accurate information, but the media seems to be hellbent on protecting Assange as a heroic whistle blower and those pesky rape charges keep getting in the way.

    I hope as more information is verified that some of you will rethink your criteria for “hotness”.

  133. lily says:

    Yes. And I hate myself for it. But I wouldn’t date him.

    He is awfully attractive though….brainy and nice voice.

  134. Nash says:

    Not my type but he reminds me of a young version of Andy Warhol. If a biopic is ever made about this legendary artist, Assange should totally get the title role ; )

  135. Solveig says:

    @Merry, what jokes? Unfortunately what the pope did/is doing isn’t a joke.
    If you really live in Italy and still respect a guy like him, well I honestly can’t say that I admire you for your devotion. I just dare to suggest you to save your devotion for the ones who deserve it.
    Finally, when the pope(s) will start to act as his/their own religion or Jesus said, and when the Vatican will stop supporting these current fascists (don’t forget the ventennio!) I will respect him, now to me he’s just a criminal, and not above the law or critics. I have no intention to stay in silence while he hides the paedophiles’ crimes. Deal with it.

    @Sally, just to be clear, I’m not joking on religion(s) I am just sarcastically comparing the pope’s crimes to the alleged Assange’s ones, depicting the all story as a paradox. I have a huge respect for religions (EVERY RELIGION), despite the fact that I am an atheist (one of my dearests friend is a priest, go figure). I have less respect for criminals and for the ones who defend them. ;)

  136. asdf says:

    Holy fucking GROSS. The dry heaving won’t stop for days.

  137. Anonymous says:

    All you broads that find this dude sexy have no damn taste …geezus

  138. fwozbo says:

    I am going to get reamed for this one but here in the United States women beg men not to wear a condom so they can have their baby and collect tons of child support.

  139. wunderkindt says:

    Not sexy!

    He looks like a lab rat.

  140. Crash2GO2 says:

    Hmm… no I don’t find him sexy at all. Maybe it’s the teeth. *shudder*

    As for the rape charges, from what I’ve gleaned from my research, I think they are trumped up.

  141. wunderkindt says:


    The pope IS a joke!

  142. gossip_ho says:

    smear campaign obviously…there is a conspiracy to bring him down or kill him

  143. Rosanna says:

    Not me! :)

  144. momo says:

    Personally I think he looks like a sinister cross between Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas and Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. I find nerdiness and dissidence sexy, but this guy gives me the psychopath, inhuman nerd vibes, a la Zuckerberg.

  145. Adrien says:

    @Ally, I was about to say the same thing, he reminds me of Julian Sands of Boxing Helena, in a creepy way. When I first heard and saw Assange, I thought “so that’s what the Warlock been up to these days”.
    He also looks like and Asian Liam Neeson.

  146. Weeble says:

    This guy looks like a young Mr. Humphries from Are you Being Served?. This and many of the HGF guys this week now have me questioning a few things here….this guy is not hot at all — in any type of way.

  147. Ann says:

    Totally not. Creepy & smug.

    Btw, if you’re all saying “innocent until proven guilty”, then you shouldn’t automatically find the women charging him with sexual misconduct “guilty” as in saying they’re making these charges up.

  148. mavis says:

    Umm yes, the man is hot. And I think that when he started leaking info was when he started being accuse of rape. Just my two cents.

  149. Flipper says:

    By the way….up stream I forgot to mention that I don’t find him hot just interesting.

    I have to agree with Weeble he really does look like John Inman, doesn’t he. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘I’M FREE’

    As an addition to the rape accusations it turns out one of the women, the one who is apparently a rampant feminist. Published on her own web site/facebook

    ‘7 ways to get even with a man’.

    One of the seven points was that if a woman wants to get back at a man she could levy false rape charges against him with the police.

    It of course was taken down before these accusations were made public but many people down loaded the list and it will be used as evidence against her if the case comes to trial.

  150. bros says:

    Its amazing to me the amount that people dont read or consume or triangulate news. is everyone just drinking the faux news koolaide 24/7? the man is innocent until proven guilty, and its already well known and well reported that the “rape” charges against him are a disservice to actual rape, given their almost comic definition in this case.

  151. Raynor says:

    Yeah, he is Aussie. That’s a pretty standard Aussie accent; that’s what most of us sound like.

  152. Raynor says:

    Also, I just wanted to voice my support for Team Assange.

    I don’t think rape or sexual assault should EVER be trivialized or anything of the sort, but from what I’ve read, the charges against Assange do seem very flimsy. And he seems quite happy to stand-up in court and defend himself.

    That aside, he’s just a face for WikiLeaks, and the organization itself I think is a godsend. Transparent government is so important; and of course certain things should be kept classified to protect lives, but it’s already been proved that nothing WikiLeaks has published has cause any loss of life.

    Government should serve the people, not the people serve the government.

  153. truthzbetta says:

    Sexy. Yeah, I think he’s being witch hunted because he’s one of the few revolutionaries doing anything relevant.

    Why should an editor, a journalist and a fact checker be the only ones to see important information and then tell us what it means in their slanted, self-serving way? Why should edited interviews be the norm when the whole thing could be streamed elsewhere if you felt like viewing it and think something seems off? In all sciences and every kid who goes to college one has to present all sources plus analysis. And you have to say what part is your opinion, and what part appears to be objective reality with proof and cite where you got it.

    Why should you have to be more open with your English paper or your published work on materials that cause very dangerous radiation poisoning than an old time media hack or some pol?

    If the press are not being real watch dogs, how about the dogs (gov’t) they’re watching? A lot of the time the press and old fashioned media do just use each other. Politicians leak news all the time for their purposes, and the passe media’s hack journalist presents the info. for their fame regardless of the effect it has.

    This Assange is a journalist with a scientist’s education and a really powerful idea about how the best of science’s methods could be applied to today’s world of information to improve a lot of problems we are having in these areas.

    Beauty and brains. And fighting this witch hunt to put his beliefs in action?

    Hell yeah, that’s sexy. Not a surprise a few governments and some news organizations don’t like his sexy much.

  154. MB says:

    Not really hot. More like a really low rent Barney Stinson from HIMYM

  155. candy says:

    All they wanted was for him to have an HIV test then the girls wouldn’t press charges, that’s what I read. Take the stupid test Julian! Jeez…

    He would need to whiten his teeth and wear a condom for me to consider some bed time. Intelligence is an aphrodisiac.

  156. JennyK says:

    I find him attractive in a strange sort of way. I have read the Swedish report on the rape charges and you just wonder how much those women have been given. I would do him. He seems mysterious….

  157. Rex says:

    He is the creepiest dude I have ever seen – definitely not hot!

  158. Emily says:

    @Weeble, that’s EXACTLY who he looks like! Wow.

    To all the people comparing him to Polanski: Polanksi was CONVICTED of rape. No one can even agree on if Assange was formally accused, let alone what of.

  159. Parisienne says:

    a man disliking to use condoms is icky and never hot.

  160. CB Rawks says:


  161. angelika says:

    Well,he is just my type of man, i m a person who believes that sexiness is in the brain..(but i m russian)…

  162. Daisy says:

    He’s totally HOT!!
    As far as I’m concerned, there are people accusing him for political reasons.
    He could manhandle me any time!!

  163. Holly says:

    [Note: I have read none of the above comments]

    I. COMPLETELY. AGREE. i am totally attracted to/fascinated by him while simultaneously grossed out by my attraction/fascination. I can’t help myself.

  164. Princess says:

    Lord Have Mercyyyy!!!!! Julian Assange is too hot. Wiki Leaks is responsible for global warming! The dark eyes, those lips and of cos he has such a brain. I wanna marry him and make him some cute babies. I’m a fan and yes I’d do him in a flash! Phewwww….. Ladies back me up….

  165. Robin says:

    Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Julian A. is completely innocent in regards to the rape charges.

    If that’s the case, then, omg: TOO HOT.

    After thinking about this, he’s hot in the same way that Spike on Buffy was hot: so dirty, evil, weird, and yet..seriously hot. The only way JA could be hotter is if he were nothing but black leather jackets.

    I’m going to go take a an hour-long shower now.

  166. Tyra says:

    These two women went to police, when they found out, that Assange had sex with both of them. One of the…ehm…”Victims” wrote the morning after the sex on her twitter page, that he is the coolest and most intelligent person in the world and “that’s amazing”. She made a picture of him, when he was naked in her bed. She wanted to keep that as a trophy. And One week later she threw a party for him in her apartment. Ladies, do you write such things about the guy who raped you and would you prepare a party for him ? I wouldn’t do it. Maybe someone should tell these two bitches, why the term is called ONE-Night-Stand…Duh! Most women can’t handle casual sex. And I’m saying this as a woman.

    Oh, and Julian Assange is sexy. He is kind of a Womanizer, but that doesn’t make him a rapist. English is not my mothertonque so if you find grammatical Mistakes, you can keep them.

  167. Frida says:

    Please don’t say that you’re one of all those people who supports him though all he has done? People were laughing at the raped girls today, do you think that’s OK? All of this is making me feel really sick, I can’t believe so many people are saying the girls are lying and stuff, Asssange has admitted it himself! He has said that he’s sorry for what happened them, but he can’t be judged because of something wrong in a text. Seriously???

    I honestly used to think he was cool, but now, he’s far away from that, far!

    His case has become one of those “oh the girl was wearing clothes that were too easy to take off, and because of that, it’s her fault” -cases. It’s all the girls fault, because they happened to my raped my a famous man. It’s not like you choose your rapist, or choose to be raped, so please read a newspaper that you can trust, and not anything else, because that’s not fair to the women.

    Anyway celebitchy, this comment was not for you, you said in the beginning that you just didn’t have the energy to sort all of the news about him out properly. So this is for all of the other ones, the ones who are supporting him.

  168. Andrea says:

    Super sexy hot…..:O…..Love him

  169. Hefarus says:

    Yes HUNNEE!!! Julian can get it tonight Chile’

  170. AgreewithOp says:

    Hahaha it has become a running joke in my Neo-con small town southern home that I have a crush on the man considered “the devil.”

    It isn’t the power, the accent, or anything actually physical imo.. the man is gorgeous because he is intelligent. That is by far the sexiest attribute of all time.

    Love this post.

  171. rebecca says:

    I think he is super sexy with a super sexy brain and a super sexy voice. I wouldn’t care if he hassled me while I was half asleep then shagged another woman the next day. He can come seek asylum in my home any day.

  172. Tomato Dentist says:

    Oh God yes!!!
    He is smoking hot, and aluring .His voice is so much like every females sexual fantasy smooth none abrasive.
    He is cool calm collected and his mind you can tell thinks overtime assessing the world around him and what to do next.Hes got just as much class as bond but classier.As for age hes a freak because he pulls of grey hair in a very cool fashion.He is just too damm handsom end of story.