Karl Lagerfeld stars in a cheesy, hilarious Volkswagen commercial


Our beloved Anger-Bear Karl Lagerfeld has provided us with a little belated Christmas gift, in the form of a cheesy commercial for Volkswagen‘s new “add-on package” for the Golf and Polo lines in their fleet – apparently, if you upgrade to “Style” you get alloy rims, “fog lamps” (I‘m assuming that means fog headlights) and tinted privacy windows. I don’t speak Anger Bear, so I am going with various translations which claim that Karl is saying something about seeing the cars in Barcelona, and Paris, and then Karl’s boy muse Baptiste Giabiconi whispers something about how the cars are only for Germany, and Lagerfeld says “These models belong in Paris!”

Anger-Bear is… rather cute here, isn’t he? Like he’s aiming for kind of cheesy and campy, and it plays out well. I do find it interesting that Lagerfeld has no problem selling out for this kind of middle-market, affordable brand. I guess “selling out” doesn’t make it to Lagerfeld’s Epic List of Hate.

Sigh… I wish Lagerfeld was “the face” of more products. Can imagine that face endorsing a line of tampons? Or beer? Or Doritos? I would love it.


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23 Responses to “Karl Lagerfeld stars in a cheesy, hilarious Volkswagen commercial”

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  1. Kaye says:

    I used to think, “Doesn’t this man ever smile?” Now I know why.

  2. Jackson says:

    Do I detect spray-on, hair-in-a-can on this bitch? I think I do. Awesome.

  3. Eleonor says:

    I think he’s doing some extra work, you know with this economy.
    By the way: I’ve read one of the related post and I discovered he also hates Audrey Tatou (but I have to admit he was right, she doesn’t have the phisique du role to be Coco Chanel) and she’s in the commercial of the Chanel n.5. Curious?

  4. Kaiser says:

    Eleonor – I believe that Herr Anger Bear has said that he’s not in charge of who represents the Chanel perfume lines – and that if it was up to him, Tatou would not be the face.

  5. Bellatrix says:

    Ah, Karl, a box of paradoxes with a fancy walking stick…
    He doesn’t have a driver’s licence, by the way. He’s the best selling-outer of the past decade.

    It takes talent, I tell you…

  6. Stronzilla says:

    Judas Priest on a two-stroke moped! That’s a face only a mother could love. Or the Brothers Grimm. What’s he doing when he’s not snacking on the dreams of small children?

  7. lili says:

    yellow teeth

  8. Eleonor says:

    With Audrey Tatou happened something like this
    It’s hilarious.

  9. spinner says:

    Audrey Tatou is lovely but I can’t hate on Karl. I adore him!!

  10. kiko says:

    mommy he is scaaaryy!!

  11. NancyMan says:

    I bet that ole girl could tell some stories that would turn YOUR hair powder white.

  12. LisaMarie says:

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! Those teeth! If I had as much money as him I’d get my arse to the dentist for an overhaul PRONTO. I mean, just yikes!

  13. Samigirl says:

    I think it is hysterical that a guy with teeth like that will talk shit about Seal…who can’t help the way he looks. Whatever. The commercial was funny.

  14. Trillion says:

    Looks like he flocked his head for Xmas.

  15. sickofit says:

    well they could have made much more out of this “cunty karl meets a volkswagen” situation. to me the ad is so lálá.
    but i agree with him on audrey tatou not being the right actress to play coco chanel.

  16. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Trillion: Hee! Now I’m imaging him with a tinsel crown and couple of ornament earrings.

    he’s funny. I thought he took himself way to seriously to do something silly like this.

  17. belle epoch says:

    I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT HAIR IN A CAN! OMG he looks like a Christmas craft project!

  18. RHONYC says:


    unkle karl!!!!!

    crest white strips ARE NOT the devil, ya?

    yikes. 🙂

  19. Jeri says:

    Sure looks like “hair in a can.”

  20. Liana says:

    What’s he doing when he’s not snacking on the dreams of small children?

    OMG, Stronzilla, this made me laugh out loud.

  21. DrM says:

    HE SPRAYS HIS HAIR!!!! Bahahahaaa!

  22. german says:

    as a german i have to admit that this commercial is not very convincing, not only as volkswagen is by far not fashionable as Karl claims (Paris!?), also the way he speaks his text sounds quite recited. No win for his credibility as a fashion icon, i would say, and a strategically badly produced tvc.

  23. LUCI LIU says: